Assess your data center security flaws before bad guys do!

One of the many news we hear in a current digital era is a cyber attack. It disturbs the business, damage the reputation and panic end users.

How do you ensure your network infrastructure is capable of mitigating the cyber attacks?

Those days are gone where you rely on an annual or quarterly penetration test results. In the current era, you need an automated breach attack simulation (BAS), continuous assets scanning and of course protection.

Thanks to the following tools which let you simulate the real attack against your data center so you can review the results and take action. The best part is some of the tools allow you to automate the action.

Ready to prepare for the worse?

Infection Monkey

Running your application in Cloud? Use Infection Monkey to test your infrastructure running on Google Cloud, AWS, Azure or premises.

Infection Monkey is an open source tool which can be installed on Windows, Debian, and Docker.

You can run an automatic attack simulation for credential theft, misconfiguration, compromised assets, etc. Some of the worth mentioning features.

  • Non-intrusive attack simulation, so it doesn’t impact your network operations
  • Comprehensive audit report with an actionable recommendation to harden the web servers or other infrastructure
  • Low CPU and Memory footprint
  • Visualize network and attacker map

If you are a CISO or from the security team, then you will love the report. Its FREE so give a try today.


Threatcare is an efficient tool to validate control, identify the potential threat and provide insights in minutes.

It is a cross-platform application which can be installed on Windows or Linux in the Cloud or premises environment. Threatcare mimics how a hacker attacks your infrastructure, so you know how security controls are positioned. Some of the features you might be interested in.

  • MITRE ATT&CK playbooks with all 11 tactics
  • You can create a custom playbook
  • Actionable reporting
  • Scalable to meet the business growth demand

You can get it started with a FREE plan to run an attack simulation.


NeSSi2 is an open-source, powered by JIAC framework. NeSSi stands for Network Security Simulator so you can guess what it does. It focuses mainly to test intrusion detection algorithms, network analysis, profile-based automated attacks, etc.

It requires Java SE 7 and MySQL to set up and runs.


An adversary emulation tool. CALDERA supports only Windows Domain network.

It leverages ATT&CK model to test and replicate the behavior.

Alternatively, you may also try Metta by Uber.


securiCAD by foreseeti let you virtually attack your infrastructure to assess and manage the risk exposure. It works in three simple concepts.

  1. Create a model – add what all (server, router, firewall, services, etc.) you want to test
  2. Simulate an attack – to find out if and when your system breaks
  3. Risk report – based on simulation data, the actionable report will be generated which you can implement to lower the overall risk

securiCAD is an enterprise-ready solution and got a community edition with limited feature. Worth giving a try to see how it works.


AttackIQ is one of the popular security validation scalable platforms to strengthen your data center security. It is an offensive-defensive system to help security operation engineer exercise, red team capabilities.

The platform is integrated with a vital framework – MITRE ATT&CK. Some of the other features are.

  • Powered by AttackIQ research team and industry security leader
  • Customize the attack scenario to mimic the real-world threats
  • Automate the attacks and receive continuous security status report
  • Lightweight agents
  • Works on a primary operating system and integrate well with existing infrastructure

They offer two weeks FREE trial to try their platform. Give a try to see how well is your infrastructure posture.


Know where your organization stands in security risk exposure. Scythe platform got a powerful and easy to use workflow to create and launch a real-world cyber threat campaign. With the help of data, you can analyze your security endpoints in real-time.

Scythe is offered as SaaS model or on-premises. Whether you are a red, blue or purple team – it fits all.

If you are interested in learning red team activity, then check out this online course.

XM Cyber

XM Cyber offer automated advanced persistent threat (APT) simulation solution. Stay ahead of the attacker.

You can select the target to run and setup on-going attacks and receive prioritized remediation report. Some highlights about the tool.

  • Customize the attack scenario based on needs
  • Visualize attack path
  • Up-to-date attack methods
  • Best practices and policies recommendation


Managing an organization’s IT security risk is challenging, and I hope the above tools help you implement a world-class control to lower the risk exposure. Most of the listed tools offer a free trial, so the best thing to do is give a try to see how they work and go for the one you like.