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In Customer Service Last updated: June 2, 2023
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The success of a business depends on its customers and clients. Only with efficient help desk software, you can ensure that their pain points are being addressed in time.

All kinds of customer-faced companies need help desk software so that their customers can easily reach out to them and find solutions to their problems and queries.

For a new company, a powerful help desk could be a game-changer. For companies with a growing or huge client base, the importance of sophisticated customer support is paramount.

In order to create a help desk solution for your organization, open-source and reliable applications like Hesk could be the right choice. Before learning how this software can help you, let’s find out the reasons for getting a help desk solution.

Why Do You Need a Help Desk Software

  • With the assistance of help desk software, companies can effortlessly manage all customer concerns using a proper ticketing system and customer support staff.
  • Help desk software with omnichannel customer support helps you cater to the queries coming from all digital channels in one place.
  • Help desk solutions come with a ticketing system that makes sure no issue goes unnoticed and customers get quick resolutions to their problems. 
  • Customer support service involves various repetitive and time-taking tasks, like sending acknowledgment messages, assigning a ticket, assigning relevant staff to a query, etc. Help desk software automates such tasks and speeds up the customer support process. 
  • It can also facilitate a feedback system on the knowledge base and the performance of the support executives. 
  • These applications enable companies to offer bespoke solutions according to their business model. 
  • Businesses can create pre-set responses for common customer queries. This ensures that customers get an enhanced experience when they contact customer service.
  • Using help desk software, you can get insightful reports and analytics on your support team’s performance. Thus, you can understand your weaknesses and work on those.

As evident from above, there are ample benefits to using help desk software. So, if you are still depending on lengthy email trails to address customer queries, it is time to move away and opt for a help desk solution powered by Hesk.

How Hesk Can Offer You a Suitable Solution

For many businesses, one of the major concerns about setting up a help desk solution for the company is the cost. Being an open-source solution, Hesk allows them to have a help desk on their website for free.

All you have to do is to host on your own server, and Hesk is good to go. Moreover, companies can also use Hesk to address internal queries through the knowledge base.


When you create your own help desk solution using Hesk, you can add the necessary features to it. For example, It lets you create a knowledge base with answers to all the common queries. If customers are unable to find answers to their questions, they can submit their questions to create a support ticket.

As the admin, you want complete control over the access and activities of your support staff. Hesk lets you categorize, filter, and prioritize the tickets, along with tracking the time spent on each ticket. Apart from setting staff accounts, it lets you get an overview of their functionality and provide them with the necessary access. 

Help desk software created using Hesk also lets you access all the necessary information from one place. The simplistic software has numerous other features like ticket templates, canned responses, adding notes, attaching files to tickets, adding custom data fields, modifying ticket status, etc.

Hesk Features

Centralized Support System

With a centralized system in place for all the support queries, Hesk is a wonderful solution. It lets you track and manage queries you get through forms, emails, and phone calls from one place.

Self-Help Services


You do not want every customer to keep your support staff engaged with the simplest of queries. Hence, Hesk allows you to create a knowledge base with the answers to common queries. Also, you can create separate sections for FAQs and User Guides so that users can find solutions to their basic problems.

Query Management


Hesk offers a number of useful features to manage customer queries better. It lets you categorize the tickets, define their urgency, and check the current status of a ticket.

Hassle-Free Communication


To avoid back-and-forth communication with your customers and improve their experience of using your platform, your help desk software should gather prerequisite info before starting the conversation and offer initial canned responses. All these features are available on Hesk. 


Hesk is a simplistic platform, and the lightweight software is easy to manage. Moreover, it does not come with a steep learning curve, so anyone can use it without any difficulty.

Additional Features


Apart from the above, there are also SPAM preventive measures, reply ratings, multi-language support, and reports on your preferred date range.

How to Set Up A Help Desk Software Using Hesk

Setting up a customer support application using Hesk is quite easy. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

1. First, you need to download and install the Hesk software. Free plan users need to install it on their self-hosted server. Or you can choose Hesk Cloud for instant installation on a remote server.

2. After the installation, you need to access the admin portal to perform the basic configurations. After creating your profile and setting up the basic settings, you can choose support categories, add support staff, create a knowledge base, and get canned responses. It is also important to go through the security checklist of Hesk.

3. If you want to perform other tasks using the solution, you have to do advanced configuration. These include setting up the server for sending emails, converting customer emails into tickets, getting notified on overdue tickets, offering rich text email replies, and adding fields in ticket submission forms. 

Scenarios Where Hesk can be Useful

  • Any company offering products or services that want to set up a support portal with a knowledge base and support ticketing system can use Hesk.
  • Enterprises with a dedicated IT team can set up an IT help desk using Hesk. Thus, anyone with hardware issues can submit a support ticket, and the IT team can help them with proper guidance.
  • Hesk is also useful for the maintenance team of a building complex. It will allow them to receive and manage maintenance issues of the building and resolve them on a priority basis.

Hesk Versions

You may choose to use any of the two versions of Hesk software:

#1. Hesk

This free version of Hesk allows you to self-host the solution on a PHP and MySQL-supported server. It does not need you to register and can be freely used for commercial websites as well. 

However, the free version comes with a “powered by” link that will be visible to the customers. To remove this link and add a professional look to your help desk, you can purchase Hesk License, starting at $49.99 (one time).

#2. Hesk Cloud


This is a SaaS version of Hesk, where the software is remotely hosted. For this version, Hesk takes care of the hosting and maintenance. Hesk Cloud users can also access additional modules for statistics, escalation, and satisfaction. The pricing starts at $29.99.

Concluding Thoughts

Nowadays, businesses need an efficient and professional help desk application on their website to resolve customer queries instantly and offer them a positive experience of using their products.

The lack of necessary features and high expense are the factors that stop many companies from opting for a support solution. Using Hesk, you can set up a sophisticated help desk application on a self-hosted server or remote server.

The software is packed with features essential to manage help desk software for a smooth user experience for both customers and support executives. Being an open-source software, Hesk can be used for free and customized as per any business needs.

You may also explore the best remote desktop software and workplace chat software for better productivity.

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