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In Design and Gaming Last updated: September 11, 2023
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Want to create a brand image for your gaming clan or team? You might want to create an impressive gaming logo using these free gaming logo makers.

A logo sets a business apart in the industry. Just like that, a gaming logo gives you the chance to stand out from millions of gamers. You compete with numerous gamers as you stream your gameplay on YouTube, Twitch, or Steam.

Therefore, you need a gaming logo for your team. However, creating a gaming logo could be challenging. Do not worry! There are easy-to-use tools to design gaming logos. Continue reading this article to learn about the top gaming logo makers.

Benefits of a gaming logo

There are many benefits of owning a good gaming logo. A few advantages are:

  • A stylish and creative gaming logo instantly makes an impact on first-time viewers. These viewers will easily find you out later if you use a logo.
  • You or your gaming clan will look professional when you use a brand logo. Your viewers will stick to you considering your dedication towards gaming.
  • A distinct logo creates monetizing opportunities for your brand. You can sell merchandise like coffee mugs, T-shirts, caps, mousepads, etc., by printing your logo.
  • When many players join a multiplayer match, your supporters and viewers can spot your actions easily if you use a logo. Sometimes, a long name or copy text may not appear within the game.
  • Your social media followers can effortlessly follow your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when you use the same logo that you use on Twitch or Esports.

Iconic Logos for Gaming Logo Inspiration

Logos connect our brains with the game development companies psychologically. The game manufacturers or expert gamers use creative design elements in their logos. They also choose colors carefully to send out a strong emotional message.

Here are some iconic gaming logos inspirations for your upcoming logo designing project:


PlayStation logo

It consists of a geometric design where the letter P stands perpendicular to the letter S. The logo has 4 colors: red, yellow, green, and blue, where red has more emphasis than the other colors.


Cloud9 logo

This logo has two colors: black and blue, where blue is the focus color. The design theme consists of the number 9 with a different orientation meeting in the center. Here, the tail section touches each other, forming a cohesive motif.


Xbox logo

The logo has two visual elements: the sphere and text. Depending on the background color, you could either see a green or silver sphere with the engraving of the letter X. The text part shows the brand name in deep green and block letters.

Houston Outlaws

Houston Outlaws

The logo instantly makes you think about the outlaw style of Texas. The logo is very famous among Esports members and viewers.


Complexity gaming logo

The Complexity gaming logo is a minimalistic one. It consists of a stylish star and two colors: gray and navy blue. This is a famous American Esports team with many awards in its gaming portfolio.

Inspiring? Let’s now look at some of the best gaming logo makers.


The freelancing platform Fiverr Gaming Logo Maker also offers a gaming logo designing tool. The main page of the tool will show you multiple logo inspirations. It simply connects you with the designer’s work.

Fiverr Gaming Logo Maker

You can choose any of these templates and start customizing. You can also create a logo from scratch by clicking the Make Your Logo button. In three easy steps, you can design the logo. Start by entering a few information, like brand name, personality, and design elements.

You will need to buy the design to download the logo. Also, buying gives you the licenses to use the image for commercial and non-commercial purposes.


Do you want to distinguish your clan or yourself within the global gaming community? You can try the free gaming logo maker from Canva Free Gaming Logo Maker. Its design tool is highly user-friendly and comes with a drag and drop design methodology.

Canva Free Gaming Logo Maker

You do not have to be an expert graphic designer to use this tool. If you have a logo idea in your mind, you can start creating that on Canva on your own. Alternatively, use any sample logo template and customize that as per your idea.

If you are an entry-level gamer looking for a free logo, this tool is just for you. However, you can opt for paid plans if you want to make online gaming a monetization opportunity.


VistaCreate Gaming Logo Maker is globally known for its rich library of design templates. When you need a unique design for your logo, you can try its logo designer. The online editor is free, but you can opt for a paid plan to access premium designs.

VistaCreate Gaming Logo Maker

The artboard will show you numerous gaming logo examples and templates. VistaCreate has a community of expert designers for template production. All you need to do is choose one design and personalize it.

You can use the VistaCreate Brand Kit feature to import brand assets like color palettes, typefaces, existing logos, and so on.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is the gold standard for any kind of design project. Therefore, you can also try out its gaming logo maker to make your own gaming logo. Designer logos made using its logo maker radiates professionalism and creativity in the same content.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Like other logo makers, you will find different types of logo inspirations and free examples in Adobe Creative Cloud Express. Once you choose a template as the logo base, you need to customize that.

