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10 Employee Management Software for Small Scale Businesses

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Employees are the prime movers of your business. Using employee management software offers an efficient way to manage your employee affairs effectively while ensuring employee satisfaction.

Keeping employees happy is one of the important aspects of growing a successful business. If they are happy, they can work with more dedication, productivity, engagement, and a sense of ownership.

Although you can use manual means to manage your workforce and cater to their happiness, it can be time-consuming, repetitive, and tiresome.

Employee management tools can solve this problem.

They offer impressive features to automate processes, and you can save time and effort without errors. Using the tool will make it easier to manage your workforce whether you work on-premise or remote.

It can also help you track and handle everything, from hiring and firing to retention, payroll to appreciation, attendance to leave management, and so on.

Let’s understand a few things about employee management in detail before we discuss some of the best employee management software for your business.

What is Employee Management?

Employee management combines processes, tools, and strategies to manage employees and streamline tasks related to human resources in an organization. It aims to help you achieve your goals and enables your employees to perform at the best of their abilities.

To make employee management easier, faster, and practical, there are many tools available in the market called employee management software. These tools efficiently track everything, from recruitment and payroll to attendance, talent, performance management, and more.

Features of employee engagement software:

Employee management software comes with some standard features, such as:

  • Recruitment: Finding the right candidates, hiring them, and managing them.
  • Employee database: The software can store employee data accurately such as bank credentials, contact information, address, job role, salary, etc. Even the employees can access them to make changes wherever applicable and authorized.
  • Employee engagement: This ensures your employees are well engaged, happy, and performing their best by helping you understand their needs and addressing their concerns. It also increases the chances of them sticking around longer and even if they leave, there are higher chances of retaining them.
  • Performance management: You can collect performance reports for analysis and understand where your employees excel and need improvements.
  • Time and attendance management: Employee management software helps you track your employees’ attendance accurately and prevent inaccuracies in your payroll. Similarly, time tracking simplifies timesheets and also contributes to accurate payrolls.
  • Leave management: This feature lets you view all the leave details of your employees. It also allows employees to plan their time offs, track their leave balance, request for leaves, and access leave policies.
  • Payroll management: This feature lets you manage payroll on time with efficiency and in accordance with taxation as well as industry and compliance laws.

Why is Employee Management Software essential for businesses?

Using employee management software makes everything easy, such as payrolls, attendance, talent management, performance assessment, hiring and firing, and so on. They streamline the overall process and help your employees know their performance, access information, and be encouraged to do their best.

Here are some of the many benefits of using an employee management tool.

Accurate and faster payroll

Payroll management is critical for every organization, irrespective of its size. In addition, the process must be under the company policies, compliance regulations, and tax rules. Although you can do it all manually, it would be time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. Not to mention, even a small error can result in big losses.

An excellent solution to these problems is using an employee management platform. It will calculate each employee’s payroll accurately while adhering to rules. Plus, it will help you automate the process so that you can do more in less time without errors or difficulties.

Happy employees

Keeping customers happy is essential to ensure your business remains successful and reaches new heights. Using an employee management tool will help you establish a good work culture with access to information, keeping them engaged, rewarding them for good performance, and enabling payroll on time with accuracy.

All these can keep your customers happy and give a more sense of ownership and trust in your organization for the longest time. And even if they leave your organization for any reason, they will still have many reasons to part ways with no regrets.

Increased workflow efficiency

Through automation, employee management platforms allow managers to track employee attendance, leaves, timesheets, performance, and other aspects. They can also process payroll on time and ensure everyone is engaged and compensated well while providing a good work environment. This saves time and effort and lets you do everything effortlessly while increasing employee productivity.

Stores data securely

Securing data in the era of increasing cyberattack is difficult. Attackers are looking for ways to hack in and steal your business and employee data, including sensitive ones like bank information, credit card details, license numbers, social media passwords, phone numbers, and so on.

And if you don’t have ways to protect the data, it can be devastating for your business. It may invite various security and compliance risks in addition to lost employee and customer trust.

The excellent news is employee management software comes with many security measures like solid data encryptions, two-factor authentication, etc., to protect your data.

Remote accessibility

You don’t have to worry about where you operate your business from. Instead, use employee management tools to access employee management remotely using a cloud-based solution. It will make it convenient and faster to manage your tasks.

So, are you ready to embrace all these benefits?

Check out the best employee management platforms for your organization.


