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In Digital Marketing Last updated: April 6, 2023
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For any business, leads are probably the most prominent part of being “successful”.

Without fresh leads, your business is like a fish without water. It’ll eventually die, and that too at a rapid pace. I’ve seen many companies opting out of their lead generation campaigns to focus on word-of-mouth marketing, but that didn’t work in most cases.

Unless you’re a business with a huge reputation and super-wide reach, you shouldn’t just rely on word-of-mouth marketing. That’s why I’ll be sharing helpful software that’ll help you generate leads and manage them efficiently without much effort.

Let’s jump straight in.


ConvertBox personalizes your every marketing move to deliver high on-site conversion. It starts with taking cues from your CRM data, users’ site activity, etc., to deliver custom messages. Besides, it makes offers unique to visitors’ interests and aims by creating choice funnels.

Data capture is another area where ConvertBox uses customization to get the best results and automatically stores the submissions into your CRM/ESP. And the best thing about using ConvertBox is its drag-and-drop functionality.

Additionally, you can create A/B tests and monitor the real-time data to see what’s working.

ConvertBox also makes your call-to-action button more effective with its deadline timers. Finally, this works well with your existing tech and marketing stack boosting overall throughput.


Trusted by many amazing upcoming SaaS companies like ShipBob and Appcues, Proof can help you convert up to 300% more leads with its marvelous marketing tools.

It allows you to personalize your website and tailor content for every different visitor because, in marketing, it’s never “one size fits all”. You must try and deliver the best experience for each visitor. However, that’s usually not that easy to do manually, which is why software like this can make your life much easier.

You can sign up for a free trial just like the other 1,000 people did in the last 30 days.


Automate many tasks with Reply, such as Whatsapp messages, emailing, calls, and even SMS. All of this automation help you get past that manual work and focus on what’s important, which is closing deals.

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There’s also an excellent feature that lets you search prospect clients on LinkedIn and quickly find out their email addresses to reach out to. After that, you can set up a schedule and timeline of when to contact them and follow up.

This software generates a list of tasks and calls daily that needs your attention to help you make the most out of your outreach efforts. Moreover, you can A/B test, analyze your strategy, and keep improving by seeing what’s working and what is not.


You can handle many aspects of your business with Hubspot’s Marketing Software. It can help you run successful campaigns, convert visitors into customers, and attract the ideal kind of people without wasting time on blindfolded targeting.

Here are some of the many features of this software:

  • Create a blog and publish in-demand content
  • Properly do SEO to get found on search engines.
  • Manage and track ads from Facebook, Google, and other sources
  • Build beautiful landing pages
  • Create converting forms
  • Handle email marketing and automate a bunch of other marketing tasks
  • View analytics and overall statistics to find out what’s working and what’s not

I’ve just scratched the surface with the above list of features. There’s so much to it, and you can put all of it into action for free to begin with.


Highly rated across the internet, Keap helps your business with automation to save time and squeeze more juice out every visitor. You can create a proven and repetitive sales process that works, all the same, every time an action is taken. You can utilize it to set appointments, track leads, accept invoices, etc.

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To keep things very simple, you get two different types of automation. The first one is “Easy Automations,” which helps you save time by putting repetitive tasks on autopilot, such as capturing new leads, assigning tasks, and sending emails to customers.

The second one is “Advanced Automation,” which is meant for slightly complex tasks, such as downloading a specific ebook, creating a sequence of emails to send to customers, following up in a personalized manner, etc.

Depending upon your requirement, you can use a combination of both of these and achieve a “set and forget” system. This tool makes things so simple and machine-like that it almost feels like you’re using a cheat code.

And to put a cherry on top, they’re currently offering 30% OFF their original price. So, if this is something that ignites your fire, then I’d recommend picking it up real quick.

Hey Oliver

Compatible with any platform or website, Hey Oliver has so much to unpack that’s sure to make you a little overwhelmed initially, but that’s a good problem. With this tool, you can generate leads, track them, build a healthy relationship with them, and finally convert them into loyal customers for a long time to come.

You can automatically send targeted campaigns to engage your audience with products with the help of their super-easy toolbox. A handy feature of this software is the ability to watch over users’ behavior on your website and determine your most loyal customers.

You can target them in real-time while browsing your website and even provide chat support to have a one-on-one conversation. Hey, Oliver is suitable for any and every industry out there, including health care.


TexAu lets you automate most of your lead-generation tasks to help you focus on growing your business and building good relationships with clients.


You can scrape information from Facebook groups, interact with Instagram users who use your hashtags, find your potential clients’ emails and even turn your competitor’s social media followers into yours by reaching out and interacting with them.

You can tap into many business growth opportunities with the help of over 120 automation and tons of integrations. You’re sure to witness significant business growth (10% on an average) after using this software, so hop straightaway into the two weeks free trial and see for yourself.


Easily sync your Facebook ad forms into Ohmylead and convert the leads almost instantly, all thanks to automatic welcome emails and real-time notifications.

You can also analyze your campaigns and determine your ROI only to keep the most generated settings. This helps you lower your “ad spent” because you’re no longer wasting money on an under-performing audience and other targeting metrics.

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A very nice feature of this software is that it lets you validate each lead in real-time to eliminate fake and invalid ones so that you’re left with only genuine prospective leads of real people. You can then export (or even import) leads in CSV format into your CRM or emailing tool.

