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In Gaming and Hosting Last updated: August 31, 2023
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Survival games, like Unturned, are becoming hugely popular in recent years.

These games rise beyond the traditional video games we used to play in the 2000s. Now, you could see highly advanced graphics and gaming elements, giving you that adrenaline rush you never felt before.

Like the real world, you will enter the game with literally nothing in your possession. On top of that, you will experience harsh environments and enemies like other players and even zombies.

To survive the game, you will learn to fight all the enemies, build your shelter, search for food and water, and hunt or tame animals.

All the sequences involved in survival games are thrilling and full of adventure, things that today’s gamers crave for.

And to enjoy all these without lags and downtimes, choosing the best Unturned server hosting is needed.


Let’s discuss more on it in this article, along with a list of different service providers you can choose from!

What is Unturned?

Released in 2014, Unturned is an apocalypse survival video game free to play for everyone and designed for both single and multi-player. It was developed by a studio, Smartly Dressed Games, and designed by Nelson Sexton, a Canadian game designer.

Unturned is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 4.

This game allows you to create custom maps with an in-game editor. Besides, you can create mods using Unity (Unturned’s game engine). It also lets you publish your creations over the Steam Workshop.

What about its gameplay?

Unturned gameplay is both complex and simple. Its core mechanics are straightforward to learn, which requires no prior experience with sandbox games.

It will remind you of certain elements from Rust and DayZ with cartoonish graphics from Minecraft. Like other survival games, you will collect supplies, construct your base to protect your assets and yourself from enemies, and utilize vehicles. However, a few things are different in Unturned from other games of this sort. It involves lots of additional content and challenges like zombie attacks. Unturned includes so many official maps, plus you have the option to download more from Steam Workshop.

Its real beauty comes out when you play multiplayer games. As the world involves zombies, it’s better to have your team and save each other from them and other players.

And if you want to play the games without any worries or loss from other players looting your server resources, get your Unturned server hosting from a reliable service provider.

This way, you can fully control your server and decide who to permit in your map and who to kick out. Plus, with dedicated server hosting by your side, you don’t have to face trouble with the server technicalities or waste time managing it.

The service provider will take care of everything from quick server set up, high-performance hardware, support for maps, mods, plugins, abundant resources, backups, storage, and intruders’ security.

And if anything goes wrong, you can always take their help 24/7 to get your query resolved in minutes.

What else can you imagine?

So, let’s look at some of the best Unturned servers hosting providers in the market and choose one that you find the best suitable.

Survival Servers

Get your Unturned game servers from Survival Servers and immerse yourself in the world of video gaming. They offer all the necessary features you need to take control of your game and deploy your servers instantly after payment.

Their in-house control panel is built to support top-level Unturned gaming, where you can install mods and maps, change settings, and switch locations with one 1-click easily.

They have 7 data centers globally in cities like Seattle, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York in the USA and France, Germany, and Indonesia. And they are all patched with the latest security and DDoS protection. It also supports installing Rocket mod and plugins.

The pricing starts at $1.88/slot.

Sparked Host

Sparked Host has been making our lists more and more often in recent times because of their low price point and high performance when compared to the big names in the server rental industry. Now, with the recent introduction of their Unturned plans, I decided to try them out so that you can know if they are right for you.

Starting out with what matters — performance. I was able to get my started on my very own Unturned server without any issues. Their custom panel made managing plugins, players, etc. easier than I’ve ever seen before. Not only that but the server was blazing fast as well. I experienced no lag whatsoever and witnessed zero downtime throughout the weeks that I was with them.

Outstanding, to say the least. This is all to be expected, though, as the company puts its money where its mouth is. They boast a 48-hour no questions asked refund guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product you get.

Untrusted server hosting.

All this at a low price point, too. Starting at only $2.50 a month and going up from there depending on your needs. The top plan is only $4.00 a month and can handle anything I could throw at it so if you are planning to start your own community that is definitely what I would recommend.

The dealbreaker for me, and probably the biggest reason that Sparked Host is so high on this list; however, is the support they offer. If needed, you can get one-on-one support with them to solve even the most complicated problems you encounter. Or, otherwise, they have an outstanding knowledge base that answers any questions you could ever have.

