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In Gaming and Hosting Last updated: March 24, 2023
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CS:GO server hosting platforms help make your gameplay more fun by providing powerful servers hosting the game and delivering incredible performance and functionality.  

The world of video gaming is advancing with outstanding graphics, high performance, and cool features. 

Video games are always in high demand, which increased even more after the COVID-19 outbreak. 

For many people, video games are a cool way to avoid boredom, and games like Counter-Strike are popular among many gamers. 

According to Statista, CS:GO had 1.01 million peak concurrent gamers on Steam. 

Undoubtedly, Counter-Strike is one of the best video games of all time across the globe. 

So, if you want to play it like a pro without lags and downtimes, you need a robust, high-performing, feature-rich server to host your game. 

CS:GO server hosting platforms offer all of that and more so you can be victorious in your games. 

Let’s understand the game a bit, and then we’ll explore the best CS:GO server hosting platforms.

What is CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter game that comes forth in the Counter-Strike series. It was released in 2012 for macOS, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows. The game is developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment.

CS:GO is a tactical game where you need to stay alert every second. It consists of two teams: Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. They play against each other in various game modes. The most popular mode among many people has to be the Terrorists planting bombs in different areas and Counter-Terrorists stopping them from exploding and rescuing hostages captured by Terrorists. 

Every game mode comes with different functionalities and characteristics. It again introduced a new game mode called Danger Zone in December 2018. It features new characters, game modes, weapons, and maps.


CS:GO is objective-based, like other games released previously in the series. It is also a multiplayer first-person shooter game. It has two opposing teams who compete with each other to complete the goal, such as defusing the bomb, securing a plant, rescuing hostages, and more. 

After completion of the short round, you will be rewarded with in-game currency, which you can spend to buy advanced weapons and other utilities for the next rounds. Killing enemies will result in more cash bonuses, while playing it nicely will enhance your power to defeat your enemy and increase your chance to win. 

CS:GO provides nine official modes: 

  • Casual 
  • Competitive 
  • Arms Race 
  • Deathmatch 
  • Flying Scoutsman 
  • Demolition 
  • Wingman, Retakes 
  • Danger Zone 

All these nine game modes offer different functionalities. The Casual and Deathmatch are less serious than competitive modes. 

Valve introduced an offline mode for beginners to learn the use of guns and other weapons. They can learn how to handle guns, the uses of different guns, and the handling of grenades. Therefore, this mode is known as Weapons Course. 

While purchasing weapons, CS:GO gives you five categories of weapons: rifles, heavy weaponry, grenades, submachine guns, and pistols. Every gun has its own recoil pattern, which can be controlled via gameplay features. In this series, Global Offensive introduced unique weapons, including incendiary grenades and tasers. 

Now that we know about CS:GO and its importance, let’s explore the benefits of using a dedicated server for playing the game. 

Why do you need dedicated CS:GO server hosting?

Since CS:GO has been a popular game for many years, players always expect to enjoy playing it the most. But if there is a slight glitch in your game for some reason, you may lose your game. You will feel disappointed because it’s not your mistake but a technical issue that made you lose.

When this happens repeatedly, you may feel your interest in the game fading away. 

The best solution to avoiding such issues, lags, and downtime could be renting a dedicated game server. It can take care of everything, from setting up your server and automatically updating it to securing your server from DDoS attacks. 

Once you rent a server for your loving game, you will look back or feel disappointed with constant lags, crashes, uptime and speed issues, etc. 

Here are some benefits of using a CS:GO server hosting service:

Security Tools

Security is a major concern in every field, including gaming. When you are online performing some task, the risk of a security breach can’t be entirely ruled out. 

While playing continuously for hours, you won’t realize what is happening in your back. But, with a game server hosting service, you will get security tools to mitigate those risks. The providers stay active 24/7 to protect your servers from threats like DDoS attacks and perform periodic patches and updates. 

Awesome Hosting Features

A dedicated server hosting service will offer plenty of features to make your game more exciting and flexible and give you a fantastic experience. 

Whenever you feel like continuously playing the same game, a game server will knock your brain and say, “there are other games too that you must try without investing more”. This means you can switch between available games easily and quickly. 

For seasoned players, servers offer complete FTP access. You can switch between data centers to get the fastest server experience with low ping and latency to enjoy a better experience. In addition, you can customize your server per your needs, use various plugins to enhance the functionality, and integrate it with other useful tools. 

Greater Uptime

Uptime is an essential factor that determines the availability of your game. If you don’t get a decent uptime, your game will be unavailable most of the time, and you end up getting frustrated and paying for stuff you cannot access. 

But if you have good uptime, you can play the game whenever you want without any lag. It will also allow you to play your game from anywhere with the same outstanding performance. 

If that sounds interesting, let’s discuss the top CS:GO server hosting providers. 

