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In HR Management Last updated: September 18, 2023
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Interview scheduling software has become an indispensable tool for HR professionals in today’s competitive world. Hiring the perfect candidate for any job requires time, patience, and effort, nuances only those in HR genuinely appreciate. The recruitment journey is much like a rollercoasteršŸŽ¢, from sifting through resumes to orchestrating the final round. Amongst these stages, coordinating interviews can be exceptionally challenging, especially when aligning the availability of candidates with interviewers.

And the more interviews you have to conduct, the more hectic it gets. Whew! But there’s hope yet, as with interview scheduling software, you can ease the process like a pro!šŸ„³

In this article, we will explore interview scheduling software and its benefits. Additionally, here’s a quick list of the best interview scheduling software solutions that can improve your hiring process! And for more details, read through our detailed take on the table in the post that follows.

Product Notable Features
CalendlyRobust interview coordination. Gather info, automate communication. Multiple platform access. Free & paid plans.
GoodTimeAutomated bulk scheduling via SMS, WhatsApp, email. Intelligent interviewer selection. Three paid plans.
VidCruiterStreamline interview scheduling. Real-time availability sharing. In-person/virtual options.
ParadoxRobust coordination. Conversational assistant, real-time updating, recorded video interviews.
FreshworksTalent management. Auto-schedule reminders. Interview feedback portal. Performance tracking.
GoHireSpeeds recruitment. Self-scheduling, automation. Integrates with calendars. Three pricing structures.
PicktimeEffortless interview scheduling. Drag-and-drop interface. Free software. Easy-to-use for teams.
HireVueCoordinated AI-powered interviews. Automated reminders, reporting, feedback prompts. Pricing upon request.
SetmoreIntegrates with calendars. Hiring for multiple roles. AI-enabled scheduling. Free & paid plans.
KoalendarOrganized 1:1 platform. Flexible meeting settings. Integrates with Zoom and Meet. Free & paid plans.

What is an Interview Scheduling Software?

An interview scheduling software simplifies and streamlines the process of scheduling interviews with candidates.

The software is designed to assist HR managers and recruiters in organizing interviews and enhancing candidate experience. After all, the recruitment process is hectic enough with the pre-employment assessment of candidates, etc.

With interview scheduling software, scheduling interviews is automated, reducing the stress of coordinating interviews while recruiters focus on their core duties.

In addition, the software helps HR managers and recruiters organize interviews efficiently by providing a seamless process for scheduling and booking time slots on calendars.


How an Interview Scheduling Software Helps Companies

The interview scheduling software enables businesses to speed up the recruiting and assessment of candidates. These platforms automate prescreening, which enables businesses to identify the best employees by eliminating unsuitable applications.

Additionally, they let you arrange interviews and automatically compare the resumes of prospective candidates to the specifications, saving you numerous hours of work. Thus, this results in a more efficient evaluation of candidates.

Furthermore, these systems automate the scheduling of interviews and notify candidates in real-time, saving you the time and effort of trying to coordinate each interview for confirmation.

This software also improves candidate information management. Teams may readily access and update candidate profiles using the application tracking systems (ATS) and human resource management systems (HRMS) that are frequently included in these systems.


Benefits of Using Interview Scheduling Software

Using interview scheduling software comes with a plethora of benefits, including:

#1. Time-Saving

Interview scheduling software helps you save time. As mentioned above, Instead of manually emailing each participant asking about their availability and scheduling interviews, you can rely on interview scheduling software to handle this aspect. It not only frees up your time but also fast-forward the recruiting process.

#2. Efficiency and Coordination

An interview scheduling software makes scheduling and recruitment much more efficient and coordinated. This software eliminates the risk of errors and biases. They provide a unified hub for overseeing and handling recruitment under a platform. With this platform, you can ensure everyone on the team is on the same page and quality hiring is done within less time.

#3. Fewer No Shows and Rescheduled Events

Using interview scheduling software eliminates the bother of no-shows and rescheduling. The software for arranging interviews is AI-powered. To ensure that the applicants never again skip an interview, they use AI and automation to send them updates and reminders regularly. In fact, many HR professionals invest in AI-powered hiring tools to make the process more efficient.

#4. Get Information and Perspectives

These software have real-time analytics that encourage useful discoveries. Using these insights, you may identify bottlenecks and devise strategies to avoid them, streamlining company processes.

