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7 Essential Cloud-based Load Testing Tools

7 Essential Cloud-based Load Testing Tools

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Do you know how much load your website can take concurrently?

Check out with these tools to perform a load test on your site.

Knowing your website capacity is essential for your online business. The fact is we put a lot of efforts in designing, securing & SEO but often forget to know how many concurrent users can be served without compromising the website performance.

The following tools will help you to find out some hits your website can take before it dies or degrades the performance.


Load Impact


Perform real-time testing with 25 virtual users for 5 minutes in free account with Load Impact.

This will give you an idea how your web application behaves when you have 25 concurrent users and also given you usage report of CPU, Memory, Disk I/O, Network I/O.

A sample graphs generated by Load Impact.


Flood IO

Flood IO is a cloud-based performance testing service where you can upload your JMeter, Selenium test plan or build your test using their GUI.

The good thing about Flood is you can generate load test with unlimited concurrent users in free plan with few limitation.

Considering unlimited concurrent users, you can use Flood not just for website performance testing but many other like DNS load, API, etc.

You get a real-time timeline of load test with concurrent users, response time, network throughput, latency, transaction metrics.



Loader lets you run a load test for one minute with 1000 user request in the free account. Not bad to run against 1000 users in free. offers an option to configure a number of requests, error threshold for a timeout, request method like GET/POST, Protocol like HTTP/HTTPS, Headers, Body Parameters & response variables.


Load Storm


With a free account, Load Storm allows you to stress test against your web application with ten users for 10 minutes.

I know ten users are very less for load test, but if you are looking to see the test in action and understand the metrics, then it’s not bad at all.




If you love Jmeter, you must try Blazemeter. Setting upload scenario properties is very easy and allow you to test from Ireland, Virginia, California, Singapore, Oregon, Sydney, Tokyo, and Sao Pulao.

In the free account, you can perform load for up to 50 users and end of the test; you will get test summary, load report, monitoring, logs, errors, etc.


Load Focus

Perform test with 500 concurrent users with a free account from either US or Ireland location. Load Focus also has an option to perform website speed test and monitoring.



OctoPerf is a SaaS-based performance testing tool powered by JMeter for the web, API, REST & mobile app. You can design, monitor, execute and analyze the website perform through a web browser.

Each test comes with an option to download the beautiful report where you get the following.

  • Test/statistics/results summary
  • Hits rate and response time
  • Request details
  • Response time breakdown
  • Average response time
  • Throughput
  • Error details

I hope above online services help you to perform the load test on your website for better capacity planning.

You may also be interested in learning JMeter for performance and load testing.

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