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“The Front” server hosting is a great way to enhance the gaming experience by offering better stability, performance, reliability, security, and features.

In this modern era, where people are busy and stressed, games are an important mode of entertainment. 

Almost everyone loves to play games, and survival games are a popular genre among many. 

The Front is a survival game that provides unique graphics and a greater gameplay experience. 

With dedicated game servers, the game becomes more powerful so that you can play the game with your friends without any interruptions. 

Let’s discuss The Front game in detail: its gameplay, the benefits of having a server, and some of the best The Front server providers.

What Is “The Front”?

The Front is an open-world first-shooter survival game where you can lead as a resistance fighter who fights to stop the tyrannical empire. In this game, you, as a survivor, collect resources, build shelters, fight monsters, and craft tech to finish your mission. 

This game was developed and published by Samar Studio. It was released on 11 October 2023. It is still in an early stage so you can get instant access.

The developers have completed the primary gameplay and most of the content and look forward to participation and feedback. This process will last for approximately 12 months, depending on the satisfaction of gamers.


In The Front, a tyrannical empire has conquered every region in the world and is now enacting a global policy for citizens. The empire uses advanced monitoring devices, technology, and a ruthless will to change mankind forever. 

Faith, freedom, and, in many cases, life are taken away by the empire. Humans are now on the edge of losing their homes completely and are struck by fear. The surviving members are hoping to develop time travel technology in order to correct the course of history by returning to the past. 

In this war, you, as a lead player, will engage with imperial forces, rebels, thugs, and exiles in a battle to win back your home and save lives by defeating the tyrannical empire.

The Front Game offers:

  • Sandbox-style construction: You can construct bases using multiple building components to secure your resources and give shelter to protect yourself from the merciless world. There is no limit to your imagination, so start to construct unique bases out of the available resources.
  • Tower defense traps: During the battle, you may face beasts, assassins, powerful invaders, flying soldiers, and more. You can strategically route monsters using traps designed to slaughter them. 
  • Craft modern vehicles: You will find 20 functional vehicles, including mining trucks, pickup trucks, logging trucks, attack helicopters, anti-aircraft guns, and more. You can craft and pilot the vehicles. 
  • Logical systems and circuits: You can use monitoring devices like infrared sensors and pressure plates along with complete circuits to construct defense systems. 
  • Raid enemy encampments and bases: You can arm yourself using melee weapons, explosives, tanks, helicopters, firearms, and more. Use these tools to raid different bases of others and safeguard your territory. 
  • Recruit followers: In this game, you can use jammers to recruit NPCs. These NPCs put their talents to help you enhance the efficiency of the ongoing operation and produce more resources. 
  • Planting and cooking: You can craft water-powered equipment to develop an agricultural system, including planting and spraying. In addition, you can choose from several recipes to cook meals. 
  • Explore a war-torn world: Find treacherous and unexplored areas, such as restricted military bases and underground research institutes, by trekking across forests, snowlands, deserts, swamps, and more. You will loot structures, claim airdrops, collect blueprints, and do much more. 

Why Use “The Front” Server Hosting?

Playing high-graphic games requires more power and a stable network. Imagine you are playing The Front game with your friends and winning battles. Suddenly, you experience a power cut or a computer shutdown. 

As a result, you may have to start the game from the beginning, and you might lose all the data, such as resources, weapons, home, etc. Every time you play on your PC, you will be required to save it. 

To overcome these problems, you can take advantage of game servers to host your favorite game. Game servers can help you in many ways:

  • DDoS protection: While playing your game, attackers try to steal your personal information from the database, interrupting your game in the middle. Game servers offer DDoS protection to protect your data from attackers by preventing unnecessary floods. 
  • Switch between games: With a game server, you can switch between games available on your server to enjoy other games.
  • Install plugins and mods: You will require extra benefits when playing the game, like communicating with your friends, changing maps, and more. To do so, you can add plugins and install mods.
  • Backups: The server will automatically save your finished game in its backup folder. In the case of disaster or power shutdown, your saved games and configs can be restored to continue playing where you have left it. 
  • FTP access: Renting a server will give you FTP access. It will help you transfer files between the computer and server in order to change mods and maps. 

