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  • Monitor, analyze and visualize all important business data from Google Analytics, AWS, Twitter, Github, etc in a single dashboard

    Considering the increase in a number of tools we have for social media, analytics, etc., it would be time-consuming to log into individual tools dashboard to monitor and visualize the important data.

    If you are spending a lot of time in various admin panel/dashboard then you need some centralized tool where you can visualize everything on one dashboard.

    Are you in need of something like this?

    If you are then the following 8 tools will help you.

    1. Cyfe

    Cyfe provides the all-in-one dashboard for monitoring and analyzing social media, support, analytics, infrastructure, etc.


    There are hundreds of pre-built widgets available for you to use including:

    • Google Analytics, Google+, Google Adwords, Google AdSense, Google Trends, Gmail
    • Facebook, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram
    • WordPress, Shopify, Eventbrite, Fresh Books

    You can download the data in PNG, JPEG, PDF or CSV formats. You can get it started in FREE so go ahead and try yourself to see if Cyfe satisfies your requirement.

    2. Geckoboard

    Geckoboard is one of the most popular live TV and KPI dashboard software to visualize almost anything including the following.

    • Buffer
    • Intercom
    • Zendesk
    • JIRA
    • Hubspot
    • AWS
    • Twitter
    • And much more.


    Geckoboard is used by giant online business like Airbnb, slack, Skyscanner, Netflix, HootSuite, etc

    3. Freeboard

    Freeboard is still in beta and helps you visualize the Internet of Things data in the impressive dashboard. It’s open source and you can get it started in FREE for unlimited data, widgets, and dashboards.

    You can integrate your data with Freeboard with dweet.io or any kind of web-based API.

    Check out some of the dashboards created using Fireboard.

    Air quality – https://freeboard.io/board/538e1374f1776c1c2e000713

    Humidor – https://freeboard.io/board/538e1392f1776c1c2e000714

    4. Databox

    Keep all your business KPIs in one place at Databox. Databox is mobile-first dashboard solution for marketers, executives, and analysts.


    As you can see above, you can connect your favorite data source to analyze and create the meaningful dashboard.

    Databox offers a free plan where you can create 3 data source and data refreshed daily.

    In just a few minutes, I was able to create above beautiful dashboard from my Google Analytics data.


    5. App Insights

    Keep all your metrics in one place with AppInsights. AppInsights provide solutions for marketing, DevOps, analytics, project management, customer support, etc.

    You can have your business data shipped from various sources including the following.

    • GitHub
    • Adobe/Google Analytics
    • HubSpot
    • Mailchimp
    • Pingdom
    • Zendesk

    Creation of dashboard is easy you can hands on with their free trial plan.

    6. Notion

    Collect all your data from your favorite data source and put them together in Notion. As usual, you don’t need to code anything and everything is workflow driven. Notion integrates with slack to bring your data into the conversation.


    7. Traken

    Create Mobile dashboard for business insights, operations, metrics and more with Traken. Traken is made by developers for the developers which let you create a dashboard in minutes.


    With extensive widget library, you can visualize your data in an actionable format in minutes. You can connect any data source over RESTful service. It has integrated push notification to notify and support multiple users.

    8. Tableau

    Tableau is one of the popular data visualization solution provider available on desktop, server and in the cloud. Tableau cloud is self-service in the cloud where you pull the data from anywhere and invite your team to see the actionable report.


    You can also embed the interactive data within another app like salesforce.

    I hope above solutions help you to create actionable dashboard/report for your business.