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In Mobile Last updated: July 13, 2023
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Telegram snuck up on all the prominent messaging platforms and emerged to be one of the top choices among social media users.

And you might wonder why, but it’s mostly because Telegram flaunts unmatched security, user experience, and flexibility. Not to forget, it also puts a lot of emphasis on privacy.

Since privacy is our top priority, it’s easy to guess why Telegram became a fan favorite quickly and continues to enjoy an influx of users.

Besides the security it offers, people also like it for its bots. The app provides various bots that can make your messaging experience a breeze. In this post, we’ll dive into some of the best Telegram bots you can use to elevate your entire experience.

What is Telegram?

Before discussing the famous bots, let’s understand what Telegram is. Telegram is a globally accessible, free messaging platform that provides encrypted and cloud-based services.


The end-to-end encryption, called “secret chat,” makes it safe for people to discuss just about anything without worrying about any secret eyeballs 👀.

Telegram became popular as a WhatsApp alternative for the one feature that makes it unique: the ability to send and receive messages without sharing your number.

That’s right. You can exchange messages with people without exchanging numbers. You can search for them with their username, unlike on WhatsApp. This gives you greater security, allowing you to send instant messages without exposing your phone number. 

Speaking of its rising popularity, Telegram has about 1.068 billion total users as of the current year, 700 million of which are highly active on the platform every single month.

Telegram remains one of the most downloaded social media apps in the world. The messaging app is expected to grow exponentially as 1.5 million new users join the platform daily.


What are Telegram Bots?

Let’s attack the meat of the matter now. Another reason why Telegram rose above the competition and made a name for itself is because of one thing – bots. 🤖

Telegram bots are your chat buddies that offer various automated functions to make your messaging experience above par. You can make your bots do things for you independently without having you actively involved in them.

Here’s what the bots can do for you: 

#1. Send Messages 📨

By assigning predefined tasks, you can make the Telegram bots send text messages, images, memes, videos, and files automatically.

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#2. Execute Commands 🧞

Another groundbreaking feature of bots is that they can execute commands in telegram chats to request information. For instance, if you type /help, the bot will send you the commands it can execute for a better messaging experience. The outputs can include:

  • /Register 
  • /status 
  • /stop
  • /lastalarm
  • /listcurrentalarms

You can automatically extract information from bots without manually working for it using these commands.

#3. Exclusive Accessibility 👸

Telegram bots can be used by just about anyone. However, if you set up a separate communication channel on Telegram, you can make specific bots accessible only to certain users. This gives exclusive rights to particular individuals to use the bots, and it’s also handy when managing a group chat.


Benefits of Using Telegram Bots

Telegram bots use artificial intelligence to engage with humans and make communications seamless. They can perform a host of functions to streamline your communication, both personal and professional.

Here are some of the prime benefits of Telegram bots that you need to know about

#1. Improved Customer Experience

With quick and easy accessibility to the customer service desk, telegram bots can cut the work for customer care cells of businesses in half and improve their customer experience.

Thanks to the automated bots, your business can quickly and automatically respond to common queries promptly, leading to faster response time and better customer satisfaction.

The best part is that Telegram bots possess natural language capabilities, which means they can personalize the message for specific people, giving them the feel of an actual human behind the keyboard.

#2. Saves Time, Money, and Effort

Responding to customer queries individually via emails and calls can be highly time-consuming. By employing bots to answer common questions 24/7, your business can respond instantly to customers without relying on a human’s presence.

This can also save you money on hiring and training humans for listening and responding to common queries, which now your bot can take care of.

#3. Generate Leads

One of my favorite benefits of Telegram bots is its ability to gather leads from potential customers who drop their information on the platform. The bots can collect the information of the people looking to learn more about your products and services and generate quality leads for you to follow up on.

#4. Gather Data on Customers

Telegram bots can also be used to create or improve buyer or customer persona, as they can collect valuable customer data and better understand what they want.

Through this information, you can deeply understand the audience’s pain points and work on providing the best solutions. Through feedback, you can also improve your website, app, or business strategy to better cater to the needs of your audience. 

With these many benefits, no wonder Telegram bots became a hit as soon as the app introduced them.

There are various telegram bots with different functionalities that can help you improve your communications. Let’s have a look at some of the best ones.


The tagline of Botfather – “one bot to rule them all” summarises what the bot can do for you. The bot manages all the bots you’ve created via your Telegram account or creates a brand-new bot from scratch.


You can use it by searching @BotFather on the app, leading you to the profile. You’ll be able to see the complete list of commands and can start the chat by typing “/help” or “/start”.

With the command “/newbot”, you can create a new one, and with “/mybots” you can edit and manage your existing bot list. is used to generate disposable email addresses and also receive emails. These disposable emails can be used for up to 10 minutes to receive emails when you don’t want to provide your actual email address to avoid spam emails.


