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In Design Last updated: June 26, 2023
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The logo is something that speaks about the services, values, and aspirations of the brand. The logo is the most prominent and essential part of your business.

Hence it needs to be professional and eye-catching. You can create a logo for yourself, or you can hire a designer for the same. Hiring designers will cost you a little higher, and alternatively, you can do it yourself by using online tools.

Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English–but are great in remembering signs – Karl Lagerfeld

A logo is a symbol or emblem used for public identification. A logo could include shape, image, and text. It plays a great role in brand recognition by telling the story of the organization. Logo designing is a critical job as it has to represent what the organization does. Every company creates its own logo at the time of establishment.

Types of Logo

Monogram logo: These logos are also known as lettermark logos as they consist of letters that are usually brand initials. Some examples are the logos of BBC, IBM, and HP.

Wordmark logo: Wordmark is another type of font-based logo. Instead of initials, it contains the business name. These are most useful when your brand has a unique name, such as Google and Coca-Cola.

Letterform logo: In this logo, you will see only one letter from the brand name, usually the initial. Unilever and Tesla use letterform logo.

Logo Symbol or Pictorial Logo: These are icon or graphics-based logos. The icon chosen for the logo should represent the brand without a miss, such as the Apple, Dropbox, or Twitter logo.

Combination logo: As the name suggests, these logos contain both words and visuals. Brands like Adobe, Mastercard, NBC, and Lacoste use this.

Abstract logo: This is one kind of pictorial logo that includes unrelated graphics. Some examples of these logos are Pepsi and Spotify.

Emblem logo: An emblem logo looks like a badge or seal that has font inside a symbol. NFL and Starbucks logos are great examples of emblem logos.

The following online tools let you create a beautiful logo for your brand & business without writing code or designing it.


Looka is an Artificial Intelligence and advanced learning-based logo maker. With premium designs, AI allows Looka to generate professional logos instantly and at a price cheaper than other resources.

You can create a low-resolution basic logo with a colored background for 20$. A high-resolution logo, along with other benefits, can be made at 65$. It has produced over 1 million logos already.


Looka ensures every generated logo is unique, and you can do unlimited revisions. Try until you are satisfied with the font, color, the design of your brand logo.

Turbologo is a handy logo maker that can be used to create professional and modern logos for any business. The service uses AI technology, thanks to which it generates hundreds of logo variants in a matter of seconds.

YouTube video

The generator has more than 3 million icons, many fonts, colors, and graphics. This is a good basis for a memorable logo. In addition, the service offers a gallery of ready-made logo templates with over 3,000 logo designs to choose from.

The logo development process is straightforward and completely free. All you have to do to create a logo is enter the company name, specify the field of activity, choose the colors and icons, choose the logo you want and download it after refinement. You can download the logo in any format you want.



Known for a variety of services, Placeit has a brilliant logo maker with which you can create your business logo in just a few clicks. You can choose from over 8,000 templates in different industries, carefully crafted by world-class designers. You can then add your name to it, change font, color and customize it totally to make it your own.

The best thing about this service is, it lets you quickly and easily animate your logos in MP4 version, which you can later use on various suitable platforms like Twitch stream. If you’d like to print it out, you can do that as well with the PDF file.

Overall, the Placeit logo maker is super easy to use. If you know how to fill a form, then you can use this as well. It’s that convenient.

Tailor Brands

It is incredibly easy to make your logo through Tailor Brands. Tailor Brands powered by AI generates a new design every 2 seconds. It has over 600,000 customers and has created over 2 million designs.

Logo creation is straightforward – you enter your brand name >> describe your business >> select the log type (icon, name, initial-based) and let the magic happens.


Once your logo is generated, you can change the icon, color, font, layout, etc., and finally, download the high-quality logo images in multiple formats.


Create a unique brand identity for your business with a Brandmark logo maker.


Not just a professional logo, but Brandmark lets you create total branding assets, including business card design, Facebook cover, app icons, letterhead, and much more.

Logos are generated instantly based on your inputs by the AI design system. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can customize it based on the needs and export it in PDF, EPS, PNG, and SVG files.


  • You own the copyright for your logo and brand assets
  • Modify your logo anytime
  • Pay only when you are happy with the design
  • Over 1.4 million images ready to use

So go ahead and give it a try to see how Brandmark works.


Logaster is a professional logo designing service. Logaster has already created over 4.5 million logos. It uses pioneering tools to provide you with authentic logos for your brand.


All you need is a little bit of creativity to design an elegant logo to represent your brand. Logaster is actively available 24 X 7 in as many as 167 countries.

Once you enter your brand name, you get an option to choose the design from more than 100 variants. You can always edit the logo’s font, color & design, and once satisfied, you are ready to use it.

Logaster lets you download high-quality logo images in multiple formats – SVG, PDF, PNG, JPEG.



A very easy tool to create a spectacular-looking logo for your small business, LogoTypeMaker has over 250,000 logos created till now. You can start by entering your business/company information and then choose the most suitable category. After that, you can pick a template, change the background, and every single element to perfectly match your requirements.

Though it’s not a free tool, the pricing isn’t anything groundbreaking at all. You can pick one of their two plans, starting at just €1.99/month when billed annually.

Logo Garden

Logo Garden, founded by a designer expert – John Williams.

Logo Garden offers two types of services. First is a DIY (Do It Yourself) based process, which allows you to generate proficient logos.


