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In Security Last updated: September 21, 2023
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Mobile device usage has increased massively in the last few years. And now it seems hard to imagine a life without these gadgets like smartphones, laptops đź’», tablets, and so on.

That said, bringing mobile devices and smartphones to the workplace has become a norm among employees. But this is concerning as these devices may create security loopholes in your network.

Weak devices may expose vulnerabilities in your network, and that’s enough for cyberattackers to leverage this and hack your important and sensitive business data.

As a result, you not only can lose your customers’ trust but also run the risks of compliance and heavy penalties.

So, what’s the solution?

Should you restrict your employees from bringing their smartphones and other mobile devices?

Absolutely not.

There’s a fine solution available to address this concern, and its name is Mobile Device Management (MDM) software.

This tool will take care of device security in your network and help you manage and monitor them, so you can ensure there are no security loopholes due to these devices connected to your network.

This article will discuss MDM software that work on Apple and Android devices, their benefits, and some of the best MDM tools available in the market.

Product NameMain Feature
AirDroid BusinessAndroid MDM for remote device management.
KandjiApple device security, automation, and management.
ScalefusionControl Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices.
ManageEngineMDM for laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and multiple OS support.
HexnodeUnified desktop and mobile management for various platforms.
Workspace ONE UEMEndpoint management for multiple OS, including security, compliance, and automation.
IvantiComprehensive endpoint management for various OS with automation and security.
Jamf PROApple device management with automated workflows, apps, and security.
MiradoreEasy device management with data security, compliance, and automation.
MerakiCloud-based MDM for monitoring, securing, and provisioning mobile devices.
Simple MDMFast and efficient Apple device management with native protocols.
Sophos MobileUEM solution for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS devices with security and ease.
IBM Security MaaS360Scalable remote workforce management, AI-driven device security, and unified endpoint management.

Let’s start!

What Is Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution?

MDM Software

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software solution that lets you manage and secure your business data and apps used on different mobile devices within your network.

It monitors all the smartphones, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices deployed across different operating systems and service providers.

The MDM software aims at eradicating crucial information misuse while optimizing the security and functionality of mobile devices.

The main features of MDM software include:

  • Fully manageable solution with 24/7 monitoring
  • Cloud-based for automation
  • Remote configuration, monitoring, and access
  • Restores and backups
  • Password protection, whitelisting, and blacklisting, encryption, wipe out, protection from data breaches, etc.
  • Logging and reporting

What Are the Benefits of MDM Software?

Implementing MDM software in your organization comes with many benefits, such as:

  • Security: It secures your organization from unauthorized access and prevents attackers. The software ensures compliance and reduces other risks related to security.
  • Productivity: MDM software helps improve the productivity of your employees as you can control the devices and gain better visibility on them
  • Workflow automation: Leveraging the cloud services makes it easy for you to monitor and manage the devices and accelerate your workflow
  • Easy for remote workers: MDM software makes it simpler and safer for employees working remotely without involving data leaks or security risks.

Now is the time to look at some of the best MDM software available in the market.

AirDroid Business

AirDroid Business Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a multiple award-winning Android MDM solution designed to serve all sizes and types of businesses. Managing multiple devices across different locations is a challenge for many businesses. AirDroid Business MDM solution provides an easy way to manage and monitor Android-based devices remotely through a single unified platform.

airdroid MDM

Its MDM solutions support any device management that runs on Android, such as Phones, POS, kiosks, and other custom devices. With AirDroid Business, you can efficiently allocate devices to designated groups, assign permissions, execute remote file transfers, regulate policies, manage application access, and supervise device settings. It enables comprehensive application management encompassing rollout, scheduled release, and installations.

Its top features are remote monitoring and control, managing security policy, kiosk, location tracking & geofencing, AMS, workflows & alerts, and file transfer that helps organizations with end-to-end Android device management.

It can be integrated with Google Android Enterprise to support companies for enterprise mobility management solutions to adapt AirDroid MDM solutions irrespective of their business field. Users can manage Google Play apps of the devices enrolled through the Android Enterprise method.

The platform offers flexibility in software deployment, allowing companies to choose between a cloud-based environment or an on-premise setup based on their data security preferences and infrastructure requirements.

