Do you want to boost your income with affiliate marketing? Are you planning to go ahead with marketplace affiliate programs? Well, here is something that can help.

Affiliate programming has gained massive popularity over the years, with new opportunities for bloggers to warn. It has become a source of passive income for bloggers by promoting the products in the market.

Open an endless flow of monthly income by promoting these reputed marketplaces to your users, which will undoubtedly keep them coming back for more and more.

Here are some of the marketplace affiliate programs that can help bloggers to earn.

Creative Market

Creative Market is a one-stop shop to buy digital goods for personal and commercial projects.

Besides being a great marketplace, it runs a pretty generous affiliate program that pays you a 15% commission from every sale you refer. Upon signing up, you’ll have your unique referral ID generated, which you can share on your blog/website and start monetizing your traffic right away.

Creative Market claims top affiliates can make over $30,000 per year from their platform.


Etsy is the go-to place when shopping for occasions, a large marketplace to find unique and creative items.

If you have a website or a blog, you can become an affiliate for Etsy and share their product links for commissions on each qualifying sale.

Given the number of products they have in total, you’d never run out of stuff to promote. Hence proving there’s way too much earning potential as an affiliate for Etsy.


Envato makes it easy to get creative projects done in a marketplace with many digital assets.

Before signing up as an affiliate for Envato, you’ll have the option to choose which one you’d like to promote, and as per that, you can join their respective affiliate programs.

Depending upon the program you sign up for, you can earn a significant number of commissions for each sale.

If your audience consists of aspiring or established creative individuals like graphic designers, developers, and video professionals, Envato is the perfect marketplace to recommend.


Regarded as the most straightforward platform to create a professional website, Wix makes it super easy to get a business online.

When you become an affiliate for this platform, you’ll be given all the promotional tools to go about scoring those big commissions. You can earn over $100 for every conversion.

There’s no limit to how many customers you can refer to Wix and the number of commissions you earn per month. And since there’s no cap, their intuitive dashboard is essential in keeping track of your referrals and performance over time.


Help your audience find quality freelancers by promoting Fiverr, a marketplace to get services done at affordable rates.

It’d be a privilege for any affiliate marketer to recommend Fiverr to their audience, not only because it’s a beautiful platform but also because it pays out generously.

It has different commission rates for every category of service. For example, the illustration/design category pays you $25/action, while the Website Building & CMS pays you $40/action.

Apart from services, you can also promote their course platform, affiliate platform, and new freelance tools platform for hefty commissions.

It’s free to join their affiliate program, and you’ll have all the marketing tools and materials to get started right away.

Conclusion 👈

Are you set to start earning money? Well, these top marketplace affiliate programs can be an excellent place to start from. Deep dive into them and get started to earn passive income. 🤑

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