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  • Did you ever wish to have a Google Analytics report in Infographics?

    I guess you would like to visualize your blog, website visitor data in a purposeful method. A report that is straightforward to know and provides you all data as a website owner to require action on.

    You may argue that you can do in excel but who likes to process them manually when you have an online tool to do so.


    What A Graph is another fantastic tool which converts your website analytics data into beautiful infographics? In the free plan, you can add one website, and it visualizes the following data in weekly or monthly.

    • Total users (compared to last week/month)
    • New vs. Returning
    • Sessions
    • Average sessions time
    • Total page views
    • Views per session
    • Top 5 page views by URL
    • Session by browser
    • Sessions by a device (Mobile/Desktop/Tablet)
    • Sources of Traffic
    • Session by Country
    • Session by City

    Signup with what a graph is easy. Visit http://app.whatagraph.com/, and you can register in a minute. You have the option to sign in with Google account too.

    I like the colorful way of presenting data. This is how it looks like.

    geekflare-whatagraph geekflare-whatagraph-1 geekflare-whatagraph-2


    Infogr.am let you visualize your Google Analytics data and give you the option to customize the infographics with the metrics you want.

    You can authorize your account so Infogr.am can pull the data and give you the option to select the metrics to put on the infographics.

    • Login into Infogr.am
    • Click on start with data: Data import or source
    • Select Google Analytics


    • Select the account, web, profile, period and metrics you want from the left navigation.


    You can drag-n-drop at the infographics and once done; you should have something like below.

     You can also change the infographics theme by going to Settings as shown below.



    Databox got more than 65 templates ready to use. Using them is easy – you preview the template you like and click on get this template which will take you through the Google Analytics authentication process and present the data for your site.

    The above is a sample of organic blog traffic report, but there are a lot more like:

    • Marketing automation
    • E-commerce
    • CRM & Sales
    • Analytics
    • Social Media
    • Paid Search
    • Paid Social
    • Email
    • Video
    • SEO & SEM

    Did you like to visualize your website analytics data into Infographic? You will also like visualizing your Facebook.