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In Business Operations Last updated: July 14, 2023
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Enterprise software helps improve department communication, centralize data, and integrate multiple platforms, and streamline workflow by automating tasks and saving time and money. 

Running a successful business is like solving a jigsaw puzzle with blinkers on. It’s hard to see the bigger picture.

That’s where enterprise software comes in. It’s a complete solution that helps optimize your company’s operations, so you can say goodbye to drowning in paperwork and feeling uncertain.

This software will bring better clarity and organization to your business strategy while breaking down barriers and promoting teamwork. This will help you make better decisions and act faster.

In this article, I’ll talk about what enterprise software solutions are, how these are helpful, and the best enterprise software solutions that can meet the needs of modern businesses. 

Let’s start!

What Is Enterprise Software?

Enterprise software

Enterprise software solutions are programs that larger or enterprise-level organizations use to simplify and improve their business operations. These leverage the power of automation and modern technology to perform a variety of different tasks. The software covers different areas, like: 

  • Managing customer interactions (with CRM): CRM software helps organizations keep track of their interactions with customers and manage them effectively, which helps in building and maintaining long-term relationships. 
  • Handling human resources (with HR software): HR software makes tasks like payroll, benefits management, and onboarding new employees easier. 
  • Supervising supply chain management (with SCM software): SCM software facilitates efficient supply chain movement, ensuring that inventory is handled effectively and that goods and services are timely supplied.

Additionally, enterprise software may be tailored to fit the unique requirements of many sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and retail. This flexibility allows businesses to operate more efficiently, produce more work, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Benefits of Using Enterprise Software

Enterprise software offers several benefits to organizations. Some of them are as follows:

#1. Improved Operational Effectiveness


Enterprise software helps organizations become more efficient by automating processes, simplifying workflows, and using resources wisely. Automating manual tasks saves time and effort and ensures that work flows smoothly without any bottlenecks. Additionally, it maximizes production and efficiently uses resources like staff and equipment while minimizing waste.

#2. Effective Data management and Analytics

Enterprise software enables organizations to store, manage, and analyze data effectively to facilitate informed decision-making. Advanced analytics tools help analyze and make sense of large volumes of data to find valuable insights for strategic planning and business growth.

#3. Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Enterprise software promotes better teamwork and communication among team members. It offers features like project management, document sharing, and real-time chat, making collaboration easy. Efficient collaboration also leads to faster problem-solving, increased innovation, and improved team performance.

#4. Scalability


One of the key advantages of using enterprise software is its capacity to scale and adapt to the shifting requirements of an expanding organization. It can handle increasing amounts of data, accommodate more users, and deal with organizational complexities as the company expands. This scalability ensures that the software remains effective with growth and helps achieve company goals.

#5. Cost Savings

Enterprise software can help in better cost savings. Organizations can eliminate the need for separate systems by consolidating processes into one integrated solution. This streamlines processes reduces duplication, and cuts down on expenses. Additionally, centralized patching and updates lower maintenance costs.

#6. Increased Security and Compliance

Enterprise software provides robust security measures to protect critical data from online threats and unauthorized access. It also helps organizations comply with industry standards and data protection regulations. This reduces the risk of fines and reputational damage.

Now, let’s talk about some of the best enterprise software solutions available in the market.


From increasing the efficiency in the development stage and automating the complete workflow to keeping everything secured from end to end, GitHub Enterprise is the software you need. It helps in building and adapting your workflow designed by industry leaders and also automates every step of your pipeline. 


This software is trusted by millions of developers from all over the world. It provides a platform where everyone in your organization can collaborate effortlessly. You will gain better Insights into the development process through community-backed KPIs

With GitHub Enterprise, your team can effortlessly work on big projects and scale resources according to the requirement. It secures your complete supply chain and employs security policies to safeguard your entire business software lifecycle. While using this software, you can also fix code vulnerabilities. 

Google Workspace

Used by top organizations and thousands of startups across the globe, Google Workspace is undoubtedly one of the best enterprise software solutions to keep your teams connected and productive throughout. 

