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Online Tool To Check DNS Health & Troubleshoot

Online Tool To Check DNS Health & Troubleshoot

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DNS issue related to websites is always under pressure from business, especially production one.

It’s a fact that any severe DNS issue will bring the entire business down and you got to be as quick as possible in restoring them.

It can be beneficial when you have DNS health test tool handy to troubleshoot the issue.

Let’s check out the following tools to test your DNS.

Note: If you are looking for DNS security test then check out this latest post.

DNS Stuff

DNS Stuff online tool lets you know the DNS report containing Parent, Name Server, SOA, MX, MAIL, WWW, SPF, and DNSSEC

This gives you the option to export your DNS report in PDF file.

DNS Watch

DNS Watch online tool is convenient, and I use almost every week at work. It’s very lightweight tool to check A record, MX, NS, SOA, and TXT.

Pingdom DNS Test

Pingdom DNS check tool provides two views; Basic & Advanced and end of the test it gives you high-level info for any failure or warning. It checks Delegation, NS, Consistency, SOA, Connectivity, and DNSSEC.

Check Host

Check online host tool allows you to check DNS lookup of random name servers around the world. This becomes extremely useful when you have performed any changes and would like to see if DNS propagation is done worldwide.

Intro DNS

Intro DNS online tool is quite popular which allows you to check similar to DNS Stuff.

Ultra Tools

Ultra Tools DNS Hosting Speed checker gives you DNS performance information. This is useful when troubleshooting performance related issues.


Test four essential domain metrics with DNS Spy.

  1. Connectivity – check if configured name servers are available and responding to the DNS query.
  2. Performance – how much is response time
  3. Resilience & Security – verify if multiple name servers are configured for resiliency and CAA (certificate authority authorization) records for security.
  4. DNS record – detect if any issues with the records related to TTL value, MX, root, SOA, IPv6, etc.

Scan result is given with the score, and each test has recommendation and achievement details so you can take action on significant findings.

CA DNS Analysis

CA APM Cloud Monitor – DNS Analysis is another handy which gives you SOA, NS, A, CNAME, MX report. It gives you a performance of your DNS from multiple location and route for your DNS.

DNS Record Lookup

DNS Record Lookup would be helpful If you’ve updated the DNS record and would like to see if it’s reflected or just to verify the records.

DNS Query

DNS Query Traversal online tool gives you DNS routing traversal details step by step. Each traversal information is provided with response time.

I hope above tools help you troubleshoot DNS related issue.

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