Three paid versions of the software are available: basic, standard and enterprise, which cater to different deployment scales. However, prior to making a purchase, you have the opportunity to try the software free of charge for a 14-day trial period.


Kandji specializes in Apple device security and management, offering unparalleled capabilities in management solutions. This platform empowers you to effortlessly manage your entire device lifecycle, combining efficiency and elegance in a way that sets it apart from other Apple MDM solutions.

Get time-saving automation and powerful tools for each stage with the Kandji. It offers individualized settings and applications and secures your devices by maintaining complete visibility of the fleet’s status. It ensures you use the most updated software versions to run your business well.

YouTube video

Leverage a robust toolbox of configuration profiles and automation to streamline the daily fleet maintenance. You can integrate your technology stack with Kandji’s multiplying capabilities. This Apple MDM platform acts as a specialist that knows about the Apple ecosystem to cater to modern businesses.

Kandji offers custom pricing based on plan type and the number of users managed. For additional information, please request a custom quote from Kandji directly. 


Scalefusion is an intuitive, powerful, and effortless Android MDM software used for team control and visibility. It helps you manage, monitor, and secure any devices, be it employee-owned or corporate-owned, with business data.

Accelerate productivity of the employees by managing Android endpoints in the enterprise environment that includes tablets and smartphones. This will help improve your business visibility and transform frontline operations through mounted devices inside vehicles and rugged devices.

Coming to iOS device management, you can offer the best-in-class devices to your employees and utilize the power of iPads and iPhones for your business. It supports Apple Business and School Manager and offers blacklisting and whitelisting, custom payload, multi and single App Kiosk mode, App Store management, and more.

Similar offerings are provided in macOS and Windows 10 device management with additional features like Gatekeeper and Firevault security, parental controls, content filtering, custom settings, Windows Information Protection, BitLocker Encryption, and robust insights.

Scalefusion MDM

Give power to your workforce with familiar devices and allow them for remote working and learning. This MDM solution takes care of everything from device allotment and monitoring to updates. It offers enrolment quickly within 15 minutes along with the benefits of remote troubleshooting, task scheduling, alerts, and reports, and provides wider visibility on your endpoints.

Some enrolment methods for devices in MDM are email-based, Android zero-touch, ROM-based, URL/QR code-based, Google Workspace-based, IMEI-based, Office 365-based, Windows autopilot, Apple DEP, etc. They offer vast security policies that allow IT and administrators to prevent data leakage and keep it secure.

You can get other features like password policies, SafetyNet Attestation, Wi-Fi settings Configuration, screen capture controls, protection from Factory reset, restrictions from data sharing, and more. You can also install some in-house apps by uploading IPA files, PList Links, APK files, MSI files, or UWP files on the Scalefusion store.

Without any intervention from the end-user, you can publish, update, or delete apps. On select Windows 10 and Android OEMs devices, you can quickly resolve issues, reduce downtime with a cast, and mirror perform necessary actions.

Their starter plan is priced at $2 per device/month.


Mobile Device Manager Plus is an extensive MDM solution designed to give your corporate workforce the power of mobility and enhance employee productivity without ignoring security. It allows you to manage laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and different operating systems like Android, Windows, Chrome OS, macOS, and iOS.

In addition, you can easily enroll and authenticate for corporate devices and BYOD. You can easily use an interface and intuitive dashboard and configure profiles to enable policies for VPN, Wi-Fi, and other parameters. Plus, view and control devices remotely and troubleshoot the issues quickly.

Distribution of apps and managing store and in-house apps for Android, macOS, iOS, etc., is made easy with this solution. You can also maintain the integrity of your data on devices by segregating organization work profiles and personal profiles. In addition to that, manage application licenses on devices and fetch app details.


You can locate the devices and wipe the data remotely to ensure data safety in case of theft/loss and discover and report non-compliant and high-risk devices easily. Allow permissions for users and customize access to the corporate accounts to safeguard your enterprise network.

Protect corporate emails by restricting access to approved accounts and apps and integrating with Azure and Office 365. Meanwhile, it will help you securely save and view the documents, set automatic updates, prevent third-party applications from backing up and accessing distributed documents.

