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If you’re fond of taking selfies, you can use Photo Booth applications on your iPad to capture vintage images with a variety of effects, filters, and more, all without the need for expensive external tools. Enhance the quality of your images, adjust the lighting, add special effects, and much more, all without spending a dime.

Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party, a photo booth app can be a fantastic way to preserve your memories. However, traditional photo booths can be quite expensive to set up, and even renting them doesn’t make it any better. So, what’s the solution?

Well, why not transform your iPad into a photo booth using some cost-free photo booth apps?

Finding the right set of photo booth apps can be a challenge, though. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some highly recommended photo apps for your iPad.

What are Photo Booth Apps?

Have you ever used those large vending machines or kiosks that come with automated cameras? You just stand still, take a few shots, and instantly get them printed. Well, that’s what a photo booth is and what it does. These booths are typically set up temporarily in areas with high foot traffic. But how about having a photo booth right at your fingertips on your iPad?

Photo booth apps have been developed to provide an enhanced version of a kiosk, offering additional features such as real-time effects, a variety of filters, appealing layouts, extra effects, emojis, and stickers. They aim to recreate the experience of a traditional photo booth. With the right setup, the possibilities of what you can achieve with a photo booth app are limitless. So, do ensure you have good photo management software handy so that you can store all those memories without worrying about storage space!

Benefits of Using Photo Booth Apps For iPad

Photo booth apps for iPad offer a number of benefits over traditional photo booths, including portability, affordability, and customization. They are also easy to use, making them a great option for events of all sizes. Here are some of the specific benefits of using photo booth apps for iPad:

#1. Convenient Accessibility: A primary reason why individuals lean towards Photo Booth Apps is their convenient accessibility on iPads, their user-friendly interface, and the smooth integration of hardware and software. Operating them is a seamless experience, and they can be installed on an iPad device in just a few minutes. And if you want to brush up on the photos further, all you need are AI-Powered photo editor software apps. 

#2. Enhanced Cloud-Based Services: Photo Booth apps are preferred over traditional photo booths due to their comprehensive cloud-based services. Unlike standalone systems, which lack remote access and hinder the utilization of various functionalities, these apps offer easy remote operation and technical support without the need for direct hardware access.

#3. Round-the-Clock Technical Support: Unlike traditional photo booths, Photo Booth apps are equipped with 24/7 technical support that operates across multiple time zones worldwide. This feature proves especially beneficial for frequent travelers who visit different parts of the world.

#4. Elimination of Frozen Screens: Traditional photo booths often encounter issues like frozen screens or unexpected updates due to their reliance on Windows. However, when using a photo booth app on an iPad, such problems are eliminated. Simply download the desired app and run it like any other application without interruptions.

#5. Social Sharing Capabilities: Traditional photo booths have a significant limitation in terms of supporting various sharing options. In contrast, photo booth apps include integrated social sharing capabilities, eliminating the need for a separate social media kiosk. This not only saves space but also reduces costs.

Why Use Third-Party Photo Booth Apps When The iPad Has Its Own App?

While the built-in Photo Booth app on the iPad offers some basic features for taking photos and applying effects, third-party photo booth apps offer a more comprehensive and enhanced experience. Here are some reasons why opting for a third-party photo booth app can be advantageous:

#1. Specialized Features: Third-party apps offer a wide range of unique features and effects specifically designed to create an immersive photo booth experience. They provide realistic filters, customizable screen backgrounds, various effects, GIF creation, background music integration, and much more. These features go beyond the basic camera functionalities offered by the iPad’s built-in app.

#2. Customization Options: Third-party apps often provide more customization choices compared to the default camera app. They offer a diverse selection of filters, overlays, stickers, frames, and themes, allowing users to personalize their images according to the event or theme of the photo booth. This level of customization is not readily available in the iPad’s built-in apps.

