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Create a beautiful professional software or infrastructure diagram in minutes…

One of the essential tasks for IT projects leader or architects is to have an application diagram created. It could be either application flow, infrastructure diagram, or software design.

Microsoft Visio is one of the most popular software to create the diagram. However, it costs money, which may not be of interest to small organizations or startups. The following online tools let you create a layout without installing any software.

Ready to explore?


Lucidchart is freemium, and the free plan comes with basic functionality but is good to start with.

You can select from more than 100 premade templates in the following categories.

  • Network
  • Network infrastructure
  • Mindmap
  • Engineering
  • Business analysis
  • Sitemap
  • Org chart
  • Flowchart
  • Wireframe
  • and much more…


Miro is a user-friendly diagram creator with robust collaboration and diagramming features to increase productivity and foster organizational innovation.

The platform, designed for both novices and experts, offers a large selection of editable templates and tools that satisfy a variety of diagramming requirements from alignment to actionable information, such diagramming processes as setting up alignment meetings and brainstorming sessions, building action plans, etc.

Miro makes it simple for teams to easily create, share, and collaborate on diagrams thanks to its user-friendly interface, wide functionality, and comprehensive integrations.

Basic shapes, connections, and flowchart icons are included in its free diagram collection. Advanced features include shape packs for AWS, Azure, and Cisco and well-known techniques like BPMN and Data Flow Diagrams.

Its integration with Jira and Asana makes it easy to create action items and convert them to tickets.

By using its basic capability, you can begin producing diagrams for free in its enterprise-grade security, controls, and compliance, but if you want advanced diagramming, you must upgrade to its commercial version.


You can create one project and five diagrams in a free account with Creately. Creately lets you draw a flowchart, organizational chart, wireframe, network diagram, infographics, and much more.

It’s a complete drag-n-drop, so creating an infrastructure diagram or flowchart is easy. helps you to create a flow chart or any diagram with plenty of shapes to correctly visualize your infrastructure.

There are more than 50 pre-defined templates to get you started in various categories.

  • Go to
  • Select the location you want to save the diagrams
  • Click on “Create New Diagram.”
  • Enter the File Name and click on Create

Start designing the flow by drag-n-drop of shared from the left navigation. If you can’t find the shared, try searching for them.

  • Once you are done, click on File >> Export as

Select the file type you want, and you are done. You see it’s easy, and the best thing is FREE!


Terrastruct is a diagramming tool designed for software architecture.

Unlike other diagramming tools that produce static images, Terrastruct lets you express the complexity of your software designs. You can layer your diagram by the level of abstraction, as well as define scenarios to describe every edge case.


  • Multidimensional diagrams
  • Autolayout
  • Unique integration with Github that turns its README into a diagram presentation
  • Live collaboration
  • Huge icon set specific to software diagrams
  • Password protected diagrams
  • Team features like shared templates and image uploads.


Gliffy is a fantastic drawing tool, which helps you create multiple types of a diagram like Flow Chart, Org Chart, Venn Diagram, Wireframe, Mindmap, Network design, etc. The user interface is similar to However, I see more shapes in color, which is very handy and looks attractive.

  • Go to
  • Click on “START DRAWING.”

Drag-n-drop the required shapes from left navigation, and once you are done, you can export the file as PNG, JPG, SVG, or Gliffy format to your desktop.

Edraw Max

Trusted by companies like Samsung, Dell, and IBM, Edraw Max can help you create visual-presentation in literally minutes. Just choose a visualization element and then add your data via spreadsheets or their simple sidebar. Once you’re done, you can share it on social media or add them to your documents, slides, or website.

They have over 1,000 templates in different areas, like:

  • Flowchart
  • Timeline
  • Infographic
  • Brochure
  • Network visualization
  • Floor plan
  • Engineering plan

It has every single feature required to deliver your message in the form of visuals.


Cacoo is fantastic if you are looking for real-time collaboration with drag-n-drop, grids, and revision history. It allows you to create 25 sheets with a free plan and can export in PNG format.

There are plenty of shapes for almost all the required objects to create a diagram or wireframe.


ProcessOn is another flexible online tool to help you with creating UI Mockups, Mind Maps, Flowcharts, and UML.


Work together with your team to create a flowchart and mind maps using Coggle. Some of the features are as follows.

  • Add multiple starting points to the diagram
  • Upload custom images
  • Annotate text or image
  • Numerous shapes and design elements

Once you are happy with your diagram, you can download them as PDF or image files. And, also export as .mm or Visio files.


As the name says, its primarily mind mapping tool.

More than 10 million users have used Mindmeister for brainstorming, project planning, knowledge management, idea management, notes taking, and more.


Various samples are available to kickstart, creating a diagram. yED live editing platform is fast and distraction-free.


  • Add your branding color palette
  • Add custom data
  • Share with others
  • UML diagram editor
  • Graph structure grouping

yED is also available as a desktop version.


With thousands of templates, tools, and symbols, SmartDraw should definitely be in your radar of consideration. You can create enormous amounts of elements, like:

  • Flowcharts
  • Floor plans
  • Network diagrams
  • Graphs
  • CAD drawings
  • Wireframes
  • And so much more

It integrates seamlessly with third-party tools like MS Office, GSuite, and Trello. Moreover, you can even import, export, and modify Visio files and stencils. Overall, it’s powerful and easy to use.

You can either download SmartDraw on your desktop or use it online from any device.

Visual Paradigm

With a simple diagram editor and central workplace, Visual Paradigm makes it a whole lot easier to create and maintain your diagrams. Since it’s great for keeping things organized, you’re sure to boost your productivity levels and achieve more in less time.

You can collaborate with your team members and build projects under one workplace. Either start from scratch or select from a variety of pre-made templates. You also get over 2,000 examples of diagrams, which can help when you’re stuck and need ideas.

If you are using this tool for a non-profit purpose, then you can get it for free. Or else, it costs only $4/month/user to get started.


I hope the above tools help you to create and visualize your flow, process in an attractive way. If you are new to enterprise architecture, then you may be interested in learning TOGAF.

Next, find out how you can create a process diagram with a Flowchart maker.

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