It is available in three editions: FREE, Standard, and Professional. The free plan can work for a small-scale business, or you can go for other editions starting from $495 per 50 devices.


Hexnode offers a unified desktop and mobile management that many businesses love to use. Manage almost all platforms and devices like iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, tvOS, and Fire OS. For iOS, you get features like Apple DEP that help you configure your devices wirelessly for MDM enrolment automatically.

They also offer Apple VPP to let you save costs with iOS apps, effective app management, web filtering, in addition to iOS kiosk lockdown, configure, and restriction. For Android, it offers integration with Sony, Samsung Knox, HTC, Zebra, Huawei, and more. They let you enable BYOD securely with zero-touch enrolment, support for rugged wearables and TVs, Android kiosk lockdown, and secure browsing.

For Windows, you can manage your phones, PCs, laptops, and tablets using a single portal, enjoy Bitlocker security, location tracking, and set up email, Wi-Fi, and ActiveSync remotely. For macOS, you get volume deployments, passwords and remote locks, quick OTA enrolment, and more.

For tvOS, you get secure Airplay with password locks, setting up of Wi-Fi networks, auto-enrolment, and Conference Room display to prevent inappropriate content from streaming on screen. For Fire OS, you get kiosk lockdown, remote view and controls, multi-level security, remote configurations, app management, and continual monitoring.


You can also set up catalogs for apps, disable features over the air, boost employee productivity, and a lot more with different devices. Add external apps and in-house apps and deploy enterprise apps securely on your employee devices and manage downgrades and upgrades with ease.

Get a notification for the installation of the blacklisted apps and can disable unnecessary apps. Plus, you can create a list of apps and allow users to install apps necessary for their use. You can manage access, allow users to open the content within the Hexnode app, deploy the files to any device, and ensure the content’s security.

You can manage your corporate data, secure it, encrypt and even lock it with the MDM app. Besides, secure your browsing, simplify signage management digitally, and also control peripheral settings. Apart from enterprise, you can also have parental supervision to keep an eye on your kids’ devices.

Meanwhile, you can locate and track devices with real-time data. Manage expenses through devices on different corporate plans, restrict usage of data after certain limits, and block non-use apps from swallowing enterprise data plans.

Avail of a 30-days free trial on selecting any plans starting from $1 per device/month, which contains a basic kiosk and basic MDM suite.

Workspace ONE UEM

Improve corporate security and reduce costs with Workspace ONE UEM. It will help you manage the lifecycle of endpoints for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows 10, Chrome OS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. You can improve the employees’ productivity by delivering secure and frictionless access to the apps, be it on mobile, desktop, virtual, or SaaS-based.

Manage catalog, calendar, contacts, email, web browser, content, notes, and more. With the help of an intelligence-driven workspace platform, you can automate all the processes to improve employee experience, deliver valuable insights and proactive device management, and robust security.

Workspace ONE UEM

In addition,  you get granular compliance policies and conditional access to protect your data and enable hands-free remediation instantly against security threats. Optimize your desktop OS lifecycle management, simplify deployment, streamline application delivery, ensure top-level security, and automate patching.

VMware’s Freestyle Orchestrator is designed for advanced IT admins to let them manage their workspace using a canvas-based platform, including a drag-and-drop user interface. As a result, admins can build robust workflows logically to reduce IT overhead and add intelligence and flexibility with automation.

They offer a Robust API framework to support corporate services, systems, apps, content, and identity. They secure MS Office 365 with conditional policies and MAM. You will find a unified application catalog to access any app available on any device. Plus, its remote wipe feature helps you remove confidential and sensitive data at any time.


Ivanti presents full-service endpoint management for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and IoT. It offers just a single platform where you can manage all your devices and user profiles. It helps you consolidate your workspace and endpoint management, simplify the management processes, and satisfy user expectations.

Ivanti is reliable, proven, and user-profile endpoint management software that helps you:

  • Visualize everything that comes to your network,
  • Reduce stress with better login performance,
  • Integrate actions with IT solutions.
  • Automate software or app delivery

With Ivanti Neurons, you can fix issues and personalize the workspaces, manage user profiles, track everything using dashboards and reports, and secure your device from one place with easy actions and policies.

