The network of gaming affiliates connects affiliate programs with publishers and promotes their games in return for earning commissions.

In comparison to any other niche, gaming is one of the most profitable ones in affiliate marketing. The gaming is further divided into sub-niches that represent the different kinds of games such as card, retro, racing, etc.

A gaming affiliate may include gamers, content creators, streamers, etc. The gaming industry lets affiliates earn very high commissions for their promotions.

It is a well-known fact that games will always be in fashion and affiliate programs too. As these programs let the games reach a broader range of audiences. Moreover, with the exceptional popularity of gaming, the demand for gaming affiliates is very high.

So, if you are interested in joining gaming affiliates, we have a list of some popular gaming affiliate programs. Do check them out below.


NVIDIA gaming affiliate programs that let you promote their gaming and robotics products on your website. They provide banners and logos, and with every qualifying sale, they let you earn a good commission. They use the Rakuten Marketing platform for monitoring the success of your affiliate site.

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Vortex invites all the gamers around the world to join their gaming affiliate program. Their program spreads awareness about their games by posting reflinks on forums, social media, and more. You can earn up to 10% of the subscription plan.

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Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming comes with two types of gaming affiliate programs. Business affiliate program for website owners and ambassador affiliate program for affiliates who want to use social media. For every sale, they offer a 5% commission.

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The affiliate programs offered by Adtogame come with three different commission options. These are; payout on the occurrence of any action (CPA), on mobile installations (CPI), and on gaining leads (CPL).


2Game is an authorized retailer of game keys having the best offers and lowest prices. Once you set up an affiliate account with them, they provide attractive creatives with a unique reflink. For every sale, they offer a decent commission plus deals on your favorite games.

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GameStop has one of the largest collections of gaming products and offers great affiliate opportunities for you. You can earn commission on purchases as well as click-throughs. Besides this, they offer benefits from their creatives and promotions.

Gaming Affiliate Programs


GameFly’s affiliate program lets you earn a commission of $5-$15 on every signup or any prepaid plan subscription. Additionally, you can earn up to 10% of the sale price of any new or used game, accessories, and collectibles.

Gaming Affiliate Programs


By joining Razer’s affiliate program, you can get a selection of engaging creatives, banners, and links for promotion. For every sale of Razer products, you get up to a 10% commission. Sign-up is completely free.

Gaming Affiliate Programs


Xsolla offers affiliate programs that involve performance-based revenue sharing. Their programs are accessible to different channels such as affiliates, influencers, websites, and more. With their easy-to-use tool, you can track the performance yourself easily.

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Kinguin Mafia is an affiliate gaming program that you can join for free. The three earning levels here can let you make from 0.25%-5% commission on every sale. You need to share their reflink on forums, Youtube, blogs, or more.

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CrakRevenue consists of a vast selection of games for adults. They provide you with optimized codes that you need to add to your pages for promotion.

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Skytech Gaming

Skytech Gaming lets you earn cash for referring customers. You earn a decent commission when a visitor clicks Skytech game’s link on your website and makes a purchase. You can join the program for free.

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The affiliate program of Logitech lets you promote a vast catalog of their products using their pre-designed creatives and links. You can earn a commission of 4-10% depending upon the value of the sold products.

Gaming Affiliate Programs


With Zygor Guides affiliate programs, you can earn up to 50% commission on every sale. They have subscription affiliate plans that can offer you up to $42.99 per customer.

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Fanatical is a gaming platform that offers genuine and licensed keys for the most popular games. They offer up to a 5% commission on every sale. You can sign up with them as an affiliate partner and promote their links on your website, Youtube, or social media.

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Wargaming affiliate program works on the basis of Cost Per Action (CPA). The commission you get depends upon the offer and the user’s country. You can earn a CPA up to $12.

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Twitch offers affiliate programs for established broadcasters having a minimum of 500 minutes broadcast in the last 30 days. If you are eligible for their program, you can earn from Ads, subscribers, and bits.


There are numerous affiliate programs that you can find on the web. However not all the programs are worth signing up for. So, if you are looking for the best profitable affiliate programs, these are the ones you can consider.