Minimum System Requirements

To play The Front game on your PC, you must have the following configurations:

  • A 64-bit processor and an operating system
  • Intel i5 8400 processors 
  • 16 GB RAM to support robust graphic actions
  • NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB graphics 
  • A version 11 DirectX
  • 40 GB of storage space
  • A broadband internet connection 

Now, let’s dig into some of The Front server hosting providers.

Indifferent Broccoli

Look no further than Indifferent Broccoli for a hassle-free hosting experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in this thrilling survival crafting first-person shooter game. Unleash your survival instincts, build your fortresses, and conquer The Front, all while Indifferent Broccoli handles the technical aspects seamlessly.

Indifferent Broccoli is renowned for its state-of-the-art hardware, ensuring a gaming experience that is smooth and completely devoid of any lag. Their game servers are equipped with high-RAM machines boasting an impressive 128GB RAM, guaranteeing that your adventures in The Front are as seamless as possible.

With strategically positioned data centers across North America and Europe, expect top-tier performance, regardless of your location.

A notable highlight of Indifferent Broccoli is its exceptional customer support. Their Discord server is bustling with activity, and their dedicated customer service team, a.k.a. “Broccolini,” is available 24/7. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and always prepared to assist you with any challenges you may face in The Front.

Ready to embark on your journey of resistance against the tyrannical empire of The Front with a hosting service that is both accommodating and user-friendly?

Indifferent Broccoli offers an enticing two-day free trial, with no upfront payment information required. Afterward, you can continue your survival exploits with an 8-player The Front server for just $12 per month.

Join the Indifferent Broccoli community today and start surviving The Front!

Survival Servers

Rent your favorite game, The Front, from Survival Servers and get all the features you need for the game. Its in-house game control panel is amazing, which made it easier for me to customize and configure the game server. 

With Survival Servers’ powerful game panel, you can set up your server settings instantly. For expert gamers, it offers full FTP and database access. In addition, you can switch between available games on your server to kill your boredom. 

With this hosting provider, you can install supported maps or mods, change settings, and switch server locations with its one-click web form. You can easily install multiple plugins easily and access third-party tools.

You will get automated server notifications, custom server restarts, and the latest version of mods. Survival Servers offers lightning-fast NVMe SSD Drives, the highest single-thread benchmark AMD or Intel CPUs, database backups, and more to support your gameplay. 

Every server comes with DDoS protection and server pass-locking features to secure your game server from unnecessary attacks. You will get server status like start, stop, or restart. You can also add admins to your server to take care of certain things according to the permissions you give in a single click. 

Survival Servers hosts its server in different locations across the globe, including Seattle, New York, Singapore, Los Angeles, France, and Germany. Another interesting thing I found about this host is that it offers custom launch parameters to launch your favorite game with plenty of useful features and start playing it with your friends. 

Get this server at a starting price of $14.29/month for 10 slots and 1 server.


Experience improved gameplay with the PingPerfect server hosting platform and get 24/7 expert support. It can instantly and automatically start the installation of the game server once you finish your registration. 

The Front game server comes with 1GB of web space that you can use for communicating with your members, advertising your game server, and other things. You need to open a ticket, and one of the friendly staff will activate it. 

PingPerfect’s custom backup system protects your server and minimizes interruptions so that you never lose data. You will get an easy-to-use game panel that comes with simple configuration and customization options. 

As a pro gamer, you can get easy access to file browser protocols and FTP. With that access, you can quickly transfer files to the game server using your favorite browser and FTP programs. PingPerfect offers enterprise-grade hardware along with the latest storage and CPU solutions. 

You can switch between available games. The host gives a free debranding option and provides a discount for those who choose branding. It has its own in-house DDoS protection to protect your server from unwanted floods.

PingPerfect is a worldwide provider of The Front server rental, so no matter where you are, you can access it with the lowest pings. 

The price starts at $1.28/slot and includes a 48-hour money-back guarantee.


Get one of the premium game servers for your The Front game and enjoy your game with your friends. XGamingServer offers dedicated game servers and, hence, dedicated CPU, storage, RAM, performance, and more. 

The moment you place an order, it activates instantly and allows you to start playing. The game servers are hosted on the latest Intel and Ryzen CPUs with NVMe SSD and 1Gbps bandwidth. You will get DDoS protection that prevents unnecessary interruptions while you are playing. 

