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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 9, 2023
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Making a well-researched outline is an essential part of the content writing process. With content outline generators, the task becomes easy and quick. 

Suppose you are a blogger who needs to produce content regularly for your website or a marketer responsible for ensuring the articles give you the desired results. In that case, you have to make a content outline.

It guarantees the smooth flow of the content that attracts the readers and motivates them to read it till the end. However, manual outline generation can be hectic, and one may not always have the time and patience needed.

For this reason, we bring you the list of top content outline generators that can deliver the results your business wants.

What Is Content Outline?

A content outline is the detailed mapping of the content, consisting of all the crucial themes and topics to be discussed. It is a framework for writing your article, blog, or other content. 

A standard outline for any web content should have headings and subheadings. It can also have the main points you want to discuss under the headings.

To create an outline, one must go through the competitors’ content. Adding long-tail keywords or related queries in an outline is common nowadays.

If you are a marketer generating an outline for the writers, the outline should include the target audience, article objective, USP, and approach angle. Thus, the writer will know how to write content matching your intent.

Marketers and writers can skip the manual process using an outline generator tool. The application not only arranges the key topics in the right sequence and saves your time but also speeds up the production process. 

Below are the best content outline generation tools and their prominent features.


Semrush Content Outline Generator

The Content Outline Builder tool from Semrush is the perfect application for generating briefs or outlines for content. It offers personalized SEO insights using the latest AI technology so that the content you are about to write ranks higher. Both SMBs and enterprises can leverage this platform.

This tool lets marketers and writers get data-informed suggestions for more traffic to their content. The suggestions include keywords, word count, images, and writing tone, depending on your topic. 

It also lets you monitor your competitors to generate new concepts. This tool can offer you all the insights needed to rank top in SERP, from article structure to titles and images.

However, you have no obligation to use the outline it generates. From the Semrush suggested multiple structures, you can choose your favorite one or create a unique outline by customizing all the recommendations.

Once you generate an outline of this platform, you can easily share it with the writer or team lead by copying the link. Thus, outline approval becomes easier, and writing content on it becomes effortless.



Using Writesonic, it only takes a few seconds to come up with the structure of your next blog post. Thanks to this AI blog outline generator, bloggers can create clear and highly engaging blog posts.

Its simplistic interface allows you to add the title (up to 100 characters) and introduction (up to 600 characters) of the content you want to write. Select the language and hit the Generate button. 

The software will come up with 5 unique outlines and Generate More if they are unhappy with the results. What’s more, users can choose from 25+ languages to generate a blog outline using this platform.


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Are you looking for easy-to-use software to generate outlines for your blog or article?

Go for Frase, an AI-powered tool that helps you in content creation. Moreover, creating outlines for product reviews, how-to guides, listicles, service pages, and many other content formats is helpful.

The outline generation process is simple in this tool. Just add the title of the content you are about to write, include some description on the topic and select the creativity level. 

Within seconds, the tool will generate an outline brief containing heading ideas and a short conclusion. If you are unhappy with it, you can click on the load more or Re-Generate button to get new ideas.

Additionally, you can adjust the creativity level from 1 to 5 to get the outline that suits your content strategy. 

Sharing the generated outline is also easy on this platform. There is no need to select the outline and send it to the writer manually. You can click on the Clipboard icon to copy the complete outline and paste it on an email, text editor, or anywhere else.


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Surfer brings you the power of AI at your fingertip and lets you apply them to generate an impressive outline for your next blog post. Use it to make the brainstorming and writing processes 100x times easier.

It only takes you to enter the topic name or keyword and choose the target country to generate an outline on this tool. Moreover, you can also rate the results to inform the platform where they can improve.

The best thing about Surfer is its outline contains a large number of headings (H2, H3, H4.) Hence, users can seamlessly select from these relevant and unique headings to add to their posts.

The result page comes with a unique public URL every time you generate an outline. You can copy the link in one click and share it with anyone you want. Moreover, you can even select the partial outline and copy it easily.


INK Content Outline Maker Tool

Do you find outline creation a challenging task due to lack of time? INK Blog Outline Generator resolves your issues by generating content outlines within seconds with its AI-backed tool. Top global brands like Google, Amazon, Salesforce, and HubSpot use it, so why not you? 😁

INK performs an in-depth analysis of your topic to generate an outline consisting of intelligent headings. Marketers and bloggers use this app to get multiple blog outlines for a single topic. As a result, one can go through them all and choose the most appealing and relevant one. 

Furthermore, this platform is capable of generating outlines for ad copies and product descriptions as well. Users need to enter a heading of the topic (should be within 70 characters) and a concept that tells what the article should be about (not more than 130 characters). 