#5. Flexibility

Flexibility is the finest feature of interview scheduling software. This software enables HRs and recruiters to arrange interviews whenever possible and allows candidates to select from the available time windows. The time slots can be blocked by recruiters when they are not available. Additionally, updating and changing your time availability whenever you want is simple.

#6. Increased Candidate Satisfaction

Software for arranging interviews is undoubtedly innovative for HR professionals and recruiters. Additionally, simplifying the interview scheduling procedure allows for improved applicant experience. Candidates can select a time from the recruiters’ availability that best fits them. Additionally, they receive updates in the form of automatic invitations and reminders that keep them informed.


Key Features of Interview Scheduling Software

It’s essential to choose an interview scheduling software equipped with the necessary features to get the most out of an interview scheduling software.

Here are some features you must check before selecting an interview scheduling software:

#1. Prescreening Automation

Most good interview scheduling software handles prescreening automation, freeing up HRs from spending countless hours on matching resumes with job applications. These tools harness AI and ML to analyze the resume and shortlist the most ideal ones.

#2. Integration with Other Calendars

The most challenging task of scheduling interviews with job applicants is avoiding double bookings. Interview scheduling software easily integrates with other calendars, giving you a clear overview of the other booked time slots to avoid booking overlapping.

#3. Customization

Recruiters often encounter elongated interview session issues, which might disturb other interviews. Interview scheduling software allows you to customize the time duration, timing, and date of the interview sessions.

#4. Automated Interview Scheduling

After the job applicants are prescreened, an interview scheduling software also takes care of scheduling interviews with suitable candidates. Once you’ve found some ideal candidates, sit back and relax, and let the software do the groundwork of scheduling interviews.

#5. Bulk Scheduling

Scheduling multiple interviews is no joke. However, with interview scheduling software, it becomes way more accessible and simplified. Look for software with various scheduling options. The robust technology of bulk scheduling can cut down the time-to-hire from several days to a few minutes.

#6. Enhanced Communication

An interview scheduling software not only schedules interviews but also facilitates enhanced communication. These tools send invites, updates, and reminders to job applicants providing them with real-time updates. This works well with video interview platforms, too, as candidates may forget or get confused with interview timings.

#7. Security

While choosing the right interview scheduling software, check if it’s secured enough. It must swear by keeping the recruiters’ and candidates’ information private and secure. The software must have SQL certification, data encryption, password protection, and other security measures.

Here are the best interview scheduling and video interview platforms to help you streamline and reorganize your hiring.


VidCruiter is a comprehensive interview scheduling software designed for HRs and recruiters looking to streamline interview scheduling. With this tool, you let the software do the heavy lifting for youā€”no need to check availability back and forth with each candidate.

VidCruiter Interview Scheduling Software

VidCruiter allows you to share your real-time availability directly with the candidates so that they can choose whatever works best for them. VidCruiter has the flexibility to let the candidates choose among various in-person or virtual interview options.

It helps recruiters with efficient use and management of time by syncing multiple real-time calendars together. VidCruiter discloses the pricing structure upon request.


If you want to bypass the hassle of manually writing emails to schedule candidate interviews, this tool might be very handy. GoodTime is an ideal tool that enables HRs and recruiters to have a good time while the automated software handles scheduling interviews with candidates swiftly.

goodtime Interview Scheduling Software

It simplifies bulk scheduling candidates in seconds through various channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, and emails. The software reaches out to the candidates through their preferred channel to let them choose the time they’re up to giving the interview.

What makes it the best choice is its unique intelligent interviewer selection. Through this, candidates can select their interviewer based on skills, expertise, and team.

GoodTime has three paid plans; Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. You can contact them for prices.


Paradox is another robust interview scheduling software perfect for coordinating interviews with job applicants without complications. This excellent option allows you to interview and hire top talent seamlessly. Paradox handles it all, whether you want to automate interviews with one person or more at multiple locations.

Paradox Interview Scheduling Software

The platform emphasizes conversational scheduling with their conversational assistant, Olivia. It also offers real-time calendar updating, eliminating no-show rates and rescheduling. The most exciting part about this software is the recorded video interviews.

This is an excellent tool for teams who want to improve time utilization! However, Paradox reveals the pricing upon request for a demo.


Freshworks is a talent management and HR platform known for its intuitive interface. It’s a perfect tool for companies with a streamlined approach to hiring and onboarding new candidates. The software takes the burden out of the high rescheduling rates through auto-schedule reminders at the most appropriate time.

