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Launched quite recently, Factorio is getting a lot of buzz in the arena of video games. It already has a solid player base of over 2,500,000 and continues expanding more.

While there are a bunch of many high-end games available, Factorio is unlike others.

It perfectly blends the excitement of building innovative technologies and the need to ward off enemies that can threaten your builds.

If you are tech-savvy, the chance is high that you are going to like this game. And if you want to multiply the gameplay experience, you need an excellent Factorio server hosting provider.

So, let’s discuss what Factorio is all about and then look at some of the best server hosting providers for it.

What is Factorio?

Factorio is a video game with management and construction simulation and focuses on gathering resources with real-time survival elements and strategy. Some of its parts are also influenced by Minecraft’s mods – IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft.

The game is relatively new; it was developed by Wube Software and released in 2020 for Windows, Linux, and macOS. So far, around 2500k+ people have already bought the game, which is available on Factorio’s shop, GOG, or Steam.


This sandbox game, Factorio, revolves around an engineer whose flying machine lands on an alien planet. In order to survive, they must locate and harvest resources that would help them craft machines and tools. In turn, this will allow them to create advanced materials to build more sophisticated machines and technologies.

As a player, you will progress to continue building factories and managing them. Here, the players build and maintain their factories, mine resources, build infrastructure, research technologies, automate production, and even fight enemies like worms, spitters, and biters. It requires you to showcase your imagination to design the factories, implement your management skills, create innovative structures, protect the factories from your enemies.

You can build massive factories as the game provides greater stability and features like creating maps of your own, going multiplayer, and writing more mods in Lua. It also involves automating mining, resource and product assembly, processing, and transportation. They also research and build machines, from basic to advanced automation like robots, powered exoskeletons, and oil mining.

Eventually, you will win the game by launching a rocket, which requires a heavy amount of resources. However, as it’s an open-world game, you can also go beyond the ending of the original storyline and continue the game by building more factories and resources. It is crafted for both multiplayer and single-player modes.

Now, the question is,

Why do you need game hosting for Factorio?

In the above explanation for Factorio, you can understand how sophisticated this video game is. And to play the game and win it, you need to build enormous factories and maintain them so you can craft your rocket. It requires a lot of server resources, which also needs you to be real quick and defend your factories from enemies that don’t like you and your factories.

If you use your regular server and share with many more people, your speed and performance can badly be influenced. And if you don’t have a sufficient supply of server resources in real life, you can be attacked anytime and lose your resources in your virtual game world.

Therefore, it’s necessary to have a powerful hosting server to fuel your game.

The best Factoria server hosting providers would offer valuable features, robust server resources, and higher speed, performance, and security to help you enjoy the game like never before.

So, let’s figure out what all benefits you can avail of from a Factorio server hosting.

Higher availability

Factorio game hosting providers use advanced data centers and technologies to power your games. They ensure you get 24/7 game availability, and you don’t have to face any downtimes. It will save all your frustrations, efforts, and time so you can concentrate on the game and make the most out of it.

Greater server control

With the entire game server dedicated to just you, you can use it however and whenever you wish. There won’t be anyone else to consume your resources or threaten your security. You can also control how to advance with your game and configure settings according to your unique preferences.

In addition, it will help you decide who can join your game. You can either play a single game or go multiplayer and invite your friends from across the globe and still experience the same high power.

No hassles

With self-hosting, you can experience a lot of lags, errors, and downtimes while playing the game. It’s because playing a high-end game requires a lot of server resources, which is impossible to get with a server shared by so many others.

However, if you rent a Factorio server hosting, you get the whole server available to you. It means no matter when and how long you play, you will be able to play it with higher efficiency without facing hassles.

Useful features

Factorio game server hosting providers offer a valuable set of features to make your game even more enjoyable. You get the choice of various data centers and choose the closest one for maximum performance. In addition, you can avail of a dedicated support team to resolve your query, DDoS security to safeguard your resources, state-of-the-art servers, and much more.

So, when you start your research for Factorio server hosting, you will get plenty of options in the market. But it becomes difficult to choose which one will actually be the best one for you.

We have shortlisted some of the best Factorio hosting providers to make that choice easier for you.


Rent your Factorio server from Nitrado, one of the best hosting providers. With Nitrado’s prepay system, you will get immediate access to the server without any terms and contracts.

Switch between available games at any time for free and manage all the services from a single account. For expert gamers, Nitrado gives complete access via Nitrado’s web interface, RCON, FTP. You will get a free MySQL database and the option to use a pre-built File Browser to upload mods and files without additional software. You can also configure all the essential settings easily and get access to all the config files.

Furthermore, get direct access to the MySQL database through phpMyAdmin. Nitrado also offers ESL premium-certified game servers and houses its infrastructure in 7 data centers across the world. It allows you to choose the nearest location to experience better performance and low ping.

Nitrado uses fail-safe and high-quality hardware to give you complete control over your server and backs up your server files daily so you will never lose data. It has direct peerings with Telia Sonera, Unity Media/UPC, Tiscali, Deutsche Telekom, and other carriers.

