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Whenever we talk about team collaboration, meetings, and productivity, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is a whiteboard.

A whiteboard makes it easy team to interact smoothly and seamlessly online. You can share files and display personal presentations to explain to your colleagues on a whiteboard. Now, there is no need to worry even if everyone has to work virtually. The employees can efficiently brainstorm new ideas and collaborate with the members at different levels.

An Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is similar to a white screen connected to a projector or computer. You can easily control the whiteboard with the touch of your finger, a pen, or another tool. An online whiteboard is capable of performing similar functions for remote operations.

What is the need for an Online Whiteboard?

If you have ever taken part in a brainstorming session, you will know the importance of a whiteboard. You always need a place to jot down all the ideas or thoughts during the discussion.

It is not necessary that every company could provide access to an office environment with all the facilities like a mic, whiteboard, speakers, and projector. When teams work remotely, it is impractical and difficult to build such a cost-intensive workspace. This is where you can replace the real-life whiteboard with an online whiteboard.

Whiteboards come in handy not only for organizations but also for people who are into online education. If you are in the teaching field, you should get a whiteboard to make the teaching seamless and easy on your end. The students will also find it easy to connect with the new facility.

Before we move toward the list of best online whiteboards, let us have a look at some of the features you should look for in an online whiteboard.

Features to look for in an Online Whiteboard

A good quality whiteboard has the capability of taking your real-time collaboration experience to the next level. They offer plenty of features other than the common ones like drawing and note-taking. Some of the key features that you should look for in an online whiteboard are:

  • Commenting
  • Messaging
  • Sticky notes
  • Audio and video calling feature
  • Image recognition and smart shape
  • Saving options in multiple file formats
  • Revision history and board versions
  • Uploading files and images
  • A complete library of pre-made templates

Now, let us look at some of the best online whiteboards to enhance the level of your real-time collaboration.


Miro has everything you need to collaborate online while working remotely. Its engaging and intuitive experience makes it easy for the employees to collaborate on an online whiteboard. The infinite canvas of Miro allows you to choose how you used to work with your team. Miro offers endless collaboration possibilities.

Whether you are planning to host a weekly meeting, teach a class, brainstorm virtually, or document your meeting, you can do it all with Miro. It is a fast and simple-to-use whiteboard to make collaboration easy from any place and at any time.

There are plenty of template options made available for you to choose from. If you are not interested in using some pre-made template, you can definitely start with a blank whiteboard.

Once you are done selecting a template as per your requirement, you can add images, files, sticky notes, shapes, text, and much more with different presentation features. You can invite other members on your whiteboard by different means such as Slack and Email. If you are teaching a class, you can grant view-only permission to the members so that there is no hindrance while teaching. If you have kept a weekly discussion for ideating, you can access your colleagues to edit the board.

There are plenty of other features like integrating with different tools to easily get all the data from different platforms onto the whiteboard. Another amazing feature is the feature to digitize handwritten sticky notes. You can take a snap of your whiteboard with Stickies Capture, and it will instantly get converted into an editable digital sticky note.


Lucidspark is the perfect choice for team collaboration if your company is operating work from home. This virtual whiteboard helps your employees in bringing the best ideas to life and also improves teamwork. There is enough space available on the canvas for brainstorming and capturing all the worthy ideas. On top of that, you will be amazed by the availability of features and flexibility you receive with Lucidspark.

Building upon other employees’ thoughts is pretty simple as you can provide feedback on different ideas portrayed on the digital canvas. You can also develop actionable steps based on the entire team’s ideas to start building everything with momentum.

Lucidspark is enterprise-ready with complete security and scaling ability for your business. For enhanced experience and seamless working, you can try out several integrations with the tool. This will help you to work with your current tools as well as work smoothly with Lucidspark.

You can prepare Lucidcharts with a complete workflow of the steps you came up with. You can also use the available templates to get a headstart on your next collaboration meeting. Don’t let your collaboration suffer just because of the online working mode. You can now utilize Lucispark to continue productive working through online team collaborations.


Moqups will help you to take your physical whiteboard on the online platform with the visual collaboration tool. Due to the interactive whiteboard, you will find team collaboration going seamlessly and smoothly. Now, remote teams don’t need to worry about collaborating with the teams to brainstorm ideas and make decisions.

Setting up your whiteboard would never feel so easy. With the drag and drop option, you can easily add sticky notes, emojis, icons, images, and annotations. Your team can easily understand the idea that you are trying to convey. The user interface of Moqups is pretty intuitive and easy to use. There is no need to get on the learning curve when you can directly collaborate with everyone with a few clicks.

Moqups is available on browsers, iPad, Android, and iOS devices. You can use video conferencing apps such as Skype and Zoom and preview the whiteboard. You can directly export PDF and PNG files or even the links to projects hosted online.

There are plenty of customized templates to choose from for strategizing, organizing, and analyzing the work. You can keep all the relevant work together by creating boards and nested folders.

Moqups is your one-stop solution for hosting virtual workshops, managing agile workflow, sharing concepts with your team members, and organizing brainstorming sessions.


ClickUp is an online whiteboard that assists the teams in effective visual collaboration. This virtual whiteboard creates an ideal canvas for team workflows and ideas. With this, as a team, you can see the activity of every team member and work closely. You can create ClickUp tasks from your whiteboards directly. You can link to the tasks, docs, files, and more to add context to your teamwork.

ClickUp comes with a set of creative tools that lets you add shapes, write notes, draw freehand, and much more. You can easily connect multiple objects by drawing connections using its drag-and-drop features. It allows you to add images as well. Using this free app, you can keep all your w

Explain Everything

As the name says – explain everything 🆒!

