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In Data Visualization Last updated: February 14, 2023
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The range of Google sheet uses cases is increasingly vast.

Today, there are thousands of utilities for Google sheets, especially considering the readily available functions and formulas. And whether you are creating reports or analyzing data, prepare to blow your mind with Goggle Sheet add-ons.


Add-ons aid you in automating key parts of your data analysis procedures and further redefine how you can handle and curate reports from the information. However, there are plenty of add-ons for you to pick out for your data analysis. It’s essential to be equipped with the best. 

If you are into data analysis for any reason, you need to use add-ons that encompass all your needs in a central point. This post will enlighten you on Google add-ons, how to set them up, and look into a few selections that will help you master data analysis. You’ll finally brush up on how to choose the right add-on.

What Are Google Sheet Add-Ons?

A software add-on is a third-party software script or program added to another program increasing its features and capabilities. For example, Adobe Flash allows you to watch or play games on your browser. Users can create add-ons with no affiliation to the original product developer.

Google Sheets add-ons are scripts running inside the spreadsheet’s program to boost its functionality, offering you a better user experience. If you want to improve your productivity, add-ons can be helpful through a customizable spreadsheet experience. 

Add-ons should not be mistaken for extensions. Google Chrome extensions are small programs that modify and enhance the functionality of your web browser. In this case, they extend Chrome’s capabilities by adding a button at the address bar, which is accessible to you irrespective of the site you are browsing. 

Whenever you are stuck with a task on Google Sheets, there might be an add-on to help you with your particular task. And if you want to try some add-ons, knowing what they can do for you is a good place to start. 

Also, it’s worth noting that some add-ons can be free while others are paid, depending on your service provider. Some vendors will offer free and paid versions where you access more features at a subscription.

Why Do You Need Add-Ons?

Google Sheets is a cloud-based solution with collaboration and powerful tools that process, visualize and communicate with data. You can extend sheets with add-ons to build an improved customizable workflow, connect with third-party systems, and integrate sheet data with other Google workspace applications like Google slides for visualization.

Add-ons help you with several tasks, including manipulating data using Google’s built-in script Spreadsheet services, creating custom bars with HTML and CSS, including custom functions, and developing specified function triggers for specific events.

What Are Data Analyst Tools?

Data Analyst tools is a term describing software and applications that data analysts use to develop and execute analytic operations on data to help institutions make informed business decisions to scale profits while minimizing costs.

Using the right software enables you to make the very best decisions. In this post, all software tools covered are add-ons specifically for data analysts and can be installed directly from Google Workspace Marketplace.

How to Install an Add-On?

Google Sheet add-ons are simple to use. All you have to do is install them. The whole process is contained in a Google spreadsheet. Here are the steps you need to follow on your personal computer (PC):

Step 1: Create a new spreadsheet or open an existing one.

Step 2: On the toolbar, navigate and click “Extensions,” then head over to “Add-ons.


Step 3: Click on “Add-ons” and hover to “Get add-ons,” which redirects you to the Google Workspace Marketplace.


Step 4: Browse through the selections in the marketplace. If you want a specific tool, you can use the search button to find it.


Step 5: Click on the add-on you want to install, and then click on the blue install button to add your add-ons.

Now that your add-on is installed, it is only available through your browser. Therefore, it is not available on your mobile. You can toggle between browsers while using add-ons. For example, if you installed the add-on on Chrome, you can still use it while working on the same sheet on another browser like Firefox. 

However, before you work with many add-ons, there are exceptions. Some add-ons are browser specific; for instance, those built explicitly for Chrome will only work while added to the native browser.

You have already spent some time being theoretical; it’s time to get tactical and see how different add-ons can supercharge your data analysis. Here are the best add-ons to help you with your data analysis.


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Supermetrics is envisioned to simplify and improve productivity while pinpointing connectedness in your data analysis. You can automatically fetch and blend data from over 100 marketing and sales tools directly on a spreadsheet, thus aiding in making informed decisions with the add-on available on the marketplace

With Supermetrics, you are only required to identify your data sources, customize metrics, and set up timed refreshes without leaving Google Sheets. Here are more functionalities tied to Supermetrics:

  • Data integration from your favorite marketing platforms like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, etc.
  • Working with clean and unsampled data.
  • Build custom reports and dashboards with email notifications.
  • Access free reports from a plethora of templates.
  • Eradicate the manual work like copying and pasting, thus focusing on analysis.

Supermetrics supports a wide range of data sources for your use. You can use the free 14 days trial before opting for a paid version.

Abelbits: Advanced Find and Replace

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If you want to leverage advanced searches, Abelbits is your number one solution. This add-on can be accessed from the marketplace and allows you to find and replace text within a formula, check out hidden links in the text, search within notes, and find specific values in your data. 

Here are Abelbit tool’s unique features:

  • Dashboard to simultaneously oversee values, notes, formulas, errors, and links.
  • Find and replace data in a column or anywhere in the spreadsheet.
  • Display custom data matches in a sidebar, where you can navigate to any entry by clicking.
  • Replace either all or selected data slots.
  • Export custom values or their corresponding rows.

