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In Hosting Last updated: August 21, 2023
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Having a server hosting that’s dedicated to Minecraft is crucial for remarkable gameplay. You have the choice to either go for paid server hosting or a free alternative, depending on the features and gameplay experience you’re looking for.

Who likes to wait hours before their downloads can finish so that they can play their favorite games? The answer’s no one! And, all thanks to cloud gaming – no waits, no hefty installations, no hardware updates. Just instant gameplay, live-streaming, cross-platform compatibility, and the ability to play with friends and teammates globally.

Your local computer might run out of hardware upgrades – but that’s also not a bother with cloud gaming. They have truly revolutionized gaming by making games accessible and available to everyone!

So, when you play games on the cloud, the game servers are hosted remotely. Games like Minecraft require you to have your own servers that have either been built from scratch or pre-configured.

Hosting ProviderNotable Features
AternosCustomizable Minecraft server hosting with plugins, modpacks, DDoS protection, and automatic backups.
ScalaCubeHassle-free Minecraft server hosting with instant setup, SSD storage, bug support, and modpacks.
MinehutExplore or create Minecraft servers, 10 player slots, mod support, and Discord-based support.
MinefortFree, feature-rich Minecraft hosting, user-friendly console, plugins, mini-games, and community.
FalixHigh-performance, customizable Minecraft hosting, seamless management, visual enhancements, and admin control.
Skynode24/7 free Minecraft hosting, DDoS protection, 100% uptime SLA, easy setup, and reliable support.
Server.proProfessional free Minecraft hosting, easy setup, file management, backups, plugins, and themes.
OMGSERVLatest-gen hardware, live console, SSD storage, plugins, DDoS protection, and advanced features.
FreeMcServerReliable free hosting, easy control panel, mod support, Android app, and scalability.
MagmaNode99.87% uptime, DDoS protection, multilingual assistance, backups, FTP access, and Discord support.

Free Hosting Comes at a Cost


Now free hosting, though free, can cost you your safety. Besides, they can be unreliable with their limited resources and rather restrictive. The free hosting environments depend on free ads, can have queues in peak times, and have a restriction on the number of visitor slots.

Premium Alternatives

If you don’t want free hosting to slow down your game, consider premium services like:

  • Host Havoc with 99.99% uptime, instant setup, ultra-fast processors, and a high-performance guarantee
  • Survival Servers with a fully functional wiki, customer support, full FTP access, and great tools to power your gaming

Now, if you’re not yet sure about signing up for a premium experience, you can always try out a Minecraft server hosting that’s free and comes with a bunch of strong features. We have rounded up the top free servers for you to consider:


If you have always wanted a personal Minecraft server, Aternos is your chance. It’s very easy to use, has no complex setting up procedures, and has been built to be played on day and night.

YouTube video

Aternos sees 1 million visitors every single day. It’s fully customizable to the point that you can adjust everything on your Minecraft server. Moreover, that’s not all. You can add plugins to enhance your experience, play with your favorite mods, or take pre-configured modpacks for a spin.

In fact, it’s also DDoS protected to ensure your full safety from security attacks. Aternos also keeps an automatic backup of your server info, just in case you might need it later. There are custom worlds that you can venture into and make them a part of your gameplay.

All you have to do is upload any mini-world you want, and you can step into a realm of adrenaline and adventure. There’s also excellent support so that you’re never stranded alone. There are more features that make free Minecraft server hosting a delight on Aternos.

You can create your own survival multiplayer experience, use custom domains, and share access with friends so that you can manage the Minecraft server together. Plus, enjoy:

  • Unlimited slots for playing with an unlimited number of friends
  • Add-ons and data packs to improve your gaming experience
  • And a real-time live console to manage your Minecraft server hosting


Playing multiplayer Minecraft is fun for sure, but it comes with its own challenges – setting up a server, renting space, and handling maintenance. ScalaCube can help you with your Minecraft server hosting 24×7 for a hassle-free and completely enhanced gaming experience.

