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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 9, 2023
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We live in a digital era, and having a strong online presence for your brand is crucial.

Digital marketing tools are designed to help you create brand awareness and boost your business.

If you’re running an online business, you probably know that reaching your target audience, either regionally or globally, is not that easy. However, various online marketing tools have been designed to provide you with the right solutions.

But how do you choose the right digital marketing tools? That is a question we plan on answering here today.


Hotjar is traditional heatmap analytics and session recording tool that helps you to analyze traffic data on your website. Through Hotjar, you can see what visitors do on your site and even take notes.

It has evolved lately. Hotjar comes with excellent features like heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion funnels, form analysis, feedback polls, incoming feedback, and surveys. The features work together to help you create a better customer experience on your site to grow engagement and revenue.


Heatmaps help you see the behaviors of your users and understand what they want. They visually represent the clicks, taps, and scrolling behaviors of visitors. You can download and share the heatmaps information with your team members or employees.

The recording feature on Hotjar alleviates all the guesswork since it records all your visitors’ behaviors for viewing and taking notes.  You can also share that info with anyone you want. The conversion funnel helps you to see where your visitors are dropping off to find opportunities for improvement.

The form analysis feature shows you all the details about the forms on your site. You can see the fields that your customers are finding too difficult to fill and how to improve them. The feedback polls feature you understand why your customers are behaving in a certain way.

You can include targeted questions for visitors to get their feedback. You can also get instant feedback from customers through the incoming feedback feature, and the survey feature enables you to learn more about your audience.

The good news is that Hotjar has a free trial offer for new members.


Adzooma helps you to manage and optimize Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Ads efficiently and faster to have the best advantage. The main objective of Adzooma is to make it easier for you to advertise your brand online.

Built with the client in mind, Adzooma helps you save time and energy to maximize profits. It comes with features like intelligent software, powerful suggestions, an intuitive UX, campaign automation, an account management system, customized reports, and a feedback portal.

The intelligent software is designed to serve you better by providing unique opportunities. You get expert suggestions about your business, and all the changes you make are automatically synced with your Ads account.

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The powerful suggestions help to increase your ROI because the data is analyzed 24/7. Adzooma also allows you to adjust your marketing strategies, solve problems, and discover new opportunities.

The intuitive UX utilizes time-saving features to make your work easier. That means you stay in control and choose to execute the suggestions you feel are ideal for your business campaigns.

You can pause or reduce your campaign bids automatically and even receive notifications if the automation is altered.

The account management feature in Adzooma enables you to manage multiple Ads accounts and efficiently connect them to optimize performances. You also get an overview of everything to see important accounts that you need to focus on. The custom reporting feature, on the other hand, helps you to understand data by filtering, sorting, and exporting reports. You can also customize the reports with your logo and layout.

Adzooma is secure, up-to-date, flexible, affordable, and adaptable. They offer a 30-day free trial and 50 percent off for the first three months.


To keep your content and marketing campaigns creative, you should consider using SEMrush.

SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform with over 30 marketing tools. It is one of the best SEO suites and has won many awards.

The platform can help you with SEO, advertising, social media campaigns, content, competitive research, and reporting & management. Trusted by over 5 million marketers, the platform is quite popular.

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The SEO feature enables you to conduct organic research, get organic traffic insights, do keyword research, build backlinks, get analytics, check on-page SEO, audit your site, and check the site engine. That means, if you are a publisher and want to receive organic traffic on your website, SEMrush can help you achieve that efficiently.

The advertising feature allows you to do Ads research. It provides you with a PPC keyword tool, display advertising, Ad builder, and product listing Ads. Therefore, creating Ads has been made much simpler with SEMrush; you won’t have to go through a lot of tedious work.

The Social Media feature can help you create posters and track them. The Content feature, on the other hand, enables you to audit your content and conduct topic research. It has an SEO content template, post tracker, keyword research tool, find related keywords, plus monitor your brand conveniently.

The competitive research feature is where all the magic happens. You can find domain overview, charts, backlink analysis and keywords, traffic analytics, and ranks.

Lastly, the Reporting & Management feature on SEMrush helps you to manage your marketing calendar and reports and generate leads.

SEMrush offers a free trial for new users.


Canva is an online design platform that provides users with a lot of design features and templates to make it easier for them to create beautiful posters, banners, and logos for their business. The Templates section offers design ideas for flyers, resumes, brochures, business cards, invitation cards, and presentations, plus many more.

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With Canva, you can quickly design a logo, and a business banner or poster on the go, since there are ready templates to inspire you.

The Learning section provides helpful information about design, branding, marketing, events, course, photography, and tutorials. This is the section that can take your design skills to the next level.

The good thing about Canva is that it has a free membership plan with over 8,000 free templates, more than 100 designs, and plenty of free graphics and photos. However, the premium plans offer much more than that.


