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In Business Operations Last updated: May 4, 2023
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eSignature APIs enable a subscriber to request document signatures, get an update on signature status, and download the signed documents.

A dedicated eSignature application is a wonderful solution for paperless work. Whether you are at the office or on vacation, you can send a contract to anyone. eSignatures apps are legally binding and admissible in a court of law. 

But how do you use it with your applications?

Using an eSignature API and integrating it with your applications is the solution.

You can integrate any application using their API to your business website or app to add your brand logo to the documents. 

In this article, I’ll discuss eSign APIs, their use cases and features, and some of the best eSignature APIs for your business.

Let’s begin!

What Is an eSign API?


An electronic signature or eSign API is a type of API that can be used by freelancers, business owners, small investors, etc., to create eSignatures on their documents by communicating with the system via API call.

They are a REST-based web service that helps developers and companies to utilize and let third-party applications connect in order to use the capabilities of eSign in documents. 

With the help of eSign API, you can digitize every piece of paperwork and store all the documents in the cloud in PDF format. 

Use Cases of eSign API


Financial Institutions

The financial institution deals with permission forms, agreements, sanction letters, mandate forms, etc., daily. Thus, they need to integrate eSign API into their ERP, CRM, cheque truncation, or loan authorization processes in order to enable digital documents to be signed and maintained.



Businesses in the FMCG and retail sectors must be effective and quick to be successful. With eSign API, creating vendor agreements is faster, sending them to suppliers is quicker, and getting the agreement signed is even faster. 


Healthcare organizations employ eSign methods to automate their documentation process, freeing them to care for patients more. eSign documentation systems provide various templates so that healthcare institutions can prepare patient forms and agreements in mass. 


Paperwork done in the legal sector is high since documentation is the most useful term in legal transactions. Businesses spend more time preparing and executing legal contracts. With eSign API, legal teams can generate a powerful audit trail and include a verification tool for the signer to ensure compliance

Features of eSign API


eSign APIs offer multiple features to streamline your documentation process that helps businesses utilize the API capabilities of eSign in their application or site:

  • Workflow building blocks: You can leverage configurable business workflows to build custom eSignature API processes in order to merge various documents into a single workflow. 
  • Bulk signature capabilities: You can upload a variety of documents for signature purposes and get them signed within minutes. 
  • Pre-signature authentication: Utilize video recording and face match workflows to make sure you are dealing with the right signer.

Now, let’s discuss the best eSign APIs so that you can decide which one is better for your business. 


Streamline your business workflows by taking advantage of signNow electronic signature API. It will help you enhance your user experience on the mobile application or website with its robust eSignature API and improve your document workflows. 

Easily customize eSignature API according to your company’s branding. In addition, you can test the eSignature service with the developer sandbox for free. The setup process is super fast. Get detailed API documentation to ensure a great developer experience.

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You can send documents to request payments and signatures, create customizable templates with fillable fields, and get the status of your documents. 

Furthermore, you can add fields to your documents before creating a PDF. Invite others to sign forms and fill out the details via email. This way, you can gather legally binding eSignatures in a single dashboard.

Take a free API trial that includes all features, 250 signature risk-free invites, and more. You can choose your invites per year from 500 to 5000 and take the digital world to the next level. 


Close more deals faster by collecting eSignatures with PandaDoc eSignature API. It allows you to upload an existing document in any format you want or create a new document using templates from various options. 

PandaDoc built-in webhooks offer immediate access. You can request signatures from any device, from anywhere, via the web, app interface, and emails. This comes with embedded signing that increases user experience and engagement. In addition, automate the collection of signed documents in a seamless workflow. 


Send your business document to multiple recipients through your chosen channel, with or without signing the order. You can also embed it in your mobile application interface. Once signed, you will receive the document with its security certificate so that you can bring the information to the system immediately. 

If you are ready to start, create a free sandbox or request a free demo. Choose the higher plan to avail yourself of more benefits and features. 


Integrate eSignature into your business website or mobile application in minutes with DocuSign eSignature API. This is a secure eSignature API that helps request payment, track documents, and automate forms from the application easily. 


DocuSign handles almost every document process in your business, starting from proof of concepts to enterprise integrations across the organization’s business applications. It offers over 400 endpoints for signing, managing, acting on agreements, collaborating, and more. 

You will get features like sending envelopes directly in bulk and composite templates. Try this API today and start managing your business documents in real-time. 

Adobe Acrobat Sign API

Enhance your customer experience with trusted and secure Adobe Acrobat Sign API. It makes the job even easier for developers to integrate the capabilities of eSignatures into their websites, mobile applications, and other platforms. 



  • Acrobat Sign API is available with multiple features along with easy-to-use REST APIs. You can easily integrate eSignatures into your application or workflow on the go. 
  • It exceeds or meets industry security standards, including Auth v2.0 for proper authentication.
  • eSignature automation is a true term with Acrobat’s Microsoft Power Automate connector. 
  • You can merge data from your mobile application directly, prefill the data, and send business documents for signature.
  • Acrobat allows you to build end-to-end workflows. You can send business documents for managing and tracking status and signatures.

Get full access to all the PDF services, such as document generation and PDF extraction, with the pay-as-you-go option. You can also manage your subscription via AWS. 

Zoho Sign

Get the most simple and powerful digital signature API integration with Zoho Sign API. Start integrating with the help of clear documentation that comes with different examples. Whether you are a fast-growing business or an enterprise, it can scale along with your needs flexibly. 


