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Space is full of adventures, mysteries, and hope!

And so do Space Engineers.

Have you noticed why I’ve placed ‘do’ before ‘Space Engineers’?

Yes, you guessed it right!

Space Engineers is a game, therefore, singular.

If you have played this game, you would know it kind of feels like a dream come true, especially if you ever dreamed of being an astronaut or a space engineer.

Sometimes, it will remind you of the movie ‘The Martian’ where the astronaut was left out on Mars, but he displayed superb survival skills.

However, if you haven’t played the Space Engineers game yet, no worries, this article will help unleash the gamer inside of you and show you how to choose a reliable game hosting service to play it stress-free.

So, let’s start the exploration!

What Is ‘Space Engineers’?

Space Engineers is an exciting sandbox game that is set on planets and space. It was developed by Keen Software from the Czech Republic. It joined the Steam program in 2013.

The game has been released on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and available in single-player and multiplayer modes.

As of 2019, it has sold 3.5M+ copies.

Coming to the gameplay, you as a player will be given the role of a space engineer. Your journey would begin by joining or choosing a world with some settings like equipment, the number of asteroids, planets, and more.

You can create a world by selecting various advanced options, editing them, and deciding how the world would look like and how players could interact with those worlds.

Your game screen would include the game logo, in-game screenshots randomly as backdrops, animated loading icon, along with a message showing at the center. This message could be a gameplay hint to help you or quotations by notable scientists from Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, and others.

Players as Space Engineers are given tools, and they need to start constructing a structure in the open space using different types of blocks. They need to maintain a power source and can move however they want using a jetpack, inertial dampeners, or freely in the space.

There are many mods in the game like creative mods, survival mode, and many resourceful planets that you can trade and do a lot more exciting stuff. You would continue doing the engineering stuff, perform construction work, explore the vastness of space, and survive on planets and space under adverse conditions.

So, if you find Space Engineers interesting, here’s how you can proceed.

You can either play the game on a local PC or go for a reliable Space Engineers hosting platform.

If you go with the first option, it requires configuration and regular maintenance. It can become problematic if you don’t have a good idea of its technicalities. Plus, playing on a server with so many users at once can slow down your gameplay and decelerate your enthusiasm with frequent delays and downtimes.

Ultimately, it might not be a great playing experience for you.

But if you go for a Space Engineer game server hosting that is reliable, you can make the most out of your gameplay and increase the fun many times more.

How to choose a Space Engineer server host?

There are a plethora of game server hosting companies available in the market. This is why it becomes confusing for people to choose what would work the best for them, especially if they haven’t played it before.

Choosing the best Space Engineers game server host depends on various factors. If you want to play the games stress-free, make sure you check these factors, and then only purchase your server hosting plan.

  • Check the features you will get in the plan, such as control panel, customization options, game switching, mods, type of plan, and so on.
  • Find out the overall performance you are getting in terms of speed, any lags, crashes, or downtimes, ease of use, and more. For this, many hosts offer a free trial of the game server so you can find whether you are satisfied with the performance or not.
  • Keep in mind your budget while choosing the plan. Compare the pricing of different hosts against their offerings and make your best judgment.
  • Ideally, pick a host that can offer a data center closest to your location. For this, check their data centers’ locations, as this factor influences game performance: the closer the data center, the better.
  • Lastly, try out their customer support system. Measure the effectiveness based on how many ways they provide support like phone calls, chat, emails, etc., and how quick, professional, yet friendly their team is to resolve issues.

Here are some of the best Space Engineer server hosting platforms available in the market to help you make that choice.


HostHavoc is a premiere Space Engineers server hosting service provider, offering outstanding solutions since the game was released.

It helps you easily build your spaceships, various kinds of planetary outposts, and space stations; pilot ships; explore the planets and universe; and collect resources for your survival. Having so much to do in the game, you need a super speed server, HostHavoc supplies.