If you prefer using influencers to market your product or services, Traackr is the right option to consider.

Traackr is a data-driven marketing solution specially designed for marketers to optimize their campaigns or investments and scale them efficiently. Basically, it is a CRM for influencer management.

traackr 1 e1593020398413
traackr 1 e1593020398413

The software is ideal for brands and agencies. You can discover influencers, vet them, keep your brand safe, manage your program and campaigns, optimize your budget, benchmark your marketing strategy, and manage customer relations.

With Traackr, you can easily access a large database of global influencers and look for their bios, captions, or content on up to 13 social channels. You’ll identify top-performing influencers in 49 countries, filter them by audience and criteria, and hire the one you feel is ideal to suit your needs. Traackr has intelligent and efficient tools for managing your marketing campaigns.

You also get influencer reports on your campaigns, ROI tracking, and performance. The advantage of using this software is that it’s built to help you scale your business.

They offer reliable customer support and services for their customers, and the software is also easy to use. You can make all your campaigns count by choosing the right influencer.


Engagebay is an all-in-one marketing and sales CRM software designed to make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to acquire, nurture, engage, and convert customers.


It is award-winning software that is trusted by more than 15,000 customers globally.

Engagebay’s marketing automation feature helps you save time since it comes with a form and landing pages, email sequences, automated marketing, and website analytics tools.

The CRM and sales bay allows you to organize all the email contacts your business has and track any ongoing dealings and sales. It provides you with a 360-degree customer view, scheduling of appointments, automated sales, and deals management.

The live chat and helpdesk feature, on the other hand, help you communicate in real-time with your customers, manage customer requests and tickets, automate various services, and see all the email reports.

With Engagebay, you can increase engagement and revenue in your business and build solid customer relationships in the long term. Thanks to the software’s many sales tools, you’ll be able to sell like a pro. Other features included in the software are push notifications, video marketing templates, and influencers.

Egagebay has a free membership plan that allows up to 1000 contacts. Premium plans start from $8.99/month up to $47.99/month.


AdEspresso is another platform that makes digital advertising easy, fast, and effective. If you want to drive faster results from social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google, you should consider using AdEspresso.

The good thing about AdEspresso is that it allows you to create, manage, analyze, collaborate, and learn. You can create campaigns on multiple channels faster and manage them all in one place.


Once you create your campaigns, it helps you to manage them in one place and save time. The analyzing feature provides you with insights about your campaigns only when you require them. If you are running campaigns for your clients, the collaboration feature makes it easier for you to access their accounts and request them to approve your set of campaigns before they go public.

AdEspresso has a learning section as well, where you can get all the information you need to take your marketing skills to the next level. They offer expert Facebook Ads services and have a vast library of courses, webinars, and experiments.

There is another service that they offer:

  • Campaign review – A short 10-minute video that provides tips on how to improve the performance of your campaign.
  • One-on-one coaching – A live 1-hour session offering expert marketing advice from professional marketers.
  • Concierge service – This option is where you let AdEspresso run all the Facebook Ad campaigns for you.

In terms of pricing, AdEspresso offers a 14-day free trial, and their premium plans start from $49/month up to 259/month.


Pitchbox is an influencer outreach, link-building, and content marketing platform for publishers, brands, and agencies. The platform helps businesses in these categories to promote their content conveniently, increase their brand awareness, and grow engagement and revenue.

Pitchbox is trusted and used by many brands like The Hoth, Skyscanner, Outspoken Media, CopyPress, Freshbooks, and, among many others.

YouTube video

With Pitchbox, you can easily find bloggers, publishers, and influencers faster, thanks to their large prospecting files and user-friendly keyword search. You can discover influencers in your niche in seconds; integrate with high-level SEO providers like SEMRush, Moz, and Ahrefs, and work with top-level publishers.

Pitchbox also allows you to customize and personalize follow-up and outreach. Therefore, this can help you save time and money compared to using other methods or platforms. You can customize outreach for your target audience, follow up with prospects, and boost customer response rates.

You can track every step of the outreach through the white label management system on Pitchbox, check client and team reports, and enable your team members to refine your campaign strategy and optimize efficiency to maximize results.


Zapier is a platform whose main objective is to help you get things done. If you run an online business but you mostly have a busy schedule, Zapier can help you automate most of the work and save time. You can create workflows known as zaps and connect various apps to automate all your daily marketing and business tasks.

zapier 1
zapier 1

You can set up a trigger to get notifications when someone registers for an event that you’ve created. When you get the trigger, you can follow up on the people who have signed up or send new email subscribers a welcome message.

All you need to do to set up tasks is to tell Zapier what to do, and it will pull data from your other applications to complete the work on your behalf.

