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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: November 22, 2022
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Modern houses require modern security solutions. A simple lock and key won’t suffice anymore.

When it comes to home security, one thinks of securing only the door while leaving the window wide open for the burglars. According to Safewise, over 3,000 burglaries happen in the US per day and mainly during the day.

This means one has to be vigilant and employ a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. It is essential to understand that security should continually be updated and upgraded. It is high time for people not to live at the mercy of bolts, hinges, and handles. It’s time to turn to more ingenious security solutions like door alarm sensors and window sensors.


Door and window sensors are essentially the same things. These are also called contact sensors. They generally get triggered when someone opens a door or window without authorization. There are two types of door alarm sensors.

  • Door-open alarm – It is activated when an intruder holds the door open for a certain period.
  • Door-forced-open alarm– It is activated when someone opens the door by force.

Window sensors are, commonly, of four types. These include wireless surface-mounted, hardwired surface-mounted, wireless recessed, and hardwired recessed. The Surface-mounted window sensors are made for the exterior window frames and are visible, while the recessed sensors are invisible because they are hidden inside the window.

Purpose of window or door sensor

Purpose of Alarm
  • Ensuring better security for loved ones remains the primary motive for installing door or window sensor alarms, especially for families with kids and elders. One can set the alarm to notify them anytime the windows and doors get opened.
  • Keep criminals at bay with a home security system that includes integration of door and window sensor alarms and provides a monitoring feature. This will help in contacting the authorities, who will check up on the person via phone call to make sure if people inside are safe or not.
  • Peace of mind is extremely valuable. If people install door alarm sensors and window sensors, they will feel more safe and secure in their home. They will worry less when they leave home for work or vacation.
  • Wireless door alarm sensors can be used in different ways. For example, to turn lights on when a door opens, keep kids out of the medicine cupboard, and trigger smart lights, among the above reasons.

Uses and features of these devices

Alert Options

Entrances and exits are the vulnerable part of any home. These are the areas where burglars try to break in. If the door or window has sensor alarms, criminals will find it challenging to get in. This sensor gets triggered when someone tries to open the door or window, and a vibrating bell will resound in the house. The sound can either be a gentle chime or a blasting alarm, which can scare away the burglar.


The best security sensors allow the device to connect to the centrally monitored security. As some brands enable the person to operate their door, they can lock and unlock the door remotely via smartphone. One can even monitor the activity remotely via a smartphone app or other security devices using a Z-wave hub. If someone opens the door, they will get notified on the phone via an app and can also see who is at the door via a security camera.

Rig them

One can also rig the door sensors, like using them on cabinet doors for keeping the kids away from liquor, patio doors for keeping the kids away from the pool, and even office doors for maintaining privacy. People can also use them for their safe, mailboxes, and desk drawers.

Smart Trigger

A person can also place them on valuable items like installing a contact sensor on a TV or a piece of furniture sitting outside the home. One can use it as a smart trigger, such as installing a contact sensor on a closet door that triggers the light on when one opens the closet door. Similarly, when someone showers, it triggers the bathroom fan that draws the moisture away.


For wired sensors, one needs professional installation. However, installation is pretty straightforward for a wireless security system like battery-powered sensors. One can read the DIY instructions to install the device that will tell the person which is the suitable location, set up alarming and disarming behaviors, necessary batteries for the device, and mount the sensors. These are also cost-effective.

Now, let us look at some of the best door alarm sensors and window sensors.

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor is a wireless sensor that lets users know when a window or door is opened or closed. This alarm is operated in any Z-wave network and Z-wave certified devices.

It’s easy to install and comes with a quick start guide to ensure a fast setup. The user will get instant mobile alerts when doors and windows are opened in their house.

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor

The 2nd Gen ring alarm contact sensor is smaller and has increased placement options compared to its previous version.

Preview Product Rating Price
Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen) Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen) $19.99

Ring Alarm can be mounted to doors as well as window frames. It includes two 3V batteries. The Ring alarm contact sensor is one of the best door alarm and window sensors.


Sehomy offers a smart wireless window sensor, real-time alarm, and Wi-Fi door sensor. It is a smart detector. When a door or window is opened or closed, the sensor will push instant notifications to the smartphone. It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. There is no hub required with this system.


Sehomy has a feature of alert message push that protects the home with open/close door detection. It also displays a low battery warning and reminds the user to change the two AA batteries.

The Sehomy sensor is easy to install. You only need a 3M glue to fix it on any property door.

YoLink is a four-door/window sensors & hub kit. It is powered by LoRa technology. Its long-range coverage enables its use in basements, sheds, outdoor porch/patio areas, sheds, free-standing garages, and even remote outbuildings on the property.