It maintains high network availability with the industry-grade data centers having reliable uplinks and guarantees 99.9% of network uptime. They’ve established their centers in 11 different cities for wider network coverage, so you never face any lags or glitches in the middle of the game.

A faster support team helps gamers clear their concerns within 15 minutes of complaint registration. HostHavoc protects your server from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that can break down your gameplay or flood it with fake traffic, gripping your bandwidth. Whether it is basic UDP floods or source engine query attacks, HostHavoc covers you.

If you are a professional gamer, you can self-manage your server using FTP access and a web-based file manager. They also allow you to configure the command line of your server’s launch. HostHavoc uses a powerful control panel, TCAdmin v2. Each template you get is custom-tailored to exhibit unique features as well as installers.

You can install plugins, Oxide, workshop content, and more. With the reliable and consistent control suite, both power users and novice can utilize it easily. For a more secure account, you have a 2-step verification feature by Google Authenticator.

Coming to its price, it starts from $15/month for 20 slots. If not happy with the service, you can apply for a full refund within 72 hours of ordering the server.

Survival Servers

Get your Space Engineers server hosting from Survival Servers and dive into the world of the unknown. They offer you useful features to get control over your server and install it instantly once the payment is successful.

Their control panel is designed to let you change your location instantly, modify your server settings, enable instant server setup, install plugins and mods, and give you access to the space engineer forum. Moreover, you will get ultra-fast SSD drives with an AMD processor, which helps you get a fast response.

You can access 3rd party tools, server passlocking, full FTP, latest versions of supported mods, map changing, and more. It is also compatible with Xbox and PC crossplay. There are 7 server stations to make your work easier and faster, including 4 in the US and 1 each in France, Germany, and Singapore. All of the data centers are DDoS protected to provide server security.

Choose your nearest data center location, slot, billing cycle, and no. of servers you want to start playing the game within minutes. The price starts at $8/month.


Choose your server rental plan from one of the best Space Engineers game server providers, Nitrado, without any minimum term or contract.

Nitrado uses fail-safe and high-quality server hardware to ensure unmatched game performance and performs daily backup for server files. To offer fast response, they use a 500 Gbit connection in Frankfurt am Main, and direct peerings with UnityMedia/UPC, Tiscali, Deutsche Telekom, Telia Sonera, and other carriers.

Nitrado links to AMS-IX, LINX, and DE-CIX for ensuring the lowest pings across the world. Its technology allows you to configure server settings with just one click. With the help of an in-built File Browser, you can upload mods and files easily. You get unrestricted access to configure files and can directly access the MySQL database through phpMyAdmin.

You get quick customer support experience in 9 languages. Nitrado has data centers in 7 locations, allows game switching anytime, full access through FTP, RCON, and Nitrado web interface, and their game servers are certified to ESL Premium.

The price starts at $3.25 for 10 players, a 3-day term, maximum of 5 game installations in the cloud. Or, you can also go for custom pricing that starts at $5.20.


Play without interruption by getting your Space Engineers dedicated server hosting from ServerBlend. They have worked directly with KeenSWH to provide better performance and specialist support.

ServerBlend has spent a significant amount of time developing their control panel to use it effortlessly, and it looks pleasant to the eyes. You won’t feel trouble configuring, creating, and managing your game server. They leverage Intel Xeon Processors, ECC RAM, HDD/SSD drives, and RAID for better performance and reliability.

You can control the game server and make any changes with switches, drop-downs, and boxes you want with the SESM control panel. Also, they offer automatic mod installations and updates, file manager, performance monitor, TORCH, and Remote API.

ServerBlend makes efforts to achieve the lowest ping possible to ensure the best gaming experience and quality network. Your setup usually takes 1-2 hours and 12 hours if done manually, but Server Blend does it within minutes. Server Blend’s data centers are available in Montreal, Vint Hill, Hillsboro, New York, Falkenstein, Dallas, London, Sydney, and Roubaix.

