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In Collaboration Last updated: July 14, 2023
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Does the extensive range of project management and productivity application confuse you? Check out our head-to-head comparison between Coda vs. Notion to know which one you should pick.

Professionals these days have to work on a number of tools and applications for different purposes, such as project management, productivity, business communication, and so on.

Switching between multiple apps is not only time-consuming but also confusing at times. Hence, many companies choose to use multi-purpose tools that can perform more than one task. 

Coda and Notion are such programs that you can use for project management, productivity, and collaboration. If you want to choose any of these but are not sure which one to go for, read this article.

Coda as a Productivity and Collaboration Tool

Coda is a project management software that offers the functionalities of spreadsheets and documents in one tool. This flexible platform lets you design custom productivity apps from scratch. Its strength lies in its automation feature, as users can automate a range of tasks and workflows on it. 

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This software also supports linking spreadsheets and documents that enable you to access information from different sources into a single document. Thus, you can create customizable and interactive documents for collaboration, project management, task tracking, and data analysis.

Usage of Coda

Coda is a document editor platform where you can also create spreadsheets and databases. These files can contain text, numbers, formulas, tables, and other necessary elements. Teams use Coda to create and manage documents for project planning, scheduling, management, and knowledge sharing. 

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It can also be used for collaboration and task tracking to improve personal and team productivity. Moreover, this highly customizable software lets you create and manage workflows to your requirements.

How Does Coda Work

Coda is a document editor solution that allows you to create files, add text, tables, and lists, download images, and include other elements. It offers a set of building blocks where you can add pages, relational tables, and buttons for internal and external use. You can edit the data stored in tables and docs while allowing your teammates to do so.


As you start working on a doc, you can upload the documents and tables. By including this text and tables in a workspace, Coda helps you manage the projects through seamless collaboration. Data retrieval from docs and formula application on any documents or spreadsheets are also done on this software.

Notion as a Productivity and Collaboration Tool

Notion is a productivity software that you can use for personal and professional purposes. It also offers project management, note-taking, collaboration, and knowledge management functionalities under one umbrella. 

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Whether you want to create databases, webpages, or shareable sites for professional reasons, Notion offers you full customization facilities. It can be also used for Gantt charts, Tables,  Formulas, Timelines, Galleries, Product Specs, and Emails on Notion Pages.

Usage of Notion

You can create interactive documents using the Meeting Notes template of Notion. Notion can also be used as a relational database with a variety of views available for project management, including Table, Timeline, List, Kanban, Calendar, etc.

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Companies handling multiple projects at a time can create different team spaces for each project and access any specs from the Notion home page. This application recently added Notion AI feature. This generative AI model is capable of creating content, slideshows, SOPs, tables, databases, and business ideas.

How Does Notion Work

Page is the primary element of Notion. When you create a new page, you can add blocks for text, media, bulleted list, hyperlinks, buttons, table of content, code, and linked view of databases. It also supports the customization of title, use of Notion AI, changing views, and importing data from other sources.


Notion also offers Workspaces for companies and Teamspace for teams or projects. You can also use it to publish your knowledge base or journal online that anyone can access without signing up.

Benefits of Coda

  • Coda has an intuitive interface that anyone can use.
  • It offers a collaborative environment for unlimited users.
  • You can create subpages to track all tasks and documents.
  • It supports add-ons and integration with popular third-party apps.
  • The tool offers advanced features like data charts, automation scripts, and design tools.
  • Recurring tasks and reminders can be automated on this software.

Benefits of Notion

  • It is quite easy to start building Pages and sites on Notion.
  • Multiple page views are available on this tool, such as table, list, timeline, gallery, etc.
  • You can add100+ blocks for custom content input in the document creation module.
  • Its features are accessible through the web, desktop app, and mobile app.
  • This all-in-one workspace solution is lightweight and can be used without difficulty.
  • It is customizable and can be integrated smoothly with other tools.

