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In Hosting Last updated: September 22, 2022
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PHP is a powerful programming language that empowers thousands of websites and applications, and Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks of this language.

There are many PHP frameworks available with robust technicalities other than Laravel, such as Symfony, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, and more.

Yet, Laravel is unmatched.

Over the last few years, its popularity has been humongous, and is one of the top trending repositories over GitHub, having 62k+ stars.

In this article, I’ll be discussing Laravel, why it’s so famous, and then some of the best Laravel hosting platforms for you.


What is Laravel?

Laravel is an amazing open-source PHP framework created in 2011 by Taylor Otwell. It is used to develop from simple to complex web applications.

It is based on the architecture – Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. This architecture disassembles the input, output, and functioning of online applications to make well-designed, smoother, and easy-to-maintain codes.

There are other reasons why Laravel is famous, including:

  • Object-oriented approach with an expressive syntax
  • Built-in authorization and authentication
  • Packaging system to accelerate app development
  • Multiple file systems – local storage and cloud storage such as RackSpace and Amazon S3
  • Artisan console to manage database migrations, publish package assets, etc.
  • Powerful ORM
  • Great at testing
  • Broadcasting and task scheduling

I am sure you are familiar (if not, check out this beginner course) with Laravel and probably looking to host your new application or migrate existing ones. There is no shortage of hosting platforms, but not everyone is reliable. But when choosing Laravel, it’s essential to go for a reliable platform if you want to make the most out of this amazing PHP framework.

Technically, you can host the Laraval application on the PHP hosting platform, but not all of them would be Laravel optimized.

Don’t worry; I’ve listed the following hosting platforms that are best at providing top-notch Laravel hosting.


Hosting Laravel and managing your servers won’t be troublesome if you go with Forge. It allows you to deploy and provision unlimited apps on Linode, DigitalOcean, AWS, Hetzner, Vultr, and more.

To this day, Forge is managing more than 352k applications and is adored by thousands of businesses and developers. It lets you host your applications on your choice of cloud providers.

They take care of installing PHP, Nginx, MySQL, Redis, Postgres, and other essential programs you need over your cloud. Don’t worry about updating them manually. You can easily deploy codes from GitHub or Bitbucket with a simple push.

Share the management dashboard of your server with your teammates to collaborate effectively. Forge provides a user isolation feature that helps you separate and secure user accounts. Server authentication happens over SSH, but the necessary firewall is applied out of the box.

You can manage the server through an impressive web panel or API. Your choice! Forge integrates well with LetsEncrypt so that you can obtain SSL certificates for FREE.

It offers affordable plans starting from $12/month for 1 server, unlimited deployments, and sites, along with the Push-to-Deploy feature.

A2 Hosting

Do you want a website that’s fine-tuned and offers blazing-fast performance?

I know you do.

So, why don’t you try A2 Hosting!

I will tell you the exact reasons why you should go to this renowned hosting provider.

You know speed greatly impacts your conversion rate, SEO rankings, and bounce rates; hence, A2 Hosting provides high-performing server hosting for Laravel with its SwiftServer platform. You can also go for its Turbo Servers to get 20x faster performance than standard ones.

Their servers also come with SSDs, and its Turbo Server has AMD EPYC having NVMEe drivers. As a result, you can expect 40% faster CPUs, 3x faster write/read speeds, 2x faster time-to-first-byte, and manage 9x increased traffic.

Setup Laravel software through 1-click. Their Perpetual Security practices help mitigate online threats lurking on the internet all the time. The hosting plans come with HackScan protection for FREE to block hacks, along with KernelCare updates, a two-way firewall, brute-force defense, DDoS protection, and other security measures.

A2 Hosting is developer-friendly and focuses on providing the best versions of development software since its inception in 2003. You get to choose multiple versions of PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, Python, PostgreSQL, Apache, SSH access, and free SSL.

A2 Hosting offers FREE account migration if you have hosted Laravel elsewhere, which many other providers charge for. They also guarantee 99.9% uptime so that you can rely on them.

The pricing is affordable and starts from just $2.99 for 1 site, 100GB SSD, and other features. It also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Deploy Laravel on a robust Cloudways that promises up to 300x faster server speed and fully-optimized web performance. It comes with high-end hosting features to help you manage your application easily.

Launch applications in a single click to save your developers’ time and deploy it without any trouble. They help you improve the app performance using pre-configured optimization solutions such as PHP-FPM, Redis, Supervisord, and more.

You get SSD-based hosting with a dedicated IP address to enjoy full control of your server. Their optimized and advanced app stack comprises modern cache technologies such as Varnish, Memcached, and Cloudflare CDN for faster content delivery.

For security, Cloudways give you platform-level firewalls and firmware upgrades regularly. You can leverage IP whitelisting to secure connections in addition to two-factor authentication to stay safe from intruders.

Don’t worry about the app crashing as you have auto-healing servers and automated backups every hour or in 7 days. Or, you may opt for on-demand backups.

Cloudways leverage IaaS providers like AWS, GCE, Linode, DigitalOcean, and Vultr to host your applications in more than 60 datacenters worldwide. It gives you the flexibility of vertical scaling, and there’s no long-term contract to bind you.

It supports Git integration, server, and application cloning, and staging areas along promotes effective collaboration by adding team members.