If you want to get started with this tool, you are eligible for a 30 days full functionality free trial, after which you can opt-in for a paid subscription with an unconditional money-back guarantee. You also get 24-hour support to help you if you are stuck or have questions.


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Sheetgo is empowered by the mission to automate your data management on spreadsheets. Sheetgo tools allow you to build custom workflows automating your entire business processes. You can connect your spreadsheets’ data to use brilliant integrations like Google docs and mail to create seamless automation. Sheetgo can be installed via the marketplace.

Here are some operations you can perform with Sheetgo:

  • Link, merge, synchronize Google sheets, and move data across multiple files for automation.
  • Work simultaneously with multiple files like CSV, Excel, and Google sheets.
  • Improve your productivity by connecting files through a workflow.
  • Generate automated reports.
  • Connect your spreadsheets with cloud technology like Dropbox or SharePoint.
  • Create documents from spreadsheets.

Sheetgo is free to use, although it has some paid features. 


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ThoughtSpot for Google Sheets is a data visualization tool that lets you create charts and visualizations from your spreadsheets’ data. ThoughtSpot is goal driven and aids you with abilities to see all possible visualizations from your data while you explore it.

Here are several tasks you can do with ThoughtSpot:

  • Free models – Launching the tool automatically categorizes your data into different types based on dates, measures, and attributes.
  • Drill anywhere into your data using the inbuilt lightweight SQL engine.
  • Easy navigation through your spreadsheets.
  • Using Pin to Slack, Google slides, and Google Sheets, you can easily save charts and share them with others for better collaboration.

It is free to use and can be easily installed from the marketplace.


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Coefficient is a code-free solution for connecting your spreadsheets to your company systems and thus accelerating work. You can synchronize Google sheets with business software like Google Analytics, MySQL, Looker, Redshift, any application program interface (API), databases, and warehouses through coefficient. 

You can build reports and flexible dashboards. Here are unique Coefficient attributes:

  • Pull live data from your systems without coding.
  • Never rebuild a similar report.
  • Make data actionable – Keep teammates updated with slack and email notifications.
  • Swift connection through systems.
  • Automatic refresh for data on any schedule.
  • Preserve formulas while adding new columns to your spreadsheet. 
  • Multiple seamless data connection cases like CSV to data sheets or Amazon Redshift data to sheets. 

Coefficient can be installed from the Google Workspace marketplace.

Awesome Table

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Awesome Table is a super exciting add-on that helps you export data from numerous sources to Google Sheets. Ever since its inception, Awesome Table has had two products. The first is connectors that export data from applications like HubSpot and Jira.

The other one is apps where you can make your spreadsheet data accessible and available on a website as an interactive catalog. You can also use Awesome Table to build reports and dashboards from your data analysis. This tool is free of charge but has some paid features.

If you are interested in connectors, here’s what Awesome Table can do:

  • Quickbooks – connect any data to Google Sheets
  • Developer tools – You can integrate tools like Jira, Vercel, and or any API with your configured queries.
  • E-commerce – Create custom dashboards and run detailed analytics on products and transactions.
  • Product management – Connect with services like Notion and Airtable to sync updates and keep an eye on the documentation.
  • Crypto – Track and analyze prices, trading volumes, and market caps for any cryptocurrencies. You can even build your candle sticks from your data.

If you want to build an app, here’s what you can do:

  • Create catalogs, document libraries, directories, and project portfolios.
  • Create Maps for your customers.
  • Build FAQ bases.
  • Data summaries – create visualizations easily.
  • Customize your application with other languages like JavaScript. 

Awesome Table can be installed from the marketplace.

Abelbits: Remove Duplicates

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Whether you are working on large or small volumes of data, you must have a solution to handle duplicates. Remove Duplicates by Abelbits helps remove data duplicates without needing a code editor, allowing you to focus on more meaningful data analysis procedures. It can be installed from the marketplace

Here are some tasks you can tackle with Remove Duplicates by Abelbits:

  • Locate duplicate or unique rows and cells.
  • Quick dedupe – When working on some data, you can have a single-step alternative to the first feature. You can proceed to perform the same operation on duplicates.
  • Easy comparison between sheets.
  • Combine duplicate rows.

This tool offers you a 30-day free trial of full functionality, after which you can opt for an annual subscription or at an off-charge.

Solve for Google Sheets

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This add-on has a report builder with amazing features for you to enable in Google Sheets. Solve for Google Sheets offers several functionalities like generating powerful reports from data, autocompleting parse addresses using artificial intelligence, and extending databases.

You can use the capabilities to find answers to more specific questions in your data, manage, and even share it.

It has the following main features:

  • Create reports and charts.
  • Automatic updates on reports
  • Autocomplete parse addresses.
  • Extend your database.

This add-on can be installed from the marketplace and works for small and large businesses. However, you get a 14-day free trial following a low monthly subscription budget.

Final Words

You have looked at the best add-ons you can leverage for your data analysis, with others having unique extra features like report generation. There are numerous exciting features for you to explore if you dive deeper by using add-ons. 

Different add-on tools will come with unique and varying features.  Read through all the tools’ documentation to learn about all the extensive features before choosing which one is best for your use case. 

Next, check out browser security add-ons for privacy.

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