You can check out their full set of features. I would recommend this host if you are on a budget but still looking for maximum performance. WIth that money-back guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

Pine Hosting

Pine Hosting is one of the best options for Unturned server hosting because of their latest-generation hardware, custom panel, and years of experience.

After trying many hosts, I can confidently say that their panel is as easy as it gets. With one-click plugin and workshop installs, task scheduling, full file access, easy config pages, and even a Pine AI system to detect any errors you might encounter. Beyond just the panel, their support is by far the most knowledgeable when it comes to Unturned, they will happily go above and beyond to help you build the perfect server.


Pine Hosting servers are protected by Cosmic Guard DDoS protection, which gives them multi-terabit filtering against attacks. This allows for non-stop fun without any downtime. You also get a fantastic 99.99% uptime and blazing-fast server deployment which helps you get started quickly.

Pine Hosting has a variety of plans available, ranging from monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and yearly. Their prices begin at just $11.50 a month, with lots of room to upgrade. Pine Hosting becomes especially affordable when selecting longer-term plans such as the generous 30% off they offer for all annual servers.

Pine Hosting is a premium host, but you certainly get what you pay for. Their base plan starts with an astonishing 5GB of RAM!  This allows for a totally lag-free experience, no matter how big of a server you want to run. With many global locations, Pine Hosting is the perfect solution for both novice and seasoned server owners. They even offer a completely free migration from any other host!


Modern Hosting delivers unrivaled High Performance and Unlimited Slot Unturned server hosting. They take pride in offering highly competitive deals, an extensive array of features, and valuable additional add-ons.

Modern Hosting’s competitive deals start as low as $10.00 per month. The package includes top-tier hardware such as a powerful AMD Ryzen 5000 series processor, DDR4 memory, and a Fast NVMe SSD Storage tailored for server performance in Unturned. Modern Hosting also has best-in-class support for Unturned providing detailed one on one support for customers.

Modern Hosting stands out in terms of features, boasting a remarkable array of offerings such as top-notch DDoS protection and seamless one-click mod installation. Here’s an impressive list of their features:

An image of a server hosting page with the words'unlimited server hosting'.

For those seeking additional perks, Modern Hosting also offers free server migration, allowing for a seamless transfer at no cost. They also offer free access to Discord bots that integrate with your server. 

In conclusion, Modern Hosting’s outstanding features, fantastic deals, and add-on options make it a top choice for Unturned Server hosting. If any of these meet your needs, look no further than Modern Hosting.

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting presents you with excellent Unturned servers with a smartphone-friendly control panel. Their global presence makes sure every gamer enjoys the game to the fullest regardless of the location.

Besides, there is no cap on the player limit, and theoretically, you can add many as you wish.

You also get crucial DDoS protection for steady server performance. And should you need to switch games, you can do so easily without changing the server address.

But some of the most exciting feats of Apex Hosting are the excellent uptime, full FTP access, automatic backups, updates, and backing of an experienced team who has hosted over 300k servers worldwide.

Lastly, you get a free subdomain and the ability to customize the game with support for one-click modpacks.

GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming is a premiere Unturned server hosting service provider, offering their services since the game was released in the market. They have developed their control panel intuitively, and it houses powerful features and functionalities to offer you a smooth and easy gaming experience.

Beginners can use the simple text input fields and sliders for easy operation, while seasoned gamers can leverage advanced tools and have full control over their servers. They instantly set up your servers after you order your plan and start playing without delays.

You can change settings quickly with quick ‘tick to enable’ and drop-down menus. To offer topmost performance, they utilize a new Dell system, replacing their older versions to keep up with the latest technology. They use enterprise-grade hardware with E3 processors or i7/i9 CPUs in addition to AMD Ryzens.

GTX Gaming offers abundant server specs with unlimited memory, dedicated CPU cores, bandwidth, and more, so you can use your server to its fullest and use multiple plugins without restrictions. They relentlessly and continuously update their control panel templates to add better functionalities to users’ requests.

Expert gamers can also use full FTP access and text editors to configure the server manually. If you want your friend to manage the server for you, create a sub-user for them with permissions. Schedule tasks easily for updating your server automatically along with mods, wipes, backups, rocket updates, server restarts, and plugin updates.

All their data centers are secured with enterprise-grade DDoS protection with 24/7 server uptime. They offer network coverage globally, including the USA, Canada, England, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, Sydney, Malaysia, and Australia.