I noticed the game panel is based on pterodactyl, which comes with power-packed features. The dedicated control panel is easy to use and gives you full control of your game and server files. In addition, you can configure cloud backups and restore the backup files anytime you want. 

Through the custom panel, you can invite users, create schedules, and manage MySQL databases, mod manager, etc. XGamingServer’s dedicated game servers are located in West and East Coast North America, Singapore, Europe, and Australia. 

Their customer support is fast, offering quick support to your issues. From basic server configurations to advanced customizations, its extensive documentation allows you to set up and run your servers easily with PZ servers.

The price starts at $14/month for unlimited player slots. 

GG Host

Rent your The Front game server from GG Host and set up your server instantly. It gives you high-performance hosting with its M.2 NVMe SSDs for the smoothest game. 

Every server you own comes with power-packed DDoS protection that secures your data and works 24/7 so that you can play your game without any disturbance.

GG Host offers SFTP to help you get technical details of your game with log and config files. You can upgrade and downgrade your subscription anytime you want. It gives 30-80 player slots and free 12 GB RAM. 

GG Host houses its servers in standard data centers across the world, including the United States, Australia, England, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, and Germany. In addition, it has dedicated servers in Europe, the United Kingdom, Thailand, North America, Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Singapore, and Japan. 

The Front server rental starts at $31.80/month. 


Play your games without stress using the 4Netplayers server hosting and make your own rules on your own server. If you are looking for a more personalized and intense gaming experience, it is one of the best options you have. 

You can host private matches, customize the game rules, and build a like-minded people community. You will get powerful and reliable servers in your rental. Once you complete your registration process, The Front will be available immediately. 

You can customize and configure your game servers according to your requirements and use. Also, you can switch between server locations easily and auto-update the servers for fast management. 

4Netplayers always provide up-to-date hardware, automatic backups, and super-fast NVMe disks. You will get the latest AMD and Intel CPUs, SSD-Disks, and ECC-RAM. Also, you get DDoS protection, redundant power, and stability. 

For seasoned players, 4Netplayers gives full access to the database and FTP and also allows them to schedule their tasks. Its top-class web interface allows you to configure and launch your game server by integrating mods and extensions. 

You will get unique accessibility with low latency in every game. 4Netplayers has data centers worldwide, such as Portland, Dallas, San Jose, London, Paris, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, Cape Town, São Paulo, West Palm Beach, Washington D.C., and more. 

The price starts at $5.28/month for 10 slots. 


If you want to play The Front with your friends and experience lag-free gaming, ZAP-Hosting is a great option. You can rent your own game server and play it conveniently. It offers prepaid options, automatic setup, powerful hardware, a web interface, live chat, and more. 

The setup of your game server will be automatic and ready to play after you complete the payment. For power players, ZAP-Hosting provides free FTP access that allows them to exchange data easily between your server and computer, so you can download your world or upload your own. 

ZAP-Hosting has free DDoS protection that ensures disturbance-free gaming on your desktop. It uses Intel E5-2650v4 processors, an SSD server, 328 GB DDR4 RAM, and more to provide ultra-fast performance. 

Furthermore, you can upgrade your server using your own mods to customize the game server as per your needs. With the game cloud option, you can switch between available games at any time. 

Citadel Servers

Get a full-featured game panel with Citadel Servers and configure your game servers according to your requirements. It allows you to install supported maps or mods, change any settings with a single click, and switch server locations anytime. 

Citadel Servers offers full control over the server, and I was able to schedule tasks, run backups and scripts, and do more with ease. In addition, It allowed me to easily edit the configuration of the server with a single click of a button. I could change the server name games settings, view server logs, set admin permissions, and change passwords. 

With Citadel Servers, there is no need to configure a script or a database again; you can install mods with a single click. Also, you can switch to any mods straight from your game panel. In addition, you can backup your saved games and files and restore them whenever you need.

Moreover, you will get worldwide network coverage in over 18 locations – Seattle, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, London, Dallas, Frankfurt, Miami, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, and more.

The price starts at $0.43/slot/player. 


The Front is a survival crafting shooter game that gives you access to weapons, resources, maps, and more so that you can reclaim your home for your people from the tyrannical empire. 

With powerful game servers located across the globe, you will get valuable features, security, high performance, and lowest pings

I hope the above details help you choose the best The Front game server hosting based on your needs and budget.

You may also explore some best dedicated game servers for gamers and streamers.

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