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Google Maps is a popular and robust location-based mapping service, and its inception has led to the extinction of paper maps. The mapping service is ever-evolving and is becoming more and more accessible each passing day.

Google Maps has become so popular that, with time, it has become synonymous with the location-based mapping service. The reason for this immense popularity is the presence of handy features like a speed limit checker that solve one of the biggest problems- finding routes to unexplored destinations and places.

Looking for a vegetarian restaurant in the new city? Google Maps is here for your rescue. Want to find the popular spots in the tourist destination you are exploring? Google Maps will help you out.

Google Maps is the default mapping service on Android and makes navigation a breeze. Even though Google Maps is convenient to use, it has a big drawback. Google does not have a good reputation, and users have many privacy concerns because it stores their browsing habits. So, if you value your privacy, you should immediately switch to the Google Maps alternative as soon as possible.

Privacy issues are not the only reason you should consider switching to another mapping service. Despite not being like Google, these alternatives include many unique features you will not find in Google Maps.

While Google Maps supports offline maps feature, these maps are not as detailed as you will find in other mapping services. These apps also provide important details like driving statistics and different map categories, traffic alerts and updates, and more.

These reasons are precisely why you should find a replacement for Google Maps that can provide better features than Google Maps. Here we are presenting the list of best location-based services that will prove to be an effective Google Maps alternative.


Waze is a crowd-funded map service for desktop, Android, and iOS devices. The intuitive and highly interactive system also allows you to alert your fellow drivers about the traffic changes, speed cams, congestion, and hazards on the road. Due to its immense popularity, Wave was purchased by Google in 2013 and still exists as a stand-alone application and not a part of Google Map.

Handy information like the cheapest gas stations, under development sites, recent accidents, speed cameras, and the nearest location of police are constantly updated by Waze users. It also lets you track user locations in real-time (if they permit).

The Live map allows you to look up the destination, plan the route, drop pins on important locations, add new places, find cool places, and upload camera shots. You can also customize your map area with the help of Waze Map Editor.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is one of the most privacy-friendly alternatives to the Google App out there. Available only for iOS devices, Apple Maps has evolved a lot since its release for the first time, and if you are an iPhone owner, you will not want to switch to any other app to search any place or see the route to your destination. Apple left no stone unturned to make its native web mapping services private and has successfully tacked the accuracy flaws and bugs present in its initial release.

Apple maps may lack some features that are a part of Google Maps and may not have as many reviews of places that you will find in the Google mapping service, but some of its features are pretty outstanding. For instance, if you are in the US, you can see information about the traffic signals and the stop signs; the map will also tell you the correct lane where you should travel.

  • It works on:
  • iOS


If you are someone who uses public transport to commute between places, then MapQuest is a great Google Maps alternative to try out. Available as a web-based mapping service and an app for android and iOS smartphones, MapQuest enables you to find the best local transportation service available on your route and also presents you with an option to reserve a cab directly from the app. You will also get the information about the local transport service available near you, in real-time.

If these features were not enough to impress you, MapQuest also informs you about the number of calories you’ve burnt if you choose to walk to your destination. What a nice feature, after all!

Besides informing you about public transport, MapQuest also offers advanced features like automatic re-routing, real-time traffic conditions, ETA, alerts about cameras/accidents/slow-downs, location-sharing, and weather reports. Some basic features of Google Maps like turn-by-turn navigation, bookmarking, best route, satellite view, and nearby locations to visit are also present in MapQuest.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Bing Maps

Being as old as Google Maps, this web-based mapping service by Microsoft was previously known as MapPoint. Later, it was renamed Bing Maps as it appeared to be more catchy. Packed with powerful features like traffic overlay and 3D views, it emerged as a strong competitor of Google Maps. Bing Maps also offers a full ordinance survey map of the United Kingdom that proves beneficial for people employed in town planning.

It fetches the best routes to the different destinations from Google Maps, and if you compare the two, Bing apps generally provide optimized routes. Its advanced features like 3D views and OS maps, and Street View, on a fresh and clean user interface, make Bing Maps worth a try. Some of the features offered by Google Maps, like road, aerial, and streetside layers, are also present in the Bing Maps. Bing Maps also provides separate walking and driving maps and allows you to add destinations on the route and print them on paper for later use.