The price starts from $11.48/month with DDoS protection and a 14-day service satisfaction guarantee.


GTXGaming is an official service provider for Space Engineers server hosting. They work with the developers directly to ensure that users get the best quality hosting. They also offer an Xbox server having an Xbox/Steam crossplay, and by enabling crossplay from the server’s settings, players from both the servers can play together.

They have developed their control panel in such a manner that allows you to easily configure or change settings quickly with drop-down menus and provide boxes for “tick to enable” menus.

Switch to any game they host within a few clicks. To keep up with the latest technology, they use new Dell systems, which are replaced every year to maintain their place at the edge of the hosting industry in ten years of hosting. They use powerful E3-processor or i7/i9 CPUs while giving you the option for a new and powerful AMD Ryzens processor.

Their developers relentlessly and constantly update their new templates to add new functionality as requested by users. You will never lose anything from your server when you have an offsite backup feature. Access powerful tools to make server maintenance easier by quickly installing them through the Mod Manager.

GTXGaming has data centers in many cities, including Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Oregon, Charlotte, Quebec, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Moscow, Sydney, Singapore, and Malaysia. With the beautiful web-interface, you can add a sub-user for the changes you want and have full-hand control over your server.

They offer Torch support, which is a Space Engineers community-made dedicated server with powerful tools. If not happy with the service, ask for a full refund within 24 hours of ordering the server.


Do you feel excited when you are talking about space?

Well, I do!

If you love space and want to explore it more virtually, you have LogicServers to do construction and engineering effortlessly and build your spaceships, explore planets and the universe, survive in space, and more.

You can create your war machines and fortifications to survive on planets by playing as a first-person shooter. LogicServers offers top-notch performance and speed; therefore, they use only the latest and best hardware, including a 4.0Ghz+ processor, NVMe/SSD storage, gigabit uplinks, and restore functionality with backup &amp.

LogicServers offers DDoS protection for security to help users play the games without any interference. You have FTP file access, console viewer, and minimalist configuration editor in the TCAdmin control panel for a better experience.

They offer a fast server setup so you can start playing quickly. You can also enable a fast mod installer on your game servers. They have different data centers in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia-Pacific for a broader network coverage across the world with faster speed.

The price for this game server starts at $9.38/month for 10 slots.

Streamline Servers

Are you looking for a reliable and realistic Space Engineers game server that comes at an affordable price?

I’m sure you do!

Try Streamline Servers.

Your server will be installed in a few minutes once the payment is confirmed, and you will be ready to play. They have designed their network for gamers by gamers to ensure a lag-free, ‘streamlined’ gaming experience.

Enjoy the powerful features and flexible design of the control panel that leads you to manage all your server settings and install any addons instantly from Mod Manager. You get configuration editors, can view server status, and utilize 1-click mods.

There are 22 locations for data centers from different continents like North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.

Streamline Servers’ price starts at $2/slot.


Rent your Space Engineers server from GPORTAL to avail yourself benefits like 50GB backup for configs and saved games, latest hardware, NVMe/SSD drives, quick and easy game switching, and more.

You get unlimited mod storage and the option to edit the config via GPORTAL’s web interface. For playing in multiplayer mode for up to 16 players, GPORTAL offers a fast server performance and automatic power upgrades to boost the Space Engineers server. GPORTAL ensures high performance with dozens of Intel Xeon E5 2690V2.

You can choose your slot size, period of your rental to continue using the server anywhere in the world. Make easy payments through PayPal, credit card, Paysafecard, etc. They have 14 server stations in Dallas, Washington, Los Angeles, Montreal, Sydney, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Moscow, London, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, and Johannesburg.


Space Engineers is beyond a doubt an exhilarating game that can take you to the unknown worlds (virtually), build your base in space, and teach you survival skills in unfavorable environments.

Thus, if you are a space aficionado, choose any one of the above-mentioned Space Engineers server hosting platforms and play your games without any hassles.

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