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In Digital Marketing Last updated: September 4, 2023
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Traditional advertising has been a pillar of many successful businesses. However, digital media has taken the world by storm in the recent decade. 

Companies are increasingly employing digital solutions to grow their customer base and build a brand.

In this article, you will discover what digital signage is, its benefits, and some of the best digital signage software to increase brand awareness rather than investing in traditional advertising.

What is Digital Signage?

Have you noticed the giant TV screens in a mall or outside a retail store, displaying videos and colorful photos to grab your attention? Those contents are being displayed on what we call digital signage.

what is digital signage

Digital signage is a screen that displays information in HD images or video form, promotional messages, and various content for various purposes. 

Digital signage is used in many settings – public places, restaurants, airports, retail stores, corporate lobbies, and so on, to offer messaging, marketing, and advertising services. 

Indeed, it’s a powerful medium to influence people’s behavior, enhancing the customer experience through vividly interactive content.

Online and Offline Placement Options Digital Signage Provides

Selecting a proper location to fix digital signage is a strategic decision. You need to consider where your target customers spend most of their time. That will increase the chance of message visibility and engagement. 

There are a ton of factors you must take into consideration while placing the signage like:

  • Field of vision
  • Height of the signage
  • Fonts used

And many more…

But the ultimate thing is to ensure that the message is delivered to your customers the way you intend to. Otherwise, no matter how beautifully designed your information is, it’s still useless to others, even if it’s a strong one.    

Benefits of Using Digital Signage

Print advertising is a thing of the past. It no longer appeals to customers because of its plain and static design. 

On the flip side, digital signage grabs people’s attention with its beautifully designed messages displayed continuously across multiple screens. This helps to drive more traffic to your business. 

Moreover, you can also promote new products and services to your customers, which improves customer experience. 

Thus the benefits go beyond brand visibility and better engagement to growth in revenue and enhanced customer relationships.

Now that you know a little about digital signage, it’s time to look at some software that will help you increase brand awareness.


Are you someone who wants more than just a digital screen for your business?


Jam-packed with features that create a beautiful screen, ScreenCloud can easily amplify the content that matters to your customer.

Built for security-conscious organizations, it allows the secure display of data on your screen.

Talking more about it, ScreenCloud also allows easy integration of existing content from the web or your social media accounts. 

From a notice scheduled for next week to a piece of information that has to be displayed right now, you can manage everything on ScreenCloud with the Live Broadcast feature.

Aside from that, it has many features that can transform a simple message into creating an everlasting impression on people’s minds.



If you want to impress your customers with beautifully designed, engaging content, you might want OptiSigns for your digital screens. 

With more than 500 free-to-use templates, you can create all kinds of content, from informative to marketing. 

Moreover, with OptiSigns, you can simply schedule your content to display at different times in a day, week, or any special event. 

OptiSigns allows seamless connection from your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Google reviews, enabling you to show optimized content on the digital signage.

Overall, it’s reliable and works on all devices like Android TV, Amazon TV Fire Stick, etc.



Yodeck provides affordable digital signage solutions that let you design, schedule, and display your content. 

Like many, its cloud-based digital signage is flooded with many features. Free widgets and eye-catchy layouts are one of the core features that amaze your users with useful content such as weather updates and news tickers.

Enterprise-grade security such as firewall and password policies makes it one of the most reliable tools of its kind. 

Apart from that, its remaining features get your content running on your screens within minutes. provides both hardware and software tools to design, build and deploy your digital signage. You can create an account on its media cloud and start creating content with its templates for free. 

It supports HD videos, weather, live TV, and live Twitter feeds to provide the information that matters to your audience. 

Moreover, it has various other tools to power your multiple digital screens like media players, media servers, media touch, media hybrid, and media start to amplify your presence.

Telemetry TV

telemetry tv

Telemetry TV is a cloud-based digital signage software that can transform your digital screen into a powerful engagement tool. 

It’s loaded with features that help you deliver rich content quickly and build unified brand awareness. Apart from offering remote device management, the SOC2-compliant signage OS ensures industry standard protections of your content.

Moving on, it enables you to create customized apps that live within Telemetry TV. All these make Telemetry a complete digital signage solution to achieve your business goals.



Xibo is an open-source digital signage software that gives freedom to users to create dynamic content. It has an intuitive interface with powerful widgets which you can use to power your digital screens. 

With the schedule calendar feature, you get to choose when someone sees your content. It also offers a wide range of stable player options that support Windows, Android, and Linux. 

You also get constant support irrespective of the CMS you choose to use. Xibo has a dedicated support team, always ready to lend a helping hand in case any trouble arises.



Are you a business owner with limited IT experience and want to achieve greater heights?

Novisign provides a modern way so that anyone can easily create and manage digital signage. It works on cloud-based software that requires no servers or technical IT setup, to begin with. 

The tool’s packed with features like:

  • Digital signage studio
  • Signage widgets
  • Digital signage scheduler
  • Interactive and stable players 
  • Third-party integrations 

All these features make it an all-in-one solution to deliver high-quality content to grab your customer’s attention.

Lastly, it also enables you to create engaging touch screen kiosks for fun and interactive communication.

Play Signage

play digital signage

When it comes to providing digital signage solutions, Play Signage covers all your basic needs. 

The platform offers some simple yet powerful features that show off your brand in the most unique way possible. The beautifully designed editor lets you edit and design the content you want to put out for your audience. 

