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In Collaboration Last updated: September 12, 2023
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Good habits✍️ always inspire us to excel. One of them is making notes of your daily plans in your personal diary. GoodNotes have transformed the same for iOS devices, where you can type or use the Apple Pencil to write and save in handwriting.

While using this app on my iPad, I discovered the fantastic features of the GoodNotes app. It offers a digital setting for users to create separate handwritten notes in virtual notebooks with customizable designer covers.

This power-packed app has the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) facility. Therefore, it can recognize the handwriting📝 and enable the users to search with a keyword from the files.


It is easier to import and annotate the documents like Word, PDF, PPT, etc., on my device. The app can also record and transcript from audio files. You may also use images and flashcards or make colorful drawings and share the notes with other iOS devices.

With more than 19 million global users, the GoodNotes app is gradually gaining popularity, especially among the youths🧍 between 18 – 34 age group. It has features to create notebooks with unique covers and allows the integration of pre-designed digital planning templates for specific formats.

We have curated a list of effective digital planning templates for GoodNotes, but let us first understand the critical benefits of installing a planner with the app.

Why Should You Use GoodNotes Templates for Note-Taking?


GoodNotes app is a well-furnished digital planner with many valuable features that make it flexible enough to use, like a diary in digital format. But a paper template📄 for the GoodNotes app is critical in creating notes for specific purposes.

You can usually download these templates as PDF files for creating notebooks on the panel. After integrating one or more paper templates into the application, you can create a new virtual notebook and select one as required in the formats. It is similar to physically buying a lined register, bill book, or a scheduler with calendar🗓️ dates.  

Writing through a pre-designed template with a thoughtful layout helps put the data in a segregated structure. This is much better than putting text on a blank white page, as it enhances the user’s creativity. Templates keep the information in a precise and understandable manner and perfectly fulfill the purpose of a digital planner.

Advantages of GoodNotes Template

A man is using a laptop with a calendar on it.

Here are some significant benefits of utilizing GoodNotes templates for digital planners.

  • Attractive Designs: You can download multiple templates and add them to the GoodNotes to create notebooks with unique designs and covers📘.
  • Specific Formats: The templates for this note-taking app are available in every usable format to fulfill the requirements, such as educational notes, shopping lists, daily activities, and many more.
  • Simplify Documentation: Templates help make quick documentation, whether taking lecture🗣️ notes or filling tabloid and column data. These paper templates reduce the task of layout management, and you can utilize them to note down information with clarity.
  • Enhances Efficiency: Digital planner templates for GoodNotes significantly improve your work-abilities since it minimizes the extra effort to understand random notes. With separate templates, you know where to note or find any particular information. It helps save a lot of time and energy.

Here is a list of the best GoodNotes templates for perfect digital planning.


A tablet and a laptop with the words record your mood and life.

Yaayplanners is a firm based in Hong Kong, that develops planners for digital notes. They have launched multiple sets of templates and designs that are available as free and paid versions on the website.

They have launched about 180 digital products for GoodNotes and Notability apps, which include templates, planners, covers🃏, and stickers. You can also check out and purchase from a long list of digital Cornell notes or Minimalism Art notebook formats.

The free digital templates for GoodNotes include all the essential pages for quickly tracking and planning meetings, tasks, and appointments.

The Monthly Study Planner, Printable Planner, and Minimal Style Planner are some of the most downloaded templates from the section. Templates like Cornell Notebook and Minimalist Vertical are best for customized pages.

Spec on a Speck

YouTube video

Spec on a Speck is a dedicated portal for digital planners, clipart, printables, GoodNotes templates, wallpapers, stickers, etc. All the stuff is designed and offered by Courtney, who wishes to give away most of the designs for free.

So, you can also purchase the templates, covers, notebooks📚, and planners online or check out the freebies section for your requirements.

The templates are created while keeping in mind the basic requirements of a user for any specific subject. Some commonly downloaded GoodNotes templates include Lined Paper template, Cyber Night, Gratitude template, To-Do list template, Dot Grid Paper template, etc. The lined Paper template has decorations of Halloween themes, and likewise, the style of other templates captures the user’s attention



Printsbery is a complete online shop for buying templates, planners, cards, and invitations. They have a long list of online products compatible with GoodNotes, Noteshelf, Notability, and other apps, while freebies are unavailable on the website.

There are multiple notebook templates and planners for maintaining to-do lists, goals, productivity, life, budget, wellness👨‍⚕️, fitness, and meals, as well as students and teachers can use them to organize tasks. They also offer exclusive cards and invitations for specific events.

Depending upon your requirements for digitally planning your schedules on GoodNotes, you can review many given paper-template structures. The templates are fairly priced with the inclusion of attractive features and color patterns.

Track your income, groceries, and wellness, manage wedding or seating arrangements in the class, or plan your daily, weekly, and monthly job with these dark and light theme templates.

designbuundlesgoodnotestemplateplanner is a composite online portal for high-quality design resources and offers creative designs at a premium and affordable price. The website displays beautiful designs for planners and templates that have attractive fonts, colours, graphics, and arts and crafts.