Google Workspace

This enterprise platform provides cloud-based apps like Gmail. Docs, Drive, Meet, Jamboard, Forms, Slides, and many others, and together, they make sure you achieve the efficiency you need. These tools also give you agility and customization so that you can take the workflow of your business to a whole new level. 

With predictive search, automated analysis, and real-time writing help, these apps help employees optimize their workflow and focus on work smartly. In addition, if you are running a hybrid work environment, it will be highly helpful as they allow employees to work collaboratively from anywhere in the world. 

Google Workspace has four pricing tiers, starting from the Business Starter at $1.67. Apart from it, you can also go for Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise. Work OS is an excellent software solution you can integrate into your business operations because it adapts and scales with your enterprise needs. It offers a streamlined platform that enables your organization to enhance efficiency while working at scale. 

YouTube video

Since it uses a centralized platform where everyone can work together, it helps you maintain visibility and work balanced in all departments. With’s enterprise software, you can bring out the true potential of your workforce and pave the path to success. 

You can easily make data-driven decisions and also track your organization’s goal live through agile reporting. In addition, you can have peace of mind using this software since it provides advanced security and compliance for your business. It includes IP restriction, SSO, HIPAA compliance, and Panic mode. 


Zoho is an award-winning next-gen business platform that can help your organization improve its decision-making and achieve your desired goal. It provides an end-to-end business analytics platform so that you can make effective data-driven decisions at all phases of your business workflow. 


Zoho Analytics is a core component of this software because it helps your organization extract all kinds of crucial information into one workspace. Using Zoho Analytics’ powerful analysis capability, you can resolve issues in your workflow with accurate decisions. 

Through organization-wide data hygiene maintenance, data blending, and augmented analytics, this BI platform provides complete control over your organization’s growth. The centralized web-based dashboard helps you with charting and reporting and allows you to visualize data in the form of charts and graphs.


Designed specifically for digital enterprises to offer a unified service management platform, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a great option for businesses. Utilized by top-end organizations like Honda, Disney, and Siemens, this software helps in designing, automating, and managing vital aspects of your business operation. 


The software acts as a scalable and secured service management solution leveraging IT service management, CMDB, and IT asset management to help you deliver a top-notch service experience. You can completely rely on this software to secure all your data because it makes a privacy-first design approach as it involves no tracker or subprocessors. 

Moreover, ServiceDesk Plus can help organizations achieve a significant return on their IT service management investments. You will get flexible subscription plans – Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. This gives you the freedom to use this service management solution according to your needs. 


Airslate is the software you should introduce in your business operation if you are looking to automate document workflows. Whether you have a small or large business operation, it is designed to work with a range of organizations.


The software empowers your team to create and integrate automated workflow with your cloud application, which ultimately aids in the efficiency and productivity of your team. With workflow automation, an organization can witness improved business operations. 

This happens by collecting payments automatically, tracking all the contracts, and generating documents automatically. Not only can you launch complex data drive processes with this software, but you also ensure enterprise-level security and compliance for all your data. 

To use this all-in-one no-code solution, you will have four pricing plans – Starter at $19 per month, Growth at $79 per month, Enterprise at $399 per month, and Automation Suite at $799 per month.


Automate manual processes and gain in-depth insights into your business with Seismic, a powerful and scalable platform to accelerate your growth. It is designed specifically to cater to enterprise-level businesses, helping them boost their revenue by automating content personalization and enabling performance analysis. 


With Seismic, you can implement best industry practices across all your teams to achieve the desired target and enhance sales performance. By creating a powerful GTM engine through this solution, you can get more value from existing sales tech and also make smart business decisions by diminishing data silos. 

Furthermore, Seismic integrates top-notch data encryption and certified cloud compliance in your business to protect data and preserve privacy. Moreover, this solution is vetted by leading security tools, so you have nothing to worry about. 

Sales Hub Enterprise 

Looking for an alternative to normal legacy sales CRM that is easy to use and will adapt to your sales process? 