Get continual updates to keep endpoints updated for avoiding security threats, application patching, etc. You can maintain a user group and let them experience the app store that helps them to download software to their devices automatically.

Discover software on corporate devices and normalize the data that results in better reporting. Apart from this, you get so many other features like agentless and agent discovery, power management, Xtraction for quick dashboard having pre-built connectors, containerization, and more.

Jamf PRO

Protect and manage your iPhone, Mac, iPad, TvOS devices with Jamf PRO from anywhere. Provide the tools that your employees or students need to have a better experience at work or inside the classroom. Jamf PRO is an Apple MDM solution designed to let you manage your devices automatically and drive end-user creativity and productivity.

Let the users experience zero-touch with ease and even manage your device by configuring profiles, using scripts and policies to customize the devices for a better experience. You can buy bulk apps and choose a deployment method that makes them automatically available or use a self-service catalog.

Jamf Pro

Before putting apps in the users’ hands, pre-configure the apps with settings that a user needs. Meanwhile, you can collect security, software, and hardware details from Apple devices. Afterward, create reports, alerts, and software management licenses, and records of warranty.

Finally, use proper inventory for the automation of ongoing management. You can allow the users to access your app store, install the apps, update them, and maintain their devices without any help desk. Protect your Apple devices with security features like Jamf PRO along with Jamf Protect.

Manage settings, and configurations and also restrict doubtful software. Take a free test drive of the software, and if this is the one you think you must go with, choose a plan for your Apple devices starting from $3.33/month per device.


Choose the more intelligent and secure way to manage all significant OS devices with Miradore MDM software. You can start using it in minutes and can effectively manage your corporate devices from a single platform.

Miradore helps you to maintain data and device security along with compliance throughout the organization. It is easy to encrypt confidential data, enforce safe screen locks and passcodes, separate personal and business use, and prevent unwanted application usage.


With Miradore, you can control corporate device use, install configurations remotely for devices, access reports, dashboards, and manage application usage. You can even set your devices in kiosk mode and manage applications in such a way that helps the users use the right software only.

Remove, whitelist/blacklist, and deploy applications along with software licenses management. You can even also your time by allowing manual tasks to be done automatically, like device configurations and enrollments. Besides, you can set which apps, files, and settings should be used automatically to fulfill certain conditions with their business policies.

Start securing the data and devices with ease and try all the features with their 14-day trial period. After that, go with a free plan or a paid plan starting from $1.5/month per device.


Get the benefit of cloud-based MDM to monitor, secure, and provision all mobile devices with Meraki. Enroll your devices and add users dynamically as they connect with your network. You can deploy VPN connectivity and wireless settings, push content and apps, and restrict usage based on the user groups.


Track and locate mobile and laptop devices from anywhere and access visibility on security posture, device health, hardware, and software inventory for the entire range of devices. Plus, ensure organizational security from devices to network policies.

Protect your enterprise data and devices with enterprise remote wipe, integrated network access control, and encryption enforcement. You can also encrypt traffic between an access point and a user’s device.

Meraki offers easy integration of system managers to your network so you can have more security, visibility, and device control. You can go for a software trial before choosing a plan.

Simple MDM

Control and manage your Apple devices and always be on top of updates with Simple MDM. It uses native Apple protocols so that you can know what you get exactly without any software client needed. Their customers love them because they are fast in monitoring, updating, securing, and licensing their devices.

This Apple MDM solution supports enterprise, app store, and B2B apps. To deploy installer packages and apps automatically, all you need is just a click. Allow your users to experience self-service for your macOS devices and never lose data in between upgrades or due to potential issues. Just provide your email address and Apple ID to set up your account within a minute.

Simple MDM

Your enterprise devices are enrolled automatically during power-up due to Apple’s DEP, and it supports BYOD setup via SMS, web link, email, QR code, and Apple configurator. You can have many more security features like 2FA, enable lost mode without Apple ID, escrow firmware passwords, and FileVault keys.

You can also track the current device location, unlock any devices forcefully, disable suspicious iOS features, and more. Besides, you can even configure web content and global HTTP proxy filter, use your device in a single-app mode, block Apple ID, disable app removal, force iOS update, and much more.