After 10 minutes, the email addresses automatically get disposed of. By entering the start command in the chatbot, you’d be able to select from 5 commands, which allow you to generate random email addresses, list active addresses, get help, start a conversation, or go to the native mobile app of the bot.

Plasma chatGPT 4

This bot is where the prowess of Telegram and ChatGPT converge to give you a revolutionary messaging experience. Plasma chatGPT 4 allows you to manage 10 AI models and get access to the previous updates of ChatGPT 4 since the developing team is a partner of OpenAI.


Plasma AI bot is powered by ChatGPT 4 and Midjourney 5 models to offer you about 160 professional roles that meet your dynamic needs. You also get to enjoy free usage of bots in groups with 100 or more participants.

Whether you’re a professional, an entrepreneur, a writer, a speaker, a student, a pro-coder, or a teacher, you’d love to leverage the function of this bot to have a seamless experience. 


Another simple yet useful bot that you can use on Telegram is the MeteoBot, also known as WeathersBot.


The name itself is self-explanatory in this case. MeteoBot works like a weather reporter that operates from the palm of your hand. It can give you updates on current weather and the weather forecast of a location for the next 3 days, along with key information, such as:

  • Current temperature
  • Maximum and minimum temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Humidity

All this information is provided on the basis of your map location and city. With this bot, you’ll always know whether you need to grab your umbrella☔ or a sunhat 🌞before heading out!


Zoombot for Telegram allows you to start a Zoom meeting with just a simple command. This saves you a lot of time creating a meeting link and sending it to the participants when all you want to do is have a quick meeting and be done with it.


You can make Zoom phone calls with excellent audio and video quality. All you need to do is install the Zoom integration for Telegram and create Zoom meetings in seconds.


As a professional, business owner, or B2B service provider, you’d be happy to know that Telegram has the perfect Bot for you if you find managing your tasks challenging. Taskobot is a task-managing bot that can create to-do lists for individuals or teams looking for seamless collaboration and workflow.


To use it, go to the chatbot, type @tasko_bot task in private chat, and tap on create task. You can then manage your task list and stay on track while completing work daily.

It’s perfect for busy professionals like me and you who struggle with paper to-do lists and need something portable and easily accessible.


CovidCure is a health bot on Telegram that helps patients of Covid 19 manage their symptoms with the best remedies.


If you or someone in your family suffers from Covid, you can launch the chatbot, express your symptoms, and get relevant remedies to manage your health. All you have to do is, enter the /start command on the chatbox, and you’ll be presented with further instructions.

File Converter

Traditionally, we had to rely on specialized tools (even paid ones!) to convert an image, video, or other files to a suitable format for our needs. Doing so consumed a lot of time, but not anymore.


If you have the Telegram app, you can use the File Converter bot to convert any file, be it audio, video ebook, font, or documents – to the format of your choice.


If you’re an ardent Twitter user but don’t have the time to perform specific tasks on the platform, you can let TweetItBot do that for you. The chatbot can tweet anything on your behalf, including texts, photos, videos, stickers, and GIFs. You can also use the bot to like, reply, retweet, and delete tweets.


It’s like a portable suite to manage all your Twitter functions and make things more accessible than ever. Besides, you can configure the bot to receive Twitter notifications and always be in the know of what’s happening on the social network.

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PollBot is an excellent bot for creating polls on channels of your choice. Using the bot, you can generate polls, see the results, repeat the question, and see the final results after closing the poll. This way, you can engage or learn more about the group participants by asking them interesting questions.


Once you tap on “start,” the bot will ask you to input the question of the poll. Next, it’ll ask you to provide the answers one by one. You can add as many options as you want, and once you’re done, write “/done” on the chatbot to complete it. The bot will create a link for the poll, which you can share in your group.

Alert Bot

If you’re as forgetful as me, you probably stick reminders 📒of important tasks everywhere. But with Telegram on the rise, you can make a bot responsible for reminding you to buy milk or attend an important meeting on Monday.


The Alert Bot can be a savior in this regard. You can get an alert from the bot by providing it with the time and text of the alert. The text should include everything you want the bot to tell you, so mention what you need to be reminded of and input the time. As a result, you’ll get a reminder from your friendly neighbor Alertbot!

Pomodoro Bot

Pomodoro is a famous time management technique where you work continuously for 25 minutes and take 5 minutes break before repeating the pattern. The method is designed to help you avoid procrastination and distractions while working. It also enables you to become more productive and manage your time effectively.


While there are various third-party Pomodoro apps, Telegram has a Pomodoro Bot that can make tracking your progress easier.

You can start the Pomodoro on the bot by setting the minutes and rest duration and beginning work like there’s no tomorrow. I found this bot extremely useful in staying focused while working and not getting distracted by external factors, such as my phone or social media. 

Closing Thoughts

Telegram is more than just a messaging app; you can manage key aspects of your life on it. From managing tasks and time to getting weather reports, there’s a Telegram bot for nearly every task under the sun.

The above bots are some of the best you’ll find, and I am confident they’ll make things extremely easy for you.

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