Survival Servers

Experience reliable Counter-Strike gameplay with Survival Servers. It offers excellent features and requires little setup to start your server. 

Switch between available locations and games quickly without paying extra. If you are an expert in the gaming world, you will get complete FTP access. You can also set your server custom to restart automatically. 

Survival Servers always amaze you with the latest versions of mods and let you access any steam workshop mods or maps. The in-built game server panel allows you to change locations instantly, modify server settings, and more. 

Furthermore, Survival Servers have the highest single-thread benchmark AMD or Intel CPUs along with high-performing NVMe SSD drives. You will get CS:GO server configuration management tool, server passlocking, and DDoS protection from cyberattacks

Install plugins and mods Instantly and get access to various useful third-party tools. With a custom in-house control panel, you can set launch parameters and receive server status (Restart, Start, Stop, CS:GO version, and gaming status). 

Survival Servers is available in various locations, such as Seattle, New York, Singapore, Dallas, Germany, France, and Los Angeles. 

Host Havoc

Host Havoc comes under the premium game server hosting providers. It features new characters, weapons, and maps to deliver updated versions for you. You’ll get a high network availability and performance with its top-notch infrastructure and data centers across the globe. 

Host Havoc’s data centers are famous for their reliable uplinks. They are located in 10 cities now, providing the most stable and secure uptime, performance, and true redundancy. It guarantees a 99.9% uptime so that your server never lags. 

Your server will stay protected from DDoS attacks, source engine query attacks, UDP floods, etc. Most of the attacks focus on exploiting applications to downfall the bandwidth, but with DDoS prevention, your files and saved games will be safe. You can also secure your server with two-step authentication through Google Authenticator. 

For experienced users who prefer to manage some configurations by themselves, Host Havoc offers full FTP access and web-based file manager access. Host Havoc hosts CS:GO game server on a modified TCAdmin v2 control panel, which is consistent and reliable. 

Get tailor-made templates for your needs and experience installers and unique features. Host Havoc gaming server is built both for power and novice users, which means the interface is quite understandable and easy to use. 

Start at $10/month for 20 slots and set up your server instantly. You also get a 3-day money-back guarantee. 

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting offers quality CS:GO game servers that are 24/7 online so that you can always have fun. It offers unlimited player slots, fast connections, simple configuration, SSD drives, automatic backups, and updates. 

For power users, Apex Hosting provides full access to FTP and file manager. It also protects your server from unwanted attacks with its advanced DDoS protection. Once you are ready with your server, set it up instantly. 

You will get the highest quality and performance-focused game servers that work globally. They have housed their dedicated server hardware in various locations to ensure low latency and lag-free gameplay. The data centers are located in California, Virginia, Quebec, Germany, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Poland, France, Brazil, Texas, and more.

Moreover, the powerful in-built panel lets you make changes in the server settings and modify the configuration according to your needs. Get modpacks instantly with a single click and manage your subdomain for free with Apex Hosting. 

Switch between available games any time from anywhere with a mobile-friendly control panel and world-class CS:GO support. Apex Hosting uses the fastest processors, reliable connections, Linux operating systems, and enterprise-based SSDs. You can also test the performance of each server nearest to you to make the decision. 

Start playing your favorite game with this server hosting at $4.49. 


Fozzy Game Servers is a CS:GO server hosting provider that lets you create your ideal gaming environment. Here, you get all the options you need to personalize your gaming experience, such as setting your own game rules, installing mods, inviting your favorite players, and choosing maps.

In this personal game server, you can play CS:GO with your friends and be the master of your game. Fozzy Game Servers has 3 main plans with a 3-day money-back guarantee, targeting different numbers of players. The most popular CS:GO server hosting plan features:

  • CPU 5.00 GHz
  • 2 GB RAM (DDR4)
  • 48 GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • 24 slots

You can scale up your plan easily anytime you want. You can add more CPU power, RAM, or disk space as your needs increase.

Also, it has a 3-day plan! You can buy it if you need a server for competitions or some light fun playing with friends.


To provide you with a realistic gaming experience, it sets the tick rate to 128 in the server configuration. Fozzy’s CPU is capable of handling 128 requests per second and thus can offer the smoothest gameplay possible.

It is important to mention the modernity and reliability of Fozzy’s servers. It is a direct partner of Dell and purchases modern servers with the Intel processor. Other equipment is also very advanced. This helps protect clients from various types of DDoS attacks.

If you do not understand how to install mods or how to transfer a server, their customer support will be happy to help you.

GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming is a premium server hosting provider for CS:GO, which can help enhance your gameplay. Its intuitive control panel is a powerhouse of functions and features to take your gaming experience to another level. 

The interface contains easy-to-use text input fields and sliders that beginners can easily use. Along with this, GTX Gaming provides advantage tools for power players and supports PC steam versions for CS:GO game server. 