#3. Social Sharing Integration: Photo booth apps, like many other third-party apps, seamlessly integrate with popular social media platforms and messaging apps. This integration enables the direct sharing of customized photos on these platforms, making it easier to share your creations with friends and family. Additionally, you can save and share your photos via email or other messaging apps, enhancing the overall user experience, or use a portable photo printer for an instant tangible image!

#4. Advanced Editing Tools: Third-party apps come equipped with advanced editing tools that go beyond basic adjustments such as brightness, filters, and contrast. These tools allow users to crop pictures, rotate them, apply aesthetic effects, create photo collages, and design layouts within the app itself. This expanded set of editing options provides users with greater creative control over their photos, resulting in more polished and unique final products.

#5. Regular Updates and Support: Third-party photo booth apps release frequent updates, introducing new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. These updates ensure that users stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements, guaranteeing an optimized and satisfying photo booth experience.

These advantages make third-party photo booth apps a preferred choice for users looking to have a more engaging and enjoyable photo booth experience on their iPad.

Photo booth apps for iPad are a great way to add some fun and excitement to any event. With these apps, you can create custom photo booths with a variety of special effects, filters, and backgrounds, so you need not just use selfie apps for adding special effects. Some apps even allow you to print your photos instantly or share them online. Here are a few of the best photo booth apps for iPad:


Booth.Event is a photo booth app that is quite easy to use and is designed to replicate traditional and 360-degree spinner booths. It is also the first photo booth app that connects directly to cameras like Canon EOS, Nikon, or Sony, via a USB connector.


  • Offers advanced features like slow-mo videos, boomerangs & GIFs.
  • Offers Customization options like online galleries, branding / white-labeling, green screen, template-created collages, and funny stickers.
  • Lets you print the pictures.
  • This app can connect directly to compatible cameras via a USB cable.

Businesses trying to expand themselves can actually work through the Booth.Events app with advanced technology like Scene Select, available only on iPads and iPhones, queuing offline, and a variety of templates with excellent output without having to spend dollars. Access this amazing app by directly downloading it from the App Store.


Snappic is a premium photo and video photo booth app that primarily serves professional events and businesses wanting to create an impactful experience for their clients.

The Snappic app lets you have a good time, catering to your need to customize your shots with different filters, layouts, and funny effects. Also, it lets you share your pictures with your friends on different social media platforms. You can save these pictures on iCloud as well and can print the image via a wired connection.


  • It is offline supported with a queue management system.
  • Interesting options like Still Photos, GIFs, and boomerangs are available.
  • Custom backdrops for green screen and AI background removal.
  • Designed with Live streaming microsites and specialized slideshows.
  • Offers Custom surveys to enhance the features.
  • Analytics and Remote access are available.

Snappic is enabled with real-time tracking and face-tracking features, which makes it stand apart. Another uniqueness of this app is that it lets you track how many people took pictures, which could be used to work through competitors. Unlock the potential of this extraordinary app by simply downloading it from the App Store.

Mini Photobooth

If you are looking for a photo booth app that offers a variety of templates and can also help you work with GIF files, then Mini Photobooth is the app for you. With this app, you can customize layouts as per your preference with different options like double vertical stripes or thin horizontal stripes that come with it. Since it is enabled with 120 different fonts, you can use inscriptions along with different funny stickers.


  • Unique’s animated mad GIF templates.
  • Unlimited custom text with 120+ fonts and a full-color pallet. 
  • Connect to any AirPrint printer to print photos.
  • Add your own custom photo backgrounds.

Unlike other photo booth apps, Mini Photobooth has animated templates along with adjustable brightness features using a full-color palette. You can also apply different unique filters like confetti, black and white, and many more. Overall, this app has all the features needed in a photo booth app that will help you customize your photo.

Elevate your iPad Photobooth experience by getting your hands on this remarkable app, available for direct download from the App Store.

Darkroom Software

Darkroom Software for iPad is on the list of the highest-rated apps on the App Store and has a modest set of features. Unlike other photo booth apps, it is enabled with a watermark and a customized logo image.


