Turning your website into a successful lead generation tool is a challenging task.

However, once you crack the code, the journey becomes a smooth sail.

Business owners keep experimenting with the most innovative solutions to trap as many leads into the conversion funnel as possible.

It takes time to try and experiment with the golden tool which has the potential to give a makeover to your sales.

We are going to present  such tools to your sales team which can completely revolutionize your sales process:

1. Active Campaign

The success of your digital marketing strategy largely depends on the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy.

Email is one of the most popular mediums for sending messages to the audience. If you can’t segment your traffic based on personas and use email marketing accordingly, you aren’t dealing with your leads the right way.

People love to receive personalized notifications in their inbox and a company which sends them customized messages has higher chances of getting their attention.

You can convert leads into paying customers by placing an appropriate call to action in your email newsletter.

Active Campaign is one of the best email marketing tools you will ever come across on the internet. It takes care of the segmentation process and works on automation principles.

It allows the user to track every lead on the website from the moment it lands on the website pages.

Later, this route is used as a trigger by the tool for your email marketing campaign. It can send a direct notification to your sales team the moment a lead has landed on your site pages.

The tool will help you follow up with these leads by sending them segmented messages and keep cold leads in the loop by checking up on them at regular intervals.

It’s good to keep a check on idle users and keep sending them relevant messages to bring them back to your website.

2. Salesmate

If you have an online presence as a business, you must use Salesmate for all your sales CRM needs.

In today’s fast-paced tech world, you desperately need a tool that can grab leads for your business and work in the background while you focus on more critical business tasks.

Salesmate is a smart sales tool with a wide variety of features for the sales team of today. You can bring the leads to your business by using this tool and then intelligently convert them into paying customers.

Here are some of the best features of Salesmate:

  • Pipeline management
  • Tracking user activity on the website
  • Email tracking
  • Sales pipeline template
  • Email templates
  • Smart emails
  • Contact management software
  • Sales intelligence
  • Sales forecasting so you can act on solid data rather than guesswork
  • Integration with the most popular apps
  • Google apps integrations
  • Security and reliability

3. Lead Forensics

If you are looking for an intelligent platform that can earn your business some quality leads, Lead Forensics is your tool. Hundreds of people may be visiting your website every day, but only a few take out the time to fill the form.

Even if you use software to ensure that every visitor fills the form, there will still be a few slipping through the cracks. How to attract these leads and make them stay?

Lead Forensics, one of the coolest lead generation tools in the market. The tool uses the user’s IP address to check which companies and people are using your website, even if they don’t fill up the form.

You can devise a battle plan based on this crucial information.

Next, your sales team can take the wheel and collect data about the companies and brands visiting your website.

Talk to the marketing managers or other relevant personnel and discuss ideas with them. This strategy has high chances of earning you solid leads since the people you contact must already be aware of your business.

4. Intercom

Intercom is a sales team’s dream come true.

It is also one of the most innovative lead generation tools out there. This tool allows you to directly contact and communicate with your leads when they visit your website.

You can take care of the communication process by setting up messages which the visitor will see when they meet specific requirements on a page.

For example, if a visitor is spending more than 30 seconds on the pricing page of your website, you can send them a popup which reads something like:

Hello there!

Interested in knowing about our pricing deals? I’d be happy to help!

This message can grab the user’s attention, and she will reply to find out more about the pricing details of your business.

The key here is to be relevant and resonate with your visitor’s thoughts. You can set up Intercom in the best way by performing research on your site visitors and their frequently visited destinations on the site.

Once the visitor replies to the message, any representative of your sales team can communicate with them and guide them further.

It is a good strategy because the lead will go through multiple channels but stay on the smoothest paths to conversion with your business.

This tool has an immense potential for gathering leads and valuable feedback from customers. But, you should first check it out to understand its potential before you decide to become a customer.

5. Google Trends

Google is a fantastic platform which has housed a massive array of innovative sales tools for the business owners of the digital age.

Google tools have the benefit of giving the users exactly what they want – more leads and more exposure on one of the most massive search engines of today.

First on this list is Google’s Keyword Planner. The keyword planning phase is a troublesome one for many website owners since they don’t know where to start and what keywords to consider for their marketing strategy.

Google’s tool will suggest you the perfect keywords for your business which you can incorporate into your website copy as creatively as possible.

Next up is Google Trends. This tool is essential for lead generation because you can stay updated on the latest trends on the internet to create content that resonates with the internet users every day.

6. Thrive Themes

Are you using WordPress?

Thrive Themes works only with WordPress and got terrific features to generate leads. Thrive Themes got a bunch of marketing and conversion focused plugins.


  • Generating Leads
  • Creating landing pages
  • Building quizzes
  • Beautiful WordPress themes
  • Smart widgets
  • Optimizing headlines
  • Scarcity marketing
  • Testimonials

If you are planning to build emailing list faster then checkout Thrive Leads. One of the best lead generation WordPress plugins where you can create every type of opt-in forms.

I hope above tools help you generate more leads for your business.