There is no limit on memory usage for any game servers. You can also easily switch between any games and locations without disturbing any game configurations. GTX Gaming uses 4.2 GHz clock speed i7 processors and SSDs to provide an exhilarating gaming experience. 

Every server comes with DDoS protection to secure your files and saved games. The servers are always online, and you will seldom face any lag. GTX Gaming covers various locations, including Los Angeles, New York, Charlotte, Spain, France, Moscow, Sydney, Singapore, etc. 

Furthermore, GTX Gaming updates your mods, wipes, backups, rocket updates, server restarts, server and plugin updates. Schedule a task and let the hosting provider do the rest for you. Renting this CS:GO server will delight you with higher uptime. 

Seasoned gamers can utilize GTX Gaming’s full FTP access and text editors’ to configure servers manually and modify the settings. If you want to play with your friends or want someone to manage the server for you, just create a sub-user and allow them to perform the changes according to your permissions. 

If you are not satisfied with GTX Gaming’s CS:GO server hosting, ask for a full refund within 24 hours.   


DatHost can make your CS:GO game more fun with its features and performance. It is transparent and straightforward that sets up your servers automatically within seconds. It also allows you to change settings and configurations with a single click. 

This server hosting provider houses its infrastructure in different locations across the world, including Portland, San Jose, Dallas, Washington, London, Stockholm, Moscow, Johannesburg, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, and more. 

DatHost runs on the highest performance hardware and uses SSDs for a better gameplay experience. Its servers run on reliable networks to provide the lowest ping possible and a lag-free, low latency, and ultra-fast gaming experience. 

Switch between locations within seconds and allow DatHost to protect your server from DDoS attacks. If you are searching for mods and plugins, you can install both with one-click installers. Get full access to your CS:GO game server and configure it to play on any map and type of CS.

DatHost’s intuitive control panel lets you control your server effortlessly, and you can also do that using their API. It updates CS:GO server automatically and makes it ready for you. In addition, you will get free MySQL, FastDL, a server console, and a web-based file manager. 

Rent your server now and avail yourself of a 7-day money-back guarantee. 


Get a professional CS:GO game server to kill your boredom with RoxServers. It offers a powerful control panel to modify settings, manage your files, change server locations, and perform many other tasks. 

RoxServers provides gamers with a lag-free and low latency experience. It offers 64 and 128 tick rates, which means its game server works smoothly throughout your play (the higher the tick rate, the better. With a low tick rate, your server will be slow). You can also upgrade or downgrade the server tick rate at your wish without losing any data.

You will get open mods and many free add-ons to enjoy a smooth experience. RoxServers can protect your server from unwanted DDoS attacks and guarantee server quality. And high-performance hardware to serve you anywhere. 

If not satisfied with the performance, apply for a full refund within 24-hours of registration. 

Nitrous Networks

Welcome to the home of dedicated and high-performance game server hosting for CS:GO and avail yourself of the benefits. Nitrous Networks utilizes the fastest and latest SSD technology to give you an unstoppable playing experience. 

Complete your payment process and get your game server within seconds. Nitrous Networks protects your servers and files from DDoS attacks through global filtering PoPs. Its network consists of T1 providers and the highest quality network hardware that ensures the lowest latency possible and a stable connection throughout the game. 

The TCAdmin control panel gives you the freedom to control your server easily with its easy-to-use interface. Nitrous Networks offers a rapid service that helps you get online within just a few seconds. 

Nitrous Networks houses its infrastructure in various data centers, such as Amsterdam, Falkenstein, London, Quebec, Ashburn, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Buffalo, to serve you better in terms of network availability and low latency. 

Choose your billing cycle, configure your requirements, take available add-ons if needed, and make CS:GO all yours at $5.60/month.


Rent a game server from ZAP-Hosting server hosting and enhance your shooting skills. Whether you are a counter-terrorist or terrorist, distributing and executing commands is essential. Thus, CS:GO server helps you make the right decisions between various game modes. 

ZAP-Hosting uses Intel E5-2650v4 processors and 328 GB DDR4 RAM along with SSDs to provide lightning-fast performance and massive power for your game. You will get a prepaid option, automatic setup, your own web interface, powerful hardware, and more. 

Moreover, ZAP-Hosting allows you to change settings and be creative. You can add a TeamSpeak3 server to your game server and communicate easily with your team. In addition, manage your product conveniently with the ZAP web interface. 

Switch between any available game if you feel like playing some other modes. For expert players, it comes with full FTP access, and you can send commands using InGame Console. Also, get an online configuration editor for editing server settings. 


Feel the power of using a dedicated CS:GO server hosting and play your games non-stop. The above game server hosting platforms offer top-notch performance, higher uptime, useful features, and improved security without lags and downtimes. Thus, choose any CS:GO server hosting platform and enjoy your gameplay. 

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