The pricing depends on the IaaS platform you choose.


Kamatera offers one of the most popular Laravel hosting services. You can deploy the application within seconds in the cloud for absolutely free.

Get effective AI and a simple management console, along with unlimited scale up and out. It has 13 data centers around the world, so the services will be available 24/7 with top-notch performance. With Kamatera hosting, you can add private networks, firewalls, load balancers, and more. It supports Linux and Windows operating systems and offers a 99.95% network uptime guarantee.


Kamatera provides you with exceptional speed as it uses Intel Xeon Platinum/Cascade Lake Processors of 2.7 GHz+, which is 300% faster than previous models. In addition to the fastest processor, you will get unlimited 40 Gbit/s per server to maintain a reliable network speed between the internet backbone and your servers.

Every server is allocated to its own resources, so there will be no sharing of CPU or other resource overselling. You can start small and gradually grow to experience the powerful bare-metal machine.

Take a 30-day FREE trial today and create your server. Pay only for the configuration you choose based on vCPU, RAM, SSD storage, and traffic. The price starts at $4/month for 1vCPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD storage, and 5TB internet traffic.


Try the efficient managed Laravel hosting services of Servebolt that you must be craving! It offers a Laravel-friendly environment by providing Git, Composer, and other command-line tools. Its servers are capable of adapting to setups and custom workflows.

Get full server control with SSH access along with fast databases for exceptional performance. Servebolt offers a resilient network along with 24/7/365 server monitoring to ensure high uptime and stability.

They provide Git integration on your control panel with webhooks, which is handy for automated deployment.

You can also integrate with the tools you use, such as Codeship, DeployHQ, Capistrano, TeamCity, Jenkins, and more.

Servebolt has got you covered with free migration assistance. They also provide a 99.90% uptime guarantee inclusive of an SLA.


fortrabbit is one of the best providers for Laravel hosting and has garnered good reviews from its users. It offers pretty straightforward Laravel installation and allows you to deploy codes through Git push while letting Composer handle the rest.

It has a supportive community and is known for its quality of customer support. The features included in fortrabbit are fully managed servers with SSD storage to give you that blazing-fast speed. As it supports scaling, you can scale up or down your servers based on your needs.

Apart from that, you get SSH and SFTP support, HTTPS, server backups, and PHP 7 support. They also provide you with Memcache so that you can expect even better speed and reduced database load.


ServerPilot allows you to host Laravel applications and sites on popular platforms like DigitalOcean with its simple yet intuitive interface and automated server management. Install Ubuntu and let ServerPilot build your app stack, configure firewalls, etc., by connecting a cloud server.

With ServerPilot, developers and agencies can opt for multiple Laravel versions. Flexibility and speed are maintained through optimized Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM. You can host more than one Laravel application on one server.

ServerPilot provides automated security built by researchers and includes automatic server updates and 1-click SSL certificates with support for HTTP/2. You can monitor your server health and get detailed statistics in addition to log viewing and app performance management.

It also allows app isolation to prevent insecure plugins that may affect other parts of your site hosted over the same server.

ServerPilot’s pricing starts at $5/server per month, including $0.50/app.


Laravel cloud hosting by FastComet is effective and cost-efficient. They help you deploy and optimize your cloud server not in hours but minutes. Even you can request Laravel transfer for FREE by their expert technical support.

FastComet offers cPanel, the most powerful and popular hosting control panel, including an easy point to click account management. Access your files up to 300% faster with pure SSD. You can manage everything like a pro with ROOT access.

Get weekly or daily automated backups along with data snapshots on-demand. FastComet lets you resize the server any time based on your needs. It delivers superb performance with RocketBooster and allows server monitoring as well.

FastComet protects your servers from online threats using FastGuard and informs networks regarding malicious attacks. Its security suite includes full account isolation, brute-force protection, firewall, DDoS mitigation, malware detection plus removal, and botnet filter.

FastComet has 9 global enterprise-level data centers along with 200 Anycast Network access-points for global CDN.


Using Serverless?

Good news!

Laravel Vapor is a platform for Laravel serverless deployment, which is powered by AWS. Its scalability is something you will get fond of as you use its serverless platform. It requires no server maintenance, and you can auto-scale it on-demand within seconds.

You can create, restore, and manage serverless and traditional databases from Vapor’s intuitive dashboard directly.

Get all the speed you need for your Laravel hosting as Vapor provides you with the option to create ElastiCache, Redis clusters, and manage them easily.

Enjoy the power of serverless by writing and dispatching Laravel jobs, and see hundreds of them being executed concurrently without any configuration. Stream file uploads easily to S3 using the in-built JavaScript utilities.

Monitor your app’s metrics about the databases, applications, and caches. They also alert you in case the performance is not up to the mark. Vapor uploads and stores your data automatically via CloudFront CDN or S3 for blazing-fast speed.

Manage DNS records of your application from Vapor CLI or UI. In addition to this, you get multiple environments for your application, quick rollbacks in case of mistakes, and infinite deployments.

The pricing of Laravel Vapor starts from $39/month.


Choosing any from above listed for your Laravel application hosting wouldn’t be a bad choice. Most of them offer money-back so give a try to see what works for you.

Next, find out how to optimize Laravel for better performance.

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