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From video games to blockbuster movies, online videos to TV commercials, we can see the impact of visual effects everywhere. It has increased the popularity of the best VFX effect tools. Let us give you an insight into them.

Visual Effects, popularly known as VFX, combines the computer-generated industry and real-life footage mimicking a scene that is not possible to shoot. VFX is ideal where it is not feasible to shoot due to time constraints and high costs.

Visual effects are becoming the top priority to create highly wonderful videos. The effects can generate artificial environments or objects and give a new look to raw footage using software and 3D modeling.

Earlier, it was done using the drawing on glass for matte painting, but now it is possible to bring imagery elements to life while incorporating the videos with different aspects. The computer graphics and video designing tools have made it easier for users to nail the task.

However, it would help if you had top-notch VFX software to create the best effects and get the ideal outcome. We have summed up a list of software that can come in handy.


Autodesk visual effects are widespread due to their usage among modern production pipelines. It combines digital imagery and live actions shots, adding to special effects. Autodesk is packed with several tools such as:

  • Maya for modeling, 3D animation, rendering, and simulation for games, films, and TV.
  • 3ds Max for rendering, animation, and 3D modeling for design and games visualization.
  • MotionBuilder for 3D character animation designing.
  • Media and Entertainment Collection for simulation and rendering capabilities with powerful animation and modeling tools.
  • ShortGrid for production and review tracking toolsets for animation, games, and VFX.
  • Medbox for sculpting and digital painting.
  • Flame for visual effects, 4D compositing, and finishing as Lustre, Flare, Assist, Flame, etc.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe is already famous among users as a brand for designing graphics or videos. However, Adobe After Effects VFX Software is in demand to generate special effects, control weather onscreen, create 3D animation, and make objects disappear.

The software comes with stunning visuals such as explosive and motion graphics effects. Users can add the weather through the scene, creating drifting, lens flare, and rising smoke. It is also possible to eliminate mistakes and distractions like signs, mics, and people with the Content-Aware Fill feature and remove objects from the footage.

It is possible to add 3D geometry and depth to high-resolution videos and convert text, bend, layers in 3D space, and shape layers into objects. It is also possible to track motion using Warp Stabilizer VFX to compensate and animate the unintentional movement or scene.

FXhome HitFilm Pro

FXhome HitFilm Pro video and VFX editing software offer tilting, compositing, editing, and 3D tools that can make videos into something extraordinary. It comes with creative tools such as Boris FX’s pro titling tools, Foundry’s 3D camera tracking, and VideoCopilot’s After Effects plugins support.

FXhome HitFilm Pro brings professional technology to the table for designers that want to increase their productivity and maintain their quality. The software is packed with unique technology making it easier for professionals to copy, sync, trim and slice the polishing video and films.

This software can edit any media format, including audio, image, and video, with a compositor prefetcher and unique sequence, improving playback performance. One can work on any project using intuitive presets and queues, perfecting it for motion graphics, films, sci-fi, and beyond.

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio is the advanced visual effects, VR, 3D, motion graphics, and 3D animators. It is popular to develop television shows and blockbuster movies compiled with top features that can easily and quickly create effects. The tool also has unlimited network rendering, GPU accelerated performance, and a massive range of tools.

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio includes customizable templates that can build their effects, automatically retime animation, custom vector shapes, sync audio animations, personalize your workflow, and Resolve FX as a sharpening tool or noise reduction. The groundbreaking visual effects allow users to create hit television shows and biggest blockbusters such as Red Sparrow, Ant-Man, etc.


Blender can create anything faster and better with a quick thought process and animation styles. It is open-source and free and licensed as GNU GPL. The software is easy for content creators, graphic designers, and developers to thrive in business in the global marketplace.

Blender is packed with cycles render engine, a built-in unbiased path-tracer engine. It has the potential to offer stunning ultra-realistic rendering, VR rendering support, CPU or GPU rendering, real-time viewport preview, and HDR lighting or PBR shaders support. It also includes modeling, UV, and sculpting tools, making editing and transforming designs easy.

The features include edge slide, full N-Gon support, Dynamix subdivision, Multi-resolution, bridge fill, Python scripting, and 3D painting with masking and textured brushes. For VFX, it comes with robust camera reconstruction, auto or manual tracking, support for Tripod solver or Planar monitoring, and a real-time preview of a 3D scene or tracked footage.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is famous as a creative editing platform that covers everything from blurring the background to removing objects, creating animations to offering actions. This storytelling tool helps express better with innovative templates, visual effects plugins, and stock media. It helps in creating videos efficiently using a host of tools and features.

Filmora comes with tools and tutorials making it easier for beginners to create videos. It covers video distortion, 4K explosion, grunge texture, grid effect, halftone effect, neon glow text, and fractal noise.

Foundry Nuke Studio

Foundry Nuke Studio is packed with compositing, editorial, and multi-shot management that allow designers to work on projects with top tools. It combines Hiero and NukeX, allowing designers to use a compositing toolset in a 3D environment rending complex scenes. It has potential control shots using customizable timelines to distribute and generate Nuke scripts.

Foundry Nuke Studio has an enhanced timelines management system that allows users to complete their projects with the VFX team. One can preview, playback, and edit sequence using a multi-track editorial timeline. The unprecedented pipeline performance supports formats like ARRI, OCIO, AVID SJDs, etc., and industry standards.

Maxon Cinema 4D

Consider Maxon Cinema 4D as a simulation, modeling, 3D computer animation, and 3D rendering software. It is packed with user interface enhancements, modern skin, and an expansive presets system for optimizing workflow. The software allows designers to be flexible with their ideas while using useful toolsets and plugins for ideal results.

Maxon Cinema 4D is packed with several features: presets system, capsules, user interface enhancements, track modifier tag, scene nodes system, and spline imports. One can use the tool for motion graphics, design, game development, AR/MR/VR, VFX, and other visualizations. It creates complex and abstract animations allowing one to duplicate objects and limitless motions.


Natron is open-course compositing software that allows designers or professionals to work on motion graphics and VFX. It comes with OpenFX architecture and OIIO file formats for the visual effects community. The tool is functional with a friendly interface to access Windows, Linux and macOS using 2D tracking, toro, and keying.

Natron is famous for visual effects for developing film production projects. It is a powerful GUI interface with an intuitive and flexible multi-platform node. The simple compositing applications come with flexible toolsets and layers to reduce work hours.

Can I learn VFX at home?

It is easy to start learning VFX online courses and guides at home. Several resources are available, making it easier for beginners to develop new skills or polish up the existing ones.
Udemy offers these courses for beginners:
1. VFX for games in Unity
2. Adobe After Effects Masterclass
However, if you want to jump into professional filmmaking, it is best to get trained by an expert.

Conclusion 🎬

When it comes to scenes or environments one can’t shoot on the sets, VFX comes in handy. Anyone can use VFX and CGI software to develop top graphics and animations. It makes it easier to overlap ideas and concepts involving three modeling, compositing, and animations.

Many people interchange VFX with SFX, popularly known as special effects. However, SFX is mainly on-set creation for digital filmmaking, whereas VFX is mainly a live-action shot outside the sets. With this said, jump into the real world with unrealistic animations using these top VFX tools.

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