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  • Email has been the harbinger for all types of communication in every business. No one can ignore or sacrifice the reliability, economy, and mobility of the messages received in their inboxes.

    The first thing that pops to mind while speaking about email is popular services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. While they all are great for sending and receiving web messages, they have a common drawback.

    They don’t provide end-to-end encryption to protect messages in transit.

    It’s not a significant problem with any casual messages you send. However, the problem arises if your communication includes sensitive information like social security, credit card, account numbers, or other top-secret company data.


    It’s because all it takes is a single slick to expose this sensitive information. This is why email encryption is so important and should be a part of your business security plans. Sending a secure email is different than anonymous emails.

    What exactly is email encryption?

    Email encrypting is nothing but the conversion of email messages into a secret code to prevent unauthorized access and better privacy. It’s done to protect your sensitive content from being read by other entities except for the intended recipient. It may include authentication.

    It’s necessary because most messages are transmitted in a clear form. There is a chance of other people than the designated recipient using specific tools to read its contents. You can understand its implications better if you picture it as an algorithm poking and prodding through your sensitive data like love notes and doctor appointments!

    Email encrypting uses public-key cryptography, where users use a public key to code messages. They, however, keep and use a secret private key to decrypt the messages. Private keys digitally encrypt and sign messages before sending them.

    Benefits of email encryption

    Now you know the importance, read the following main benefits.

    Protects private information

    With so much private, sensitive and secret information exchanged over messages, only the intended recipient must see it. Remember, even your ‘secret password and username’ can be easily accessed and stolen by hackers.

    An email encrypting server prevents hackers from decrypting this secret information and misusing it.

    Affordable security

    There is no need to buy any additional software or hardware. There are so many services that can be trusted to secure your information at a cost-effective rate.

    Follows regulations

    Many industries have their rules to be followed when it comes to communication. For example, a patient’s information should be kept confidential and not shared without the patient’s consent. So a hacker getting hold of the information will be considered a violation. Encrypting emails helps prevent these documents from falling into the wrong hands.

    Popular secure email services

    Now that you know their benefits and why you should use them instead of standard providers like Gmail, you naturally want to know more about the available options.


    Hushmail is a popular, secure email provider based in Vancouver, Canada, launched in 1999. It, with its Delaware US-based parent company, has an excellent reputation for providing reliable mail functionality.


    • OpenPGP encryption
    • State-of-the-art encrypting  methods
    • Unlimited mail aliases to mask the online identity
    • IMAP, POP support
    • Imports compacts from CSV file
    • Auto-responder and spam filter
    • Able to send encrypted emails to other providers

    Hushmail offers a special solution for businesses like healthcare, law firms, and small businesses to comply with HIPPA requirements.


    Protonmail may be a relatively new email service based in Switzerland. Today, it is the world’s largest secure email provider, with millions of worldwide users using its best security features. You can use it over a web browser or using a mobile app on Android and iOS.


    • Robust encrypting with advanced security features
    • User friendly and supports third-party clients
    • Advanced message sending options
    • Assured anonymity

    You can get it started for FREE.


    Tutanota is a secure email service provider launched in 2011 in Germany, which has strong privacy laws. It is a serious and reliable service run by a team of privacy enthusiasts. They plan to become the privacy-respecting Google alternative with their encrypted calendar, cloud storage, and notes.


    • Anonymous signup without phone number or any identifiable data
    • It uses a hybrid encrypting system instead of a PGP
    • Protected by the GDPR and other pro-privacy EU regulations
    • Encrypt even subject line and address book and store in German servers
    • Strips emails of IP address to prevent logging
    • Sends encrypted emails to even non-Tutanota users
    • Custom folders help organize messages

    There are no ads, even in the FREE plan.


    Mailfence is a fully dedicated, privacy-focused webmail service provider based in Belgium and has been following Belgium’s strong privacy protection law since 1999.

    It provides users with deserved security through end-to-end encrypting. The browser-based service’s two-factor authentication system adds additional safety to your account with zero trackings of personal data.


    • Encryption with digital signatures using OpenPGP keys
    • Supports all popular mail protocols like SMTP, IMAP, and POP
    • Spam blocker
    • Includes calendars, document storage, and contact management
    • Show authorship through digital email signatures

    If you are looking for a business purpose, you may want to for a paid plan that offers emails on a custom domain.


    Zoho mail is a great platform offering powerful features perfect for business and personal use. With the powerful control panel, you can configure and set up your organization’s email policies.


    • Automates tiring tasks and creates rules for managing incoming emails
    • The advanced search helps to find messages quickly
    • The scrub feature helps delete or archive webmails in bulk
    • Selects specific folders for notifications
    • Create reusable mail templates
    • Control and manage specific team members’ mailbox access
    • Highly secured data centers with physical security and DDOS protection
    • Unlimited groups with attractive collaboration features

    You can read and send emails using mobile apps or on the web. Zoho offers an enterprise-ready solution.

    Useful email encryption tools

    It’s not only encrypted email providers that prevent algorithms from poking into your sensitive data and information. There are also quite a few tools to use with your existing email services.


    Mesince is an email client for Android, iOS, and Windows. It is programmed to automatically configure a free encrypting certificate for its user to code every outgoing message. It ensures internet communication for optimal online privacy protection. Only the recipient with a private key corresponding to the public key can decipher and read the message. Anyone without the corresponding key only sees jumbled text.


    Preveil Email works with Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. Email content and attachments are encrypted on your device, which is decrypted only on the recipient’s device. If you wish to use their mobile app, then you take advantage of instant notification and biometrics authentication. But no worries, if you can’t, you can use their web version.


    CipherMail was formerly known as DJIGZO and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is an open-source centrally managed mail server that codes and decodes emails at the gateway.

    It is an android application that sends and receives S/MIME digitally signed and encrypted messages through an Android smartphone.


    • Supports S/MIME, OpenPGP, PDF, and TLS encrypted email
    • Hardware security module (HSM) for additional privacy
    • A built-in certificate authority (CA)
    • Integrated data leak prevention (DLP) module prevents information leaks
    • Generates self-signed certificates for private PKI


    Mailevelope is based in Germany; It securely protects your sensitive data to ensure no unauthorized person, even the provider, reads any data in transit. You can use it to send messages with your current email address securely.

    It’s an open-source solution, and you can get it started for FREE. However, you may want to go for a paid plan for a business if you are interested in integrating Google Workspace, GDPR compliant, support, etc.

    That’s about it.

    You, by now, know all about email encryption and its benefits. You also know about the different options to send secure emails. So there now shouldn’t be any other reason for you’re not considering shifting to using encrypted emails for added privacy too!