Why would you do that?

Well, there are many reasons you would like to search for someone’s email address including the following.

  • To submit your product for including in their blog post, website
  • Grown your network
  • Finding potential B2B customer
  • Help you in promoting your services

It could be anything.

Recently, I launched Site Relic and was in need to contact blog owner to promote and include in their existing blog post.

Guess what; it’s not that terrible as I thought.

I was able to get almost any email address instantly.

You may say why not use the contact page or social media? – I tried, but the result was not positive. You never know where that contact page email is routing to.


Revealer by etools let you find contact details for any website to outreach. You can get it started with their FREE trial.

Etools let you choose the right person details of a website based on personal info.

If you are into sales/marketing and often need to find one, then their etools’ chrome extension would be handy.


Hunter is one of the most popular email finders to search email by a domain name.

From the result list, you can filter email type based on personal or generic. This will give you an idea if you want to contact someone personally or just support/helpdesk, etc.

Hunter also reveals the source where email address appears along with additional information like social network profile, phone number, title, etc.

Don’t stop at just getting the email; Hunter let you verify the deliverability, so you are sure your message will be delivered.


EmailCrawl is perfect for a developer, site owner to get website information through JSON API.

API call returns the following useful information of the domain.

  • Email address
  • Social account
  • Email address deliverability

You can get it started in FREE with 200 queries per month.

Find That Lead

As the name suggests, get the corporate email on any website with just one click. Find that lead got beautiful lead manager dashboard where you can manage your leads and perform the following.

  • Lead search – find the lead by person name
  • Domain search – find all email associated that domain
  • Whois lookup – find domain registration information
  • Email verifier – check if email is valid

Anymail Finder

Anymail finder provides web & API based service to find and verify any email address.

To provide deliverability verification, Anymail finder performs direct server validation and billions of web page server.

Bulk search functionality can be handy if you are targeting a large number of a domain for leads.

Voila Norbert

Not just to find the leads but Norbert let you start a discussion about the lead, so your team is aware if you have contacted or any other comment.

Once you find your target lead, you can drop an email directly from Norbert and keep track of it. This becomes handy to manage outreach from one location.


Don’t worry if you don’t know the domain name. Toofr can find email based on company name too.

Toofr uses multiple sources for email extract including pattern and mail server test.

Find That Email

The yellow pages of email, Findthat.email help you to search millions of company worldwide. The result is shown with a confidence level, so it will help you filter the right candidate for the lead.


Webdef searches BILLIONS of web pages containing MILLIONS of company emails and combines it into one easy list of prospects.

Simply search by any business website and instantly get returned all company email addresses.

I hope the above email finder tools help you in outreach for more sales.