You can go for Sales Hub Enterprise, which serves as a part of HubSpot’s platform. It is a unique enterprise software that provides you with all the powerful features and integration without making them complicated to use. 

Sales hub enterprise

Whether you need sales analytics, forecasting, sales engagement tools, advanced permissions, or conversation intelligence, this enterprise supplies all the features you need to enhance sales performance. This software also gives you the ability to create custom objects so that you can monitor information that is vital for your business. 

As a business owner, you can choose between the Professional plan starting at $800 monthly and Enterprise starting at $3600 monthly.


Jira Cloud Enterprise from Atlaassian is a highly reliable enterprise software designed for businesses that want to introduce advanced security and compliance. It helps enhance data protection and privacy through various advanced security and control systems. 


Meeting all the industry-specific compliances and regularities helps your business to ensure optimum protection against modern vulnerabilities. One of the vital features that make this tool suitable for large businesses is the capability to support up to 35,000 users simultaneously. 

For your administrative team, it provides a centralized admin control where your team can see advanced audit logs, sync directories across products, and enforce 2-factor authentication

Apart from offering a free subscription plan for ten users, Jira offers multiple paid plans starting from the Standard plan at $790 per year.


Trusted by top Fortune 100 companies worldwide, Miro provides a centralized and easy-to-use workspace for all your teams. Besides, this platform can help you integrate tools and workflows so your teams can collaborate in real time. 


Miro can connect hundreds of apps and integration, which helps you maximize your business’s workflow. It offers a single visual platform through which you can reduce meeting times and also increase team alignment. 

Through global account settings, you can make changes to the software’s configuration so that all your company’s requirements are met. Not only does this platform help you in faster project delivery, and it provides enterprise-grade protection through advanced admin controls and compliance capabilities to meet regulatory requirements.

Asana Enterprise

Asana Enterprise offers complete work management features to improve your business’s operations. Offering best-in-class integration, you can easily integrate this software into your business’s toolkit through open API and native integration and then connect all your work.

Asana enterprise

The software gives you the opportunity to enhance efficiency in your process management by curbing down manual loads with bundles. It offers a robust infrastructure that helps you scale your business without compromising. 

Asana Enterprise ensures you can protect work data by providing data confidentiality, implementing audit logs and Splunk, and integrating advanced security features like enterprise key management.

Through its comprehensive security and privacy program, it makes sure you adhere to all security compliances like SOC 2, HIPAA, CSA Star Level 1, GDPR, FERPA, etc.


If you want to improve your customer relationship and adapt to evolving customer expectations, you will need software like Zendesk embedded in your business operation. It is designed for the betterment of your business’s customer experience by offering rich and personalized conversations on different channels. 


Moreover, it helps an organization adapt to customer needs by providing safe passage to new markets where you can scale faster. It offers a huge library of apps and integration, so you can easily add your business workflow and systems with ease. The software adheres to many regulations and compliance bodies to safeguard your organization’s data from attackers. 

Zendesk offers the Suite Enterprise plan, starting from $150 per agent per month. 


Workday‘s enterprise software gives you valuable business insights to help you drive your strategies, adapt to the changes, and achieve your goals faster. It offers a complete suite to identify fundamental aspects of your business as well as opportunities. 


It helps your team with a skills-based talent strategy so that they can build the skills that will help the organization to grow in the present as well as the future. Once you integrate this solution, it automates most of the manual processes.

Furthermore, Workday can detect anomalies, which is highly useful for enhancing security and efficiency. You can also make changes to business operations easily with this software’s flexible and easy-to-customize processes. 

Workday brings analytics, HR, planning, and finances into one centralized system. This enables you to pivot quickly during changing business environments.  

Final Words

Enterprise software solutions can transform businesses by simplifying operations, promoting collaboration, and increasing productivity. As a result, organizations can become more efficient, make well-informed decisions, and achieve their objectives faster.

These software tools can address different aspects of business operations, including project management, customer relationship management, IT infrastructure management, and data analysis. Thus, choose the best enterprise software for your business and unlock new levels of success.

Next, check out the best data governance software for medium to large enterprises.

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