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In Collaboration Last updated: February 15, 2023
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Timesheets come in handy in payroll generation, accounting, or budgeting a project and billing the clients.

Timesheet is one of the core components that contribute to the smooth operation of any business. They are documents that maintain a record working hours of employees in a company.

Accounting employees’ billable hours is a complicated task that requires a high degree of precision. However, you will be more than surprised to know that many companies are still sticking to the obsolete ways to track the payable hours of their employees, remote teams, and freelancers.

There is no denial that manually tracking the time spent on tasks is very inefficient. Here are the downsides of using paper-based timesheets:

  • Paper-based timesheets can never guarantee accuracy, and the minutes not tracked help you lose a lot of revenue from your clients.
  • Paper-based timesheets have no way of converting the time spent on projects into employee’s productivity metrics, and you do not get any idea how efficient your employees were
  • Handling manual timesheets is a tough nut to crack as they begin to pile up with time. Revisiting them means wasting your precious time on the trivial task of going through a pile of papers.
  • Manual timesheets take up a lot of time reviewing them to see if the calculations add up. Besides, generating invoices and payroll takes up a lot of time.
  • Traditional methods of tracking time are prone to human error, and you are bound to see inaccuracies in the procedure. On the other hand, the automated process of maintaining timesheets increases productivity and leaves no room for error.

Now that you know how the traditional method of timesheets is damaging your business, it’s high time you chose a timesheet template that can accurately track your employees’ payable hours and save you time and money.

Let’s see why you should go for a timesheet template instead of an online time tracking tool.

  • A timesheet template is freely downloadable for anyone; hence it is an excellent choice for small businesses and freelancers who cannot go for the paid cloud-based time tracking tools.
  • These timesheet templates are available in many file formats; hence you can use them on any platform of your choice. Besides, you do not need any technical expertise; download these templates and start using them right away.
  • Excel-based free timesheet templates have built-in formulas that speed up the calculation. So they are an apt choice for freelancers to add up the payable hours and hourly rates when they generate invoices for their clients.
  • Freelancers can’t sync up on all the time tracking software used by their different clients at once as it may lead to a lot of confusion and is bound to affect their workflow. Hence, they can opt for any free timesheet templates to track their payable work hours at their end.

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Overall, a free timesheet template is perfect for you if you are a freelancer or a small business. Here, we recommend these timesheet templates that can help keep a record of your work hours and introduce transparency in your work.


Clockify is an excellent time tracking tool for use by corporate, freelancers, and even companies with a hybrid working environment that have both on-site and remotely working team members.

It offers free printable timesheet templates in different file formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, and Google Docs. The free version does not have restrictions on the team size. That means you add as many team members as you wish and track employees’ billable work hours and productivity on different projects.

Clockify template

Managers can easily download these timesheet templates and customize them according to their company’s policy. Clockify provides different variations of the timesheet templates:

  • Monthly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Daily-Hourly
  • Daily Supervisor Timesheet
  • Projects Timesheet: This comes in handy to track the project’s expenses and duration needed at the end to generate the bill. The project template can easily handle several projects and capture the time spent per task, expenses, billable hours, and more.

You can download the Clockify timesheet template for free from their website in any format of your choice. is a cloud-based work OS that offers a work schedule template to assign tasks in the weekly shifts. This weekly work scheduling template streamlines the work schedule of your teammates and presents you with a clear picture of the project.

Creating your weekly work schedule using weekly timesheet template is a great way to carry out smooth work scheduling in your organization. Besides, this cloud-based weekly scheduling template is scalable according to the size and departments of your company. Moreover, it is flexible enough to adapt to your company’s standards, workflow, projects, and tasks. You can create the weekly schedule in three simple steps:

Pick a suitable weekly work scheduling template from the tons of intuitive templates made to cater to your organization’s needs. Now tailor these templates according to the company’s policy by adding actionable tasks and prioritizing them according to the project’s demand. Finally, all that’s left to do is divide these actionable items amongst the team members. Now you can oversee the status of tasks and projects at every stage. weekly shift work schedule template allows you to perform the following tasks.

Import and Export excel sheets: Easily export the work schedule into excel format for further use. Likewise, you can import your excel work scheduling sheets into the dashboard to improve their functionality.

Manage Permissions: You can grant ‘read only’ permissions to your team members so that they can view the tasks assigned to them. You don’t have to worry that the team members can alter the schedule.

Perform Searches: Search capabilities, and advanced filters enable you to quickly see the details of the employees working in a particular shift. Just enter the name of the employees or shift details to get the details you need. timesheet template is free for a team of up to two members. If your team size is more than two, you can opt for one of the four premium plans, namely Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise, starting at $24 per month. The Enterprise plan is customizable according to your requirements.

Office 365 Timesheet

Office 365 Timesheet is a simple yet, productive tool compatible with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint Online within Office 365. This excel timesheet provides the managers with a simple way within SharePoint to track the time spent by the team members in completing the different tasks and projects.

Office 365 Timesheet is a perfect time tracking template for small businesses, contract employees, or freelancers. It allows them to track and manage the regular and overtime work hours given to the current project. Later, the supervisor can assess these timesheets and approve them weekly. They can also use this efficient timesheet template to track and compare the efficiency and productivity of the individual team members working on a project.

This Excel-based timesheet template is highly customizable and easily records the time in, time out, and lunch breaks time of the employees on each day of the week. Likewise, the managers can easily calculate the total billable hours by automatically segregating the regular and overtime hours of the employees.