Not only that, but it also allows easy team collaboration for effective design and management of your content.

What’s more, Play Digital Signage also provides analytics of your running content to keep you informed about what’s working and what needs tweaking. 



SmarterSign offers flexible digital signage solutions for scheduling and publishing content on your digital screens. It supports many great features, from basic to advanced, that make it a standout solution among many.

With hundreds of free and professionally designed templates, you can start creating content that makes you look like a superstar. The software lets you control what and when to display. 

Along with this, it also provides flight information via Smart Sign Flighboard. This is one of the prominent features of SmarterSign, which is used in worldwide airports and lobbies.



Kitcast provides a simple and easy digital signage solution that lets you create, manage and schedule your content on every connected screen. It has everything you need to create an effective digital screen.

Easy dashboard management lets you monitor your content on more than 1000 screens from a single place.

Not only that, but you also get to integrate several widgets such as Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds, and many more to bond with your customers.

With Kitcast, it takes less than 5 minutes for you to start creating powerful quality content for your business.

Onsign TV

onsign tv

Onsign TV is a professional content management system jam-packed with features that let you continuously create and manage your content remotely. Designed to manage all types of digital signage, it’s one of the largest CMS platforms in the world. 

The platform offers some basic features like extensive templates for design and multiple content synchronization across multiple screens and flexible scheduling rules.

Onsign TV is compatible with multiple players like Windows, Android, macOS, and many more, which makes it one of the widely used signage solutions.

In addition, you get all kinds of analytics reports to identify errors and areas of improvement.

Comeen Play 

comeen play

Comeen Play promises smart and innovative digital signage solutions so that both your customers and employees stay better informed. 

It offers a variety of features that meet multiple uses in different sectors like trade, industry, and internal retail communication.

With over more than 60 integrations, you can distribute your content easily and quickly.

It also provides an all-in-one solution for internal communication with easy Google and Microsoft integrations that allows you to manage your internal communication safely.

Moreover, you can also have features that meet operational and in-store communication. 

All these features empower your digital screen to reflect your brand image with personalized content.

Rise Vision

rise vision

Rise Vision offers affordable and simple digital signage solutions to a variety of industries, from schools and universities to businesses. 

Compared to other signage solutions, Rise Vision is more secure as it goes under annual security audits. 

This cloud-based software with powerful integrations like Google Calendars, Google Slides, and many more makes your digital screen much more than a digital flyer. 

With more than 400 ready-to-use design templates, you not only save time but also get more than what you need to start creating content. 

Considering these, Rise Vision is one of the most affordable digital signage solutions available in the market.



Xogo is an easy-to-setup digital signage platform that works fine whether you own a shop or the world’s largest software company. You can start by installing Xogo Manager, which acts as a remote control for all your digital signs. 

Xogo has PosterMyWall as their content partner to help you to explore thousands of 16:9 pre-designed templates to get things going.       

Its advanced scheduling methods provide restaurant owners and event centers to display content precisely during different parts of a day.

All being said, it doesn’t matter whether you are a graphic designer or not. Xogo covers all the basic things you need to deliver high-quality content for your target audience.



Netpresenter is an employee and emergency communication platform that aims to solve various communication challenges to keep your employees better informed, engaged, and productive. 

You can explore features like targeting, which allows you to send personalized content to a specific group or department. You can also gather valuable insights into how your content performs with the statistics feature.

Apart from that, you can also conduct polls and reach your goals with attention boosters to maximize the message’s visibility.

There’s more to Netpresenter that ensures that your employees stay informed and productive securely.



From customizable solutions for brand awareness to customer engagement, Spectrio has everything you need to help you connect your customers with your brand.

Firstly, its engaging digital signage provides eye-catching content and delivers your important messages effectively. 

Secondly, interactive kiosks let customers dive into the brand by providing endless information about it.

Moving on, it also offers many other benefits like on-hold marketing, which allows you to reinforce your brand while your customers wait over the call.

All these make Spectrio one of the most reliable digital signage solutions to boost your customer engagement.

Features to Look for While Choosing a Digital Signage Software

  •  Intuitive interface for content creation and management
  • Content scheduling for specific times and intervals
  • Multiple display support for remote display monitoring
  • Delivering content to target screens 
  • Analytics data reports for tracking performance
  • Security to protect your data and comply with industry regulation
  • Integration support for existing hardware, software, and media files


What Kind of Content Can Be Displayed Using Digital Signage Software?

Digital signage software can display images, text and graphics, videos, interactive content, and social media feeds. It can also broadcast live streams and dynamic data visuals such as charts and graphs.

What Are Some Best Practices for Creating Engaging Digital Signage Content?

While creating engaging digital signage content, you need to choose the right image size, resolution, and ratio. Also, emphasize clear fonts, the right font size, and contrasting colors. Also, select the right dwell time based on the place where the sign is getting displayed.

How Can Businesses Measure the Effectiveness of Their Digital Signage Displays?

To measure the effectiveness of digital signage displays, you can add a QR code in the signage that routes the visitors to a unique web page. Adding unique discount codes and phrases is another way to measure the performance of digital signage displays.

Wrapping up

Gone are the days when you leveraged traditional advertising by sending out flyers and publishing ads in the newspaper. It’s the era of digitalization, and digital signage is the right way to market your brand

Digital signage is more than a lightning display. It is the most effective way to build your brand identity and boost customer engagement.

So, don’t miss out on it and start transforming your digital screens with aesthetic designs and messages that your customers will love. 

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