Manage your employees, payroll, attendance, etc., using a single platform – Rippling and simplifying your HR and IT work. It provides a unified workforce platform and has the capabilities you need to run your workforce from HR to IT.

Rippling lets you automate and control employee operation in a single place, from onboarding and offboarding to everything in between. You will get advanced HR features and tools to run your global workforce. In addition, it gives you the flexibility of customization based on your company’s needs and processes. 

Rippling can integrate with over 500 applications, including Slack, Office365, and a lot more so that you will never lack behind in any means. You can automate every workflow from the single-step job to multi-step tasks in the Rippling platform. 

Generate offer letters, run background checks, add people to your payroll, enroll them in health insurance, assign sexual harassment training, and more. With Rippling next-gen workflow automation, you can set up applications and computers within 90 seconds.

Deploy best-in-class security across your devices and applications in minutes. Additionally, toggle on the security feature, such as SSO, and customize the same to fit your needs. Rippling brings HR and IT together so that you can have all the records of employees in your system. It offers:

Take a free tour and experience the features in a close look. 


Manage, train, and communicate with your remote employees with Connecteam. It is easy to scale, customize, and use and offers multiple solutions in a single place. You will get features like employee time checks, employee scheduling, checklists, forms, employee task management, and HR management. 

Get everything you want according to your business needs, from managing time to payroll with paper-free work. The tool helps you simplify your workforce communications and keep them on the same page. Your HR department can leverage many tools to keep employees motivated, compliant, and engaged.

The admin tool is your mainframe to check what is happening using the detailed report. You can add features, create content, modify admin access, supervise every employee, run reports, and perform other things from one place. In addition, you can measure and track everything in your organization and use the same data for taking necessary actions. 

Connect this software with various applications you use and make your work easier than before. Run it free for the first 50 users, including job scheduling, unlimited checklists, forms, templates library, task management, real-time clock-in and out. You can avail of more benefits with a higher plan of $39/month for 50 users and $0.5/month for an additional user.


Get the perfect employee management solution with ADP and make your work easier with its excellent features. It provides reliable, secure, faster, and simple solutions to manage your entire workforce with ease regardless of your company size. 

The tool helps you focus on what matters while leaving the rest to ADP with its best-in-class solutions so that you will never feel left behind in this modern era. It will help enhance employee performance and processes such as payroll, HR services, retirement, health insurance, benefits administration, talent acquisition, and workforce management.

ADP integrates with major business software to give everything, starting from financial systems to ERPs. You can use ADP API to integrate your favorite tool, connect it with ADP, and begin sharing data automatically.

Define the number of employees, select your role, choose what you are looking for, and get your quote. 


Run your business with Justworks and get expert support for benefits, compliance, HR, and payroll. It can take care of tax withholdings and benefits deductions and add robust time tracking for a seamless payments process. 

Get access to top-quality dental, vision, medical insurance along with savings plans. You will get many perks for your employees at a very affordable rate. In addition, you can manage your entire workforce from a single platform without maintaining any spreadsheets.

Justworks provides an HRIS tool for you to manage online onboarding, pre-built reports, attendance, PTO management, and more. Make your tax session much simpler and less stressful with this tool. Whether you prefer email, chat, SMS, Slack, or phone, Justworks is always available for you to offer full support.

Talk to real people to get the things you want and make your first impression awesome by showing your company policies in the dashboard. You can choose the perks and benefits you want to offer your eligible employees without manual paperwork. 

Allow your team to receive automated notifications and understandable breakdowns of their deductions. With Justworks’s geo-location tracking facility, you can track your employee work time. It also integrates with automatic reminders, overtime alerts, shift scheduling, and more.

Choose the best plan that suits your needs and get the tools you need to manage your workforce. For less than 25 employees, the price starts at $49/month/employee. 


Get all-in-one HR software for your organization to manage your global workforce with BambooHR. It collects all the employee information that you have gathered and organizes it all so that you can achieve deeper insights.

Whether you are building culture, preparing compensation, or onboarding new employees, BambooHR gives you perfect insights to focus on essential things. It is built for both businesses and employees to enhance overall performance.

Manage every employee’s information accurately and quickly with BambooHR, eliminating data leakage due to manual spreadsheets and reports. It stores all the information in a single, secure database with editing capabilities and powerful reporting tools. 