Zapier also allows you to customize your Zaps, thanks to the built-in apps that help you create what you want. You can add multiple actions to automate numerous tasks and create paths known as branching logic, which lets you create many Zaps to satisfy a single workflow.


Hubspot is a platform that provides you with marketing, sales, customer support, and CRM software. The advantage of using Hubspot is that it has tools for everyone and everything you need as an online marketer. You can grow your business without any compromise, thanks to Hubspot. Simply put, it is full-stack software.


Hubspot’s features include the CMS hub, marketing hub, sales hub, and service hub. The CMS hub is flexible for marketers, ideal for developers, and offers the best customer experience. The CMS hub has a drag-and-drop editor, website themes, and SEO recommendations.

When it comes to the marketing hub, you can quickly grow your traffic and convert more visitors. You can run inbound marketing campaigns and scale them appropriately. Features of the marketing hub include lead generation, analytics, and marketing automation.

Every business wants to increase its sales. The sales hub on Hubspot can make that possible for your business. It is software that helps you save time, get deeper insights about your prospects, automate your tasks, and close deals. You can track your emails, schedule meetings, and automate emails.

Serving customers properly and on time builds trust and contributes to the success of your brand. Luckily, Hubspot’s service hub makes it easier for your business to connect with customers, exceed their expectations, and turn them into ambassadors. You can track tickets, receive customer feedback, and have the knowledge base needed to understand your customers.


Video marketing is currently one of the most effective marketing methods. There are many benefits, and one of them is that it helps you reach a wide audience and close more sales.

Animoto is a video-making platform for businesses or individuals who want to create videos to showcase themselves, their products, or services. Animoto can help you create promo videos, slideshow videos, social media videos, Father’s day videos, and birthday and graduation videos.

YouTube video

The video creation platform is ideal for eCommerce businesses, real estate, non-profits, education, and photography. Animoto can help you increase sales, drive traffic, and engage your audience. It has excellent features such as a stock library, photos, and video clips, create anywhere, and a music library.

With the Stock library, you can choose among millions of stock photos and videos offered by Getty Images, which are included once you subscribe to the platform. You can search, drag, and drop the images and customize them according to how you want to edit your video.

You can also add your own photos and video clips effortlessly. You can create a photo video with music and make them captivating. All you need to do is add your photos to the online software and arrange them properly to create a stunning photo video.

The music library is another fascinating feature included in Animoto. You can select a song from Animoto’s vast catalog of thousands of music, choose a template, and then add media to create your desired video. Therefore, creating video campaigns is easy; thanks to Animoto, you can do that on the go.

All in One SEO

All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is a well-known name in the WordPress plugin realm. It was built to assist website owners in optimizing content for search engines. This popular SEO plugin is on the market with more than two million active installations. 

YouTube video

The plugin comes with a multitude of features that will increase your website’s exposure to search engine result pages (SERP). One of its significant features has the capacity to produce XML sitemaps. Thus, your site gets accurately crawled and indexed in search engines like Google.

All in One SEO offers tools for keyword research and analysis.  So you will be able to improve your content for certain keywords effectively. You can choose the keywords that you wish to target and include them naturally and successfully in your article. 

Moreover, the plugin provides different SEO tools for creating meta descriptions, title tags, and canonical URLs. As a result, you can optimize your content for search engines as well as improve SEO performance.

The user-friendly interface of this plugin makes it simple to use, even if you’re completely unfamiliar with SEO. Besides, it provides a variety of customization options, enabling you to adjust the plugin to meet your own requirements and taste. 


If you are looking to grow your audience & brand, then Buffer is your tool. It allows you to manage your social media effectively. Using one simple dashboard, you can plan and publish your content in your preferred channels. 

Buffer Social Media Management Software

With this tool, you can schedule posts on different social media channels at the same time. So, it could be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. It will save your effort so that you can plan and schedule content in advance. As a result, your posts will be published at the right time, giving you maximum engagement. 

Moreover, it also gives you analytics and insights that will assist you in tracking your post’s performance. You can see your high-performing content that is engaging more people. Also, you can review the platforms that are driving more traffic on your site. 

The user-friendly interface of Buffer is really commendable since it is really easy to use for everyone. You can even take your social media posts to the next level using its AI assistant feature. Hence, you can get more ideas, write faster, and repurpose the same post for different channels. 

Buffer does not improve your social media engagement. It also enables you to collaborate with your team. No matter what size of business you have, this could be a great tool to enhance your social media strategy. 


Linktree is a versatile platform that enables its users to share their complete online presence through a single link in their bio. Boasting a user base of more than 35 million, this tool has emerged as the preferred choice for many. Thus, businesses, influencers, and individuals are seeking this tool to promote their brands and engage with their followers effectively. 