Choose your space as low as $1.30 and start configuring your server.


GTXGaming has finally introduced Factorio server hosting that comes with an easy-to-use configuration editor that lets you can add admins quickly and effortlessly. GTXGaming zips up the server in every reboot and uploads the backup files to the offsite backup NAS.

It will secure all your data for a maximum of 30-days so that you can get the backup files and restore them within that time. You can also use a workshop manager to download workshop items easily from the web interface. Additionally, GTXGaming only uses real servers with enterprise-grade hard drives to drive your games.

Feel the difference and experience the best with the GTXGaming interface. Easy sliders and drop-down menus make your server configuration journey even smoother. Expert gamers can also benefit from complete FTP access and utilize the text editors to configure the server manually.

You can create a sub-user at any time you want and give the permissions you wish to. It updates the entire range of processors with the possible speed. In addition, your server will get possible ping and FPS with the i7 processors of 4.2Ghz. GTXGaming uses SSL encryption, md5 encryption, 2FA across all the servers so that your personal information will be secure.

Order Factorio hosting now and set up your server instantly.


Research on technologies, build infrastructure, automate production, fight with enemies, and more with AleForge’s Factorio server hosting. You will find features like instant server activation, high clock speed processors, cutting-edge mods, global locations, NVMe SSD hard drives, server notification, and more.

Manage your game server with an easy-to-use control panel that loads with a mod installer, backups, and a lot more. The powerful interface is designed for both power and novice users. You can install modpacks, Steam Workshop content, plugins, etc., on the selected games.

Moreover, AleForge uses a worldwide network with actual redundancy and reliable facilities to provide 99.9% uptime for lag-free gameplay. It gives you a wide range of customizable features for an enjoyable and smooth gaming experience.

Take a test drive for 10 days and upgrade if you like at a minimum cost of $4.50 for one CPU, 1 GB memory, unlimited disk space, and more.


Enjoy XGamingServer’s dedicated Factorio server hosting to explore, craft, build, and combat with the creatures in the 2D world. It offers a power-packed control panel for you to get automated cloud backups, MySQL databases, improved files manager, and a lot more.

Why pay for the fixed slot when you can have it all?

XGamingServer believes in delivering performance and gives you the freedom to get the server within 5 minutes of activation. Use the intuitive web interface to manage the overall game server with ease.

Their engineers can identify the vulnerabilities of various applications and attack strategies to develop the best protection against unwanted attacks. You can enjoy the multiplayer mode with its high availability and performance machines.

XGamingServer uses Intel i7 6700k/7700k and AMD Ryzen 7 3700x for better performance and speed. The servers are located in Canada and Europe for now and will expand soon. Choose your nearest location and start experiencing the most enjoyable game.

Get 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD, one DISK RAID, and more at $8/month.


Create Factorio server instantly with Nodecraft hosting platform that allows you to switch between thirty game servers at any time that Nodecraft hosts and provides high-end hardware. It will ensure there will be no lag, and you will get high performance along with speed.

You won’t face any hassle building your factories with your friends; Nodecraft gives you affordable access to the hosting service. Use the latest NodePanel 2 interface for easier control over the server.

You can set up your server easily, make configuration changes, and control the settings with NodeCraft’s unique panel. The hosting system performs with speed and stability to give you an incredible experience. Next, manage your server hosting from your smartphone and download the Nodecraft application on Android and iOS devices. You will also et Intel Xeon E-2174G or equivalent with 3.8+ GHz and 64GB ECC RAM.

Nodecraft uses SSDs to power your servers, and all the backups, non-essential files, and OS are stored in standard disks. In addition, you will get complete DDoS protection from network attacks. With the Linux ecosystem, you will find stability, security, and performance. Nodecraft also houses its infrastructure in different regions of the world so that you can choose the nearest one and experience low ping.

Start your gaming journey at $9.98/month and avail yourself of the free trial.


Get the premium Factorio server hosting with GPORTAL hosting platform. After the successful registration, you can get started with your server within some minutes. It uses the latest NVMe SSD hard drives and the best hardware, so you will never face any issues.

GPORTAL protects your server from unwanted DDoS attacks with Corero that provides cutting-edge technology for your server’s safety. You can easily track the logs and events through its web interface, and it also offers up to 50GB of backup space for configurations and saved games.

Moreover, you can avail yourself of the benefit of switching between games flexibly and quickly and store your favorite mods with the unlimited mod storage option.

It also houses its infrastructure in many data centers across the globe, including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, São Paulo, Washington, London, Frankfurt, Moscow, Barcelona, Johannesburg, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, and Taipei.

Choose your preferred server location to experience better speed and pay $1.34/slot.

Conclusion 🧑‍💻

A decent game hosting provider is necessary to let you experience Factorio with the highest level of satisfaction and enjoyment. Thus, choose any of the Factorio server providers mentioned above and play the game like never before.

You may also be interested in Dayz Server Hosting.

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