You also do not need to reload the page for multiple outline generation. Click on the Clear Input button, and the platform will automatically remove all the previous entries.


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Are you new to the content writing or marketing profession? Writecream helps reduce the time and effort you need to research the topics covered in a blog and increases your product input. Also, it supports 75+ languages for text output.

With it, you can generate captivating blog outlines for free. Here, users must choose Blog Outline from the use cases dropdown menu. Then, they should enter the product or company name and briefly discuss what the company does. Select the tone of writing and click Generate.

Thus, the tool will come up with several outlines. You can immediately select any outlines or keep generating unless the output matches your expectation. Bloggers can use this cloud platform from web browsers or download its smartphone apps for Android and iPhone.

StoryLabAI tool UI assists writers in creating better articles by generating outlines for their blogs and articles. Sometimes, finding the perfect blog outline that can set it apart from the rest is difficult. This online tool saves your back in such situations by suggesting what to include in an article.

Describe your product or keyword and get the content brief by hitting the ‘Inspire me’ button. This platform uses AI to offer you some examples of what to add to your blog. Though adding the topic or company name is optional, it helps this app to provide a better outline. 

Moreover, you can run Blog Outline Generator as often as you want on your way to crafting a perfect article.


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Simplified is a free application that guarantees more conversions in less time by providing you with an effective outline. Blogs, articles, or any long-form content — no matter what you want to write, this platform could be highly effective.

This tool has a nice dashboard consisting of various templates, including one for creating a blog outline. Choose that before entering your blog topic and choosing the output language. Simplified will generate multiple outlines for you. If you are now happy with the results, you have the option to generate more.

Also, you can copy the outlines easily and share them with other team members. There is also an option to delete the results for a new search.



Writr is your dependable partner when it comes to generating content structures. This AI writing assistant makes the process of blog outline generation simpler than ever before. Its no-clutter interface is all you need to get your article’s outline without any distractions quickly.

First of all, you need to select the language of your choice from the list of languages. In the field “Describe what you sell,” enter the keyword, topic, or title for a blog. From the Tone dropdown menu, choose how the article might sound. Finally, click generate to get the outline for your topic.

Once you get the result and do not quite like it, click on Retry to get another outline. Or you can Copy the whole outline to share it with stakeholders. The Delete option lets you remove the results and prepare the platform for a new search.

Why Do Marketers and Bloggers Need Content Outlines?

#1. Better On-Page SEO

SEO plays a critical role in making your content reach the maximum audience. A well-researched outline means your content will address all the common questions a reader might have on the topic. Also, it helps with proper and natural keyword placement, a must-have for ranking higher on any search engine.

#2. Keeping the Flow Right

With outlines, bloggers can write the whole content with a consistent flow. Sometimes, you start writing a blog with various ideas in your head. But, you do not know where and how to place them, resulting in content that no one is interested to read. However, an outline prepares you with the right headings.

#3. Best Remedy for Writer’s Block 

You are not a writer if you have never suffered from writer’s block. We all go through the phase, and having an outline ready for content makes things easier for the writers.

It provides you with a framework that does not require your brainstorming efforts. Therefore, you can immediately focus on the writing, skipping the planning part.

#4. Speed Up Content Creation

For many writers, content writing is a time taking process. Some even claim that deciding what to include in a blog and what not takes most of the time. When you have a content outline ready before you, writing takes less time. Thus, writers can scale up content production. 

#5. Ideal for Collaboration

Content outlines boost collaboration efforts with a team. Many marketers have to delegate the task of content creation to the writers. They can generate an outline and share it with the writers. Thus, they can ensure the content focus stays where it should be.

#6. Reduce Costs

At times, the content plan of a writer is entirely different than that of the marketer. A writer might submit a draft with unnecessary headings, and you need to ask them to change it.

If you are paying writers based on time, this will be a waste of time and money. You can reduce this cost by providing an outline to them.

How Does Outlining Help Best in Expanding the Content?

The success of any content depends on the outline you create before writing that contains all the topics the writer wants to discuss.

With an outline, you already have the ideas organized sequentially. As a result, you can construct the content in the right flow and thoughtfully expand on ideas. 

Summing Up

The benefits of making content outline are countless, but allocating time for the task can be challenging for professional marketing executives and bloggers. Hence, using content outline generator tools or apps to automate tedious manual tasks is better.

You can go through our list and try them before selecting the final one. Though only the worthy contenders made it to this list, you must compare carefully to find the tool that matches your personal preferences. 

Besides, you can include these engaging content ideas in your blogs and articles to make them interactive and exciting.

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