Freshworks Interview Scheduling Software

It also offers an online portal for gathering interview feedback from the team. Its ATS collects feedback from the interviewers in a structured way for future reference.

On top of that, Freshworks features integrated performance-tracking capabilities that expose you to invaluable insights. The software isn’t limited to the interview stage; it extends some great tools to tackle post-interview chores like a breeze.


GoHire is a simple yet effective interview scheduling software that boasts exceptional capabilities. This end-to-end applicant tracking system (ATS) is ideal for teams and businesses who want to speed up the recruitment process and cut out manual email and phone call follow-ups.

It revolutionized the way interviews are planned and conducted through its self-scheduling and automated technology.

YouTube video

What’s excellent about GoHire is that it integrates with the current calendar partner network eliminating the need to install new software. With a few clicks, you can sync your calendars together so there are no overlapping events.

With GoHire at your end, you can focus on things that matter the most and let it do the admin tasks. It features three pricing structures: Starter, Growth, and Pro.


Calendly is a top recruitment software for small enterprises and freelancers. The software also caters to the HR domain. Its robust technology optimizes interview coordination among the team and the job applicants. Schedule a one-on-one interview or group interview; it’s up to you.

YouTube video

It’s a seamless and intelligent platform that can be integrated with other integrations and add-ons. You can access it on multiple platforms you use.

What’s more, Calendly allows you to gather essential information beforehand. This can ensure only qualified applicants are eligible for the interview stage. You also have the option to automate processes for streamlined pre and post-interview communication.

Calendly has a free Basic plan and three paid plans; Essentials, Professionals, and Teams.


Picktime is a revolutionary tool that effortlessly bridges the gap between convenience and efficiency for recruiters. The software’s intuitive features streamline the interview scheduling experience for both recruiters and candidates.

YouTube video

It provides the luxury of spending more time with the candidates interviewing them and minimizing time spent on scheduling interviews. Picktime features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that simplifies it for the candidates to schedule their interview with just a few touches.

Furthermore, it provides free interview scheduling software. For teams looking to work with a simple and easy-to-use interview scheduling software, Picktime is a great choice!


No more juggling interview scheduling! HireVue is here to transform how interviews are coordinated. It’s an excellent tool for effortlessly arranging interviews and strengthening coordination.

If you want to make the most out of every candidate interaction, this is the tool for you. It equips you with AI-powered insights that can be used to make more informed decisions.

Hirevue Interview Scheduling Software

HireVue is the key to streamlining HR operations- a great tool with automated reminders, robust reporting, and feedback prompts. Using this tool is like removing hiring management from your to-do list.

HireVue discloses plans upon request.


Setmore comes with exceptional built-in interview scheduling capabilities. The platform allows you to integrate it with other calendars and apps, so you don’t get confused with double-booking.

What’s great about this tool is its excellent features for hiring for multiple roles simultaneously. You can even invite your team through their staff booking pages and kickstart your recruitment process for various positions.

YouTube video

Setmore has set the standards high for AI-enabled interview scheduling by leveraging the power of AI to streamline operations. You can say goodbye to long and tiring hiring processes and let this tool work wonders for you!

Setmore has a Free plan with two paid plans; Pro and Team.


Koalender goes beyond automated interview scheduling technology. It features an organized 1:1 platform for all your interviews. You’re free to adjust meeting durations and number of participants, making it an optimal choice for businesses of all sizes.

The software is equipped to integrate all your appointments under one roof. So no matter where the recruits are available, you can reach them effortlessly.

kolander Interview Scheduling Software

All you have to do is use a single link to share the updates through all the potential channels. Kolander also integrates with Zoom and Meet, simplifying conducting video calls and opening up new opportunities worldwide.

Koalender has a Free Forever plan and a paid Professional plan.


Implementing an interview scheduling software breakthrough shift for companies of all sizes and kinds. By integrating such tools, you can ensure fast and efficient hiring processes.

Through the use of tools and software, it has become easier to find new talent as well as keep existing employees happier and more engaged. Therefore, rewards and recognition and talent management software, etc. are the need of the hour in the competitive workforce culture that companies now find themselves in where employees are indeed assets, and it falls to the HR to maintain these human resources.

In this article, we’ve mentioned some excellent interview scheduling software that can help you streamline your operations and deliver a better candidate experience. Each of them comes with diverse features and capabilities; you can choose the one that fits your requirements best!

Next up, the best employee referral software to streamline your recruitment process.

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