The company offers exclusively dedicated deals to independent crafters and companies seeking unique design assets in online stores. Free design resources are also available, and the design creation licenses are given on per user basis instead of being device locked.

The panel displays many digital designs, including templates, craft mockups, Canva templates, graphically advanced logos, vectors, business cards, and more.

The digital products for GoofNotes include Journal Planners, Stickers, templates for Teachers, Booklover Planner, etc. These digital products are aesthetically designed with soothing colour choices and contain all the necessary parameters to note down the data.

For example, the Pomodoro template has separate PDF formats for event planning and tracking. You get instructions for noting the ideas, assigning the job in 25 minutes frame, and planning the whole day for efficient output.



Writeres is a Spanish website dedicated to digital content creators and provides information along with audit reports for prominent social media channels. They also help beginners in initiating UGC or User Generated Content.

They have an online shop and offer multiple products, which include templates for GoodNotes, Media Kit, Social-Media, Canva, Notion, Lightroom Presets for photos🤳, and Instagram Highlights.

You can use the to-do list to add reminders, assign priorities, and mark finished tasks instantly while planning the next post and tracking achieved goals.

Additionally, you can utilize the twelve individual project spaces of the tool for personal development. Write the objectives like fitness, finances, lifestyle, or productivity, and analyze the progress. With thousands of hyperlinks, you can explore the pages of copy or delete them anytime.


Rowesk is a blogging site where the writer and owner, Chris Rove, talks about movies, personal ideas, and professions. He gives his personal views on the flexibility of using the GoodNotes app with the Apple Pencil✏️ on the iPad.

The writer contextually points out the shortcomings of the available templates on the app, which he finds less useful. Thus, he has introduced an exemplary setup of a digital planner🧮 that dedicatedly combines with the GoodNotes app and fulfills the potential requirements.

Here are two different templet sets in dark and light themes, which are available for free download.

Many iPad users prefer the TheME System Journal for setting goals and planning to achieve them. This template defines space for describing the idea with specific outcomes put in regular intervals. The Value Daily Planner gives freedom for daily tasks and targeted milestones.

On Planners

Daily digital planner screenshot 1.

On Planners has a nice set of templates, stickers, digital planners, and calendars categorized comfortably with a brief description of their usage. With hundreds of catalogs displayed in particular panels, you will surely find your required template design on this portal.

Their template or planner designs form compatibility with popular digital devices iOS, Android📱, Supernote, Boox Note, remarkable, and Kindle Scribe. They also offer GoodNotes templates, planners, stickers, invitation cards, digital planner apps, and printed notebooks.

There are more than 15 categories of Good Notes templates, which are primarily available for free. Whatever your requirements are, you can search the website for a suitable template. Few designs may appear casual, but they are also sober and easy to understand.

The templates are customizable in appearance and usage; in some, you may select a cover and add your name to print on top of it. Choose the orientation before downloading or set the date and week starting point for schedulers.


YouTube video

Freepik is a popular platform for a community of creators and a recognized brand among companies like Amazon, Nasa, and Microsoft. They offer free graphic resources consisting of the highest quality images, videos, templates, illustrations, vectors, icons, pictures, presentation templates, 3D models of furniture and equipment, mockups, etc.

The web portal provides a search space for images or template designs for specific needs. You can also add filters to seek the best available results. They have posted incredible innovations on the panel; each one tells its story with attractive colour, sketch, and layout.

There are numerous formats available when you search for GoodNotes template images. The company has worked out well to include prominent categories in the list. It helps every individual using an iPad and Apple Pencil to get the most beneficial planner for creating ideas and tracking them effortlessly.

The Easy Template

A woman is holding an ipad with a planner on it.

As the name suggests, The Easy Template website focuses on template designs and formats. They believe in minimizing stress while keeping everything organized with their easy-to-use templates. You can use them on compatible note-taking apps like GoodNotes, Notability, and Google Sheets.

There are blog posts to explain the complexities of following a plan and how a dedicated template can ease the method. You can explore the site to buy productivity planners and financial trackers to install on your Google Sheets📜.

They provide some of the most elegant designs of the GoodNotes template. Check out the layouts of budget planning, journaling, and hyperlinked digital notebooks, along with several add-ons like covers, column note stickers, and page inserts for images. They do not prefer giving free products, although you can download a demo version.

These GoodNotes templates have multiple colour combinations choices on covers and backgrounds with light and dark mode activation.


The GoodNotes app is a fabulous place to note tasks, ideas, plans, projects, shopping lists, financial transactions💸, and more. It gives independence from typing on keyboards and yet organizing the handwritten information with the facility of recognition via OCR.

The app has few default templates, while installing a pre-designed template from a third-party website can ease the note-taking📒 process efficiently. We have listed the best website portals providing exclusive GoodNotes template designs.

Websites like Printsbery, Freepik, or Design Bundles sell many valid formats for notes and planners. There are sites like On Planners and Yaayplanners that provide free downloads⬇️ too. You can also review other listed web portals for different sets of GoodNotes templates.

You may also explore the best strategic planning templates.

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