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In Computer Hardware Last updated: September 6, 2023
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Do you use your desktop daily? If yes, then you should have a basic knowledge of the power supply unit. Let’s get some cool RGB power supply units for your PC today.

Many of us who use desktops and PCs every day need to be made aware of the importance and usage of the power supply unit. It might not be a very glamorous or exciting part of a PC, but it is its heart.

A power supply unit to a PC is what food is to humans. Supplying power to the PC is a vital task; not using a proper unit might cause much damage. 

Let us read about RGB power supply units and why we need them for our desktops.

What is an RGB Power Supply Unit?

For those new to the term RGB, it stands for red, green, and blue.

Image Source: Corsair

Why are we using RGB in power supply units (PSU)?

The answer is quite simple. We are using RGB in PSUs to make PSUs look more visibly attractive. 

The RGB lighting that can be put in various places, such as on the PSU case’s fan blades or even as an RGB ring around the fan, gives RGB Power Supply Units more customizability. Some products have a button on the PSU enclosure that you can press to change the lights. Some PSUs include features like Zero Fan mode that disable the fan when operating at low power for quiet operation. 

According to their power ratings and efficiency, these devices typically work at 100 to 240 volts and produce a wide range of power levels. The greatest of these power supply units (PSUs) incorporate high-performance capabilities with RGB customizability. The PSU is more resilient to power fluctuations and robust, thanks to high-quality components.

Importance of a PSU for desktop


Every PC’s foundation is made up of power supply components. These components transmit power throughout your PC by snatching it from the electrical socket. Your machine won’t perform as you need it to and could not even turn ON if it doesn’t have enough power.

Destabilization that might be difficult to pinpoint is one of the many issues that can result from a power source that does not deliver dependable or clean electricity. In fact, a failing power supply frequently results in additional issues like erratic resets and freezes that could otherwise go unnoticed. A PSU can safeguard components after a PC crash or offer fail-safes for errant currents in addition to providing power.

What should be the wattage of the PSU for your PC?

The power supply powers every component, and if you install the improper power supply, you risk damaging the components. Your components will receive constant energy from the proper PSU when required.

The finest power supply for your PC setup is the one that concurrently powers each component with the appropriate amount of watts. You must manually calculate this by dividing the sum of all component amps by their combined voltage. The overall number of watts needed for your PC construction is the outcome. 

Any PSU calculator will perform this for you and present a list of possibilities. You simply need to enter all the parts of the PC you are building into it. More complicated systems typically demand more electricity to operate. A desktop with multiple GPUs, a high-end motherboard, and a bespoke liquid cooling loop will require a higher capacity computer power supply than a more basic setup.

Modular vs. Non-Modular PSUs

When looking for power supply units, modular and non-modular are the two terms you will come across. A fixed set of wires is provided by a non-modular power supply and cannot be removed. You must leave those cords lying around in your case if your PC doesn’t require all of them.

It is possible to independently plug and remove each cable from a modular power supply. This implies that you can remove any cables you don’t need and store them in the box in case you do. You may reduce clutter, simplify cable management, and even improve ventilation by eliminating the need to locate a secure location to store unwanted wires within your case.

Power supply certification

It’s essential to consider several factors when buying a power supply to make the best decision. Power supply certifications assist in determining the PSUs’ energy consumption. 

The term “80 Plus” refers to power supply certifications. Many classes within the 80 Plus certification indicate the efficacy of each power supply: White, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. They are organized according to increasing levels of efficiency, starting with white and ending with titanium.

Crucial features for selecting the best RGB PSU

There are a lot of features you should look out for when buying an RGB power supply unit. Before purchasing, make sure the power supply is from a reputed company and read reviews to get the right one. Avoid generic, low-cost power supplies since they frequently have poor quality. Choose reputed companies with reliable support and guarantees. 


Using larger, heavier units are preferred over small, lightweight ones. The internal parts of higher-quality power supplies are always more significant, with better capacitors, chokes, and other parts. They frequently have larger heatsinks for better heat dissipation, all of which add weight. Another benefit is that bigger cooling fans often move more air while quieter than smaller ones.

You must verify the connections to ensure the PSU is compatible with your specific system. A connection that may serve as a 20-pin or a 24-pin connector is referred to as a 20+4 pin.

Also, look for three key characteristics when shopping for a power supply. These three characteristics are power output, rails, and efficiency. These three directly impact the performance of the PSU, while other characteristics and features are also significant.

Now that you have a good idea about RGB PSUs, let us jump to the list of some of the best ones you can purchase from the market.

ASUS ROG Thor RGB Power Supply

ROG Thor 850W Platinum, power supply has 100% Japanese capacitors, an OLED power display, and a 135mm wing-blade fan. The 850-watt power supply also incorporates Aura Sync, enabling illumination synchronization with a large Aura ecosystem and energy economy. It has an energy efficiency rating of 80+ Platinum and is made entirely of Japanese capacitors for stability and longevity.

Additionally, this PSU offers 0dB cooling with integrated ROG heatsinks for quieter operation and dustproof IP5X wing-blade fans. It has an OLED power display for real-time power usage monitoring. The AC input range for this PSU is 100-240Vac.

Corsair CX750F RGB Power Supply

The power supply of the CORSAIR CX-750F RGB Series is modular. This RGB PSU provides your system with dependable, 80 PLUS Bronze-rated efficiency and colorful, programmable illumination through a 120mm RGB.

This PSU fan features eight RGB LEDs and a modern design. You can control RGB lighting with the touch of a button, and switching between the ten pre-programmed lighting styles is simple.