In the other full-service custom design program, they take information from their clients and create a design according to their needs.


  • Pocket-friendly: You need to only pay for the services you need. You can create a logo for as low as 5$.
  • Simplicity: Its design tool is straightforward to use. You can select the image around which you want to set your logo around. Then you can change color schemes and add custom text. Also, if you are finding it challenging to generate a logo for yourself, professional services are available.
    Trustworthiness: LogoGarden has adhered to the Design and Graphics Standards and has received and Design Software Certificate of Commendation for aligning its software with core graphic and design principles.
  • Flexibility: You can redesign a logo as many times as you want, even after finalizing a design.
  • Eligibility for Trademarks: You can trademark your logos once you buy them. Once you purchase the High-resolution logo, it belongs to you.
  • Customization: It is highly customizable regarding designs, colors fonts bundled with the font-wrapping feature


Designhill logo maker is a DIY solution to create a custom logo for your website, blog.


You can add icons from more than 25 categories, text, decorate with a pre-built frame, draw a line, and once satisfied – preview and download it. Good thing it’s FREE, so give it a try and see how it works for you.

You can add icons, shapes and change the color, font, layout in a live editor. Once satisfied, download it for web and print-ready formats.



If you’re someone who prefers plenty of choices while making a purchase, then 99Designs is what you’re looking for. You can start a contest where all of the talented designers will come together and deliver logo concepts according to your requirements. From that, you can select your preferred one and pay $299, which is the starting price for running a contest.

If you feel the price is high, then you can hire an individual designer from the platform and take it from there.



With LogoMaker, you can design a custom logo within just minutes. You can choose from over 10,000 templates, slap your business name, change colors and fonts, and tweak it up entirely to fit your needs. They have an exceptional support team that’ll help you at any point in case you get stuck.

Each of their logo templates is crafted by talented and award-winning designers, so you can be sure what you’re getting is nothing short of great quality. They’ve helped over 20 million small businesses create great-looking logos, and you can be the next one.


Featured on Product Hunt, iBrand Studio, and, is another brilliant option that you should consider. You can choose from over 100 pre-made templates and take them from there.

For every logo that you design on this site, you’ll get all the files a hired designer would provide you, so there’s really nothing you’re missing out on. The only difference is that this service is a lot cheaper than hiring a designer. Pricing plans start from just $15.



With their AI technology, LogoAi lets you create beautiful and professional logos, as well as another branding creative. You can edit and download the logos as many times as you want in case there need to be any adjustments in the future.

Whatever logos you create, you can instantly turn them into business cards, t-shirts, bags, and other branding products. Pricing plans start from $29 only.



As with any other service in this list, BrandCrowd also allows you to design professional logos. However, in addition, you can also browse through their catalog of “Logos for sale” and pick one that is already made. All you’ll need to do is a little bit of tweaking to fit your brand in.

Getting started is free and easy. You can enter your business name or search for keywords to find templates to use within your niche.



An absolutely free logo maker, DesignEvo is the go-to service if you aren’t looking to spend anything yet. You can choose from over 10,000 pre-made templates and turn them into your own by entering your name. You can tweak them to the degree that’ll make them 100% unique to fit your brand.

You can choose from a wide range of fonts and icons and export the finished design in SVG or PDF format. Very cool for a free service.



Canva is my personal favorite site for designing various creative, including logos. Most of the graphics and elements can be used for free on this site, but there are some that require you to pay a small amount of money to use it on your logo. I am sure with the number of elements they have, you won’t feel the need to use something that is premium. They have amazing free stuff that looks professional.

You can choose from a huge library of templates, fonts, icons, and whatnot. It lets you customize every single element in it and also save them for future references. This tool is super user-friendly, and more likely than not, you’ll have your professional logo created on the first try itself.

In addition to all of that, you can re-purpose your logo into business cards, brochures, banners, and other designs.

Adobe Express

With Adobe Express, you can easily create your own logo to convey the personality of your organization and instantly place that logo on your website and in E-mail.


Some of its interesting features are as follows:

  • You can create school clubs, Business, and personal logos.
  • An easy-to-understand guide for creating a logo for free.
  • Beautiful typography with professional themes and iconic imagery.

There is a free trial version with the basic feature followed by the paid version with more features for businesses and club logos.


Logopony allows you to create and edit over 30 design assets with a single account. Logopony ensures that all your design needs like logo design, banner design, t-shirt design, coffee mug design, and others are taken care of.


Some of its amazing features are:

  • A single payment allows you to have lifetime access to the designing and download
  • Unlimited edits and downloads for a lifetime
  • Designs for labels, stickers, cards, packaging stickers, and other items automatically using your logo
  • Delivers the items manufactured with your design in collaboration with Vistaprint.


DesignCrowd is a platform that provides you with a market of freelance designers in multiple domains. Along with an elaborate database of various logo designs, DesignCrowd is a hub for over 1 million designers from various industry domains.


DesignCrowd stands out for the below features:

  • One-stop shop for all your design needs – Logo, banner, stickers, signage, car wraps, Billboards, and others
  • Additionally provides Web design services like WordPress Design, Ad design, Blog design, page design, and others
  • A seamless flow of work starting with the creation of a project to delivery of logo by designers

DesignCrowd is free to join for designers looking to grab freelance work. The business owners pay as per the design tasks


Above the premium, logo maker tool should help you to get your business logo design in minutes. However, if you need an expert to design for you, then you may try these Logo designers at Fiverr.

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