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In Mobile Last updated: April 13, 2023
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Are you a reading enthusiast? Are you looking for a way to explore the summaries of some newly launched books?

Well, reading books is an excellent habit that facilitates self-improvement, knowledge, and a healthy intellectual mind. Even today, when almost everything is digitally transformed, people get attracted to books. In fact, they happily adopt new technologies to satisfy their craving for books.

Book summary apps

If you love reading books, you will probably know that there are numerous excellent books that launch every week. But if you have a busy schedule, you will find it difficult to go through each of them.

So, to ease the reading process without compromising the content presented by the book, book summary apps come into play.

A book summary app offers a quick view of the content so that you can judge the book’s relevance. It lets you decide whether you want to read the whole book or not. Additionally, if you want to go through just essential points included in the content, these apps can serve this purpose.

Benefits of Book Summary Apps

Cut Down the Fluffy Part

A book may have fluffy stuff present within it. The book summary apps can cut down such fluffy content and leave you with the key points. Before purchasing a book, you can review its summary using a summary app. You can decide whether the book is worth buying or not.

Serve Reading on-the-Go

Book summary apps allow you to read the summaries on the go. You may be traveling in a cab or waiting for your friend. Then instead of getting bored, you can quickly grasp knowledge about the latest books with these applications. Some of the apps even offer summaries in audio versions.

Book summary apps

Let’s now explore some good book summary apps that you can utilize.


Blinkist is one of the well-known book summary apps that is available for both Android as well as iOS users. It claims to offer key ideas of a book in just 15 minutes.

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With this, you can get key points from the books from nonfiction bestsellers in audio as well as text formats. Here you get personalized recommendations based on your interests. The team of Blinkist experts curates the list of books that you may love to explore. Blinkist even collaborates with renowned podcast creators to offer you key insights into their podcasts.


You can get access to summaries of the world’s best books, podcasts, articles, and more with getAbstract’s summary app. The content available via this app can be accessed in multiple languages such as German, English, Russian, Chinese, etc.

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getAbstract is home to more than 25000 summaries, thus being one of the most comprehensive libraries. You can conveniently read or listen to the summaries and enhance your knowledge. They work with over 800 publishing partners who provide trustworthy summaries.

You can use getAbstract for yourself or your organization. Here you can request a free demo of this book summary app. They provide 3 days of free full access to their online library of summaries without any credit card information.


QuickRead book audio summary app is available for Android and iOS users. You can easily download the app and listen to the summaries on the go. This application has summaries of all the latest books from popular authors worldwide.

This is a 15-minute audiobook that possesses summaries of books in different categories. These include Entrepreneurship, science, economics, technology, corporate culture, marketing & sales, health, nature, religion, psychology, productivity, and many more.

Some popular books with audio summaries include Atomic Habits, Bad Feminist, The 5 AM Club, No Excuses, etc. This app is free to use.


With Instaread, you can enjoy audio and text summaries of various bestselling books. The summaries this app offers can help you grab the knowledge of the best books around the world. This application is available for desktop, Android, iOS, or tablet users.

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The team of book experts analyzes and reads the books and writes summaries. As a result, you get an accurate idea of what is inside a particular book. By joining their membership, you can enjoy:

  • Unlimited audio and text summaries
  • Access to thousands of high-quality titles
  • Online and offline access on various devices
  • 7-days free trial

The various categories that you can choose from include business, politics, social science, history, health, fitness, and more.


Shortform is a book summary app that offers summaries of more than 1000 bestselling nonfiction books. On this app, you get summaries of confusing ideas in simple and easy-to-understand language.

Shortform has summaries for books in categories like business, management, finance, career, productivity, entrepreneurship, and more. The guides on the Shortform come with exercises that consist of questions related to the content. You can identify how successfully the ideas you learned present the information.

Every guide here comes with narrative audio that you can use to understand summaries readily. You can sign up with Shortform for free.


Mentorist summarizes bestseller books in business, leadership, and personal development categories. The best part of this app is that it also provides tips to implement the knowledge you gain from summaries in real-time. For instance, for business owners, this app can offer you a list of ideas you can apply in business.

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It offers advice and ideas from the pioneers in different industries. As a result, without investing in any learning course, you can get comprehensive knowledge here along with an action plan. Here you can find over 200 bestsellers in around 11 categories. The experts curate the list of ideal books per your industry.

Mentorist also comes up with a few activities completing which you can collect points. You can download this app from Google Play Store for free.


Bookey is a 30-minute audio and text summary app that lets you unlock important ideas from a book. Its library comprises numerous bestselling books in categories such as nature, finance, biography, art, health, history, management, and more.

Book summary apps

This book summary app is available for both Android and iOS users. Bookey has a qualified team of writers and professionals from across the world who have different academic backgrounds. Using the summaries at Bookey, you can create notes of all the important ideas carried out from the books. You can have a 7-day free trial and choose a premium plan with advanced features afterward.


StoryShots is a microlearning app that offers numerous book summaries in text, audio, and animated formats. It has a comprehensive library of summaries of nonfiction bestseller books. Its summaries let you have the key insights of the books in minutes.

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Google, the guardian, Apple, and various leaders have featured StoryShots as a top educational app. It has over 7K five-star reviews leading to a 4.8/5 global rating.

You can download its free app anytime. Its premium plans let you access all its features for a lifetime.


12min is again a good book summary app that you can take advantage of. This allows you to grasp some useful knowledge from the sea of bestseller books.

Book summary apps

12min experts create micro book versions of books so you can get the key concept in around 12 minutes. The professional team invests time in analyzing the bestsellers and then frames the easy-to-understand summary for you. You can choose from audio or text versions of a summary as per your convenience.

You can download it for free for your Android or iOS device.


Koober offers you summaries for various bestseller books, conferences, podcasts, and documentaries in the form of koobs. It takes approximately 20 minutes to read or listen to these koobs.

This summary app has around 1500 content available, with 30 content added every month. This app offers you a 15-day trial period which provides you unlimited access to all the summaries. The trial automatically turns on billing as soon as 15 days are complete. You can cancel the paid plan 24 hours before the end of your trial period.


Although the internet is full of such book summary apps, we have picked the best options for you. These applications are convenient to use as well as affordable. Try any of these as per your preference and get access to numerous summaries at a time.

Learn more about the best audiobook apps for readers who prefer audio summaries over written ones.

You may also look at these PDF Search Engines to find free ebooks.

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