For more sophisticated RGB lighting control, you can also use the supplied 5V ARGB adapter to connect to a CORSAIR iCUE RGB Lighting Controller or a compatible motherboard.

Also, CORSAIR PSUs include an improved fan curve that is specifically engineered to reduce noise. It also supports Microsoft Modern Standby sleep mode for quick wake-from-sleep times and improved low-load efficiency.

Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB

The Toughpower Grand RGB Series uses the best components and has a completely modular architecture that can support any mainstream build anytime. It has a pre-installed, patented 256 Colors Ring 14 RGB fan, built-in memory, and five different illumination modes. Additionally, it has 80 PLUS and 650W to 850W capabilities.

Japanese-made capacitors in the Toughpower RGB PSU, which has a Gold certification, significantly increase durability and provide the best stability and dependability. The Smart Zero Fan, which maintains silence while the fan runs at less than 20% operating load to reduce audible noise, is the finest feature of this PSU.

Thermaltake Toughpower PF1 ARGB

The Thermaltake Tough Power PF1 ARGB Platinum Series is made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to combine performance and beauty. It has a power rating range of 850W, 1050W, and 1200W. The revolutionary 16.8 million-color Ring Duo, 14 RGB fans with 18 pre-installed LEDs, contributes to brighter and more vibrant lighting.

The light shines through the carefully crafted RGB side panels. The series allows for synchronization with RGB motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and rock for various lighting options. The robust power PF1 and RGB Platinum meet and even surpass the stringent specifications of the enthusiast or passionate PC user with their nearly quiet and dependable operation.

GAMEMAX RGB Power Supply

With its 16PIN (12VHPWR) connection, the GAMEMAX RGB 1300W provides robust and reliable performance, enabling the power supply to realize the potential of next-generation graphic cards fully. Its construction includes a 140mm addressable ARGB Fan and intelligent preset RPM management, which ensures effective cooling and silent operation.

The modular design of this power supply unit improves ventilation while strengthening wire management. The GAMEMAX RGB-1300W’s absence of wires on the DC side within the PSU body enhances cooling airflow, extending the component lifetimes to their utmost potential.

Additionally, it includes 25 intelligent lighting settings that can coordinate with other compatible devices and are interoperable with Aura Sync and RGB memory.

Corsair CX550F RGB Power Supply

The Corsair RGB Power Supply is a fully modular PSU that offers your PC an 80 Plus Bronze-rated energy efficiency.

It also comes with programmable illumination, which you can easily control with a button. Its fan curve has been designed to reduce the noise generated, which in turn gives you a more peaceful experience. This PSU comes with a 550-watt power rating.

Cooler Master XG850 Plus ARGB

The XG Plus Platinum power supply, which was created by Cooler Master in-house, offers cutting-edge efficiency, solid construction, and reliable performance to meet all of your everyday computing and gaming demands. This PSU’s fluid dynamic fan bearing minimizes friction, allowing for low RPM operation and silent cooling performance.

High-efficiency cables and Japanese in-line capacitors are used in the XG Plus Platinum to improve overall efficiency and thermal performance by reducing ripple noise and heat resistance, lowering ambient temperatures, and increasing airflow.

Last but not least, users can monitor every element of the XG Plus Platinum in real-time, thanks to the MasterPlus+ software’s innovative system management, including temperature, fan speed, system load, and much more.

Redragon PSU007 Power Supply

With an 80-plus gold efficiency rating, the Redragon RGB PSU provides 4-5% less power than a typical power supply input. To get your system working and save more on power bills, it reduces the overall quantity of electricity as much as feasible. This PSU has strong 120mm fans optimized for quiet operation and great heat dissipation.

This PSU’s average noise level of 33 dBA gives you a quiet and immersive gaming experience. The nicest thing about purchasing from Redragon is that they have a strong sense of confidence in their high-quality goods and provide 24/7 help for any pertinent inquiries.

Thermaltake Smart RGB

The pre-installed and patented 256-color RGB fan hub from Thermaltake’s Smart RGB Series has 15 illumination settings and built-in memory. Additionally, it has capabilities of 500W to 700W and 80 PLUS. With standard certification, the Smart RGB Series uses premium parts and a quiet design that you can use with any mainstream construction anytime.

This RGB PSU uses 10 LED light bulbs to increase brightness and create a cutting-edge lighting user experience. It has a powerful single +12V rail that eliminates the restrictions brought on by voltage distributions. It also provides the power your CPU and VGA require in any circumstance. As a result, the most outstanding compatibility, conversion effectiveness, and consistent voltage output are provided.


In GAMDIAS RGB PSUs, KRATOS P1 750G guarantees dependable power output and premium quality for professional gamers. Players can select between attached and additional cables to meet their unique demands, thanks to the semi-modular architecture. Addressable LEDs and built-in RGB lighting effects make it simple to create a preferred personal style.

The best and most cost-effective method of transferring power for your gaming computer systems is provided by GAMDIAS 80 Plus Gold power supply. The ideal balance between power consumption and noise is achieved by the GAMDIAS ECO fan speed management technology while adjusting the fan speed. It has a very quiet fan and only has to be switched to silent mode.


For projects where RGB lighting is preferred, RGB PSUs are appropriate. They improve the build’s appearance and contribute to its design. A few RGB PSUs come equipped with addressable LEDs, letting you adjust the lighting’s modes, colors, and other features. Certain PSUs even include inbuilt memory that can store your customization, so you won’t have to configure it every time you turn OFF your computer.

You can achieve high performance by combining the RGB PSU with components that supply the required power. Components that need more power will need more powerful PSUs. To highlight the finished product, you can make a tidy construction with entirely modular wires.

You may also explore custom PC Builder Websites to get the perfect desktop.

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