Mind you, Ohmylead supports a lot of integrations, so you can always make the most out of your subscribed tools by simply syncing in.

Sales Navigator

Easily look for your ideal customers, keep track of them, and build a solid relationship with them using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You can use the search functions to target specific keywords or land on your competitor’s profiles to view the suggested prospects and add up.

The CRM that comes with it allows you to manage leads and accounts efficiently. You can leave notes and tags to mark something essential and check who’s been viewing your profile in the last 90 days.

This tool lets you reach over 500 million users on LinkedIn, even if you’re not connected to them. Talk about having a good reach, literally. 😉


Leadfeeder helps you quickly identify who’s visiting your website, how they found it, and what they’re looking for. All your captured leads will come along with their company and contact information so that you don’t have to find them manually.

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The qualified leads can be automatically updated on the CRM, or you can even choose to be emailed. The best thing is, before the leads get qualified, it goes through a filtration process to remove bots and unwanted ones from the list to save you heaps of time.

You can try this software for free to start with.


You can create stunning lead capture forms and offers on OptinMonster without coding knowledge. Have the leisure to choose from many pre-made templates or create one from scratch as per your liking using their drag and drop builder. You can also target and personalize your opt-in offers to go hand in hand with users’ behavior on your site.

Furthermore, it lets you split-test and keeps a watch on the analytics to be on top of your marketing. You’ll easily identify which pages bring the most results and which offers to perform best.


Using Sleeknote, you can create various personalized popups aimed at specific types of people to maximize their actions on your website. An accurate example would be baiting new visitors into becoming your email subscriber by offering a unique discount code, or even better, offering your existing customers a promo code to make their first purchase.

Designing high-converting popups with Sleeknote is super easy. You can drag and drop elements and utilize pre-made templates to fasten the process and finish with an irresistible offer your visitors cannot ignore.

You can integrate this tool with any of your favorite 3rd party software, including Mailchimp, Drip, and HubSpot. There’s also Zapier, which allows you to add 1,000+ more apps to connect with.

Be sure to use their free trial to get a taste of what you’ll be diving into.


Build a chatbot in minutes with ManyChat and start driving sales, and leads and build healthy relationships with your clients. It lets you directly sell products, book appointments, and obtain contact information on autopilot.

You can start with a simple template and build upon that by dragging and dropping elements. Everything is laid out effortlessly, but if you still need help, you can reach out to experts or join their community of experienced marketers.

It’s also important to mention that ManyChat integrates with the leading tools, such as Shopify, Google Sheets, ConvertKit, and Zapier.


With a ton of success stories, Drift is proven to help you convert more leads into customers and then further scale it up. Their chatbot, unlike others, throws tedious forms and messages only to drive the visitors away. It’s smart enough to hold a human-like conversation and guide them on their way to becoming your next customer.

It delivers a warm and personalized experience every time so that your visitors feel they’re talking to the right person. This software can be integrated with many third-party tools to help you embed stuff without leaving the interface, which also holds the visitor’s attention span.

One feature worth discussing is the ability to view target accounts of your team and prioritize them. This means you can treat your potential “hottest” customers the best whenever they land on your website for them to convert into paying customers for a long time.

Drift’s AI bots can effortlessly minimize your team’s burden when handling customers. The platform offers messaging with bots functionality, which is an excellent choice for better sales and marketing.


Clearbit aids you with your potential clients’ most relevant data to help you understand their wants and needs and shape how you target them. Along with the fresh data, it also notifies you of future changes so that you’re not carrying past baggage.

You get the complete picture behind each employer and employee lead, such as their role, technologies used, seniority, etc. There’s also an option to enter email/domain to obtain their information or utilize your anonymous traffic.

There’s a lot more to it; you can put everything into practice by requesting a demo immediately.


Be in a better position to drive amazing results on your marketing campaigns by using Pardot. This automation platform makes it convenient for you and your team to come together to find and nurture leads while also closing more deals for the best possible ROI.

Here are some of the many features of Pardot:

  • Automatically send emails based on triggers to nurture your leads.
  • Identify your hottest leads to target them more.
  • Build professional landing pages with pre-made templates
  • Create short and sweet forms that are bound to be filled
  • Create professional-looking emails with templates
  • Set up autoresponders
  • Get real-time alerts of leads, calls, emails, etc.
  • Track your leads’ activity to understand them like no one else
  • View reports of how your campaigns are performing and what needs to be fixed

You can request a demo immediately and see the brilliant features of this handy software.

 Thrive Leads

A viral list building and lead generation plugin for WordPress, Thrive Leads allows you to design your responsive opt-in forms in mere minutes using drag and drop elements. You can display targeted offers to your visitors depending on their behavior to maximize your chances of attracting them to your email list.

They have a brilliant A/B testing feature with which you can pick only the best performing practices and dramatically increase your conversions. Not to forget, you get detailed reporting and analytics to keep you on top of your marketing strategies.

Thrive Leads can be a good choice for WordPress lead generation.


The above-listed lead generation platform has the potential to skyrocket your business growth and turn things around in a rapid time once implemented. I hope it’ll be easy for you to pick one based on your requirement. 🙂

Next, explore some of the best tools to create a knowledge base and FAQ for your online business.

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