More than 140 million Internet users use the safe browsing trust tool to verify if the website is trustworthy.

Considering the increase in malware, phishing & dangerous links on the Internet, it’s probably good to validate the website if it’s safe to visit.

Safe browsing validation is integrated with much online business including Facebook, DuckDuckGo,

For ex: if you click on a dangerous link on Facebook then you will get the warning message about marked as abused by partner – WOT (Web of Trust).


Another example of one of the most popular search engine that doesn’t track is DuckDuckGo.


DuckDuckGo shows the trust score in search result itself, which boosts the confidence of the user to visit the page or not. As you can see in the above screenshot, the result for Geek Flare is marked with the question mark from, but from it’s Green!

So as a user, you will always prefer to link with Green signal.

How do you feel like a site owner now? I am sure you would agree with me to submit your website to an online safe browsing house, so when someone gets your URL with green, the user will feel positive and have trust to open.

Let’s find out where all you can submit your website.

WOT (Web of Trust)

Probably the best place to start submitting is WOT. Claiming your website is very straightforward.

  • Go to WOT
  • Search for your website
  • Click on “Site owner click here” to get it started with the submission


  • Enter your and website information. You’ll also be asked to verify your website with either a meta tag or HTML file.


Once you are done with the verification process, enter the description, and invite your friends to review it.

Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web is a reputation service from Symantec where you can submit your site so whoever uses Norton as trust validator they can see the Green signal.


To submit your website for rating, you need to create an account. Once created, log in with the credential and go to the “site dispute” tab.

  • Click on “Add site.”


  • Enter your website URL and click Submit


  • You’ll need to confirm the ownership by either uploading an HTML file or meta tag.

Once verified, you can start with “Rate my site.” You can also enable the notification when site rating changes.


Once done, check back your site after sometimes for rating.

SiteAdvisor by McAfee

SiteAdvisor is another popular rating signal which alerts users for any suspicious links found in search results.


  • To submit your site for a review, go to Trusted Source
  • Select McAfee SiteAdvisor/WebAdvisor and enter your URL


Provide a website category and submit for a review. It will take 3-5 days, and you should see your website rating.


I’ve submitted my site to all of them and hope to have ranking reflected in the next few days. If you are a website/blog owner, then I believe this is essential to building the website’s trust. If you are a site owner, then you may also consider using website hack protection.