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In Mobile Last updated: July 14, 2023
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Everyone loves to customize their phones. So, let’s explore some of the best font apps for customizing your iPhones.

Many bloggers have stated that the iPhone isn’t as customizable as Android phones. Well, it’s valid to a certain extent, but the iPhone has continuously improved and given good competition to the opponent’s OS.

You can notice this improvement in iPhones by seeing thousands of apps and widgets available online that allow users to personalize their phones. Today, our article is for those people who enjoy customizing their phones.


When we talk about customizing, it can be done in various aspects like automation, adding shortcuts, changes in screen transactions, etc. Here, we will talk about customizing the minor points that bring a big difference in the display: your phone’s font. So, let’s not take much time and run to the apps!

What Are Font Apps?

Before boarding the aircraft of the greatest iOS font applications, let’s take a moment to define font apps. The app store offers millions of programs designed to fulfill various functions. Typeface applications are also among them.

Font apps enable users to alter the font style on their mobile devices by giving a variety of font selections and customization tools. Moreover, you may change the font of a single application or the whole system.

Several font applications include both free and premium typefaces, with expensive fonts often providing more distinctive and configurable possibilities. In addition to allowing users to modify the text’s size and color, many font applications also include extra capabilities such as text effects and backgrounds.

Although font applications may be a fun way to modify the look of your mobile device, keep in mind that not all fonts are compatible with all apps and devices. In addition, specific fonts may not be optimized for readability or accessibility. Thus it is crucial to choose fonts that are simple to read and use. Also, it is prudent to exercise caution when obtaining fonts from third-party websites since they may include malware and other security threats.

Why should I change the default font on my iPhone?

When we talk about font apps, most people have a question: Is it necessary to change my default font? Well, the straightforward answer is no.

Changing font style and size is entirely one’s choice. But you would have noticed that font style makes a big difference in appearance, whether it’s a document, Instagram stories, or bio. Most people use different font styles to make their bio or story attractive and stand out.

Overall, we can say that changing fonts isn’t necessary. But you can still try using them for better display and appearance. Changing the default font on your iPhone can provide several benefits, like the ones discussed below.

Improved readability

Some fonts are more legible and easier to read than others, especially for visually impaired people. By changing the default font on your iPhone, you can choose a font that is more readable and comfortable for you to use.


Changing the default font on your iPhone can help you personalize your device and make it feel more like your own. You can choose a font that reflects your style or personality or switch to a different font for a change.


Changing the font on your iPhone can also make it more accessible for people with visual impairments or dyslexia. Some fonts are specifically designed to be more accessible, with larger, clearer lettering and improved spacing between letters and words.

Improved focus

Some fonts are more calming or easier on the eyes than others. This can help reduce eye strain and improve your ability to focus. For example, fonts like Helvetica or Arial are often considered more calming and easier on the eyes than ornate or decorative fonts.

Better productivity

Changing the default font on your iPhone may improve your productivity and efficiency when using your device. A font that is easier to read and less distracting can help you stay focused and complete tasks more quickly and accurately.

Overall, changing the default font on your iPhone can help you personalize your device, improve readability and accessibility, and boost your productivity and focus. With a wide variety of fonts to choose from, you can find one that suits your needs and preferences and enhances your overall iPhone experience.

App Store is a big universe filled with millions of apps, and finding the accurate app that can satisfy your needs isn’t easy. So, here we are with some of the best font apps for iPhones to make it easy for you to choose.

Font & Keyboard 

Social media is now part of our daily routine, and who doesn’t like getting good engagement and attention there? Everyone tries various tricks to grab the attention of followers. Font & Keyboard can be considered one of those magic tricks. 


Font & Keyboard is a free iOS app that offers outstanding features besides providing different fonts. If you’re a social media addict or want to gain many followers, Font & Keyboard can become your best friend besides other editing apps. 

We all know that hashtags and captions play a vital role in social media engagement. This app can help you with both. Font & Keyboard offers well-categorized trending hashtags, over 2000 caption ideas, and more.

Font & Keyboard is an easy-to-use app; you can copy and paste words in different fonts, use IG post composer to directly post Instagram, and use various unique fonts, emoticons, symbols, etc. We can say that this app is helpful for everyone, from professional marketers to designers to students.  

Adobe Creative Cloud

Whenever we talk about creativity and editing, you will never see the name of Adobe missing there. So is in the case of Fonts apps. We all know that Adobe always provides the best editing apps and is always the first app beginners download to start their journey. But have you ever noticed that Adobe also offers attractive fonts?


Well, the recent update of Adobe Creative Cloud offers more than 1,300 font styles. Yes, you read it right. I think these numbers are more than enough to bring out our creativity. You can use these fonts on your device by installing the app on your mobile.

You would be already familiar with Adobe’s on-peak editing tools. But Adobe Creative Cloud offers much more, like 2GB storage space, tutorials, live streams, converted images, etc. However, coming back to the fonts, you can also get access to 17,000 fonts through this app with a monthly subscription starting at $14.99.


Enough of creating presentations with boring fonts on your iPad or iPhone. With the help of AnyFont, you can create attractive presentations to show on your Mac or PC without any worries. Most of the time, iPhones or iPads replace fonts in presentations because they don’t know them.