Office 365 Timesheet is easily editable and accessible on different platforms and devices. You can export these timesheet templates in Excel, CSV, and PSD formats. These later come in handy for reviewing, analyzing, and generating invoices in the future.

The Office 365 Timesheet template stores the data in protected SharePoint instances. That ensures that only authorized users can retrieve the company’s confidential data. Thanks to the Power BI integration, Office 365 Timesheet can also integrate with your employee’s database system and provide actionable insights about the employee’s performance to the management.

The SharePoint based Office 365 Timesheet provides the following benefits to the company’s employees:

  •  Ability to record your daily billable work hours in the form of drafts
  • Weekly submit the drafted timesheets to the managers or admins
  • Edit or modify the drafted timesheets before uploading them
  • Mark the completed tasks as billable and non-billable
  • Easily report the billable and non-billable tasks

Not just employees, Office 365 Timesheets also help the management in the following ways:

  • Review, Approve, Reject and comment on the timesheets submitted by the employees
  • Assign several employees to one manager in the template
  • Easily add employees and their managers in the timesheet template
  • Customize the timesheet according to your company’s needs

The standard version of Office 365 Timesheet is free, and you can download it from the Microsoft Templates website.


ActiTime is an excel time tracking template that helps the company adopt the centralized approach in managing the time and project. It enables businesses to make the time tracking process effortless and error-free by providing ways to review the employee’s performance, all the active projects, and get other related insights.

The timesheet template helps you improve the workflow by assigning the tasks of a project to the team members. ActiTIME’s timesheet template can easily integrate with more than 200 apps such as Trello, Asana, JIRA, GitHub, and more.

ActiTIME offers the following key benefits to its users:

  • One platform to manage the team members, projects, clients, and billable hours
  • Provide insights to help generate invoices and bills by classifying the billable and non-billable tasks, hourly rate, and more
  • Help in reviewing the performance of remote and on-site team members using the timesheet
  • Flexible enough to streamline with your company’s standards

There are different variants of ActiTime timesheet templates and, you can choose any that suits your company’s policy. Moreover, these templates are available in many file formats and at zero cost.

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly

You can download all of the above ActiTime timesheets templates for free from their websites in three file formats- Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF.

Toogl Track

Toggl Track is a popular timesheet template that offers businesses a quick and reliable method to track time spent by workers on completing a task. This timesheet helps the companies adopt a better way of time management and record the employee’s workable hours more accurately. If you have employees that work remotely, Toogl Track enables you to monitor their work.

Toogl Track Timesheet Template is available in all popular file formats like Google Docs, Google Sheet, Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents, and PDFs. Besides, they are flexible enough to adapt to any business segment. Thus, they are popular with everyone; admins, employees, freelancers, or recruiters.

Toogl Track offers four variants of timesheet templates:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly

These reduce the need to customize them manually to comply with your company’s schedule.

Toogl Track timesheet template offers the following features:

Hassle-free time tracking: This timesheet template is easy to use and does not require extensive configuration. Click on the new line to make a new entry! You can also switch between manual and calendar modes.

Accurate Reporting: Toogl Track also enables you to track the employee’s performance. Besides, you can export these timesheets into CSV and PDF formats for later use.

Seamless integration: Toggl Track timesheet can easily sync with more than 100 apps. Hence, all the information is available in one place in a much-organized form.

Automated tracking: The cloud-based timesheet template enables you to track your apps for accurate time reporting.

All the Toggl Track timesheet templates are available for free on their website.


ClockIt is an online time and location tracking software that offers timesheet templates to monitor and record the clock-in and clock-out of your employees. Suitable for small and medium scale businesses, this is a simple way of tracking the employees’ attendance and work hours of in-house employees or those working remotely.

These timesheet templates can assist the management in automating the workflow, recording the attendance, and generating the reports for further analysis.

YouTube video

ClockIt offers several variants of the timesheet template and, you can download it as Excel or PDF files or as Google Sheet.

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Daily Manager’s Timesheet
  • Project Timesheet

ClockIt’s timesheet template is available for free and, you can download it as an Excel Sheet, PDF file, or Google Sheets.


Dovico is a time tracking tool that offers free timesheet templates as an Excel worksheet, Word document, and Google Sheets. These templates help small businesses track employees’ attendance, overtime hours, and the time spent on completing each task and project.

Dovico offers the following timesheet templates to monitor and track time:

  • Time Management To-Do List Template
  • Weekly Timesheet Template
  • Daily Timesheet Template
  • Weekly Project Timesheet Template With Tasks (Suitable for employees working on multiple projects)
  • Weekly Employee Timesheet Template

The templates can track employees’ payable hours, overtime, sick leave, and vacation. Employees can calculate the total and sign the timesheet before submitting it to their managers.

All of the above versions of Dovico’s timesheet templates can be downloaded for free in any file format of your choice.


Hubstaff is straightforward time tracking software that offers simple timesheet templates to ease the tracking of payable hours without spending too much time on it. You can download these timesheet templates as a PDF file, Excel Sheet, Word document, and other Google file formats. You need to provide your details and keep adding the hours as you work.

YouTube video

The following timesheet templates are available:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Daily hourly
  • Project timesheet

Hubstaff timesheet templates can be downloaded from the website for free, and you can start using them instantly.

Summing Up

If you want to instill precision in tracking the payable hours of your team members, you need to deploy one of the timesheet templates mentioned above that best suits your company’s work culture and standards. Timesheet templates accurately track the employees’ performance eliminating the hassle of managing the payable hours manually thereby, ruling out the risk of human errors.

You may also be interested in the best employee attendance trackers and the best time trackers for teams or  full scale employee management software.

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