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In Digital Marketing Last updated: April 28, 2023
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Do you know the importance of Customer Journey Mapping? If yes, you might be planning to convert leads using Journey Mapping tools. Here is something that can help you a lot.

If you are a fan of quotes, then you might have heard a saying, “You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

The customer journey mapping allows the owners to understand business from the customer’s point of view. They wear different shoes to see how it looks and feels like a customer using a product.

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Consider a map showcasing different customer stages from knowing about the product to buying it, using it, and reviewing it. Customer Journey Mapping covers browsing, comparing, development, and purchasing as a collection of touchpoints and digital channels of customers.

Why customer journey? What will customers gain from the product? What is the customers’ experience – satisfied or dumping it in the wastebasket on using the product?

To understand how it affects the target audience’s lives, these questions are asked for different types of customers, such as a salesman, housewife, business owner, engineer, doctor, chef, etc.

Why Customer Journey Mapping is essential?

The mapping journey helps the companies identify the areas to change, enhance, update, or optimize. The aim is to improve the user experience and give the right message to customers without compromising the quality of the product. It offers a shared understanding of the product for a customer in the cross-functional team.

But why go for the customer journey in the first place?

  • It helps business owners to reach out to the cusomters and increase the sales.
  • Create awareness for users and egagine with them via social media platforms and websites.
  • Addressing major issues that maybe affecting business in negative way.

With this said, here are the top Customer Journey Mapping Tools to watch out for.


UXPressia delivers an exceptional users experience, making it easier for product teams to understand the journey and map it. The customer journey mapping online tool comes with several top features. It offers a real-time collaboration that makes clients, stakeholders, and colleagues work together in real-time.

The omnichannel experience increases user experience at the touchpoint. It is easy to identify the opportunities and desired paths that fit the business requirement. One can also visualize the customer’s emotions and identify pain pointers to understand what the customer feels.

The product trams can also export the experience in printable formats such as CSVs, PNGs, PDFs, and PowePoint files, including brand colors, website links, and logos to ensure consistency. One can even present the journey to others by switching between CX/UX assets while zooming in and out, fitting the screen on the first click, and changing the theme.

The users can easily integrate web analytics when mapping customer journeys using Mixpanel and Google Analytics. Back up the journey maps with documents, videos, tables, images, research findings, papers, quotes, and whatnot.


MappingHero is an all-in-one conversation rate optimization tool for business owners to generate measurable growth and increase their revenue. The tool is packed with several features such as:

  • Dynamic Heapmaps to gain live data on traffic sources, clicks, scrolling activitites, etc.
  • Session Recording to obtain the customer experince on the website.
  • A/B Testing to see what to update next and how much impact can it make.

It is also easy to work with a team efficiently and develop an ideal strategy. It also offers feedback to improve user experience and optimize products accordingly.


Smaply customer journey mapping tool helps product teams explain the look and feel of service and product to the customers. The user experience is well-elaborated and understands the requirements, feelings, and pain points.

It creates a detailed customer journey map with different user personas to analyze the experience of service and visualize the service or product, such as communicating channels, emotions, texts, and images, to name a few.

The product teams or owners can understand every step when mapping out touchpoints and actions into different stages to understand persona experiences. It also makes it easy to highlight significant problems, facts, and ideas to note essential things in the roadmap.

The storyboard empathizes persona experience and connects it with images to understand the specific moments. The aim is to understand user engagement, customer satisfaction, and channel of communication.


Deliver the remarkable user experience using Autopilot for automating actions and messages. The canvas can showcase or highlight everything about the user experience with persona. Using visual marketing automation, one can easily automate user experience or journey.

It makes a personal journey using filters and conditional to understand user behavior and demographics. Along with it, it visualizes the entire user journey, crafting and automating repetitive tasks differently. The repetitive tasks are automated to create tasks, assign leads, tag fields, send notifications, update fields, etc.

Visual journey builders can instantly create customer journeys to automate repetitive tasks and customer experience to deliver multi-channel messages at scale. The A/B testing, AI suggestions, and scrollable history make it easy to start expert templates.


Create journey mapping with Custellence with minimum effort. It offers an intuitive user interface to build a perfect customer map. It also provides service blueprints, user maps, customer journey maps, and experience maps for small or big organizations.

The product team can also easily add cards using the drag-and-drop method and smooth workflow for a smarter journey. It creates empathy and curve lanes with a flexible map structure showing efforts and customer emotions.

The curated icons make it easy to map the user and simplify matching. It uses formats, styles, and icons to create maps and unique image collections into the centric mindset. The product team can easily add files, images, or documents to map the journey using a versatile color palette.


Miro offers several customer journey map templates that can design experience, reasoning behind the journey, and meet customers’ requirements. It provides a visual representation or overview of the service or product knowledge for engineering, development, marketing, sales, and other departments.

The tool provides a personalized experience to users to understand the target audience and know what fits right in. The templates aim to actions, touchpoints, feelings, customer thoughts, and process owners to better understand the opportunities to visualize.


FlowMap is a powerful tool that enhances communication and uses storytelling moments to capture the essence of users. It offers a valuable overall user experience and unlocks a compelling experience to help business owners. It is compiled with several features such as creating a persona, using preset blocks, customizing maps, storytelling, etc.

The teams can leverage premade templates, share multiple maps, and export the files to understand customer journey mapping. The tool aims to identify the problem areas, pain points, to gain the developer’s customer lifecycle. It also enhances communication to get a clear picture and understand user context.

FlowMap has made it easy to build higher customer conversion rates to strengthen the conversion funnel and maximize sales into decision points. It increases retention leading creators and designers to tune the customer lifecycle and tell the full stories. The aim is to define a vision to uncover significant opportunities to build a new product and a better experience.


Understand TheyDo as the modern team’s requirement of customer journey mapping tool. It aligns the teams with standardized patterns quickly and efficiently to scale up the customer journeys. The tool helps create a shared understanding of the customer gaining personas, map insights, solutions, and opportunities.

The tool comes with several features such as drag-and-drop across journeys to create repositories for opportunities, personas, solutions. It captures opportunities and tracks the right trip to cover touchpoints and pain points to unlock hidden links between products, processes, and people.

The tool links customers’ journeys and sees how it impacts the entire organization. It is the cross-team collaboration in the team using custom templates, roles or permissions, comments, live links, and activity.


Milkymap can easily visualize customer journeys to improve, share, and design customer experience. The aim is to strengthen collaboration and build a business with customers. It helps in visualizing customer experience to-the-point intuitive, straightforward, and designs. It can create multiple journey maps easily to create templates, data fields, set up standard labels, and manage users.


The motto of businesses has now become “to build the right product” instead of “to build the product right.” It has changed the priority for business owners to retain customers and ensure they don’t steer away. Customer Journey Mapping is the way to ensure that the right product is the primary focus for business owners. Start your customer journey mapping with the best tool to get the top results.

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