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In the present-day gaming world, where you have so many video game options involving robots, zombies, cars, and fighters, here’s a unique game – Farming Simulator.

It lets you take the day off virtually and enjoy being a farmer. You can grow crops, drive tractors, breed cattle, and sell your produce to get a different experience in the lap of nature.

And a reliable Farming Simulator hosting can multiply your gameplay experience with incredible speed, performance, security, and valuable features.

But why pay for hosting if you can self-host the game?

Of course, you can, but it may involve a lot of disturbances enough to take your interest off the game. But game hosting can provide several benefits so that you can play it without any trouble.

So, let’s understand what Farming Simulator is and why you should choose a hosting provider.

What is Farming Simulator?

Farming Simulator is a video game series that features farming puzzles and involves players in farming, growing crops, breeding livestock, and selling assets they have earned from farming. Its locations are based on European and American environments.

This game was developed by Giants Software in 2008 and published firstly by Astragon. From 2008-2012, Excalibur Publishing was its other publisher, succeeded by Focus Home Interactive from 2013-2020.

To this day, 25+ million copies of Farming Simulator have been sold, and it also has 90+ million downloads on mobile. It supports platforms, including Android, iOS, Kindle, Windows, macOS, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and Commodore 64.

Since 2008, there have been 11 editions of farming Simulator for PC and console while five editions for mobile.


There’s a career mode where players play as farmers, and their tasks include upgrading and expanding outdated machinery and equipment. For this, you will harvest and sell crops. Players can freely explore various surrounding areas on the map, grow different crops, and invest the money generated in additional equipment and fields. In addition, you can also earn from forestry and raise livestock.

Farming Simulator includes dynamically generated missions as well, where you will perform several tasks within a specified time frame like delivering cargo, mowing grass, and fertilizing fields. Once you finish your task, you will be rewarded with some money and a bonus depending on how quickly you completed the task.

You also have the option to play the game in multiplayer mode. The game comes with lots of exciting features such as different crop types to choose from, vehicles, forestry, pieces of equipment, varied terrain, and more.

Why do you need good Farming Simulator Hosting?

If you want to experience Farming Simulator with more thrill and excitement, you can play it online and invite your friends from across the world. Although you can choose to self-host and use the regular server resources, it won’t be that effective.

You might experience huge lags, errors, and downtimes with regular server resources as many others utilize the same server for their work or games. With these distributed resources, you won’t receive enough bandwidth for your game. As a result, it may slow down and crash at any time to frustrate you.

However, you can save all this hassle by choosing a good game server hosting provider for Farming Simulator. It will provide you with enough bandwidth to supply server resources continuously for your game without errors and downtimes. In addition, game server providers will also offer enhanced security, data protection, speed, and plenty of features to make your gameplay even more exciting.

Let’s look at the various benefits of Farming Simulator hosting.

Enhanced performance

A dedicated server hosting will provide all the server resources to you without letting anyone share them. This means you can play your games with incredible speed, ensuring nothing can slow down your games even if you run other applications on your device. The service providers also have global data centers, and you can choose the closest one to your location and invite your friends no matter where they are.

Better control

Unlike self-hosting, you will get better control on your server with a game server provider. It will help you set the server based on your preferences. You can also customize the server, add plugins, enhance the look, and do other things to make it more convenient, which is hardly possible if you self-host.

More security

Everything online comes with a certain risk, even playing online games. There might be people trying to hack into your systems and steal information that can harm you. It happens when you play the game on the same server shared by others; among them, someone can be an attacker. Others may also utilize more resources, which will leave fewer resources for you to result in slower games and lots of lags.

However, if you choose a reliable hosting provider, you don’t have to face these troubles. Your data will be private and secure, and no one will be able to steal your resources as hosting offers robust security features like DDoS prevention. Plus, their data centers follow best safety practices for security and backups.


There might be instances where you seek help from somebody due to any technical issue that may arrive. If you self-host, you don’t have anyone to assist you professionally. However, choosing a game server provider comes with 24×7 support teams that can help you with any issue that you may face. They can resolve it in no time and provide you with a consistent gaming experience.

So, if you want to play Farming Simulation with top-notch performance, speed, security, and excitement, these are some of our recommendations for Farming Simulation Hosting.


Rent a farming simulator game server from Nitrado (Use FS22OFFER25 to get 25% OFF) at an affordable rate and get new maps, over 400 tools, machines, brands, and more. You will get real machines from CLAAS, Case IH, John Deere, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Valtra, DEUTZ-FAHR, and many more.

You will enjoy a multiplayer mode that allows cooperative farming and access to the community with ModHub. Use Nitrado’s prepay system and start your server immediately without any terms or contracts. You can manage all the services efficiently from a single account and switch between the available services if you want at any time for free.

Nitrado only offers ESL premium certified game servers for you. It has 7 data centers around the globe so that nearby users can use the server with low ping and high performance. In addition, you will get full access through FTP, Nitrado’s web interface, and RCON. You will find free access to the MySQL database through phpMyAdmin, and you change configuration easily just with a few clicks. Expert gamers can also access configuration files.

Nitrado’s File Browser allows you to upload mods and files quickly. It only uses fail-safe and best-in-quality hardware instead of cheap components and provides daily backups so that you will never lose any server files. Additionally, it links to AMS-IX, LINX, and DE-CIX for better pings across the globe.

Choose your slots according to your farm size at a starting price of $1.30 with 250MB space for Mods, 3-days runtime, and more.


Get a premium game server from GPORTAL to host Farming Simulator and enjoy 1GB mod space by default. It allows you to upgrade the space to 25GB from the web interface whenever you want.

GPORTAL partners with Corero to protect your servers from DDoS attacks through cutting-edge technology. Once you complete your registration, your server will get online within minutes. You will also get 50GB of backup space for configs and saved games.

GPORTAL believes in quality services, and hence, offers fast SSD hardware that gives high performance. Manage your server easily with log access and a web interface and get the cross-play option for PC, PS4, Stadia, and XBOX. You can also switch between different games in GPORTAL’s Gamecloud at any time and get total server flexibility.

GPORTAL houses its infrastructure in various regions, including Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Washington D.C., São Paulo, London, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Johannesburg, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, and Sydney. Choose your location and slot size to order your server instantly.


Choose 4Netplayers and experience the new seasons of Farming Simulator with your friends on Xbox, Playstation, or PC and face new challenges like timber farming, fieldwork, cattle breeding, etc. It offers Farming Simulator 22 Server, so you and your friends run a large farm with your techniques. It also gives you unlimited server configurations for free, game-changing within seconds, and direct support.

Once your order is placed, your server will be ready in a few minutes to play online, allowing you to perform an instant setup. 4Netplayers is a cloud game server that includes 120 games and takes care of the updates so that you never miss any updates. In addition, enter the Steamworshop ID and allow your server to install the mod automatically.

4Netplayers gives an easy-to-use and straightforward web interface for managing your server without any prior knowledge. Moreover, it uses fast CPUs, the latest hardware, lots of RAM, and SSD to provide the best performance with no interruption during the gameplay.

They have got your back with their advanced DDoS protection option. Additionally, 4Netplayers has a data center in the heart of Europe that provides excellent peering and connectivity, ensuring low pings, lag-free game, and clear communication.

Conclusion 🎮

Farming Simulation is an exciting game that you can play alone or with your friends. And if you want to make the most of this game, choose any one of the game server providers mentioned above and experience superb speed, security, privacy, and plenty of valuable features.

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