With BambooHR, managing data is faster, secure, and time saver. You can keep employee records, maintain workflows and approvals, view reports, and experience and learn with the BambooHR dashboard.

Start your 7-day free trial today and get hands-on experience on the platform. Sign up for free.


Paychex offers HR, benefits, payroll, and more for the modern workforce and workplace. It helps manage global employees with confidence and create a productive workplace, whether onsite, hybrid, or remote, with ease. 

This tool will enable you to maintain a better company policy and allow each employee to see the policy clearly while onboarding. Paychex provides all-in-one payroll solutions, compliance experts, knowledgeable support, and other useful solutions for your business. 

This tool is great for solopreneurs, small startups, medium-sized businesses, and enterprises. It will help you save your time and effort in maintaining all the records. It will also contribute to employee focus, productivity, and development. 

Define the number of employees, your preferred services, and your business location to get the right solution based on your needs.


Workpuls provides employee time tracking and monitoring solutions. It will ensure that your remote employees are working correctly with an accurate and simple time tracking feature. 

Track their every move, from in and out clocks, break time, frequency of their breaks, and what they are doing, to how productive they are, what they are using, and how much time they are spending on which websites and applications.

You can categorize each application and website into unproductive or productive and see reports and charts of their productivity. It provides you screenshots of your employees’ screens to adjust the frequency. 

Workpuls can manage projects by breaking them into smaller tasks. Once you assign, you can set priorities to let them know what work they have and how much time they can take. Increase your profitability and improve project quality easily.

Learn the simplest solution today and take a free trial.


Empower your workforce with Zoho’s employee Management application and surpass your goals and company’s productivity. It provides a reliable and secure solution for maintaining balance among employees in your organization.

Make your everyday tasks easy, simple, and quick. Zoho stores all your employees’ information in the cloud so that you do not need to do hardships with spreadsheets. Just enter recent data and use it on any device from anywhere.

Give your employees freedom with personalized portals to view their profile, raise asset requests, enter preferences, apply days off, and more. You can track their activity with an easy-to-use dashboard that displays every detail. In addition, employees can access the dashboard from their portal to stay updated on your organization’s happenings.

The solution enables your managers to approve/reject requests with just one click. Additionally, employees will get updated information or alerts with Zoho’semployee management solution to enjoy more power and flexibility. It also integrates with other Zoho products to cover all basic needs.


With modern benefits, payroll, and HR solutions, stay ahead in your business with Gusto. It allows you to manage your entire workforce in a single place. The all-in-one people platform lets you hire, insure, pay, and support your employees.

The tool provides employee benefits, time-attendance solutions, talent management, hiring and onboarding, a full-service payroll system, insights, and reports. Get all the tools you need to perform a productive operation and monitor each employee activity from clock in-out to breaks. Gusto automatically files your taxes, identifies tax credits, and helps with compliance to save money and time. 

Your employees will receive financial and health benefits as perks of their joining. With the more effective way of hiring, you can welcome the right candidate to your team at the right time. You can also track your employees’ performance and get tools for training, development, reviews, and more.

Use employee feedback surveys, workforce costing, and compensation tools to build a fantastic workplace. With perfect insights and actionable data, you can enhance employee performance.

The price starts at $39/month for small businesses with simple wages and pay schedules plus $6/month per person.


Do not spend too much time managing your employees’ activities. Let Zenefits do that for you so that you can focus on other business matters and stop dealing with manual spreadsheets. Zenefits has all the necessary tools your business needs to manage employees, from onboarding to PTO tracking.

You will get charts, reviews, and more to improve performance and productivity. It gives many benefits to your employees, from healthcare benefits to many perks like a commuter benefit.

Pay your people faster and the simplest way by tracking their leaves and working hours. It simplifies tasks and streamlines your workflow by connecting benefits, scheduling, payroll, and HR in a single platform. It also automates compliance tasks and tax filings for you.

Furthermore, the build-in safeguards secure accidental mistakes and ensure you will never miss any deadline. It also helps you improve your employee experience and productivity at a time. Say no to errors with the digital platform and stay on the top and work independently from anywhere and any device without thinking about manual spreadsheets. Stay calm as all the information are safe with Zenefits.

Start with a basic plan of $8/month/employee.


Employee management software offers increased efficiency, keeps your employees engaged, encourages them to do their best, and handles your complete employee management process from hiring, payroll, attendance, and performance to retention. Thus, use the best employee management software from the above list and enjoy its benefits. 

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