Through a customized landing page, you can display all the resources, including social media profiles, products, other more, in a simple and convenient manner. This feature proves to be quite handy for individuals who maintain different websites. Therefore, it removes the necessity of frequently revising and distributing separate links.

Followers can conveniently access users’ TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube profiles by clicking the links on a user’s bio. Adopting this streamlined approach, users can improve their digital marketing efforts by creating a central hub for all their online activity. Therefore, it becomes easier for the followers to engage with the user’s content and enhance their overall online presence.

Linktree provides users with the advantage of having all their essential links in a single location. Furthermore, it offers a variety of customization alternatives, enabling users to personalize their landing page according to their brand image. Users have the option to select from a range of themes, colors, and fonts. Also, they can incorporate their own images and logos.

Moreover, Linktree offers users comprehensive analytics and insights. Thus, you will get information on click-through rates, audience location, device usage, and more. Those data can aid in enhancing marketing tactics and increasing audience engagement. 


MailMunch is a robust email marketing tool that enables users to create, customize,  and automate email campaigns. It’s a suitable tool for both businesses and individuals. The platform offers various functionalities that enable users to boost their email subscribers and interact with their audience. As a result, they can enhance their sales and conversion significantly. 

The platform has been developed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Individuals with no technical expertise can easily design professional email campaigns. There are a variety of customizable templates to create personalized campaigns using drag and drop editor. 

YouTube video

MailMunch offers various tools to help users expand their email lists with the help of AI. You will get a range of customizable opt-in forms that can be placed on websites or social media platforms, along with pop-ups, exit-intent forms, and more. Additionally, the platform has the capability to seamlessly connect with various widely-used e-commerce platforms and CRM systems. 

In addition to its email marketing services, MailMunch provides users with various automation features to simplify the workflow and reduce time spent on tasks. Automated welcome emails, drip campaigns, and autoresponders are some of the tools that businesses can use to cater to their specific needs and goals. These tools can be customized accordingly.

Furthermore, the platform offers users comprehensive analytics and insights to monitor the effectiveness of the campaigns. So users can refine their tactics accordingly. The data encompasses open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and other relevant matrices. 


With Typeform, you can get closer to your customers via lucrative and interactive online forms, surveys, and quizzes. It offers a sleek design with an intuitive interface and advanced customization options. It has become a popular option for businesses, educators, and individuals who wants to engage with their audience in a more meaningful way.


Typeform’s emphasis on user experience is a significant benefit. The platform has been created to offer an engaging and visually appealing experience to users. It offers a variety of customizable themes, fonts, and colors to choose from. Users will get various interactive elements like multimedia content, animations, and conditional logic to make it more engaging with a positive user experience. 

The platform also provides users with a selection of useful integrations. Hence, users can enable the integrations to link the forms to various third-party apps and services. The available tools for managing and analyzing data collected include CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and project management tools.

Moreover, the tool offers a range of analytics and insights to its users. So they can evaluate the effectiveness of the forms and enhance their marketing strategies. The data entails completion rates, time allocation for each question as well as user demographics.

The drag-and-drop interface of this tool allows non-technical users to create advanced forms in minutes. Users can easily get started with different kinds of pre-built forms and templates to meet their specific needs.  

Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO is a comprehensive WordPress plugin for enhancing search engine optimization. It enables individuals and businesses to boost their website’s visibility in search engines. The tool comes with various features to improve web content, meta description, and other components. As a result, the search engine ranking of the site goes up.

Yoast SEO Plugin

With this plugin, users can access a dashboard that is easy to navigate and use. It enables them to optimize their website content for search engines in a straightforward manner. You will get some amazing features, such as XML sitemap creation, breadcrumb navigation, and social media integration to enhance website performance and user engagement.

Another added benefit of Yoast SEO is content optimization, which enables you to analyze and increase content readability. The plugin offers users a number of tools to analyze their text for readability and keyword density. 

Moreover, it provides recommendations for improving the quality of the content. Thus, it is now easier for companies to produce quality and engaging content that is SEO optimized.

You can customize the Yoast SEO plugin according to your distinct requirements and inclinations. This includes the ability to establish numerous focus keywords and tailor meta descriptions and titles. Plus, users can select from a variety of Google Preview alternatives.  


The world is changing, and the sooner we adapt, the better it will be for everyone running a business. The best way to popularize your brand, grow engagement, and increase revenue is to ensure you have a strong online presence to reach a global audience.

Digital marketing tools can help you grow your business efficiently and effortlessly if you put in the work and show customers the ideal and high-quality products and services you offer. The tools, platforms, and software we’ve discussed in this post are high-quality and provide excellent solutions to help you run and scale your business appropriately.

  • Samuel Miles
    Samuel is an SEO and web content specialist. He is known for delivering high-quality content that seeks to make an impact. During his free time, he enjoys reading books, traveling, and socializing.
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