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Genealogy, the study of family origins and history, is no longer a foregone concept. Instead, it is a time-honored tradition that should be kept alive and passed down to the next generation.

With the help of genealogy, you can trace your lineage. You can conduct genealogical research for many reasons. You can learn about hereditary diseases that may run in the family. 

Maybe you have a trace of royal blood in you. 👑 You can even prove in court that you are the legal heir of a disputed or abandoned property. The modern generation is becoming curious about its roots. The massive demand for at-home ancestry and DNA test kits has confirmed that. Now, you can even make a family tree online. 

What is a family tree?

Let’s revisit the concept of a family tree first. A family tree is a chart that illustrates generations of families. A family tree includes names, birth dates, marriage dates, death dates, and photos. Family trees are a visual representation of how closely related you are to a family member.

For example, why are you more closely associated with your brother than your cousin? You can get many such answers by using a family tree generator. 

Who to include and how to create one?

A basic genealogy chart will include you, your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. However, a complex family tree chart will consist of your siblings, aunts, cousins, uncles, etc. There are many genealogy software on the internet with a good graphic interface and multiple family tree templates for you to choose from.

Let us look through some of the best family tree generators for you to get a better idea about them.


Lucidchart is a family tree maker. It is used by millions over the globe and is a great tool to employ when making a family tree chart. With its family tree generator and customizable templates, you can better visualize your ancestry. You can collaborate with family members and work on the same family tree diagram at the same time in Lucidchart

Moreover, once your family tree is concluded, you can present your family tree chart at a family gathering. Create or customize your family tree by assigning shapes to each family member. Furthermore, you can add or modify text and information displayed for each family member. 


Canva has a free family tree maker that helps you showcase your history at a glance. It has hundreds of customizable templates. Creating a visual map that documents your ancestry with just a few clicks is easy. Moreover, there are more than 20 professional types of graphs to choose from. It is not complicated software. You can embed your family tree in presentations as well as reports. 

In addition to that, its easy drag-and-drop tools are made with the non-designer in mind. You can publish, share or download your high-resolution family tree. Canva creates modern as well as fresh versions of the traditional family tree design. 

Family Echo

Family Echo is a simple family tree maker. With Family Echo, you can build a family tree of your ancestry. Invite your parents and grandparents to collaborate online and fill in the missing details. Share birthdays as well as contact details with your cousins and beyond. You can also add photos and events. On top of that, Family Echo even allows you to link it to personal blogs and websites.  

Furthermore, you can add or change all these details later. You can easily compare work and leisure interests among your family members. Create a simple-to-use record of your family and pass that on to the next generation. Download a copy of this data to your computer for backup and archiving. Moreover, you can also import from FamilyScript or GEDCOM format. 


Creately is another family tree maker that allows you to visualize your family history better and streamline genealogical research. Collect, save, visualize, and evaluate data to get insight into family histories. You can draw complex family trees in minutes with this tool. You can easily trace family trees and organize genealogical information from multiple family tree templates to professional diagramming tools and controls.

With the help of Creately, you can draw automatically. You can get color themes that will help easily visualize complex family trees. It is easy to update them instantly. There is an infinite canvas that scales up to 1000s of items in a single view. You can build family trees collaboratively too. Export family trees as PDFs, SVGs, PNGs, and JPEGs to save, print, publish, present, or share. 


WikiTree is a place where genealogists collaborate. The WikiTree dreams of building a worldwide family tree. Here, members do not aim to maintain individual trees. Instead, contribute to one collaborative tree. WikiTree’s goal is to maintain a profile for every living or dead person. The duplicate profiles are combined, and all the information is integrated. 

Therefore, it connects separate family branches in the process. WikiTree supports DNA-based genealogy using DNA Ancestor Confirmation Aid (ACA). Their tree already includes over 30 million profiles edited by 800K members worldwide. 


MacFamilyTree is a genealogy tool for Mac, iOS, and iPadOS. It offers a great range of options to secure and visualize your family history. Search the free FamilySearch archive, which contains billions of genealogical entries, and continue your research on the go, using MobileFamilyTree for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

MacFamilyTree offers full assistance and support across all fields of genealogy, i.e., from research and data entry to evaluation. You can add media such as pictures as well as videos to your family tree. On top of that, MacFamilyTree allows you to document locations where significant events might have occurred. Enjoy how MacFamilyTree turns facts, history, and figures into fascinating discoveries. 


Ancestry helps you understand your genealogy. Add what you know, like your name, parents, grandparents, dates, and locations, because every detail helps. Look for a leaf. It’s a hint they may have found something about an ancestor in one of their billions of records. Hints do the searching for you so that you can explore the records. 

Moreover, you might discover great details about your ancestors to add to your family tree. The suggestions keep coming in Ancestry as they have 30 billion records. The more you expand your family tree, the more hints will pop up, and it eventually gives way to a loop of discoveries. This is because Ancestry adds 2 million records every day. 


Famberry is a family tree generator where you can create your family tree in private or collaborate with your family to help connect your family to the family history. Create as well as curate searchable family photo albums. Moreover, you can also keep in touch with relatives on your private family social network. You can completely customize your creation with your photos.

You can choose one of the specially designed themes to personalize your family tree and make it look unique like your own family. 

Additionally, your family tree is completely secure on Famberry. Only you and your close family can see your tree. Famberry gives a 100% guarantee that your information does not get tracked by search engines. They promise to protect your data in transit and on servers with encryption. 

Summary 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

A family tree generator is an excellent way to keep up with your family ancestry. The modern generation does not like to keep a diary and write down family history. It’s also a farfetched idea that the next generation will likely find that diary and update it. No, the GenZ is a tech-savvy generation. They love to save everything on the internet.

The genealogy software stores and visually represents the family history for you. It is also no surprise that the youngsters are actively seeking out their origins now with the help of at-home ancestry or DNA kits. It is all the rage with masses and celebrities alike. Therefore, family tree makers can be a good tool for anyone planning to create a personalized family tree. 

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