All the business documents signed using Zoho Sign API are legally binding and accepted in a court of law. It is highly secure as it leverages industry standards Auth 2.0 protocol for secure authorization. You will get higher security for the documents. 

With Zoho Sign API, you can create, update, and send documents for signature, track document details, get the lists, download the pdf, recall documents, remind recipients, delete documents, and more. 

Try Zoho Sign API for free to maintain signing workflows, attachments, templates, webhooks, reports, user management, and more.

Dropbox Sign

Send, sign, and store your important business documents in a seamless workflow with Dropbox Sign’s intuitive eSignature solution.


Just follow the below three simple steps and manage document workflows without leaving Dropbox:

  • Start signing: Choose a document from your Dropbox account and add signers to request signatures. 
  • Drag-and-drop fields: Place different fields in your document to specify different sections that need to be covered, such as name, signature, and date. 
  • Automatic save and notifications: Choose a folder in Dropbox where you can store your signed document. You can let Dropbox save these documents automatically and track their status from sending to signing.

With Dropbox Sign API, you can reduce friction and allow your clients to sign the document from anywhere, knowing the information is secure. Never miss a beat with a single integrated workflow for storing, organizing, and signing documents. 

Streamline your signature request by turning the most used documents, like offer letters, contracts, SOWs, and NDAs, into customizable templates and make them available in your Dropbox account. 

Dropbox Sign API (formerly known as HelloSign) is an incredibly fast eSignature API that allows you to implement eSignatures in your mobile application. You can create branded and custom experiences to configure emails and promote your brand. 


Secure your business documents with audit trails, industry-standard compliances, tamper-proofing, and data encryption. Create a consistent experience for senders and signers with this API. API API is best for building fully managed contracts with extensive integration of eSign API with small-screen devices like smartphones. It is a mobile-friendly platform that can render a contract on your device at a highly responsive rate.

The contracts are legally binding and admissible in a court of law. API comes with a variety of features, such as SMS integration, workflow automation, tracking signature audit, and more. To request a signature, you need to:

  • Obtain the API key
  • Call the API endpoint and construct the request body as per the documentation
  • Once you send the contract, you can get the status of your contract if it’s signed or not. 

The flexible pricing option allows you to pay as you go; hence, no long-term commitment. 


Embed the entire electronic signature process within your business applications with BoldSign’s blazing-fast eSignature API. It allows you to automate your document workflows. You can use its comprehensive REST APIs to upload documents, assign signature fields dynamically, and send documents for signature. 


BoldSign’s multi-tenant SaaS application integration is an added advantage for you. 

Track the status of requests and download a copy of the signed document once the process is completed. Users can insert signatures into the document at the marked positions before sending.

BoldSign’s developer sandbox allows you to test eSignature API thoroughly so that you can integrate eSignature capabilities into the application to ensure everything works well. It can handle millions of signing requests without lag. 

Get started with a free sandbox account or take a free trial from the different plans to understand the benefits. From unlimited templates to authentication, BoldSign offers vast features. 

Foxit eSign

Manage digital signature using Foxit eSign API and take advantage of its features to get world-class solutions. With this solution, you can scale your business, reduce costs, and expand your capabilities. Collect legally binding eSignatures and store them in minutes.


Generate business documents on-demand inside the application and rest assured you and your clients never miss a beat. Embed signing to keep your customers on your application or site. With Foxit eSign, you can promote a comprehensive, streamlined, and positive brand experience. 

Integrate eSign API painlessly, thanks to the quick guides. With eSignature API support, you can upload a document and send it for signature, create custom tags and templates, embed signing in the applications, get webhook workflows, download the reports and documents, and support partner flow. 

Choose any plan you want that includes audit trails, digitally certified PDFs, an easy-to-use user interface, a content library, email and SMS reminders, UETA and ESIGN compliance, team document security, attachment capabilities, folder labels, and more. 


Get started with DigiSigner eSignature API and capture legally binding signatures with ease. Sign up and get your API key in order to send signature requests and avail yourself of advanced features with this simple and powerful API.


You can display documents on your website by embedding them and letting visitors fill out the document and sign without leaving the website. In addition, you can send links to your business documents via email so that your recipients can open and sign the documents anytime, anywhere.

Upload your document or form as a template and configure it using a dashboard. Send them for signing via eSignature API. Plus, add text pieces in a specific format to your documents in order to mention where your client should sign and enter the details in the form, like name, date, etc. You can also use your company’s branding. 


Integrate GetAccept with your business tools and get everything you need. The API is simple, easy to use, and fast so that you can connect its platform to your tech stack seamlessly. Automatically create documents from the system of your choice using the information you already have. 


GetAccept API minimizes manual entry of information and maximizes efficiency. You can trigger your document workflow, retrieve data after the document changes its status, and extract attachments. The API lets you collect and capture legally acceptable documents. 

Turn prospects into your valuable customers today. Schedule a demo and experience a unique path toward a digital signature. 


eSign APIs are great tools for businesses dealing with multiple documents in a single day. Businesses can get a low code and versatile eSign API to optimize and accelerate their signature process by integrating it with their tech stack.

These APIs are used by companies and developers to implement and utilize the benefit of online signatures. This will reduce costs, increase value, enhance collaboration, and improve productivity. 

So, choose the best eSignature API from the above list based on your needs and integrate it with your applications.

You may also explore some best digital experience platforms for delivering excellent digital experiences to users.

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