Choose your plan starting from $3/device monthly after taking a 30-day free ride.

Sophos Mobile

Sophos Mobile helps startups and businesses to spend minimum effort and time to secure and manage mobile endpoints. It is a secure and straightforward Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that lets you manage macOS, Windows 10, Android, and iOS devices.

sophos mobile

With Sophos Mobile, you can ensure no loss of business data or any risk of malware. You can increase your productivity by letting the users work as they want on any device securely. This solution provides an effortless way to manage, maintain, and configure your devices.

You can install, view, or remove apps as per your business requirement from the enterprise app store. In addition, you can control your apps by whitelisting and blacklisting them and can also configure MS Office 365 applications. Sophos Mobile allows you to secure corporate and personal-owned devices with less effort.

Users can bring their personal devices and enroll their devices through self-service flexible portals. You can also reset passwords without any involvement of IT. Admin will have full access to corporate content in the secure workspace applications. Likewise, you can protect and control business data and email without interfering with users’ privacy.

Take an online demo, start a FREE trial or get your per-device pricing to start using the leading UEM solution.

IBM Security MaaS360

With IBM Security MaaS360, you can securely protect devices, keep your data safe, and ensure a great user experience while rapidly scaling up your remote workforce. The software optimizes the deployment of wearables at scale with AI-driven device management solutions.

It helps to build zero-trust strategies for content security assurance across IoT networks to protect mobile users from infiltration threats or interference attacks. Save time on enterprise management tasks without compromising business continuity by leveraging contextual insights from analytics enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI).


This award-winning software provides enterprise-grade protection that detects and remedies threats across your users, devices, applications, data, and networks. It is designed to effortlessly scale with existing infrastructure for laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, as well as IoT & ruggedized technologies.

Easily set up your company’s devices in a few minutes and benefit from an increased ROI. As per the study conducted by Forrester TEI, there is a 183% return on investment over 3 years. IBM Security MaaS360 manages Over 10 million devices.

It features the only UEM (unified endpoint management) platform integrated with Watson AI, providing contextual security insights throughout an organization. You can grant secure access to company resources from any device without using a VPN or compromising identity management standards through this unified endpoint solution.

With over 100 business partners and multiple device management capabilities, this solution allows for easier control of iOS, Android, Windows, and iPadOS devices in corporate settings. From a single console, you can quickly manage access levels, discover vulnerable apps and patch them accordingly, configure individual installation settings, and add applications – all with an impressive 85% decrease in device configuration time along with a 90% reduction in user setup time!

The software has a free trial, and then you can easily upgrade to one of its six plans that best meets your organization’s needs.

How Do You Choose the Best MDM Software Solution?

There are plenty of MDM solutions currently available in the market, and picking the right one for your organization is probably a challenging task, but following the few vital parameters will certainly help you to get the best one for your organization.

  • The proposed MDM solution will have to fit into complexities around different environments that a company may already be running, such as on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.
  • Savings can come through self-healing capabilities and automatic security patches, among other features that eventually reduce TCO (total cost of ownership).
  • Policy compliance activities must gain device status insights with enforcement visibility.
  • A solution should offer basic access to user and device reviews, security logs, and compliance tracking for faster audits, along with prompt incident response procedures.
  • Recovery is made easy if the software offers flexible onboarding options, including self-enrollment and automation, which does away with administrative workload in addition to boosting users’ confidence without any further training.
  • The single-pane display of managed endpoints helps to become possible alongside the unmanaged endpoint, helping administration efficiency plus simplifying complexity increasingly.
  • Inventory management solutions are able to maintain devices and users in a single console easily.
  • The software solution should also help in safe data storage that follows compliance regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST, SOC 2, or ISO 27001.

Choose the ideal software that supports your devices through various tiers, extensive service-level agreements (SLAs), and availability in multiple regions and languages.


Security is a significant concern for your organization, and you must always keep it in mind whenever you make any business decision. Don’t let mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets open security vulnerability for your organization.

Instead, keep them secure using the MDM software I’ve mentioned above and just start managing and controlling them easily.

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