The customizations could be design elements, stock images, unique typography, dynamic fonts, bright colors, and so on. You will need to create a free account to design the dream logo.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is another design platform that offers gaming logos. However, you will need to get a paid plan to get usable logos from this website. On top of that, you need to design your own logo.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

The logo maker provides some basic guidance during logo designing. You can start the design process by entering your team’s name and tagline. You also need to choose a design theme.

In the later steps, you will also need to provide more information like the game you prefer, logo type, fonts, elements, and so on. Thus, with so many things to do, the entire process takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. offers a minimalistic interface for logo designing. Also, users need to get a paid subscription to download their creations. However, its artboard offers all the necessary graphic and logo designing features that you might need for your gaming logo. Gaming Logo Maker

Its UI comes with options and features like Ideas, Designs, Colors, Containers, Slogan, Icon, History, and Preview. The custom color editor lets you colorize all the graphic elements the way you want using different color combinations.


Envato is a popular digital and creative asset monetization marketplace. It also lets the users create gaming logos from Placeit, an Envato company. You can access the logo maker tool for free and design a logo as well.

YouTube video

To download, you need to subscribe to an on-time or unlimited plan. Once you access the editor, you will find various example logos with elements like animals, avatars, ghosts, pixelated images, and stylish letterings.

The main editor lets you customize the text, background, graphic color, and many more. You can also search for game-specific logos like Pubg, Dragon, Skull, etc.


Looka is another trending logo maker with paid plans. When you create a logo on this platform, its AI technology automatically creates 300+ digital assets for your brands. You can download all of these as a brand kit if you get a subscription.

Looka Gaming Logo Design

Designing a gaming logo on this online tool is quite simple. The tool asks you to choose an industry standard, business name, game icons, slogans, color combinations, and a few design templates. The automated tool then offers you a couple of options for further customization.


BrandCrowd lets you try its gaming logo maker for free. But, for an accessible logo, you need to get a paid subscription. There are two ways to design the perfect gaming logo on this platform. For example, you can choose a template on display and personalize the logo.

Brand Crowd Gaming Logos

Alternatively, you can search for a specific logo template by changing search parameters like color, font style, logo style, keyword, and text. Once you settle on a template, sign up for a free account to access the editor.

The artboard lets you customize logos by changing the text, layout, background, shape, and logo image. You can also change the opacity of any design element.


Renderforest brings AI to the logo-making industry. So, if you want to let an advanced algorithm design a creative gaming logo, you must try this tool. You can design and download your logos for free. However, you may not use the logo for commercial purposes.

YouTube video

So, if you are not monetizing your gameplays, you can use logos from Renderforest. Start designing a logo by entering your team’s name, tagline, and description. Be elaborate when writing a description since the AI will analyze the text. After analysis, the AI will suggest a couple of logos that you can edit further.

Turbologo is an appropriate gaming logo maker for teams, groups, and clans. Since the tool lets you add multiple creative arts in one logo. However, the tool is also perfect for you if you are a solo game streamer.

Turbologo Logo Design App

It is important to know the tool is wholely subscription-based. You can either pay once for one logo file or get a subscription for unlimited logos. However, the design process is pretty simple and does not require any extensive graphic design knowledge.


You can try Zyro if you are looking for an easy-to-use logo-making tool. Though the designing tool is free, downloading a usable logo will cost you money. If you are ready to pay up for the logo, it is your lucky day!

Zyro’s Gaming Logo Maker

The tool is from Hostinger, so, you can get the bundle of website and logo for a very cheap price. However, if you only want the logo, you will have to pay more than the bundle price.

Zyro lets you create a logo from scratch or choose an AI-based gaming logo maker. You need to enter some basic information and choose a few designs in both cases to get multiple finished logos.

Free Gaming Logo Maker FAQs

FAQs for free gaming logo maker
How to make a gaming logo?

Making a gaming logo is easy if you use an online gaming logo maker. You may use the aforementioned logo-designing tools to make a gaming logo.

Most of the tools offer multiple design templates. You can choose one template and personalize that as per your or your team’s choice.

How do you make your own Twitch logo?

You can make a bespoke Twitch logo using any of the above-mentioned gaming logo makers. A few tools will also show you custom Twitch-specific logo designs that you can customize.

How do you make the PUBG logo?

Some of the discussed logo designers have specific templates for PUBG logos. You can also search for PUBG logo templates on other tools. Fiverr offers a dedicated Pubg logo maker section. 


Online gaming and live streaming are more than just fun. It has now become a lucrative skill to grow influence among your fan base and make a living. Therefore, you need to take appropriate steps so that you or your team look professional whenever you go live.

The first step towards that is using a gaming logo. You may use any of the above free gaming logo makers to make your own gaming logo and mark your territory in this ever-changing game streaming industry.

If you are a professional gamer, you may also want to know about these best gaming browsers of all time.

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