Coda Vs. Notion: Comparison

DocumentsNot the best option for text-heavy documentsEverything is a document, so can be easily switched from one page to another
AutomationAutomation feature for repetitive tasksNo native automation available.
CollaborationSupports collaborative document creation Supports real-time collaboration on workspaces
Note Taking and KBOffers note-taking and KB features Note-taking and knowledge base creation is a breeze
TemplatesHas templates for projects, documentation, meeting, and personal usage.Has an extensive collection of personal and professional templates for habit tracking, travel planning, reading list, budgeting, to-do list, product roadmap, etc.   
Database StructureTable-based database that looks like spreadsheetViews available in Timeline, calendar, Board, Mine, Due Date, Assignee, Sprint, Project, Status, Priority, Summary, Tags, etc., modes.
FormulasSupports easy formula writing and cross-table calculationCalculation and data manipulation are difficult to perform
UI and Ease of UseComes with a learning curveAnyone can easily get started with Notion
ViewsOffers various unique views such as Tables, Cards, Timelines, Calendars, Detail, Boards, Chart, Form, Word Cloud, etc.Views available in Timeline, calendar, Board, Mine, Due Date, Assignee, Sprint, Project, Status, Priority, Summary, Tags, etc., mode.
IntegrationIntegrates with popular applications like OpenAi, Jira, Salesforce, Gmail, Google Drive, GitHub, Asana, Slack, Shopify, Figma, Stocks, Zoom, Hubspot, and Twitter. Supports integration with ClickUp, Canva, Calendly, Box, GitHub, IFTTT, Lucidchart, OneDrive, Zapier, Tableau, Trello, Miro, GitLab, DropBox, Adobe XD, etc.
CommunityHas one active forum for discussing issues Boasts a large community active on different platforms
Pricing PlansOne free plan and three paid plans, starting at $10/month/doc makerOne free plan and three paid plans, starting at $8/month/user

Use Cases of Coda

  • Sales team uses Coda for email follow-up, account planning, feedback loops, and lead chasing.
  • Product teams use it for project management, centralizing meeting notes, managing checklists, product requirements, wikis, and OKRs.
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  • Marketing teams use Coda to track project progress along with maintaining the project timeline and roadmap.
  • Educators and educational institutions use Coda for creating lesson plans, tracking tasks, creating QandA pages, and managing grades.
  • Students also use Coda to maintain assignments and task lists, centralize club meetings and group projects, and maintain a daily dashboard with due dates and task priorities.

Use Cases of Notion

  • The marketing team can use Notion to create a social media calendar and content calendar, manage press kits, brand assets, and media kits, and store brand guidelines and campaign briefs. 
  • Developers use Notion for meeting planning, bug tracking, creating a wiki, API referencing, and showing retrospectives on different projects.
  • Designers use Notion to create a portfolio, mood board, design sprint, and a library of UI designs.
  • IT companies use Notion for project management, collaboration on tasks, issue tracking, inventory management, vendor management, change management, and support center issue tracking.
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  • The sales team uses Notion as a sales CRM and a platform to manage its assets, wiki, and sales deals. 
  • HR and recruitment teams use Notion to manage job boards and career pages, track vacancies and recruitment, manage interview guides, people directories, onboarding process, employee benefits, and performance reviews.
  • Apart from the above, individuals use Notion for keeping one-to-one notes, daily journals, and annual self-reviewing. 

Apps You Can Create Using Coda

If you want to create a custom app for your organization, you can contact Coda Solutions Studio. The team will co-build the app using your own resources while helping you become an expert Coda maker.

First, they will ask you to prioritize your team’s needs. Then, they will work with you to co-build the app and go through continuous improvement. When you are happy with the product, the app will get launched.

Apps You Can Create Using Notion

Since Notion does not need anyone to have an account on this platform to view any of its pages, you can use it to create a web app. For example, if you want to create an app that shows the current price of stocks, you can create a database of stocks on Notion and add the API of any stock price providers. 

Thus, users can access your Notion app and get information about the latest stock prices. However, this requires expertise in web development, and it is challenging to develop an app using Notion by regular users.

Author’s Note

Both Coda and Notion are popular for their usability and unique features. In this post, we have focused on the working process, features, and benefits of using these two applications. By now, you must have also been aware of the use cases of these project management and productivity tools.

The biggest strength of Notion is its UI. Your team members can easily start using it without any delay. Also, being a text-based application, organizations willing to create text-heavy pages will be benefitted from using it. If you emphasize note-taking and knowledge base, Notion is your best bet.

On the other hand, companies that need to use the database to manage their projects can choose Coda. It is also ideal for using formulas, spreadsheets, and automation. Above all, check which tool has the most features to meet your organizational needs and go for that.

In case you want to try some other project management application, you can read about the comparison between Trello Vs. Jira work management.

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