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Your guide to the best WhatsApp CRM platforms for the best customer service!

Companies are reinventing how they communicate with their customers in light of the introduction of messaging apps. WhatsApp Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which has become incredibly popular among big businesses, e-commerce sites, banks, and other industries, is a revolutionary tool.

While emails generally take users roughly 10 hours to react. However, about 80% of WhatsApp messages are read within 5 minutes after being sent, making it more effective than Gmail CRM!

Thus, WhatsApp CRM utilizes the strength of this widely used messaging service to help businesses quickly interact with, inform, and assist their consumers. Here’s a list of the best WhatsApp CRM that we’ve detailed in the article below so that your business can provide seamless customer service!

Product Name Description
HubSpot Automate messages, gather discussions, personalized interactions. Explore
Bitrix24 Direct communication, WhatsApp marketing, efficient sales pipelines. Explore
WAPlus WhatsApp CRM, automate marketing, customizable chat, rapid responses. Explore
OnePageCRM Integrate OnePageCRM with WhatsApp, call leads, efficient cold calling. Explore
Kommo Streamline sales, secure communication, quick-fill templates, insightful user behavior. Explore
InTouchApp Chrome Extension for WhatsApp Leads, save contacts, manage profiles. Explore
WhatsTool Business growth with WhatsApp, AI-driven chatbots, bulk messages, CRM integration. Explore
VTiger Connect WhatsApp with CRM, automate orders, send various message types. Explore
TeleCRM WhatsApp CRM, automate lead collection, personalized chatbot, record team communications. Explore

Furthermore, text messages are simply part of a complete approach that blends WhatsApp’s acquaintance with CRM ideas to provide a practical client experience. Below are the examples of how large companies, e-commerce stores, banks, etc, are communicating/sending updates via WhatsApp:

  • E-commerce: WhatsApp CRM enables companies to send order confirmations, communicate delivery information, and respond to customer questions directly over WhatsApp. 
  • Travel Industry: To guarantee a successful trip experience, travel agencies can employ WhatsApp CRM to fetch schedule details, offer timely updates, and engage in consumer conversations.
  • Banking: Banks can provide immediate support, provide transaction alerts, and even let consumers effortlessly do banking transactions via the WhatsApp platform, thanks to WhatsApp CRM.

Advantages of WhatsApp CRM

Managing customer interactions and data will vary due to WhatsApp’s integration with CRM systems. This cooperation delivers a vibrant alliance that can enrich your company’s operations and client relationships. 

Managing communication, sales, and marketing from a single platform is possible when CRM and WhatsApp are combined, leading to more persuasive processes and improved customer experiences.

Below are the key advantages of utilizing WhatsApp as a CRM tool:

Unified Customer Database: You can create a customer database in which all customers can interact readily.

Improved Client Service: It enables you to reply to inquiries quickly and efficiently. With a thorough understanding of your customers’ histories and preferences, you can provide personalized customer care, increasing satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Improved Sales and Marketing: Allows your sales and marketing teams to utilize WhatsApp to provide custom offers, messages, and promotions based on consumer information, hence growing conversion rates

Simplified Operations: This system brings together your teams on a single platform, reducing confusion and eradicating duplicative work.

Accurate time Analytics: You may count customer interactions by combining WhatsApp with your CRM system. This enables you to examine client behavior and preferences.

Automation: Makes automating recurring actions like sending follow-up messages, appointment reminders, or advertisements easier. This improves operational significance while simultaneously saving time.

The many available Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can significantly impact your ability to manage customer interactions and outperform your competition.

Understanding which CRM solutions perform best when combined with your WhatsApp Business account is critical for meeting your marketing and sales goals. Continue reading to learn about the top WhatsApp CRM platforms in use today.


Customers wish to communicate with brands simply and effortlessly, similar to how they interact with friends and family. With the service of HubSpot‘s WhatsApp connection, all client discussions can be gathered onto a single platform, ensuring that your customer care and marketing teams never miss any new messages. 


  • Simplify the reminders for abandoned carts mailing procedure and personalize messages based on customer transactions.
  • Utilize the well-known shared inbox to serve clients on their chosen and accessible channel.
  • Adapt WhatsApp templates using information from the HubSpot CRM.
  • Employing pre-defined workflow templates, automatically send WhatsApp messages from businesses.

Your team obtains thorough knowledge of each customer’s interaction history by connecting WhatsApp to HubSpot’s shared inbox, enabling the delivery of consistently excellent customer support.


Setting up a Bitrix24-WhatsApp integration allows you to establish direct communication channels with potential customers and maintain comprehensive records of every interaction.


  • Send WhatsApp marketing messages to customer categories that have been divided up based on customer segmentation, and their purchasing habits.
  • Share web forms, reports, and invoices with your salespeople utilizing WhatsApp to simplify cooperation.
  • It utilizes precise reporting to design and manage sales pipelines efficiently.
  • Please note that messages sent to users more than 24 hours after the initial message will not receive any responses.