  • It works on:
  • Windows

Here WeGo

Formerly known as Here Maps, Here WeGo is a part of the in-car GPS navigation systems of the big automobile companies like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW. Here WeGo is not just confined to the automobile industry; millions of customers prefer the map owing to its straightforward interface. Present in over 200 countries, Here WeGo maps have basic features such as navigation and provide a detailed route from your location to the place you intend to visit.

It also provides the latest information and fare details of the public transport around your area after calculating them. Moreover, you can also see details like camera placements, police availability, construction sites, and speed cameras. The app also informs you of faster route options, such as transit, taxi, or even car-sharing. Here WeGo also offers offline maps features which allow you to archive the map of an entire continent and get step-by-step information in offline mode.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


Available both; as an app and a website, Maps.Me offers all the important features you want in a decent mapping service; traffic info, public transport, cycling navigation, anything you can think of. Just like Google, it allows you to download the maps for later use if you are in a poor network area. This is a nice perk to have, especially when you are exploring a new city or country.

Maps.Me is a perfect choice for wanderers and travelers who often find themselves in a new city. It informs you of all the popular places in the city, places you should visit and the food places to try out. You will also find a vast database of all the hiking trails in the world; the list gets updated regularly.

When planning a trip, you can bookmark these places and share them with a friend. The web version of Maps.Me has dozens of categories and subcategories that help you filter the places so that you can easily find the ones that interest you.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


OsmAnd is a free Google Maps alternative that enjoys vast popularity amongst users due to the presence of offline maps. These maps are available everywhere, even if you are in a no-internet zone, and help you find your way.

One of the best features of this robust open-source choice for Google Maps alternative is the presence of offline maps, which ensures that wherever you are in the world – no matter your signal – you’ll be able to find your way. These maps are very nicely detailed and resemble the Ordnance Survey maps. They are frequently updated, so you never have to fear using an outdated map.

The user interface is not very pleasing to the eyes but is highly customizable, thanks to the filters that allow you to pick what details you want to see on the map at a time. You can choose anything like toll roads, street lighting, road surface, and road quality. The free version of the app allows only seven map downloads. In case you need more, you will have to purchase the premium version.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


Unlike Google Maps, the scope of CityMapper is quite narrow, but it skillfully does its job better than any other app. This map service successfully helps the people who frequent the public transport to travel to the popular cities in the world. The multi-mode journey planner of the app shows different modes of travel, including buses, metro, subways, trains, ferries, Uber car-sharing, trams, and other public transit forms.

CityMapper keeps an updated database of public routes of all important cities in the world and also alerts you about traffic, route diversion, and rain, and also allows you to add those locations to the favorite list which you wish to explore.

Its Go Assistant feature, when enabled, provides instructions and suggestions in real-time while you are navigating. CityMapper also supports Uber integration which helps you book the cabs without going to a different app. The app is very clean and not at all bloated; it fetches all the possible routes to a place and then presents you with the most optimized one.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


OpenStreetMap is a simple web mapping tool stuffed with all the features you would expect with any web mapping service. The vivid maps explain different layers, help in accurate route planning, and provide cycling and walking routes.

Viewing the map is straightforward; you need to enter the origin and destination, and you will see the route. After finishing the search, you can download the map and save it as a file on your phone. You can load these maps later and then view them offline.

OpenStreetMap is an excellent GoogleMap alternative for casual use, and it does not track your location and respects your privacy. The mapping service is open-source and crowd-funded, where users can add any place in the database.

  • It works on:
  • Windows

Wrapping Up

The mapping services mentioned above provide accurate navigation and mapping routes. Some apps cater to a specific need, such as providing public transport details or providing travel routes to destinations in foreign cities. These tools will be a suitable replacement for Google Maps owing to their valuable features.

If you are a developer, you may consider looking at these Maps APIs. Also, check how to share your location on Android.

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