  • Can translate text into different languages or write your own phrases.
  • Enables linking up to 10 devices with one subscription.
  • Uses advanced iPad camera settings.
  • Can add an overlay or logo to keep it on brand or suit the event when needed.

To suit foreign customers, Darkroom Software for iPad includes an intriguing feature. Its translation feature allows you to replace the user interface’s words and phrases with your own in the language of your choice. Additionally, you can connect up to 10 iPads at once to cater to a large audience. Download it directly from App Store.

Simple Booth

Simple Booth is a powerful app that has a wide variety of layouts and specialization options. With this app, you can actually take as many pictures as you want and later edit them using the variant filters, layouts, fonts, backgrounds, etc.


  • Lets you collect and store your pictures in your own gallery.
  • Revolutionary AutoPic technology to ensure clear and blur-free images.
  • With simple booth HALOs, you can discover what’s happening around you.

Simple Booth is unique in creating vertical stripes in pictures to look as close as possible to make them appear professional. Also, it lets you take pictures in both portrait and landscape modes. Take advantage of this exceptional app by downloading it directly from the App Store.


LumaBooth is a professional photo Booth app designed for professionals to run high-grade photo booths and video 360 booths for any events like Birthday parties, hangouts, or weddings on iPad.


  • Runs both on an iPad and an iPhone.
  • Uses AI to automatically remove backgrounds instead of Green screens.
  • Reinforce five new languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Manifest easy readability when sharing option is enabled over the entire screen.

LumaBooth is probably the most cost-efficient booth on the list and is associated with some great customization features. Note that it does have a free version, but the watermark will keep appearing until you purchase one. Unleash the full potential of your device with this incredible app, accessible by downloading it directly from the App Store.


WiFibooth is a top-rated photo booth app that helps link easily and wirelessly to your cameras as well as printers. As guests get to select their favorite photos, a collage is created, and they can also print, email, or share their pictures on different social media platforms.


  • Can connect directly with your camera device.
  • Supports one-touch photo collaging and printing features.
  • Collages can be automatically uploaded to Dropbox, Facebook, or Twitter for instant access.

Though all features are free to use, the watermark won’t disappear until you purchase the paid version of Wifiibooth. Transform your iPad into a powerhouse with this remarkable app, ready for direct download from the App Store.

Simple Booth

It is a modern Photo Booth app for a fun photo booth experience and is considered mainly for events, venues, and businesses. You can set up at Simple Booth live shows and events or can even install a selfie spot to expand your business. This can capture photos, videos, looped videos, and more.


  • Helps in Custom branding and messaging.
  • Includes photo overlays.
  • Allows wireless printing over AirPrint.
  • Uses Web dashboard to manage settings, galleries, and view analytics.
  • It can work even in offline mode.

The Simple Booth app includes a set of unique photo booth options for participants. Turn them all on or limit the options to help as many people as possible snap photos. Step into a new realm of innovation by downloading this exceptional app.


Pocketbooth is a photo booth application designed for iPads that has five integrated photo effects. This app works for both the front and back cameras and can take a series of images alongside different effects like black and white, vintage, X-ray, and more.


  • Offers photo strips that turn your image into an authentically vintage picture.
  • Pocketbooth comes with a Saved GPS location with a photo strip.
  • Allows to print photo strips or share via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Though if you want more effects and customized features and layouts, you can always go for the expansion app purchase that offers more advanced features than the free one. If you are on the move, this basic Pocketbooth software allows you to save your location in a photo.

Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities with this extraordinary app, awaiting your download from the App Store.

Say Cheese!

While your iPhone camera is created to capture aesthetic photos, a third-party booth app can offer you more specialized choices and features that enhance the photo booth experience. It’ll add more creativity and fun, especially when you pose with family and friends!

Moreover, these apps offer customization options, social sharing integration, complex editing tools, and continual updates, making them a popular alternative for you to create unforgettable photo booth experiences. If you are also interested in taking a professional passport-sized photo yourself, try these top-rated passport photo apps for iPhone.

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