YouTube video

ScalaCube works for all Minecraft versions. You can find reliable support for bugs. There’s no downtime, and there’s DDoS protection for safety against attacks. Moreover, you get instant setup with ScalaCube, and there’s monitoring as well so that you’re never left high and dry.

In fact, you can customize ScalaCube server settings, manage permissions, and build your own online community with other players. ScalaCube is fast, free, and forever. Once you have signed up, you’ll set up the server and have it running in a few minutes.

You’ll also have access to 1000+ one-click install modpacks to make your Minecraft gaming experience a better one. As ScalaCube uses SSD storage on all its servers, it guarantees faster loading times and enhanced performance. This’ll ensure there are no delays or lags while playing.

ScalaCube also offers the following:

  • 99.99% server uptime so that you never lose access to your Minecraft world of adventure
  • Extensive player slots, which become unlimited with premium plans
  • Automated backups, 24×7 support, and a premium pocket edition at a price


With Minehut, you have the choice to explore thousands of Minecraft hosting servers or create one that’s the right fit for you. While Minehut has a lot of premium options, its free server allows 10 maximum player slots, 1 GB RAM, and 1 backup slot.

YouTube video

You can get started with the Minehut lobby and start exploring different servers, from ones that are modded to RPG, Parkour, Box, Puzzle, Prison, etc. You can choose Java or Bedrock edition. Next, open Minecraft, the game, and click on Multiplayer > Add Server.

You can add the Minehut Lobby name, enable server resource packs, and click on Done. In fact, once you have joined the Minehut server, you can use the compass to explore multiple servers.

You can rely on step-by-step YouTube tutorials to set up servers. Moreover, you can also get help from the Minehut Discord-based support team.


Free, fully featured, and rated excellent, Minefort is a Minecraft server hosting that lets you enjoy high-quality servers. Moreover, Minefort has a user-friendly console that’ll let you execute commands with ease.

YouTube video

There’s also a customizable control panel, a wide gamut of plugins and mods, and a top-notch support team to help you on your expeditions. Moreover, there are also mini-games you can play on Minefort.

Minefort also has a great blog where you can get the latest Minecraft stories, news, and tips. In addition, Minefort also offers a plugin manager to enhance your gaming experience by installing any plugin you’d like.

There’s also an integrated file management server that will help you with effortless server administration. In addition, it’ll help manage files in real-time and let you tweak things around for a seamless gaming experience.

There’s also a sprawling community to discover endless possibilities and have the most fun you have had in a while.


Often called a gamer’s powerhouse, Falix is a high-performance Minecraft server hosting that can help you shape your gaming adventures seamlessly. In fact, you can take charge of your destiny with seamless management and full customization features.

YouTube video

Moreover, Falix offers effortless file management where you can upload and organize files with ease. Falix’s user-friendly interface allows seamless management of plugins, mods, and world data. You can stay in control of your gaming experience and your communities.

You can also manage your Minecraft server along with your team of friends by just adding them as an administrator. Don’t just be reliant on vanilla gameplay – get visual enhancements from exciting new features.

Here’s what Falix also offers:

  • Great node uptime
  • Bungeecord support and FTP access with premium plans
  • Ease of panel use


Skynode is a 100% free Minecraft server hosting where you can be online 24×7. With DDoS protection, all your servers will be online – safe and secure even during the best attacks. Moreover, there’s also an SLA with a 100% uptime guarantee so that you’ll never have lags, delays, or downtime.

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There’s an easy and fast setup, excellent service, and reliable support. In fact, here are the steps to create a free Minecraft server with Skynode:

  • Go to the Skynode panel and make yourself an account
  • Click on claim a free server option
  • Choose the type of server, and give your server a name
  • Click on Create Server and you’re done is a free Minecraft server hosting that’s professional, easy set up, and easier to use. Getting started with takes four simple steps – signup, create, configure and play.

YouTube video

Moreover, there’s versatile file editing with great syntax highlighting that makes the process of making changes a breeze.’s file manager is simple, sleek, fast, and easy to navigate. In fact, your servers are always backed up to ensure you lose nothing. You can either choose between automated daily backups or a one-time manual backup with a single click. also gives you the opportunity to find custom hostnames. You can also pick a light or dark theme and be ready with your own server in a matter of minutes.