The user will receive real-time early-warning notifications in the form of smartphone banner alerts, limited SMS/text messages, and emails.

YouTube video

The device consumes low power, which means batteries last over five years with some drainage in them in between. It also allows third-party integration like Alexa and IFTTT. The open-remind feature will inform users that doors or windows have been left open for too long.


The Cove Door/Window sensor protects the home’s most common entry points. The setup takes minutes as it contains neither wires nor drills. On top of that, there are no tedious Wi-Fi configurations or set up calls. It’s so easy to use that any naive can do it. One has to place the large piece on the frame and the small piece on the door or window using the adhesive backing.


With Cove’s professional monitoring plan, one can get notifications sent straight to their phone when doors and windows are open. It’s compatible with window and door styles.

No products found.

It’s completely wireless and self-tests every hour about the security measures which are pre-defined. It also connects directly to the Cove’s touch-screen panel via radio frequency. It has a Lithium-powered battery.


Wyze is a home security system entry sensor that provides window and door entry protection. This device requires Wyze Home Security System Core Kit. The user must place the Wyze Contact Sensor on doors or any ground-floor windows. They will be notified if the door is open or left open for long.


Wyze is fully wireless and has 18-month long battery life. It requires 1 AAA battery and this entry sensor works well with Alexa routines. It accurately detects if the door or window is open or close or has been left open and pushes instant alerts to the user. Wyze door alarm sensors and window sensors currently retail at $29.98.


Aqara Hub requires a secured Wi-Fi network connection. It connects all Aqara devices and allows seamless integration across Aqara’s sensors and home automation devices. It controls the connected lights of other appliances from the smartphone. The user can set schedules, timers, and scenes through the Aqara Home app to help manage the home quickly.

YouTube video

Whenever the door or window opens unexpectedly, the Aqara Door and Window Sensor will alert the phone and activate the local alarm on the Aqara Hub.

No products found.

The Aqara Hub makes Aqara devices compatible with a wide range of innovative smart home ecosystems and voice assistants. The supported devices are Apple HomeKit, Google Assistants, Alexa, Mi Home, and IFTTT.


X-sense is an entry sensor with an open/close door and window detection feature. It has up to 10 long years of battery life. With its instant app notifications feature, users can know of any break-ins.

It always stays connected to the base station within all house sizes, including gardens and outbuildings with a range of up to 1 ¼ miles in the open air. It works well with Google Assistant and Alexa.


Furthermore, it’s easy to install as well. The user can install the X-sense entry sensor in a couple of minutes by simply sticking it on the door or window using the provided mounting screws or foam tape. It fits all types of doors and windows.

Eve HomeKit

Eve HomeKit is pre-enabled for unparalleled ease of use and advanced security operations. It will run in a flash with a quick & easy setup. There is no need for a bridge or gateway. One can check the door or window and see the current open/closed state at a glance from their software.

YouTube video

The user will get activity notifications and automatically activate other HomeKit-enabled accessories, i.e., HomePod mini, HomePod, or Apple TV. It also supports Bluetooth and thread.

This door alarm sensor and window sensor ensure 100% privacy. There is no eve cloud, no registration, and no tracking while using this Eve Home Kit.

GE Personal Security

GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarm includes four window and door alarms, each with three adjustable settings, i.e., off/chime/alarm. Its loud 120-decibel alarm sounds when the door or window opens and help deter intruders and alert residents. It’s pretty easy and convenient to install. It requires no wiring, mounting hardware, or instructions.

GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarm

However, this product is only designed for indoor use. The user can quickly check battery life. It includes 4 LR44 batteries for each alarm.

This alarm system is perfect for home, garage, apartment, dorm room, mobile home, and office. It even comes with a 90-day limited warranty.


Wsdcam is a door and window alarm for the home. The door/window alarm effectively deters thieves by a 110dB loud alarm and prevents children and pets from going out of the house without notice. The window alarm sensors come in four modes. It includes on/off settings and General Alarm, Constant Alarm, Closing-door Alert, and Doorbell mode.

YouTube video

The users can easily set the method according to their needs. It is excellent for home, garage, R.V., warehouse security, kids’ safety, and even freezers and refrigerators.

Wsdcam is a wireless alarm of high quality and small size. It has a simple peel-and-stick installation and also has low battery consumption.


When choosing intelligent security solutions, you need to install only those latest products that use advanced technology, have a good maintenance service, are easy to set up, and do not give frequent false alarms, among other features.

The door alarm sensor and window sensor need to integrate with the central home security system and should be able to support other smart devices such as Apple, Alexa, and Google Assistant. It should provide various other functions along with its primary function. It should work well with a home lighting system and be able to rig homes’ safe, mailboxes, and desk drawers.

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