With the help of Explain Everything Online Whiteboard, you can amplify your everyday collaboration directly from your browser. The robust features make it easy to connect easily with the team and get your point on board. You can collaborate and communicate with anyone by inviting them over to the whiteboard.

You are allowed to annotate and record everything happening on the whiteboard. Other than that, you can even make your presentations fun by adding videos, photos, and documents. You can send rich video feedback to make people understand it in a better way. Whether you are working on different office floors or completely in different countries, Explain Everything will bring you all together on the same page.

It is not only available on the web platform, but you can also use the app on different devices. There would be no restrictions on devices. Now, you can easily conduct an interview, give a sales pitch, hold regular meetings, and even conduct follow-ups smoothly with the help of the Explain Everything online whiteboard.


NoteBookCast is a multi-platform online whiteboard compatible with all the devices that possess a modern web browser. Real-time collaboration, sketching, taking notes, and distance learning are made easy and fun with the help of the online whiteboard. You can easily create real-time whiteboards, and the best thing is that you can even keep them stored for later use.

When you have conducted a meeting or a live session, the other users can see whatever you write or draw on the whiteboard in real-time with no lag. The amazing responsivity makes it look like everything is happening face-to-face. On top of it, the whiteboard also allows multiple users to draw and write simultaneously.

With the template’s support, you can create a template once and reuse it whenever you need it in the future. Using those templates, you can create as many whiteboards as you need. If you need to put up some logo or text in every meeting or teaching session, you can put it up once and use the same template every time.

There are plenty of integrated tools in NoteBookCast for better functioning. Some of the valuable tools are laser pointer, sticky notes, chatting options, drawing shapes, and embedded text. The developers keep on coming up with new tools based on the feedback given by the users.


Ziteboard is a web-based lightweight whiteboard that functions seamlessly on all devices. You can collaborate and team up with people for discussions from your laptops, phones, and tablets. It has been optimized for functioning smoothly on both Google Chrome for Android devices & laptops and Safari for iOS devices and Mac.

Ziteboard also allows the users to include text, video web conferencing, and voice other than the drawing features. If you want to collaborate on a company-wide group board, there is no need to open multiple apps because Ziteboard can do it all for you. It has been designed for conducting smooth meetings and also interactive teaching sessions.

You get an infinite white canvas to work with when you first open Ziteboard. If you need, you can even export the whiteboard to PDF files for easy sharing. On top of it, you can directly convert them to PNG and SVG files for opening the whiteboard image in Photoshop or Illustrator.

If you want to conduct a meeting or presentation by pointing out some things from the PDF files or images, you can directly import them on the whiteboard and continue explaining. Another fascinating feature of Ziteboard is that you can directly publish the boards to the web, and it gets featured in presentation mode. So, the users can view the board online, but they won’t be able to edit or collaborate with the published board.

If you need to edit the previous files, communicate with team members on voice and video calls, and like to save whiteboards, then Ziteboard is the perfect option to go with. Its feature set makes it a perfect online team collaboration tool. is a free online whiteboard for teachers and classrooms. It is pretty simple to set up this whiteboard because you can instantly create a class, and the students can join in directly through QR code, classroom link, or the room code.

It is perfect for teaching purposes because every student will get their own whiteboard to perform math equations, draw, or write anything. The students won’t be able to see any other student’s whiteboard. On the other hand, the teacher can view all the student’s whiteboards in real-time. So, the teacher can provide immediate feedback to the students based on their work.

There is no need for any installation for running this whiteboard on any device. You can even collaborate with another teacher and conduct the teaching session together. With a few clicks, you can directly save all the whiteboards of students in PDF format. The teacher can even push their own whiteboard to the students to explain them in a better way.


You can get onto Sketchboard to get things done together and solve complex problems with your team members. You can make remote work fun and interesting with the help of this online whiteboard. Now, there is no need to wait for feedback through emails because an online whiteboard allows you to interact and provide feedback at the same time.

You can collaborate from any place and at any time with the help of this web whiteboard. Sketchboard provides a digital workspace where you can share all your ideas and discuss them with your colleagues. There are more than 400 sketches and automated connections to choose from, making collaborating on your idea easy. Now, you can easily bring your vision to life by noting them down on the whiteboard.

Sketchboard allows the users to integrate different tools such as GitHub, Google Drive, and Slack to work smoothly. You can use your favorite tools by integrating them and making them a part of your collaboration process. So, there is no need to work harder when you can work more intelligently with the help of integrations.

If you plan on a software design, you can make the perfect use of this online whiteboard. You will get all the visualizations at your fingertips to explain everything in the best way to the other members of the team. With the help of a software design map, it becomes easy for the entire team to work on a common goal with proper understanding.

Honorable Mention

Tutorialspoint Whiteboard

If you are looking for a free online whiteboard with all the basic functionalities, then the Tutorialspoint Whiteboard is the perfect option. You will find all the basic functionalities like adding images, text, drawing, annotations, and much more. Teaching students can be performed excellently with the help of this whiteboard.

Final Thoughts

You will find plenty of recommendations while searching for an online whiteboard to carry on with real-time collaboration. You will find a whiteboard on the best investment in this virtual world.

Before you choose a whiteboard, you should have a look at the features offered by it. Whiteboards have become a necessary tool when the remote forces are divided. The whiteboards mentioned above are doing an excellent job for people to adapt to the transition and continue working efficiently.

Next, explore some of the best virtual events software to connect with your audience.

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