GTX Gaming features Steam workshop support, rocket mod support, rocket plugins, built-in XML validator, offsite backup, and MySQL support. If you run into trouble, contact their 24/7 quick customer support.


The Unturned gaming servers by LogicServers provide you with full access to every server file that includes configuration files housed into their control panel straightforwardly. They use the TCAdmin control panel for an easy-to-use and faster experience.

You can also access those using command lines or web console viewer to configure your servers easily. They also offer a 1-click Rocket Mod installer to ease out the process further. Just complete the payment, and the next thing you would witness is the server installed instantly to use for your Unturned gaming.

LogicServers emphasizes performance and security; therefore, they utilize only the best and latest hardware for the gaming servers, including powerful 4 Ghz+ processors, SSD/NVMe storage, and gigabit uplinks. For security, you have automated DDoS protection.

They offer Gamers with mod support, which can easily be enabled with easy guides. You can use custom command lines, an effortless configuration editor, and leverage restore and backup functionalities. They have 11 data centers located in the USA, Sweden, the UK, Denmark, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil.


Team up with your friends and start playing Unturned with NodeCraft’s game servers. They provide you with affordable server hosting plans with impeccable performance and security without hassles.

They leverage NodePanel 2 interface that is easier to set up, configure, and start the gameplay with no interruptions or difficulties. This mobile-friendly panel comes with rich colors and navigation so you can view stats clearly like network, RAM, Players, etc.

You can also manage everything with a few clicks, be it file manager, backups, scheduling automated tasks, or managing your server instance. Their servers perform with greater speed and stability to support both experienced and beginner-level gamers.

NodeCraft supports mods and lets you manage your dedicated servers easily with their streamlined application that you can use on your mobile phone, whether it is iOS or Android. They allow you to save and swap other games quickly without extra costs.

They maintain their servers to exhibit little or no lags so you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming without being frustrated with frequent crashes and lags. They ensure not to overburden your server and allocate up to 12 players per device.

This way, NodeCraft makes sure you have more power and protection for every player with more than sufficient CPU cores, RAM, and disk space. A majority of their servers use 3.8+ GHz processors of Intel Xeon E-2174G/equivalent.

Besides, they use 32 GB ECC RAM that is highly clocked and error-correcting and is deployed to display unmatched stability and performance. Furthermore, the SSDs they use are enterprise-grade for even faster server speed. Similarly, they use quality standard hard disks to run the OS, backups, and other files.

NodeCraft has built its network to become attack resilient with DDoS protection. They also developed their overall infrastructure over a Linux environment, focusing on stability, security, and performance.

They have 14 data centers located in 5 continents, including the North and South Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. If you have any server hosting queries, they reply within 30 minutes to resolve your issue. Their pricing starts at $9.98/month.


Are you looking for a reliable Unturned server hosting that is affordable as well?

I bet you do!

Try Gameserverkings.

Enjoy your server deployed instantly and jump into the gameplay. The primary source of Unturned server modding is through Steam Workshop. Using their efficient control panel, access all your configuration files, and add the Steam content quickly to your dedicated server with simple copy-paste.

Renting a game server from Gameserverkings, you can edit your instance completely by clicking a button and adding the Steam profile link. Just restart your server and leverage administration power using the tools and commands, and moderate your server.

All their servers include server specifications, including 64GB RAM, quad-core CPU, a minimum of 3.6 GHz clocking speed, lag-free, and 24/7 availability. For more power, they use multiple SSDs so that you can store the biggest of maps. And if you need migration services, Gameserverkings covers you with this for free; contact the support team after making the purchase.

You can even seek their help for placing the order or check out their Knowledgebase. This game server hosting includes more features such as 99.90% uptime, DDoS protection, web file manager, full FTP access, 1-click installs for the steam workshop, automated restarts and updates, and more.

Unturned hosting service by Gameserverkings starts at $7.92/month with a 24-hour refund policy, no questions asked.


If you are a fan of Unturned and are looking for desperate ways to play it without lags, crashes, and hassles, get an Unturned server hosting.

Choose any of the above-mentioned service providers based on performance, uptime, security, and server resources they are offering, along with how much it will cost you.

And then, deploy your game server and enjoy uninterrupted Unturned gameplay without worries.

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