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You’re at the right place if you are looking for online tools to trace the location of an IP address.

First, let’s see how locating the IP address is used for troubleshooting.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a unique numerical code assigned to each device connected to the internet. It identifies the device’s location & enables communication with other devices on the network.

How IP address tracking is used in troubleshooting?

Finding the IP address location can be useful during troubleshooting in several ways.

Identifying the source of network problems

Identifying where the IP address is located can assist in locating the problem’s source if there is a connectivity issue. For example, if several users are having network problems at the same time, then it can be a sign that the local network is having issues.

Identifying potential security threats

The location of an IP address can be used to pinpoint potential security issues. For example, if there are attempts to access a network from an unfamiliar location, it may indicate a potential hacking attempt.

Resolving website access issues

If a website is inaccessible, Knowing the location of the IP address associated with the website can help to identify whether the issue is with the website itself or the network used to access it.


Businesses can use geotargeting to deliver content specific to the user’s location. This can be useful in marketing & advertising campaigns.

However, it is important to note that it can also be used for unethical purposes, such as stalking or spying on individuals without their consent.

IP Tracker tools are used to identify the geographical location of an IP address. This can be useful in various scenarios, as mentioned above.

And here in this article, we’ve listed the best IP Address tracker tools to trace the location. Let’s get rolling!


Opentracker is a handy and excellent web service that offers a suite of web analytics tools designed to help businesses better understand their website visitors & improve their online presence.

It provides an online IP Tracker to trace the location of a particular IP address. Simply enter the target IP address and click on the “Click to search” button.

This website also offers additional services such as CRM & Integration API, Real-time reporting, cross-domain tracking, and many more.

One of the key features of OpenTracker is its web analytics dashboard which provides detailed insights into website traffic & user behavior. Users can monitor activity reports, track website visits in real-time, and analyze performance using a variety of customized indicators.


GeekFlare IP Location Lookup tool allows users to find the geographic location of an IP address easily. Users simply need to enter the IP address they wish to locate into the search bar provided. The tool will then search its database of IP addresses and their associated locations to provide information about the country, region, city, and ISP.

One of the standout features of Geekflare is its range of tools. This website offers a wide variety of tools that can help website owners and developers with everything from DNS & IP lookups to security audits. These tools are designed to be user-friendly and can provide valuable insights into the health and performance of a website. is a simple tool to track IP addresses. You can perform an IP lookup on  IPv4, IPV6, and domain names. Just enter the target address and click on submit button. It has a built-in API that you can integrate within your website to get the geolocation of a particular IP address.

This website also offers many other free tools related to domain, network, and webmaster. You can learn more about these tools here.


SolarWinds IP Address Tracker is a software tool designed to help IT professionals manage IP address usage within their networks. The tool is easy to use and provides users with an efficient way to track, manage,  and organize IP addresses across their network.

It provides real-time visibility into IP address usage and helps network administrators quickly identify and troubleshoot network issues related to IP addresses. Users can easily create custom IP address groups to manage and organize IP addresses by subnet, location, department,  or any other criteria. offers advanced and unique features that are not commonly found on other website IP address tracking platforms.

One of the key features of this web service is its ability to track and analyze website visitor traffic in real-time. The platform can differentiate web bots, spiders, and referrer spam data from other traffic sources, providing website owners with accurate and reliable information about their website traffic.

It is also capable of tracking visitor location, mapping, and browsing history based on an IP address or a computer ID. This information can be used to optimize website content and improve user experience. is a simple and handy website tool that allows users to search for the Ip location to view information such as the ISP, country, and city. Simply enter the target Ip address and click on the “Find” button.

It also has a built-in geolocational map that displays the approximate location of the IP address and the latitude & longitude coordinates. is a website that offers IP geolocation services and tools to identify the location of an IP address. Users can enter an IP address, and the website will provide information such as the country, region, city, and ISP associated with the address.

The website also offers other useful tools, such as an email header analyzer and a DNS record query tool.

You’ll have to purchase geolocation credits or a key to use this tool. You can find that pricing information here. is a simple and powerful website that offers a variety of online tools related to IP addresses and networking. One of its key features is its IP Lookup tool which allows users to find information about an IP address, including the ASN, the location of the IP address (longitude and latitude ), the ISP,  and the organization associated with it.

Just enter the IP address or hostname you want to look up in the input field and click on the “Lookup” button. Additionally, this website offers other tools also, such as DNS lookup, ping test, subnet calculator, proxy checker tool,  and many more.


NordVPN is a VPN service provider that offers customers a secure and private way to access the internet. It also offers an IP lookup tool on its website that allows users to check the location of IP addresses. Simply enter the target address in the input field. In a matter of seconds, IP-related information and location will be displayed on the screen.

This tool can be useful for those who want to verify that their VPN is working correctly or for those who are interested in learning more about their online privacy and security.


KeyCDN is a content delivery network (CDN) related service that provides a global network of servers to speed up the delivery of web content such as images, videos, and other static content.

This website offers a free IP location finder that tracks the geolocation of a target hostname or an IP address. It also provides a location tracker API that developers can integrate into their applications and websites.

Additionally, KeyCDN offers various useful tools related to network and security, such as a website speed checker, performance test, HTTP header check, DNS, certificate checker, certificate Chain Composer, and many more. You can see a full list of tools here.


I hope you find these IP tracker tools helpful in tracing the location. If you need help using the traceroute utility.

Check out our guide on the best online traceroute tools to troubleshoot network issues and IP address management software for small to medium businesses.

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