Here are the additional features that need a glimpse:

  • Custom game configuration and a powerful console to allow full control of the game
  • Fully-fledged file manager for seamless file access
  • Easy installation of mods and plugins for better gameplay
  • An adaptable scheduler to run commands at any time
  • Effortless upload of mods and a multi-admin control panel
  • A few mice click to change maps and Minecraft worlds
  • A personalized for your own server to make it shareable to friends and communities

The free allows 10 players, 10 plugins, file access, a plugin installer, 5 GB disk quota, 1 GB memory, and DDoS protection to have you up and running.



OMGSERV is the only free Minecraft server hosting that has the latest-generation server hardware to give you an optimal gaming experience. In fact, you’ll get access to a live console, unlimited SSD storage for multiplied performance, and one-click installation of thousands of plugins.

Moreover, there’s DDoS protection for automatic mitigation and safe gameplay during attacks. There are 3.3 GHZ processors to give you an enhanced and integrated gaming experience. There are 267 versions and modpacks available on the Minecraft Control Panel with no configuration hassle.

Designed for administrators and casual gamers alike, OMGSERV is efficient and advanced. You’ll get 1 GB RAM as a part of the free pack and 4 multiplayer slots. Premium plans can get you more features. You can also keep a lookout for the news on this portal.


Forever free, FreeMcServer comes with no lure of hidden pricing or long-term contracts. It’s reliable, comes with 1.5 GB RAM, and top-of-the-line performance. Enjoy the highest level of gaming with this professional server that comes at no cost at all.

YouTube video

FreeMcServer has an easy-to-use control panel that allows you to share control of your server with friends and teammates. You can manage servers with them or ask them to help you with specific tasks. FreeMcServer also has an Android app so that you can stay connected to your Minecraft world and get real-time updates.

There’s also the ability to play with mods and add new features and functionality to take your gameplay to the next level. Moreover, there’s a custom control panel that lets you control your server hosting fully and attune the settings to your needs.

FreeMcServer also comes with FTP access to help upload your custom maps and plugins to the server. You can create your own adventure map, add new features, manage files simply, and keep your server running smoothly.

There’s also DDoS protection against cruel attacks, lag-free gameplay with the latest hardware, and a scalable network to make your gameplay experience a remarkably better one.


MagmaNode is a free Minecraft server hosting that runs on two nodes and has an overall uptime of 99.87%. With premium quality DDoS and DoS protection, MagmaNode fights off undue attacks and keeps your servers secure and online – all the time.


There’s also multilingual customer assistance to help you navigate the interface. Moreover, you can create backups in the dashboard to help restore your server in case it gets corrupted. There’s also no slot limit for players. You can invite and play with as many friends and teammates as you can.

Additionally, you can reinstall your server at any time during the day or even switch versions in the mature interface that MagmaNode provides. Also, have the ability to upload your own maps and plugins using FTP access to the server folder.

MagmaNode also has Discord-based support to help you with the optimization of your servers in case there are lags and delays. You can also maintain a whitelist on your server to determine who you’re letting in. This enhanced protection feature keeps your server safe and prevents strangers from taking control.

You can upload pre-configured worlds so that you’re not entering an empty world when you create your server and run with it.


Most Minecraft server hostings are similar to use but differ in features. While one server might allow you unlimited visitor spots, others might allow 10 or even 4. Almost all of them come with DDoS protection to give you protection against online attacks and can keep your worlds safe and running.

Plus, there are automated backups to ensure no data is lost. There are fast processors to facilitate no lags and seamless, adaptable gameplay. However, during peak times, you can see some queues build up. These issues can be mitigated using a premium experience like Survival Servers or Host Havoc, as we discussed at the start.

While premium plans come at a cost, the cost might be too less when compared with cons that can set you and your gameplay back by a lot. In either case, decide depending on your needs and the budget you have in mind!

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