With the help of AnyFont, iOS users can install additional fonts in various formats like TrueTypeFont, OpenTypeFont, etc. Furthermore, these can be used in other necessary apps like Word, PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote, etc. However, the only drawback of AnyFont is that you can’t change the font on your device with this app. You can only download fonts from here to use on other apps.

Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s

Writing captions and bio in stylish fonts is fun, but have you considered writing texts in modern fonts? Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s can make your desire come true with its numerous stylish fonts and unique features.  

Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s is a well-known font app with over 5 million users. The app may provide few font options like other apps, but it gives the most stylish fonts for you. The app has 118 fonts, of which 42 are free to use, while you must take a subscription to access the rest.


What makes Better Font-s Cool Keyboard in our list is its cool feature of writing text in stylish fonts. You can use this app’s awesome fonts everywhere, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, iMessage, and more. 

Cool Fonts

Many people avoid using third-party keyboard apps due to fewer keyboard customization options and light displays, but Cool Fonts breaks all these norms. Cool Fonts is a fantastic free font app with dozens of customization options.


Imagine a font app with a stylish keyboard, numerous font options, and supports for most other necessary applications. Yes, this app has all these characteristics in it. Cool Fonts comes with the best fonts and keyboard themes for you. 

You can change the font style right on your keyboard, regardless of what app you are using. You can use Cool Fonts on all Social media apps and online profiles. It is a free app, but you may have to make in-app purchases for additional fonts and features. 

Facemoji Keyboard 

Facemoji Keyboard is one of this list’s best and most efficient apps. It is a fantastic combination of Google Keyboard features with additional creative functions. 


Facemoji Keyboard is a free and customizable app. In terms of features, this app has a lot to offer. Facemoji is popular among users because it offers more than 3000 emojis, Tik Tok hidden emojis, comment art, cool fonts, GIFs, etc.

The app’s DIY themes option on the keyboard are added bonus. The app offers numerous cute keyboard themes like kittens, ducks, etc. Besides this, you can also choose any pic from the gallery for a keyboard background. The app supports most social media sites and has an auto-paste option to save you time. 


Not everyone likes being loud; keeping this in mind, our next app is simple. Fonts is a free iOS app that perfectly combines aesthetic and stylish fonts. Quite confusing right? Well, give it a minute.


Like most similar apps, even Fonts offers 100s of stylish fonts with 50+ keyboard themes. But what makes it aesthetic is its simplicity and straightforward interface. Fonts can be used on various social media platforms and have many additional features like sticker fonts, symbols, kaomoji, and more. 

The app also allows you to customize the keyboard, and this is one of the best apps if you like to play with fonts in stories, bios, text messages, etc. Even though the app is free, you can still make in-app purchases to spice up your font game even more. 

Font Changer: Custom Keyboard 

When we get the power of customization, we all try to use it completely. Font Changer: Custom Keyboard can help us to complete our desire in the best way possible.


Font Changer is a power pack app with dozens of collections of all necessary features. Like your mood keeps changing while chatting, don’t you think you should also change your fonts according to your mood? Font Changer can help you in doing this exactly.

The Font Changer app comes with hundreds of beautiful keyboard themes and more than 150 fonts. It also allows users to send GIFs right from the iPhone keyboard. Besides the pre-built keyboard themes, you can customize them as per your preference. Font Changer is a free app, but you may only get access to some features. Therefore, you can also make in-app purchases to enjoy the full version. 

Font Keyboard – Keyboard Fonts

Using unique fonts is fun, but imagine having a special keyboard! Font Keyboard – Keyboard Fonts is a free fonts app that provides not only notable features of fonts but also unique features in the customization of the keyboard. 


You would have seen many keyboard apps allowing you to change keyboard colors, but what if I say you can now add a neon led light effect on your keyboard? Yes, you can do this with Font Keyboard – Keyboard Fonts app. This app has numerous keyboard themes and effects. 

If we talk about fonts, the app offers dozens of cool fonts that can be used in numerous apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. The app does have in-app purchases to enjoy all keyboard themes and fonts, and all this is ad-free.  

Keyboard Fonts ++ Fancy Text 

Keyboard Fonts ++ Fancy Text is a simple and sober app for you. I introduced this app as simple and straightforward because this app doesn’t have advanced features like other similar apps on our list. But still, it’s very much preferred due to its versatility. 


Keyboard Fonts ++ Fancy Text gives users more than 40 fantastic font options. Even though the number is less comparatively, most of the fonts are attractive and unique to use. Font Keyboard ++ Fancy Text is versatile with all chatting apps and social media sites.

In addition to this, the Kaomojis in the app act like a cherry on the cake due to their aesthetic touch. The app does allow you to customize the keyboard color, type texts according to the accent by long pressing on the key, and more. 


iFont is a free iOS font app similar to AnyFont. iFont is quite different from most of the apps on the list because it doesn’t provide you keyboard or change your system fonts. Instead, it allows you to download additional fonts on your device to use them in necessary apps.


The app offers you dozens of fonts to download in various formats, including .ttf, .ttc, .otf, etc. The app may not support all applications, but iFont is one of the most suggested apps for professional users. 


iOS has always controlled device customizability since the initial days. Getting the freedom of customizing fonts on the iPhone is like a fantasy fulfilled for their users. In terms of font apps, you can find thousands of apps online. Therefore, to make this tricky task easy, we have brought some of the best font apps in front of you, which will not only improve your phone display but also help you in other tasks.

If you own an Android phone, you may look at these Android keyboard apps.

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