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Bill-splitting apps can be your best friend during group travels or international trips where real-time currency conversion is required. No more mental math about currency conversions! 

Catching up with your old friends after a long time? What pure bliss you are experiencing, aren’t you? All of a sudden, your fun party is presented with the bills of all the drinks and food items you all have gulped down.

Gradually, all the fun vanishes, and the conversation starts to shift towards bills and payments. Everyone starts emptying their wallets to contribute to the bills.

What’s more cringe-worthy is when some start discussing how to fairly split the bill amongst all the participants so that no one feels cheated. Although it is rational but can lead to embarrassing situations; suppose someone is unable to pay their share of the bill! Enough awkwardness to ruin the vibe! 

So, how to save yourselves from these clumsy situations around splitting the bills after a memorable evening?

Switch to one of those bill-splitting apps that makes settling the payments, monthly expenses, and other bills with the other contributors a breeze. These apps can be your savior in several situations, not one.

They bring transparency to the expenses with your roommate to get to know what share of the utility bills they need to pay.

Do bill-splitting apps sound feasible? Hear us more! Below are some of the bill-splitting apps you can try out to finally ditch the conventional way of splitting the bills so that everyone is ensured they have paid only what they were entitled to and have not been treated unfairly. 


Splitwise is a full-featured bill-splitting app that allows you to split the expenses with your family members or roommates and gives a detailed overview of the people who borrowed and lent money, making it easy to manage these particulars. 

The app is available on the web, iOS, and Android devices, and all the participants can easily join a group to contribute to the expenses.

Splitwise has a very simple interface and offers a rich set of features- you can categorize the expenses, export the reports in CSV format, simplify the debts, and manage recurring expenses. 

There is also an option to split the bills evenly or unevenly among multiple people, whatever the scenario demands. Splitwise supports more than seven languages and over 100 currencies that proving its versatility when splitting the bill is required.

The app sends regular notifications to every group member to remind them about the outstanding balances. It is also possible to make payments via PayPal and Venmo platforms and also in cash, which needs to be recorded manually. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


Tab is the best option if you want to split the dinner bill amongst a group of people. You have to upload the scanned copy of the receipt, and all the participants can access the bill on their app. Users can then tap whatever they ordered to settle the payment, or multiple users can share the cost of a single order. The app automatically calculates the taxes and tips and distributes them in proportion. 

The app allows you to make digital payments for bills or just pay in cash. Tab also supports Venmo integration, so your Venmo account can also be used to clear the bill. Tab supports cloud-based technology to sync all the activities in real-time and individually calculate the total for every participant. 

Tab, the useful dining app, is only available for both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, the app is only available in the United States owing to the standard receipt format, taxes, and native languages. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


TriCount is a simplified app for iPhone and Android smartphones to manage the bills by explicitly sharing the expenses amongst the group members. The app comes in handy in several scenarios- when you are dining with your friends or dividing the monthly expenses with your roommate. Users have to create a group and share the invitation links with their friends.

Once all the members are added, they can easily view their share of the expenses and pay for themselves. You will find several expense splitting methods which can be used when uneven splitting is required.

The simple layout facilitates hassle-free splitting of expenses, and the app works offline as well. TriCount sends regular push notifications to keep everyone aware of the pending expenses, saving you stress.

Again, signing up for the app is optional, and the app also works in guest mode. Some basic features are available for free, while you need to switch to the premium version to avail the advanced features. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


Venmo is one app that has been used for ages to settle the bills with your roommate, pay your share for lunch or clear the monthly expenses. The app’s working is straightforward; the person owing money can directly send the money via Venmo. Similarly, the other person can send the charge to demand the other person clear the pending money.

Venmo offers several methods to clear the settlement; payment through a debit card or bank account is free of cost. The payment can be made from within the app itself or by clicking on the reminder notification using a unique code.

The Venmo app is available on Android and iOS devices to facilitate payment on the go. The app is much sleeker than PayPal, and the overall experience is satisfying. Venmo can be seamlessly integrated with other apps such as SplitWise and gives a handy option to upload images of receipts to make bill splitting much easier. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


Acasa is not just a bill-splitting app; it has so much more to offer to make your lives easier. It is designed to set up, manage, pay, and split the cost of bills from a single platform. The free app emphasizes your household bills and splits them proportionally between you and your roommate.

Acasa app is available on Android and iOS devices; You can download one on your smartphone and choose all the utility bills you want Acasa to handle for you- energy, broadband, water, television, you name it. 

You can sync it with your housemate and check the quoted price on the app. It is also possible to set up automatic monthly payments, and once enabled Acasa splits the bills into equal amounts and makes one payment from the bank account each month.

Managing the monthly expenses is not only what Acasa is good at; you can also use the app to split bills when dining out, enjoying pizza nights, celebrating birthdays, and so on.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


SettleUp is an excellent choice to settle the bills and clear the debts in simple and custom-splitting situations. You can go for this app when you are traveling abroad and have to deal with several currencies. Just like TriCount, the app also works offline and also offers a free version.

The real-time currency exchange rates come in handy when you need to split the payment in different scenarios internationally.

The split can be made evenly, or you can assign a particular amount for each person in the group. The bills can be split directly via the link without having to sign up for the app.

SettleUp backs up all the bill splitting made through the Android and iOS app and syncs them for the participants of the group. The free version offers basic functionality, while the premium version is dotted with features; you can upload receipts, manage recurring transactions, categorize expenses, color code splitting groups, and so on.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Snap & Split

Lastly, we have Snap & Split by Standy Software that skilfully divides your groceries bill, restaurant bill, and other expenses easily with your housemates. The process is straightforward. All you need to do is snap and upload the photo of the bills, split the orders among the group members, and pay your share. 

Snap & Split app is only available for Android Smartphones and uses OCR technology to scan the receipts and can read OCR receipts in 75 languages

Once scanned, the receipt is also available offline, which you can share with your friends so that they can pay for the expenses. Several ways to split the bills are available- capture the receipts or upload them from the gallery, pay by items, make equal payments, pay in proportion, and many more.

You will also find a tip calculator that takes the input and divides the tip amount between all the participants. Other features include automatic detection of taxes and discounts, bill sharing, and a receipt organizer. 

  • It works on:
  • Android

Last Words

Whether you are having a night out with friends or living with a roommate, scenarios requiring you to split the bills are inevitable. Interestingly, there is not one but many apps that simplify the confusing task of splitting the bills amongst the group and ensure that everyone is well aware of how much they need to contribute to clear the pending bills.

You may also explore some best tip calculator apps for Android and iOS.

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