Bitrix24 empowers your team to engage with customers effectively at any stage of their buying journey, even if prior conversations have yet to occur. This, in turn, leads to a deeper understanding of the customer’s purchasing process and facilitates more precise targeting, ultimately increasing conversion rates.


WAPlus Workspace is a WhatsApp-specific CRM application that adequately manages WhatsApp leads, automated marketing, good customer care, and improved teamwork.


  • It also enables non-contacts to initiate chats.
  • Allows for easy follow ups with external leads.
  • Customize your chat button’s design, including color and Call to Action (CTA) text.
  • To create a specific and engaging user experience, change your brand’s name, subtitle, welcome text, and default user message.
  • It provides features like automated responses, rapid responses, and adding notes to discussions. 

Its prior intent is to allow users to manage client relationships more effectively by enabling instant consumer connection in only 2 seconds.


It’s always been challenging to stay in touch with customers and increase sales. By integrating OnePageCRM in WhatsApp, you can maximize its potential and communicate with customers and potential customers more efficiently and without making extra clicks. 


  • You can call your leads from the CRM by clicking on a contact’s phone number.
  • Set a reminder immediately after each call to ensure you take advantage of every chance to follow up.
  • Utilizing the Split-Pane view, you may increase the effectiveness of your cold calling and make it simpler to contact potential leads.

With OnePageCRM it is possible to keep your team informed by quickly and easily capturing call findings with just a few clicks.


WhatsApp was initially intended more for impromptu talks than efficiently handling crucial business transactions. Improve your WhatsApp experience by utilizing Kommo, a specialized platform to simplify your sales process.


  • Quickly obtain new leads from WhatsApp and manage them within a simple drag-and-drop sales process.
  • Ensure secure and controlled communication by controlling user access to your company’s WhatsApp account.
  • Operating client profiles can help you be more organized.
  • Instant-fill chat templates will let you add a personal touch.
  • Learn insightful details about user behavior, including crucial data like the typical WhatsApp response time.

Create a thorough communications database enriched with multimedia material and quick-action buttons that are simple to access and send.


The primary function of the InTouchApp Chrome Extension is to manage WhatsApp Leads. It simplifies the procedure for instantly saving unidentified numbers from WhatsApp chats and groups to your phone.


  • Directly save to your phone every contact from a shared contact list.
  • Save all group members’ phone numbers quickly and easily with just one click.
  • Make changes to contact information, add notes, adjust profile images, make calls, and execute other actions.
  • Make calls from the WhatsApp Web and other websites as soon as possible.

On WhatsApp, client inquiries frequently show up as “unknown numbers.” You may quickly add these numbers to your phone contacts with just one click using the InTouchApp add-on.


Through WhatsApp, WhatsTool offers a variety of chances for business growth. Among many other options, these services include creating AI-driven chatbots, sending out bulk WhatsApp messages, and seamlessly linking with your current CRM systems.


  • Accelerate the delivery of interactive buttons in automated WhatsApp messages.
  • Build a WhatsApp chatbot to implement personalized responses to frequently requested inquiries.
  • Manage all WhatsApp messages with ease using a single dashboard.
  • Integrate WhatsApp interactions with potential leads into your CRM system by automatically collecting and storing them.

You can interact with WhatsApp visitors using WhatsTool to grab their attention. Additionally, it expedites creating a chatbot for your WhatsApp number with free API connectivity.


Conveniently connect WhatsApp with VTiger CRM to enable lead nurturing and start conversations from your CRM system: Automate order tracking, notifications, alarms, and customer feedback processes to ease operations.


  • Directly within Vtiger CRM, you can easily send and receive WhatsApp messages with your connections.
  • Utilize WhatsApp to send various message types, such as ordinary messages, approvals, notifications, and alerts.
  • Mix customizable templates with various CRM modules to create personalized messages.
  • Improve communication by adding pertinent files to your WhatsApp conversations, such as quotations and invoices.
  • Keep a careful eye on the development of your communications and any related information, such as message status.

By removing administrative obstacles, you can also improve internal communication—Utilise CRM-driven workflows to improve your sales processes.


A Whatsapp CRM and automation tool called TeleCRM is intended to boost your sales efforts. This practical application collects leads from numerous channels, including Facebook advertisements, Google ads, and WhatsApp, and distributes them to your team members efficiently.


  • Utilize a WhatsApp chatbot to create personalized solutions to frequently asked queries.
  • Leads’ WhatsApp interactions can be automatically recorded and saved in the CRM.
  • All team communications can be recorded and centralized within the CRM.
  • On a single dashboard, quickly check all WhatsApp messages sent to and received by team members.

The automatic autodialer, one of its notable features, makes sure time is utilized effectively and prevents any mistakes by dialing numbers automatically, one at a time.


Our primary views are that integrating your CRM data, marketing, and sales tools with WhatsApp is a highly effective strategy for reaching a large audience in the twenty-first century, independent of your chosen vendor.

Each tool offers a single inbox to manage all customer communications.

To determine the best option for your company, carefully consider each offer’s unique characteristics and evaluate their prices.

Next up, learn about what is social media customer service and why your brand needs it.  

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